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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MTG - Latching Deck Box - Two Piece Print

by GraffitiBatman Jan 18, 2016
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I tried to print this with the recommended settings, Support overhang threshold=45 degrees. I don't have an option for "support everything=Yes". I am using the Prusa edition of Slic3r if that helps. I am having issues with the M for the magic logo on the bottom. It does not print supports for this so the base itself isn't perfect, not sure why on that, and the recessed areas of the M are bad too. How can I fix this? I tried printing a different deck box that may have been an adaptation of this one, same issue. I'm assuming its a setting or something I am doing wrong. Thanks for creating this and thanks for the help.

Here is a pic of what I am talking about. This was my 2nd attempt, first attempt(or 2) had issues with the supports for the latch and hinge, it didn't stick I guess and messed up the print. The picture is my attempt with a raft, which fixed the issue with the supports, but not the issue you will see in the pic. But pulling the raft off caused some of the bottom to come off with it, hence the missing areas. Not sure why they aren't adhering to the line next to them though.

I'm thinking about getting a 3D printer, the MP mini V2, it has a max build area of 120,120,120mm.
Would I be able to print this deck box with that?

i have this printer and this is quite litterally just a trad too big

No would not be able to print this. IF you can save up some more money and get something with a bigger print bed. Opens up what you can print.

Thank you so much, the community is great. What size would you recommend? Would a 200, 200, 180mm be enough? Or bigger? Thank you again

I have a 200 x 200 x 200mm and I love it. I'm sure I would love a bigger print bed, but for all the objects I have wanted to print this has been big enough for me.

Enter a commander deck in the box?

Hi there! I assume this one can also fit an EDH/Commander deck? Just checking :)

Yes I was able to.

I really want to give this a try, but I just can't imagine how that latch is supposed to work. It's a solid part of the model...?

the latch is designed in 3d space. Although you can not see it, there are small nobs on each end inside the latch. But sometimes during printing it the PLA will bond the moving part to the non-moving part. It is almost luck of the draw if your piece will work, not work, or break off.

Thanks for separating the two halves. I'm not that talented with the tools I have to do it myself.

I used Tinkercad to edit out the mana symbol area and the D20 area in order to store a variety of dice or use it for exile zone like Tom suggested. Printed library half without support, only had spaghetti on the open hinge area, but wasn't much.

Graveyard area I tried printing with support, but I have a Dremel and it is total crap because the support bases weren't sticking to the blue build tape. So for now I edited out the hinge to complete the box, will find a way to print just the hinge and make a spring loaded rod for the axle (like a watch band). Will post a pic when finished.

Hitting the blue tape with a quick shot of hair spray seems to help my supports very well. How does the locking hinge print? Does it swing free easily?

On this one I broke off the locking hinge because it didn't print well. Then drilled a hole through the latch hole and one end of the latch mount. Printed out my own hinge pin and glued it together.

For my 2nd box, I just edited out the latch all together and printed it separately and attached it using two end pins. Ill attach another photo.

I also started to edit the box more. adding little decorations like mana symbols and such on the outside. but got bored and never finished :)

Hi, if you printed the latch separately do you still have this as an STL file ?

I found all my updated files except the actual latch itself. But it is simple to remake it. Probably do a better job this time... send me a PM with your email and I'll happily send you what I have.

I had a idea, could you make the mtg mana symbols on the inside a removable shelf to act as the exile slot?