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Fish Fossilz

by muzz64 Jan 18, 2016
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Love this one!
Was my first articulated print.

Printed with a 2 layer raft. Was a nightmare to remove! This is my first time printing a model with a raft. Used Prusa MK3S, 0.2mm layers, 0.4 nozzle. Am I doing something wrong or was this suggestion some kind of cruel joke?!

Sorry to hear this was a problem for you. Raft just makes it easier to remove the print from the build plate and reduces the likelihood of damaging the fine links... after all it is a lightweight plastic print.

Your problem is your slicer settings. If you cannot easily remove raft then your 'raft to model spacing' will be set far too close. Use 0.28 to 0.3mm. That should help a lot...

Thanks for the response! I'm using Slic3r Prusa Edition.
The settings are here: https://imgur.com/IPLAzVd
Not sure which one is 'raft to model spacing'?
Maybe 'Contact Z distance' or 'XY separation between an object and support'?

That is a very basic slicing app by the look of it and yes that is the most likely setting to try but it could also be the Interface Pattern Spacing as 0.2mm is more like a raft to model spacing number. I only use MakerBot software so am not familiar with this app... you will need to try these options to see what the difference is. You will be increasing them so there shouldn't be any risk.

What can one do to sell these prints? I would like to provide a print service for these models. Can I provide credit for the models designer in the listing?

You can list your service on sites like 3D Hubs.

Fantastic, they print well even with only a skirt. I printed them in a lot of dual colors and all my friends ask me for one !!!

These are fantastic in TPU too, especially for the keyfobs

Paying patronage to my favorite stl

Just printed one and it is fabulous.

Oh, should have said it's the keyring/fob version?


Hi Chris...message me your email address and I'll edit it and send you a Key Fob version with no mouth.

All the best

What a wonderful idea! I have printed your fish model and entertained loads of children with it, and have been asked if I can print one without
a mouth - is it possible to have the model so I can amend it, or could you produce one? (I was going to give them out as Christmas gifts!)


As usual, your prints rock! Featured you in a test of the A10 using Cura. https://youtu.be/pmOtiOg4fDY Thanks again for all your design efforts!

Thanks for sharing this and pleased you like my designs!

All the best

Thanks for letting me know... I've sent them a message about this.

Super stoked. This was my first successful print. Thank you.

So for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet. This is a great design to hold your headsets.

My first print of this went so well, I'm printing another. What a great design! Thank you for posting it!

This is one of my favorite things. My friends love them.
Prints great, no raft, no brim.
My little twist below.

I cant get enough of this damn fish!! I love it, kudos to Muzz64 for modeling it.

Thanks..... try my 'Snakez' next.

OMG Muzz! I don't know if you're reading this, but this design is on one of the Makerbot front pages! Look at this link:
Nice job!

Thanks for letting me know.... my fish fossilz are hugely popular and I'm more than happy to see them being used to educate kids about 3D printing

Thanks for letting me know.... my fish fossilz are hugely popular and I'm more than happy to see them being used to educate kids about 3D printing

I rinted tjis on my renkforce rf100 50% infill and no rafts, printed flawlessly. Gonna print more later

I found this to be a great print to dial in my Tronxy X1 kit. Started off at standard scale with a brim to check it would print. Moved to print 200% scale without brim and failed at 80%. Upgraded my janky mascing tape plate adhesion to a PEI sheet and now this prints perfect.

amazingly well created STL - Perfect print and fully functional object on first try!
0.2mm + raft = perfection

Have you considered creating a version of this for multi-color printers? It would be kind of cool to have the head/tail/ribs be different/alternating colors.

That's pretty easy to achieve in most 3D applications however I've split the files into individual parts for you if you want... 10 in total. Message me your email address and I'll send them to you. I don't want to post them here in this way as it would confuse people.


Outside fo simple edits with OpenSCAD, I've never had any luck editing raw STL files (I mostly use Onshape, and STL files are pretty much read-only). I think that Slic3r has some ways to split up multi-part STL files before slicing up a print, but it did some really weird stuff last time I tried.

