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by idea_beans Aug 4, 2013
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Which piece needs to be glued at the correct angle as stated in the instructions?

Hi, I keep having trouble with the springy arms. My printer gets to the first long layer of the print for the arms, and then everything just stops sticking. The one time it did get past, the thing came unstuck. This is nothing to do with your files, I'm pretty sure its the printer and filament I'm using. I'm just looking for some tips as nothing else I find works, and I have had maybe 2 successful ABS prints, of which I have tried maybe 10. I'm using a monoprice select V2 w/ monoprice grey ABS plus btw. Anyone got any tips?

gluestick applied to bed helps me

What are the dimensions of the model at 100%

~Admiral Ackbar

ITS A TRAP- twilight sparkle

Is there any way we could get the "parts" separated? I need to do some scaling to get the pins to fit, but they are all going different directions.

the pins and clasps don't print properly on a Printrbot Simple Makers. The largest (rounded) I could print it at was 80%. So I instead used 14 GA. Wire, and that works nicely.

Comments deleted.

Tolerances don't work with ABS on a Makerbot.. This doesn't fit together too well. The big parts are fine, but the small parts should be printed in PLA (and probably smaller than they are made here.)

Anyone know why one of our 'jaws' sits up at a slight angle? Look through all the 'Made' photos and most do, but not all of them?

Does this have to be made with the flexible filament?

I think both ABS and PLA will work well. I printed with rubber like ABS which is very flexible but doesn't have the same strength as the normal ones. The more rigid it is the faster it bounces up. Not too sure if this design can be printed on Z Corp type of printers tho.

"It's a Trap!" - Admiral Akbar

Joking aside, Nice work!

I wish we could print this in metal, those young'in's on mah lawns could use a trapping.

This has invalid geometry according to slic3r! When it auto-fixes it, it

Hi, I haven't had any problem printing them on my UP Plus... every STL file should be watertight and print ready. There have been a few people who made the traps without problems. Which file did you have trouble with?

The base. It could be the new version of Slic3r but I don't know. Importing into Solidworks is also an issue as it won't let me export it as an STL due to bad geometry. Hmm...

Base V3 uploaded. I've removed the round bit on the lever. Give it a go. Thanks

Thank you, but still not working. It says it has self-intersecting or overlapping geometry. It's only the cross-shaped base part. When I slice it, my printing software only reads the g code as the vertical parts and not the flat base.

Hmmm I'm not really familiar with Slic3r or g code, so I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you. I've printed 3 sets of traps and there was not problem at all... perhaps someone else who had printed these parts successfully with Slic3r can help?!

How do you print the base? One of the levers (the one with the round piece) is floating in mid air! :)

Hi I printed them exactly how the files were set up. The printing software generates support under the lever with no problem. I use UP Plus printer. There're others who've made the traps already and I haven't heard anyone mention they had problem printing it. Thanks

Base V3 uploaded. Give it a go!

Lol now I want to print one :)

Oh no!!! New Zealand Customs took my Bear Trap - even though it wasn't in the carry on luggage! Drat, will have to print out the new version anyway! I guess they don't want Bear Grylls to get caught by it. :)

That's crazy! Maybe they took it because they wanted to play with it on their dull working days! :p

I've got it all printed out but I'm running into a problem where it won't lie flat when engaged. The square hole on the springs appears to be too large and is causing the springs to slip under the trap. I'll post a photo when I get a chance.

Thanks for your feedback and posting photos of your printed model. Please feel free to rework the base or springs to improve the trap. As you can see in my photos above, the trap I made seemed to stay flat quite easily. It maybe because your springs are stronger? Thanks

I'll give it shot and let you know.

Adding lips to the base will help stop the springs from slipping under the base that's for sure. I can make that change today. I'll also reduce the size of the square holes slightly. Stay tuned. :)

Version 2 uploaded. Thanks

Well that should work! Thanks for looking into it and fixing it.

Thanks for the feedback. It's better to finalise a design to perfection than do a half-ass job. :D

I'm wondering if the springs had square holes instead of round holes if they could be printed without support? Or if the holes were offset or something? Maybe I'll just think more about this after I actually get the thing printed.

I understand what you're saying about the support, but I thought aesthetically it looked better with curved edges than straight edges, hence the elevated prints with support. :)

It does look more authentic that's for sure. I'm starting to print one now. I'll post some pics when finished. I think this thing is worthy of being featured for sure!

Cheers! Look forward to seeing your print!

Is there anyway you could upload the pieces separately? The plates don't quite fit on my Thing-O-Matic 120x120 build plate.

I will work on that today. Is it just the bigger pieces you wanted separated?

It would appear only that one plate with the springs is the only one I'd need separated.

I've uploaded the new files to fit smaller build plate now. Let me know if that works for you.

They look good! It appears they will now fit fine on my HBP. I'll have to give this thing a shot! Thanks for your assistance. Also having the springs apart like that will make it easier to print replacements if necessary.

really great design! I really like the way you created the screwlike connections.

Thanks for your positive feedback! I do try to come up with designs that's 100% 3D printed without using real screws and other type of fasteners.