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Printable VELCRO

by eried Oct 22, 2011
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Seeing such a great 3D printed designs I always wonder why they aren't featured. Why does Thingiverse rather feature bathtub ducks and other useless gadgets...

Clever! i like how both sides are identical.

Worked for me! My print is a bit brittle though and would be useless after a few dozen connections. But, other than that, I'm impressed with it's holding strength!

Did you printed this with PLA?

I tried 3 different slicing programs: Skeinforge 39, Slic3r, and Kisslicer with my Solidoodle at 0.3mm layer height. The best results were with Slic3r, with a near perfect print. Kiss came in 2nd place. It did a couple funky things that made a bad spot on one piece, but it still worked and sliced it in a reasonable amount of time (actually the fastest, under 1min!). Skeinforge took over an hour to create the Gcode and printed the bumps in an uneven diagonal pattern (looked just like the pics above) which rendered it unusable.

I used skeinforge with the settings from the instructions. The older version maybe works different, I am stuck with that one due my printer :D

A similar design that could yield some forward progress on your project...


Product video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iorC00KfOTIhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

As seen in Popular Science 7 years ago or so.

Right, I remember also a similar thing from my childhood, but originally this was not based on that pattern.

Of course now looking again the pattern developed by 3M provides a better idea about how to make the layout of the pins.

Simple, useful, awesome!

I can't help noticing that the creator sports a beard. One might ask, is it compatible with the printed product? :)

Vik :v)

hahaha slightly compatible, but no compatibility with previous versions (...of the beard; when is shorter)

excellent, excellent idea. I just smacked my forehead. really.

it seems like there's a lot of extra plastic strands between the posts in your print. is this actually beneficial to grip? if so maybe you could strategically add links between your posts in different locations on different layers? they would break on insertion and give you tons of little frictio
n fingers (tm)

Thanks! I think the strands are beneficial as you said but you need to cut some of those initially to make the 'fastener' work (the pins are so small that the printer can't print them correctly).

I tried to add links in the top (as you can see in the attached image, so the strands makes a 'hair' to add friction) but the result was negative. So the truth is that the current design was an random success :( because I am still not able to enhance it.

random success is still success!

Perhaps if, instead of having each peg curve smoothly outward, the pegs would hold stronger if they were made of a stack of sequentially larger cylinders? I'm thinking this way opposing pegs will have all these corners to hook onto instead of a gentle curved surface they'd be more prone to sliding on.

Haha, actually I guess the different layers of plastic already do this. I was just looking at the model without considering the printed result. Even so, maybe the effect could be emphasized in the model.

I tried different models, like small corners over the peg, other patterns, and so. In all my tests the printed result usually is slighty different because the approximation the printer uses with Skeinforge so the current version was the only working in real life.

I think the printer can make real velcro-like hooks, but handling the Z height directly from the stl file, so for the moment I just wish to find another model of pegs that: 1) can be join in any position, 2) provide more perpendicular strength)

How about PlaStick as the name?

It should be obvious, but I'll say it anyways, but it's pronounced just like plastic.

Not the hook and loop velcro. This is the knobs - right? Probably better printing - better adhesion? Course the size and spacing - But - HEY! Pretty awesome first go for your addition to the New World! GOOD JOB! :-D

Thanks! Probably you can make the hook and loop! but with gcode, not stl files, also that will depend too much on the machine.

I tried lots of versions, even when some design look better in the 3d view, they don't work, that's why how this version looks. Pure empiric development hahah, not the best one but sometimes the only way 8-)

A friend of mine sent me an idea about Vel-crow haha and the logo he thought was a crow with big claws xD

Sounds very nice :) any another idea?

In some countries velcro is called 'cierre-magico' (magic-fasterner), Print-A-Cierre sounds nice too.

I ran out of name ideas :(

Does this provide any significant force perpendicular to the strips? It looks like it only works well as an anti-slip pad at the moment.

Yeah, it is much weaker in perpendicular, but still can hold something small like a remote control (but remember this is an early version, after several tries I achieved to get something that resembles a quick fastener)

That's really cool.

What do you want to call your fastening system?

The name "Velcro" is already taken. It is a registered trademark in the US and other countries.

It is better to spend time creating stuff, than dealing with lawyers.

I second that name! Especially because it's made out of PLA, so PLA-stick! It works on so many levels! (2)

Yes you are totally right, next iterations and improvements of the fastening system should have a name. Any suggestion?

Maybe it can have some relation with the other product:

Does it make an interesting noise when you stick it together, or peal it apart? Lot's of good names are inspired by sounds.

Not a very particular sound, I tried to add small 'dents' in a prev design but was a failure (that would have added a sound I guess).

Also cool names come from acronims like 'Printable velcro is not velcro' haha or something like that O:-)

My suggestions:

Skrotch Patch (onomatopoetic favorite)

Adhere...or there



it reminds me of stickle bricks more than velcro. v good work still.