...but you can delete every individual part one by one then save them as a single part. It takes a bit of time but not too much and achieves what you set out to do. This makes it easy enough to split them up for dual/triple extrusion machines.

Interesting. Maybe I never tried Onshape with disconnected parts before. I just tried now and sure enough it shows up with a bunch of separate meshes that I can select/delete individually. Thanks for the nudge -- this will make a lot of things easier to test out with multiple colors.

Sorry to hear you're having problems getting this to move/free up as that shouldn't happen. There's been over 85,000 downloads of this and very few people have had problems. However, the photos provided show the layering and accuracy / precision of your machine is most likely the issue. The edges are rough and the gaps in the top surfaces (as one example) simply shouldn't be there. This is being caused by your slicing app and / or machine set up. A well sliced file on an accurate / precise machine is required for designs like this where fine clearances are necessary. If the machine is not leaving the required space (as is designed in) the parts will fuse so the pieces will not move.

Unfortunately this may just be a machine or slicing app capability issue in which case the only solution is to scale the design up uniformly so the clearances are increased. That should help.

One other possibility is the filament. Not all filament prints as well as other filament and old filament deteriorates so won't print as well (if exposed to moisture/heat etc.) Maybe try some fresh filament of a different brand.

I hope this helps.

Followed the instructions, as far as I can tell :(

No support, raft etc. And no excess material removed once I took the raft off.

I'm sure you guys can identify what went wrong!

The gaps between your infill and outer walls should be able to be adjusted in your slicer to remove those spaces inside your shells, if you still have issues after adjusting the temp.

your temperature might be a bit off for this filament.
try increasing by 5C few times till print looks better

when i print this is wont move?

Sorry to hear you're having trouble printing this. The joints will be fusing due to slicer and/or machine accuracy /precision factors. Most slicing apps and machines print this well as per the members photos however as you are having issues try uniformly scaling it up 10 to 15% which will increase the internal clearances.

Final note. .. I assume you are printing with PLA and your machine has a filament cooling fan. This reduces the possibility of fusing issues.

I hope this helps. ..

Hey I was wondering how big could I scale this with it still working


Reducing the size is where people run into problems as the parts fuse however 'uniformly scaling up ' shouldn't cause any issues. I've printed up to 250% so far. ..

If you are having trouble getting the fish to actually flex, it could be because of over extrusion. I found lowering the flow from 100 to 95% allowed it to work so much better. Thanks Muzz for the great design!

I'm trying to print this at 50% scale on my SLA printer, but there isn't enough clearance for the parts to be free. Any chance you could scale it down but keep some clearances for SLA printing? (.5mm should be enough)

Scaling down is obviously easy. Removing the linking pins could be done with a bit of work however the replacement links would have to be very thin to allow the required clearance... and that would make prints very fragile... if you can live with 75% scaling that should work and be stronger.... so it will last.

I was trying to print the fob style fish at 50% so I could hang it on an earring for a gift for a friend. I don't imagine it would get a lot of handling, as it just needs to be strong enough to hang from the hole and dangle/shake under its own weight. 75% might work, but is a bit big for what I'm looking for. I'll take whatever you're willing to do though!

I've set up a file at 50% scale with resized linking pins and holes. This should work okay but I haven't test printed it and suspect it will be very weak... message me your email address and I'll send it through.

I sent you a message but haven't received file. Maybe it went to spam? Let me know when you sent it.

I sent this several days ago and have just resent it now...

I received it. Giving it a print now!

Hey how did the 50% scale print work out? I'd also be interested in that...

Thanks Muzz64 for this amazing design. I made one inspired on this one. I was planing to list it as a remix since I made my hinges from your design, but Thingiverse won't let me. Your license doesn't allow it. Why did you change the license?

It's not a big deal, it was a bit of a stretch to call mine a remix. I was just surprised...

Pleased to hear you like my design.

