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Micro SD Card Holder

by bgill Jan 23, 2016
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Great holder. Worked on the second try @105%. 100% was to tight and I broke a card. Should have read comments ;-)

I am particularly impressed by the screw. Worked well @100% and @105%. Same layer height (.2). How did you design this?

It got designed in Fusion 360

Very good design. Printed PLA+ at 100% scale on Ender3. SD cards fit nicely, but are not held tight. I am fine with this, as I don't want the holder putting stress on the fragile cards. I will use a bit of foam in the lid to keep cards from rattling. Very Nice. Exactly what I was looking for. BTW, Extremely impressed by the threads and their fit.

Nice design but my SD cards won't fit into, maybe I'll later on try to enlarge it to 102%.

sd card broked when i tried to pull it off, printed in 100% abs. FYI

Sorry for that. The design is made to keep the cards tight that they do not fall out. I use mine since years and never broke a card.If you use Material which is shrinking when cooling like ABS, then you need to scale the design.

The comments told me that it would sometimes break the SD cards, so I printed at 102%. Now the cards are a little loose, but I put some foam in the cap and now you don't hear them rattle anymore. Also the cap is 'higher' then the base, so my friends would naturally open it upside down making all the sd cards fall out. I put 'TOP' on the cap with a big marker and now that issue is also solved. Thanks for this design!

I tried this as one of my first prints, and it taught me the importance of understanding all the settings. :) The XYZmaker slicer software for my da Vinci Nano wound up filling in all the card slots with support material in a way that made it impossible to remove cleanly. Live and learn.

I printed this may have had to print slightly larger, fit a bit slanted but I dont mind them that way lid still closes.. :)

Why people crap over this project? it could be your printer and how you have calibrated. Do you think the author would made this to break your micro sd cards? Get real.

Awesome idea. will be printing one soon

This is an excellent design, but my micro SD cards of various kinds all fit slanted. It fits the card until it gets to the "spur," where it stops. Since the cards can't fit in the entire way, the lid can't be screwed down the entire way. Well, maybe it could, but I'd break the cards if I did so.

I'm going to try printing this in another PLA and see if that works better for me.

I have no problem with getting cards in and out.

Thank you very much for designing and sharing this!

Thank you bgill great design. Works great. Well done, keep the good work up.

Don´t people think by them self anymore?

This broke my SD cards do not make this print this insted

SD Card Holder

It all depends on the marerial and the printer you use. For mine and several other peoples the 1:1 fits - for others who have a higher shrinking factor it does not fit.

Printed another in white PLA, snapped 2 of micro sd cards trying to get them out because I couldn't, really disappointed and now all my drone footage is gone!

I printed mine with ABS and use them since I published the design. I never had a broken card and I use it every day.

Others suggested to add 2% in size

Make the fil bigger and re uplode insted of saying it in the coments

Great design...But i must warn you...do not print this with wood filament, I ruined one of my expensive cards because I couldn't get it out

Thank you bgill great design Works great straight from you first time. Well done keep it up

Thanks bgill for an awesome and functional design!
I printed in PLA with no sizing changes using a very inexpensive printer and it came out perfect. The cards go in easily and remove easily also. (Picture posted in Made)

Please ignore the haters out there (who love to blame others for their mistakes and ignorance) and keep up the good work!

Printed this 2% larger after reading comments here - CR-10S and Inland PLA. The Micro-SD cards rattle inside. Normal size would probably have been perfect for me. Screw threads work great and the finish is awesome printing both with the ends down flat on glass. Very nice project!

Successfully made one at 106 % using PLA. The model's dimension is 45 mm diameter, my print is 47.8 mm.

Day 3: re-printed the same gcode files, the cards got stuck. (I just finished cleaning the slots until they come out.)

Any chance of making an iteration which holds one regular SD card size so that I can keep a micro SD card reader in the container with them?

wish i read the comments before printing and snapping an sd card. thanks!


I just snapped 2 of mine : D Waste of filament

To prevent the problem, all you have to do is scale up the stl file by no more than 2% and it will leave you with plenty of space.

I broke 2 cards while screw this container. DO NOT USE THIS bullshit!!!!

