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Car Seatback Trash Bag Hooks

by YoungBuck Aug 5, 2013
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Is it possible to flip the hook outward to make more of a purse holder?

I made these for my jeep JL and "SNAP" the seats are a little to thick. I think the design of the hook that goes around the post might be a little too tight.

How do these do in the heat? Im in Texas and our cars get hot. Gonna try anyways but figured I would ask.

Melt point of ABS is 260'C... PLA is a little higher I think. I don't think softening would hurt you... there's little chance the interior of your car is at 100'C for extended periods (water boiling/ 212'F, and about the Vicat softening temperature of ABS), if the object isn't in direct sun.
If it is that hot, I'd worry about everything else plastic in your car first... starting with PE and PP and PS, which have lower melt temps than ABS. I think you'd be fine... the weaker spot in the design is the orientation of the build layers (make sure to print so the load isn't put in stress), much more so than any material issues. Good luck!

Actually PLA starts softening at about 50C and have rubbery feel in it at 60C. This is quite reachable temperature for the car left in direct sunlight anywhere in the US (feeling is 'hot to the touch'). Annealing some PLA could raise those temps as high as 90-100C but without that expect that PLA platic part will deform in the car during summer.

this is great! by chance, are the solidworks models available? i would like to import the design into onshape or c4d and:

  • reverse the bag hooks so they hook outwards (towards the back of the car)
  • widen the radius of the bag hooks to accommodate a purse or reusable cloth shopping bag


I second this - Fusion or SW files would be awesome - specifically to turn the hooks around: Ladyfriend wants a place to hang her purse.

I am using PLA and the open end for the post always breaks away when installing it, any ideas?
What orientation you guys printing it?

PETG works great since it has some flex to it. I would steer away from PLA as it is relatively weak over time. Just have your machine well ventilated and ABS will work wonders.

scale up the print or warm the material before sticking it on

Could you make 2 seperate files for both left and right hook?

yes I'd like that too please ! Though it might be easy to separte with a software, I'll look into that ^^

Folks who have printed this on a MakerBot, what settings did you use? I am having issues using "Standard" (0.2mm layer, 2 shells, 10% infill, 230C extruder temperature with OEM ABS) with rafts and supports enabled. Curious what other people who have made it successfully have used.

Thumbs up for the You Do It Electronics bag :)

agree! nice store, run by nice people.

Comments deleted.

Why don't the hooks that hold the bag open in the direction away from the seat? If they did, it would be easier to remove the bag.

i just did that remix

Why did you go for "Left" and "Right"?
Could you have used the same design on both sides.


I build most of my stuff in Solidworks, but if I build a model at work it's in Pro/Engineer. Both are quite expensive, but since i use them for my profession it's an investment that I or someone else has already made. Given the two, I'd go for Solidworks because it's slightly friendlier, but they're functionally equivalent. I also don't know if you'd appreciate the full functionality of the software, since not that many users actually utilize all of the the functions. I use surfaces to make linked mastermodels (where you design all the parts in an assembly at the same time, defined by their interfaces, then break them out one by one and finish them), but for less complicated tasks you may not need (or want) all of the extra stuff. I've seen people make stuff with Google Sketchup, and some of the new AutoCAD offerings have come a long way from the AutoCAD of the 80's.
Sometimes you can find old versions of Solidworks at reasonable prices in places... it might be worth hunting around. I have an install of Solidworks '97 that can still do 50-60% of what the current offering provides.

Comments deleted.

Hi, which is the software you use to design your things? I'm asking which software people are using to create their stuff because I'm thinking on investing some money in a design software and I can't decide which.

Why is there a "spacer norker" on the bottom? It just makes it not contact the build area on my printer without extra support.

That's exactly right. On my Up! Mini the raft material is very hard to remove at the standard setting on flat surfaces touching the platform, so I deliberately space the part 2mm from the build platform to make it easier to deraft.

Ah I see. You might want to post a version without the norker for those of us with different printers. BTW I'm currently printing this thing now. On my Makerbot I can print things above the platform I just have to dismiss a warning before I do.

I can do that on the Up! too... but the interface for placing parts is much much more limited than in my CAD software, so i like to palletize stuff and idiot-proof it as much as possible. That way I can just spin the part until the norker points down, and hit 'place' and it's always right.
I just uploaded a norkless version, if it really makes that much of a difference to what you're doing.

Sure thing. If you print, post a pic, wouldja?

Just posted my failure. I might have better luck if I separated the two. Who knows.

Oh, I've been meaning to design a purse hanger along the same lines, this will give me a head start, thanks!

any luck modifying the design to accommodate a purse or shopping bag?

Bam! What a great thought. I'm glad you commented. My wife is always struggling with that when someone is sitting in the passenger seat.

The odd thing is you could get away with using two carabiners. Or bend up a coathanger.
I think I might do one of these where the hooks are permanently attached to the fabric of a reuseable bag.

The snap hook seems to work well, anyway. it's sized for a 17mm post, so be sure to check your cushion upright diameters to be sure it does what it's supposed to for you.

Cool! Gonna printout tonight. thanks fro keeping me from designing one.