With regards to the licence terms I changed them along time ago due to the number of people remixing various designs of mine then publishing them with file issues. The bottom line is a lot of edited .stl's end up with issues so people have problems printing them. I'm not saying that is always the case however I regularly received emails / messages / comments asking for help / support plus also all too many derogatory comments related to work that was not my doing. These people were contacting me as the 'originator' of the design so the communication ended up directed back to me.

I take a lot of pride in my work, test print everything multiple times before posting, and have more than enough to do already so my approach has to be no derivatives / remixes. Hopefully this explains my position.

All the best

Another fantastic print, my grands love your designs. THANK YOU so MUCH.

Pleased you like them!

This would make a neat, crazy looking fishing lure. Can't wait to print one.

Thank you for this design it turned out great but we had a few messed up because we first printed the pieces separated and the next time we put the extrusion at 1.5 and it wasn't flexible so then we turned it to 1 and I loved them

Thank you for this amazing print! It was my first 3D print and it became great! Perfect! Txs again!

Welcome to the world of 3D printing. .. pleased you like my design / ýour first print

Thank you very much for this beautiful design!

I learned much about constructing those flexible things and soon will do my own. It was my first "print in place" and it was easy to print on a Geeetech Rostock mini G2s pro. It needs no raft at all. I printed it on BlueTape with PLA, 0.2 layers with a 0.4 nozzle with 190° and 50° on the bed. It is fully flexible after bending and loosening the joints carefully for the first time. A spray of silicone-oil helps to make it smooth.

I had to print it at least 10 times until now because people are crazy about it and everybody wants to have one because it is so seductive. A nice giveaway! Thanks!!!

I printed with raft but unfortunately broke one of the chains while removing it. I would suggest to print without rafts, cuz some people reported that they did without them and it came out well.

If your machine regularly prints well without raft and you can get the prints off okay / safely then go with what works. The reason raft is recommended is to help avoid the issue of breakage you had. Usually raft allows the print to be removed without moving any joints so they come away safely... then the raft can be removed easily to free it up.

However, thinking about why your print broke, if you use more than standard shells and high infill this shouldn't happen. Usually they only break if they have been printed too weak (eg. std. 2 shells and 10% infill... 3 shells and 50% is far better / safer)

I used 50% infill...it broke at the weakest point which is joint and the reason was obvious I put too much force on it. Even 100% infill would broke. I did that because I was trying to peel off the raft, so I expected something like that. You can see it on the photo. By the way second print was perfect, without raft. Thanks!


Pleased to hear the second print worked out okay!

are you selling this design for distribution. i own a fishing store and i wanted to sell these at my farmers market is that possible?

I printed it.
25% infill

print is very nice, but it is not flexible...to much at the joints :-(

Most people have no problem with the clearances designed in to make it really free to move so it has to be your slicing app or machines accuracy doesn't work with the fine detail in this design adequately.

Printing at. 20mm may help but the easiest solution is to scale it up uniformly by 10 - 15%which will increase the internal clearances and make it easier for your slicing app to recognize space/gaps.

I hope this helps....

Not straight off the build plate but I'm sure you could find a way to make them smell like dead fish!

Just got my printer running decently and am making this as I type to surprise my kids with. Thanks for sharing.

This fish was only my second print after the OK hand, I was stunned at the quality and flexibility of this print from my Wanhao I3 plus and using PLA. I am really looking forward to my next print and also to my new 3D printing hobby. Thank you for a great design.

Pleased to hear you liked my design.... there's lots more available like that. Have fun with your 3D printing.

I have never printed anything and I want to give you credit for this when I do print it. I plan on printing it when I get my 3d printer in.

I hope you're getting a machine soon... it will change your life!

...you will love printing my Fish Fossilz.

I have never printed anything and I want to give you credit for this when I do print it. I plan on printing it when I get my 3d printer in.

I have never printed anything and I want to give you credit for this when I do print it. I plan on printing it when I get my 3d printer in.

I have never printed anything and I want to give you credit for this when I do print it. I plan on printing it when I get my 3d printer in.

