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Organic Geodesic

by Fredbartels Jan 18, 2016
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So I just spent hours putting several of the connectors on a printable card so I could keep the different connectors for each section isolated and still print many at once. After printing the first card that has the first set of 8 files on it, I looked at it and couldn't tell a diference between the connectors.

Are they all the same?!?

Btw, love this. I'll be posting a remix in the next week or so.

Thanks for the comment! The connectors are different, but subtlety, so yes, you need to be careful about labeling them.

P9 is there - at the bottom of the file list

How is this being held up without any adhesive?

When I originally posted this thing the model was at the framework stage. See the third picture in the sequence. As that point I hadn't used any glue. When I glued the rice paper on each triangle I did use a little glue on each connector when reattaching triangles to the dome. I'll update the description to reflect this.

The dome actually "floats" on 8 pads that are located under intersections. You can see these in one of the pictures. You can lift the dome off of the pads.

Nice stuff! Have you posted those LED strip bulbs anywhere?

Yeah, I've done them in a few different sizes.

See these things for two of the sizes.


Dynamic Light Matrix
Free Form Light Sculpture

May be I'm a little bit blind, but I miss "p9.stl" ?!?

You're not blind. My bad. I missed it in the upload. For some reason I can't add it to this project right now so I just created a new thing where you can find it. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1287278/#files

Sorry about that!

great work looks good! i wanted one in my backyard for years now. so im printing this one and then scaling it up using construction lumber. sure would like to see it lit up , those printed light covers are kool.

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding scaling this up... that would be a really difficult task. You might look into some of the geodesic dome kits (https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=geodesic+dome+kit&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8) if you want to preserve your sanity. :)

Yikes, if you download the lot as a zip all the file names are trashed.
Yet another featured thing that needs some packaging work before it is ready for general consumption.

Well to be fair, I didn't put it up with the expectation that it would be featured. Most of the things I share are for a small group of folks who are interested in creating art with 3D printing. Thingiverse doesn't consult with you before they feature something. They just go ahead and do it and you find out after the fact.

Right, it's not on you, the editors are fickle and lazy IMO.

Just a couple of thoughts to share in the hopes of making Thingiverse less of a black box:

  • There's a Work-in-Progress flag you can set to alert users to the state a given thing. That wouldn't necessarily keep me from featuring it, but it would certainly weigh in my decision.
  • Thingiverse isn't just about finished products. It's about ideas, iteration, collaboration, and community. I featured this because I thought it was worthy of a larger audience and a broader conversation, which I'm delighted to watch unfold.
  • What's the problem with the zip file names? We just released a feature may have fixed (or caused) the problem. Try downloading the zip again.

"Thingiverse isn't just about finished products. It's about ideas, iteration, collaboration, and community. I featured this because I thought it was worthy of a larger audience and a broader conversation, which I'm delighted to watch unfold."

Wow, while one person thought bad of this statement, when I first read it I loved it. I don't come and just scrape off files for free here. I like to be able to take an idea and twist it a little to make it more to my liking. That doesn't necessarily mean better, but better for me. This statement you wrote is Fantastic!

Thingiverse isn't just about finished products. It's about ideas, iteration, collaboration, and community. I featured this because I thought it was worthy of a larger audience and a broader conversation, which I'm delighted to watch unfold.

You don't screen well enough or do the up front work to make sure things are good to go. I now know who you are, who is your boss?

Thanks for the clear and thoughtful response! Appreciate getting some of the background.

We just released a feature

That explains the 503 I was getting. It comes down more structured now, with a manifest, if you will, and well named files.
I appreciate you combing through things. If you feature it then you have to expect it will get a lot of attention. Featuring things that cant be plated, sliced and printed without better packaging and instructions is what I call lazy. Either work with the author or remix it to make it better.

Congratulations on being featured.
What is with all the files, there are only so many distinct parts right?

Each part is unique. If you aim for organic shapes that's what you're going to get.

That must be the part I am missing. How does a geodesic dome become an organic shape as opposed to a mathematical shape?

Try googling Triangulated Irregular Networks. In this case, think of the dome as a geodesic released from the strict constraints of math.

Then why do it in sketchup instead of open scad and make it parametric. Geodesic implies it is symmetrical. Worst geodesic dome ever. Nice work none the less, but none I will use. Try googling anything useful.

If you want a simple geodesic dome you can easily make one with some popsicle sticks and these parts. (Only 3 files!) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1213788

TINToy 4 - The Hubless

Nice concept. You hardly need a cnc router to cut triangles, a skil saw is faster (and a couple orders of magnitude cheaper). To join the triangles drill holes on either side of the joint and use wire like twist ties to stitch them together. You can fiberglass the joint if you want it waterproof and permanent of just leave it if it is temporary. Google "stitch and glue" for more info. It is a common way of building simple boats. How ever you do it I'd love to see pix of your final result.

Thanks for the information on "stitch and glue!" Looking into it.

wow, lots of things to print!
I dont know how people upload that many files to thingiverse! :P

Its a lot of files! The trick is keeping them all labeled once you print them and before assembly!

Nicely done. To be honest, it looks like it might be faster, easier, and possibly stronger if you used 2x4s and just glued and screwed them together at the vertices. If you wanted to go hardware free, you could dovetail them together or some such joint. I look forward to pictures of the real deal.

Thanks for the comment! There are lots of ways to do domes, most of which involve doing hubs and spokes, with the spokes being things like 2 x 4s. With this experiment I'm interested in doing a hubless approach, which plays into the strengths of CNC'd plywood. Honestly, I've no idea how structurally sound a dome made this way would be, but I think it would be fun to see. Now to get someone with a CNC machine interested.... :)

For extra points, optimize the locations for gravity loading. Ha ha.

Cool concept. Thanks for the pointer to "Triangulated Irregular Networks".

What size pieces were you thinking of milling for the plywood?

I'd want to experiment but I'd think sides in the 2-3' range.That's roughly the size I used in this project using 1/2" plywood. http://bartels.posthaven.com/an-experiment-with-a-complex-curved-green-roof

Wow. I was thinking you were in the few inches range wanting to go with the CNC and all. For something that large, a circular saw would be your best bet for getting those triangles cut to the right size and shape.

Happy making!

Nice design, Fred, as always!

Have you seen Printrbot's new Crawlbot? http://printrbot.com/shop/printrbot-crawlbot/

Looks pretty sweet.

Thanks for the feedback and the Crawlbot link. That machine is very interesting! Hmmm, may be time to start saving!

Wow! I have the large X-Carve (1000mmX1000mm) and have problems finding a place for it, I can't imagine something larger