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Cable Chain and Mounts for K40 Laser

by DAcreates Jan 17, 2016
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I'm having some problems with the cable chain moving into the path of the laser when going in the positive x direction. Have you had this issue and have you found a remedy?

Am I just being thick - but I can't see how the chain actually locks together. ?
Never mind, just spotted the pins at the back of a link :-)

Hi David, first thanks for making and posting this. When i installed mine, the right side mounting bracket doesn't allow the carrige to run fully to the 0,0 position. It hits the back of the laser and causes the carrige to hunt then stop. It looks like its over 10mm too long, is there a switch block I missed to trip the limit switch sooner?

My machine had the same issue. I edited the STL files and uploaded a remix with better brackets: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3761935

Improved K40 cable chain brackets

Hi, It sounds like our machines must be different, the mounts should not restrict the movement of the carriage.

Can i ask for a little help. havent dismantled my x axis before....
the bracket at the end of the axis(where the tube comes in to the chain) has 2 sets of screws(1 set of machine screws and what looks like wood screws below) and i cant see which i should use and how i have space for the others. also how do i put it on to begin with? do i have to remove the axis? im on my 3rd airline so i really need this to work out :P

How did you guys run the air line up to the cable chain?

Overall a great design, but I think the mounting bracket on the head side could be tweaked to use both holes instead of one. Mine works itself loose over time and it allowed the chain to get in the path of the laser, melting out 4 of the links.
Edit: I have remixed the bracket to use both of the mounting screws on the head. The .stl can be found in the remixes section.

Hi, I printed the whole chain with pla, but it melted! :-(

what model are you using for the air assist? do you know where i can find it ?

I'm using the model for air assist - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:72691

CO2 Laser Air Assist Nozzle 40W

looks great, any tips on getting the links joined, they are pretty tight :)

I don't recall doing anything special, they just snapped together. If when they are together they don't move well perhaps you are over extruding a little or not use .2mm layer height.

How many links are needed per stl?

You need about 32 of the chain plus the ends for mounting.

I bought a chain off of ebay and it was made by LO but I need the mounting hardware brackets screws well maybe I can source the screws where I am but will you print sell the mounting brackets?

Great design, I have already printed it.
I noticed that the part connecting to the L bracket is flipped (even in your images) to not move/flex.
Is this intentional? I was planning to change that piece in openscad, but just wanted to check with you first.

That was deliberate to give more support. It may not be needed. Please post remake if you redesign and it works.

Enlarged Cable Chain Laser End elongated and rotated

made this and its great except the additional weight s pulls down the right hand side of the laser carriage so it hits the right frame rather than just clearing.
did you have this problem , I have always thought the right side just floating was strange

I didn't have that problem. Can you post a photo?

What type of air tube do you find works best for the air assist hose?

I'm using some clear hose that came from a car parts place and it used for the windscreen wash. You can see it poking out of the chain in this thing - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2025176

K40 Laser Mesh Bed Mount

Ok, thank you.

Hi your chain is fine and works great. You have promised to send me 2 replacement chain links. Is this going to happen anytime soon?

Hi. I think you may have posted this in the wrong place. If you used a 3D printing service you should try and contact them directly.

Two of your STLs are identically named and leads to one of them being missing when you download the whole package.

Thanks - I have corrected the file name.

Hello! Can you insert blower air tube inside the chain? It is not jamming?

Yes I have my blower hose in the chain. I just added a close up photo showing my setup. So far its been fine. The air makes a big difference to the quality of cuts.

Ok. Thank you for photo and info. I will try after I fix my 3d printer. Best Regards!