Thanks for the neat fish. I'm curious about the licensing... how did you end up with so many "Remixes" considering that the files are shared with a no-derivatives license?

I printed a few and had a problem with one (my fault), so I made a repair kit. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1979473

Fish Fossilz Repair Kit

Pleased you like my fish fossilz... the licencing doesn't allow for derivatives but some people seem to just do it anyway.

Apparently Thingiverse platform changes now disallow making a "Remix" from a thing which has such a license, so generally speaking that's good for you! Unfortunately I don't see any other way to mark an item as an accessory for another item. :-(

I've seen quite a few "accessory" type items marked as remixes on Thingiverse - seems like the only easy way to associate stuff. Maybe now that they've fixed the remixes loophole they'll consider adding some other way to associate stuff. Plus, if they're blocking remixes entirely for this license I wonder if it prevents the rights-holder (you) from posting remixes? Not to mention other individuals with whom you might share the files under a different license.

This is a big challenge for everyone involved with 3D printing.... unfortunately there is no easy answer.

Comments deleted.

Printed great on my Creator Pro with ABS. I have not printed many things but this is easily the coolest thing I have printed. Just an amazing way to show the precision that is capable with these machines. Thanks for the great design!

Pleased to hear you like it so much... try my Snakez next!

Actually printing the scorpion right now with glow in the dark ABS. :)

That should be very cool... hopefully it comes out well. I've only printed it in PLA myself.

Pleased to hear you like it so much... try my Snakez next!

This works great for a cat toy if anyone was wondering!

greaaaaat. Now they'll all want one!!

Just printed this on my CTC clone. 1 hour 10 minutes. Came out great, proved to my wife how versatile my 3d printers can be.

Thanks Muzz, have been printing these for a while now and they are a hit at school. I use it to set up different printers and filaments so have printed so many people are thinking I have an obsession with fish! Posted a pic of my latest one, 420mm long, 160 metres of PLA, 34 hour print :) Great for setting up dual head printers too, will post a pic when I get a chance.
Keep up the great designs!

Thanks for your message and I did see your huge fish fossil print. Very impressive... if you're interested in printing something that will be even (much) longer take a look at the coiled version of my Snakez.

All the best

Thanks for your message and I did see your huge fish fossil print. Very impressive... if you're interested in printing something that will be even (much) longer take a look at the coiled version of my Snakez.

All the best

These are amazingly easy to print, SUPER FLEXIBLE, and a hit at school!

Muzz can you try and make a print in place person? I am trying but failing....

Since sending my earlier reply the closest thing I have posted at present is my 'Skeletonz' which have moving arms and legs. Having thought about it more today I doubt a super flexy / floppy person would be so good. However, a more natural moving person is entirely possible... just not too flexy. Check through my designs to find my Skeletonz for now....

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. The challenge with things like this is making things look good, function well as well as be strong enough. The linkages are quite detailed with fine clearances designed in.

I already have sketched ideas along the lines of what you suggested so we'll see in the future... they all take quite a lot of time to get right.

Newbie 3d printer here. So new you can still smell the shrink wrap. :-) Anyways it was the wifey that bought me a Davinci Pro 1.0.
Got it going and at first I could only print the samples. I tried a few others off here and then found the Snakez and Fossil Fishz. I printed the FOB ones and they printed GREAT. The tongue on the snake came out and I was like WTH ! No way ! So Cool. !
My 3yr 4 yr old 7yr old 8yr old year old son and grand kids LOVED Them. So I am making each one their own. Thanks very much.

Pleased to hear how much fun you're having with your new machine... it is amazing what you can print. Thanks for your comment

Awesome CAD work!! You are making me "up" my CAD game and learn more. So neat! Thank you for sharing!!

My 4 year old daughter thinks the "Fossil Fish and Chips" is hilarious. Printing our first of many! Thanks for this fantastic design.

Thank You!!!!! I love giving these away to clients, and Kids!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES THESE SO VERY MUCH!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :)

Always pleased to hear my designs are appreciated!