Exactly, broke two of my damn sd cards and now all my drone footage is gone. Waste of filament.

DO NOT PRINT THIS unless you like replacing micro SD cards. The author thought it would be cool to make the clearance as close to the form factor as possible, so if you push an SD card into a slot, count on losing it forever. I broke 2 SD cards in this thing. Not impressed. It's sitting on a desk, with no chance of falling out. Why is the clearance so tight?

Should've read the comments before printing this shit and breaking two of mine also. Say goodbye to my all my hard work and drone footage

Sorry for that. But the design works fine for me! I use my SD card holders for over a year now and I have no problems.
If you print a design which is tight (in this case to hold the cards to not fall out) with a material with a high shrinking factor, then you might need to increase printsize for a few %

very hard to connect.

I really love the design for this. Haven't tried printing it out yet but I want to make one even though I don't really need a microSD card holder right now just because it looks so cool. It will be interesting to see how my printer handles the tiny sd card spaces as well.

hey thanks for designing things but perhaps you should add a warning to the description.

Broke two sd cards today :D

Worked great for me! Threaded fine and my SD cards fit in TIGHT. Almost to tight- so I only put them in half way. The top still closes over them and keeps it all protected. Thanks!

Even at 110% scale and slightly under extruded it doesn't fit micro SDs nor does it thread correctly. Tolerances are too tight.

Again it all depends at the material you use. I printed mine at 100% in ABS. I wanted to have some tightens, that they are not falling out by themselves. I use mine since over a year on a regular basis and never damaged even one card. However it might be that there are SD Cards which are thicker than others. I mostly only use Sandisc

It has a lid, dude. It wouldn't fall out. This thing is costing people $$$. You should put a warning on the main page.

Since when are micro SD cards not standardized?? If they weren't all the same dimensions they would each fit differently in phones and tablets.

Then your Filament seems to shrink when cooling down

If that were true, the threads would mesh together better. As it sits now, they don't work even scaled and under extruded.

broke 2 sd cards with it but it is nice just need to scale it up more

yes same i unfortunately broke 3

Comments deleted.

105% sacling worked great

Scaling is incorrect, works fine when printed at 110% for me, others have used 105% fine. Printed fine, no supports needed screw meshes well too.

dimensions were incorrect, don't waste your filament.

Nicely done BGILL!
Inspired by your job I created an iteration for 6 cards, with chamfered edges, smaller, shorter and with chamfered thread to easy the screwing process. Check it out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1572644

MicroSD Card Holder

This is awesome! Going to print! If you're looking for ideas to improve it, you could add a profile on the top and bottom so they are stackable :)

This printed beautifully! I scaled it to 103% for a less snug fit around the SD cards. Thank you for a great model!

Im using M3D printer and software.
I tried printing this but the slots didnt work out. they are to close together.

anyone have any suggestions?

Too small ? I try to enlarge

This is AWESOME!

Added O-ring to make water resistant.

great design

this print should include a calibration slice of the card gaps.
i get great size matching on other prints, but this with PLA 3% resize at 0.1mm layer 0.4mm nozzle and i am still getting the cards stuck

I wanted the cards to not fall out. But I believe there are different types of SD cards. Mine all fit great besides one of my oldest one which is more thick. Resizing it 3-4 % should do the job in ABS perhaps even 4-5% if you have more thick SD Cards.

yeah, dealing with such fine gaps, the flow rate of different layer heights and brand of filament is enough to mess with them sticking. little own different printers and slicers.

this pink im using seems to be more fluid than others and getting more spread, increasing the layer height increases the flow and makes it all harder again when your trying to print a 0.72mm gap (or whatever it is).

i finally resized 116% at 0.2mm PLA and they are perfectly snug with just two needing some cleaning. one side effect with resizing is the depth has increased and they sit lower than in your picture and makes the a little harder to grab if push them in full. ideally 4mm out the top makes them easier to grab from the sides when all 18 are packed in.

i still have to print the lid

made a calibration remix

just a mesh mixer planar cut of this model

Mini 4 slot - Micro SD Card Holder

Is there one for normal sd cards?

One of the best ssd holders i've seen. Well done!