This a perfect example to show the amazing possibilities of a 3D-printer! Thanks!!

Brilliant, printed several of these, no problems. People can't believe that this is printed in one piece when I show them. Great design, nice tactile feel.

Wow! Very nice, my kids love it.

My wife says this is the best thing I've ever printed for her! Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback... and keeping your wife happy is all important when you want to spend time and money on 3D printing!

:) And now my < 3yo son needs one of his own. Printing now...

I (and my whole family) just love your "Fish Fossilz"!
I must have printed about 20 of them by now, they make adorable little gifts for childen and adults alike!

Always pleased to hear how much people like my designs. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey Muzz64, I really love the cartoony "just been eaten by a cat" feeling of your fish fossilz. Keep up the good work!
Take care,

Thanks John...much appreciated!

thx. i printed it. and its super...

This print is amazing, it just "peeled" of of my build plate.

Awesome I love your designs! I'm printing one right now.

Brilliant! Thank-you for putting this on Thingiverse!

Used this design yesterday at a STEM Day event for local middle-schoolers. It was fantastic. I scaled it so it'd print in about 10 minutes, perfect as a demo for groups coming through, and gave me lots of examples for kids to interact with all day. Thanks!

Made one on my hictop prusa i3 adp-11. It printed great, very flexible, super cool! My kids are going to love it.

My daughter absolutely loves her Fish Fossilz!

I made one, great fun. thanks for sharing.

Excelent idea, excelent design!

Such a great design! I printed it in PLA on the Makerbot 5th gen and it came out perfectly. I am going to challenge my upper elementary kids to figure out how it was done and to try to construct something similar!

Stretched it out to 6", printed in abs no support works perfect right off the deck!

WOW, wasnt expecting my Micro 3D printer to be capable too get the joins so precise. Works fine!

Loved making this it was easy and works great!

I have printed three of these so far - two in PLA and one in Polymax - on a Deltaprintr. Fabulous! I was in awe of how easily the joints freed up with a bit of a wiggle and I can't keep from picking one up and playing with it. Thanks!

Thank you, I made one it's not totally right I only have a .5 nozzle so as soon as i get my .2 going to do it again.

We need a darwin version of this with feet!

Someone already did just that. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1421981

Fish Fossilz Darwin Edition

LOL, I did that!

That is cool!
Does anyone want me to print this for them.
This is my 3d hubs https://www.3dhubs.com/portland/hubs/kaleb

Printed with ABS on our LulzBot Mini without rafts and a perfect result. Bravo on a VERY cool design!

I've been trying to get my settings perfect. Can you tell me what settings you used to get a perfect result? I'm also using ABS and a lulzbot mini (which is awesome!)


I've never printed these in ABS but plenty of people have. They settings should not be greatly different... just print it to be almost solid so lots of infill. As long as your machine bridges well it should be okay... check other peoples prints they've posted as many provide their print settings. Find some with ABS to compare. I hope that helps.

Pretty much straight out of the box settings for their ABS, except we used a 90% flow. 240C, 110C bed. No raft or supports. We run their version of Cura.

We've printed several of these now - they are GREAT givaways to show what a 3D printer can do.

I was having issues with the bottom layers being too fat. I messed with the settings but not the flow rate. Thanks for the info!

Printing some more right now - there are the full set of specs:

Layer height 0.25
Shell thickness: 1.0
Enable retraction yes
Bottom/top thickness: 0.8
Fill Density 20%
Perimeters before infill yes
Print speed 50mm/s
Printing temperature (C) 240
Bed temperature (C) 110
Filament: (check and use your actual diameter)
Flow (%) 90

Also carefully watch the bed leveling procedure and make sure you aren't pushing down on those corners. If you are, the washers or tip of the extruder need to be cleaned. You will get a slightly fat first layer - that is by design and inherent in the software to insure adhesion. For this design, it doesn't seem to matter at all.

Thanks! I'm going to try these settings! I got rid of the fat bottom layer by making the bottom layer 95%. That might change with the new settings. Testing soon. Thanks!!

I printed without raft and it worked fine. I then scaled "x" and "y" 200% and left "z" at 100% and the result was awesome!

Thank You.

I scaled it up to 6" and cut the height to 10mm, no raft, on glass with hairspray

It is a thing of perfect beauty:)


Pleased to hear you're so pleased... they are very cool

I printed one of these out last night, with the recommended settings. It turns out that the PLA I am using bonds very well to the raft, and it was quite difficult / fiddly to remove all the pieces from it.

Once I got it all free however it was all good. Great little model!

Will try printing it again tonight without the raft and see how it goes.

Printed it again, without rafts, and they came out perfect!

The kids love them! Thanks for sharing!

Amazing model! iv been playing with it all day.

here's a timelapse of this model

Pleased you like my wiggly little Fossilz and thanks for taking time to do the video

My pleasure:)

Awesome! Works very well!

Just printed this is amazing! tried to print smaller one but didn't turn out printed bigger one and it was FLOPPING like a fish;)!

Nice model, we did a Time-Lapse of it you can watch it here at https://youtu.be/3c43X4ZhQ5A

Very cool thanks... much appreciated!

Comments deleted.

This was an easy print .Thank you for your share !

I made one. .20mm, 2 shells, 50% infill, 215°F PLA, GeckoTek build plate. Came out utterly perfect. Slid right off the build plate with almost no pressure (best investment ever, that plate).

Do I really need a raft? With my GeckoTek build plate on my Replicator 2, it seems like maybe I don't. Thoughts?

Probably not as long as you're careful when you remove them. I usually recommend Raft because some people's machines prints stick down almost too well to be able to remove them which means they have to be excessively rough trying to get them off. The net result is they can damage the prints. If you are confident in the way your machine prints you'll be fine...

Congrats on being Features Muzz!!

Thanks... it's always nice to know your efforts are appreciated!

The Fish Fossilz design is quite small anyway. You can uniformly scale it down but if you go too small the joints will fuse together. 75% may work on some machines.

Any chance of a smaller one?

This is my Best print so far - Absolutely love it~!

Another great design. But no happy fish? I guess being just bones makes one not happy?
Thanks for the great print.

The movement in this print is really cool.... I did spend quite a bit of time on the eye and mouth. People seem to like things with teeth.

While deciding on the expression I looked at lots of fish images and none look happy... I guess that's because all they have to look forward to in life is being eaten by a bigger fish... or cooked and served up to a human on a plate!

Thanks for your comment

I'm new to printing. I Own a COLIDO 2.0 printer. My doubts are: What part of the printer is the rafter. And what is infill and do we do that?

Welcome to 3D printing... you have a lot to learn but it will be well worth it!

The Raft I refer to is something you should be able to turn on/off in your slicing app. I'm not sure what you are using but 'Raft' is a base the machine prints under your model. Raft helps with easier print removal but also ensure the print is well stuck to the build plate during printing. You break it away after printing... if the software applies it correctly it should just snap away easily (by hand).

The other things you need to learn about is Shells which is the outer perimeter of your model. Think of it as an egg shell. One shell is 0.40mm (a nozzle width)... 2 shells is 0.8mm... the more shells the stronger the model but the more filament you will use and probably slightly longer print time.

Infill is what is inside the shells. You don't usually make anything anywhere near 100% fill (solid) when 3D printing. In most cases 10 - 25% is adequate. I recommend 50% in some cases for small things that need to be made extra strong or they would be too fragile. Infill is applied in a pattern that will add strength and internal support but same print time and filament.

You also need to learn about Support and how it is applied to build a scaffold under things that protrude out on such an angle with nothing underneath them that the filament wouldn't have a layer underneath to print onto. Support deals with that by building up under your model and is broken away afterwards much in the same way Raft is removed.

I hope this helps. As a suggestion visit the MakerBot website and download a Replicator 2 manual to read. From memory It covers a lot of things like this that applies to 3D printing in general. MakerBot also have some great videos on topics like this on YouTube.