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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bobwi - Cheap, dancing robot. (with BT and easy to print)

by galile0 Jan 17, 2016
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Where can we get directions for assembly if we want to use an arduino nano or arduino uno. Do you have directions for assembly?

Greetings. I have the led matrix of ADA Fruit, but I can not get it to work with the Bowi code. I've done the ADA examples to see if it was a bad matrix thing, but it works. Where do you have to connect the pins?

Thanks. Sorry for my google translator english.

Saludos. Tengo la matriz led de ADA Fruit, pero no consigo hacerla funcionar con el código de Bowi. He hecho los ejemplos de ADA para ver si era cosa de que la matriz estuviera mal, pero funciona. ¿Dónde hay que conectar los pines?

Gracias de antemano.

Connection scheme please!!!

Hey, thanks for posting this. I have it printed and mostly assembled. I am trying to use an Arduino Pro Mini and I'm having one problem. From the code it looks like it is using:
Pin PD5 Servo (0)
Pin PD4 Servo (1)
Pin PD3 Servo (2)
Pin PD6 Servo (3)

On the Arduino Pro mini, pin 4 is not capable of PWM and therefor one of the legs doesn't work. I tried to reassign it to another PWM pin, but can't get it to work. The only other PWM pins are on PB1, PB2, PB3. Is there something I need to do to change the setup so it will recognise Port B? I've tried a bunch of different mods, but just can't get the 4 servo to work.

Hi Traveler218,

It's not mandatory to use a PWM pin..

OK, I guess I miss understood how the servos work. I thought you needed to send a PWM signal to them. Three of the servos worked and they were on PWM pins, and the forth just wouldn't work. I moved it to several different pins with no luck. For some reason it started working though. I moved the signal to Pin 9 (GPIO (0) I think) and just left it there. It wasn't working using the calibrate or the dance .Ino but when I loaded the Walk .ino it started working. Now it works for all of the routines. Still don't know why, it just does. I'll go in and look at the code later. I want to add OTA programming and a few other features.

I kind of put it aside anyway since my 2½ year old granddaughter doesn't like Robots, not even dancing ones (goes figure). I thought she would get a kick out of it since she loves to dance to music, but she just turns her back and says "no dance Robot" until I turn it off.

i cant controll zowi with the app

when connecting to the app i get the message that zowi seems a little different today
and get the option to reload firmware to zowi ,this does not work and neither does skipping the option fix it.

it finaly respond to the app
and i can control it
fixed it by using the files https://github.com/agomezgar/tutoriales/tree/master/tutorialZowi3
and changing the serial speed to 115200 in the sketch
i still get the message ,

Hi , did you use BT HC-05 module? mine are paired but no control

i use the hc_05.
Its the same issue i had, you have to use the sketch and libraries that i linked, however you should first remove the old libraries you might have installed.
It will conflict otherwise

Before i use the original code of Bobwi https://github.com/G4lile0/Bobwi/tree/master/code with the same BT config. Do you thing the problem is from the robot code or the BT?

This Looks amazing, but i am poor with electronics and coding.
Can you please share me the connecting procedure of the Bobwi ?
Also can i uses Arduino UNO for this design?
Thank you

I have everything done as it says here.
I have this Bluetooth module HC-05 and Arduino nano v3 http://wiki.eprolabs.com/images/3/35/FC-114.jpg
Zowi or module is detected and the app says zowi is connected
but no matter what I do it moves is not!
Can you tell me where possibly the problem is
SRY for my English
is a translation come from Germany and my English is very bad :)
Thank you

Hi Kengglo

Have you tried to load the dance code "Bobwi / code / v1 / arduino / v1 / smooth_criminal" .. just to check that servos are working properly.

To load the "Bobwi/code/v2/arduino/code/ZOWI_BASE_v2" you have to disconnect the BT module.. even without the module.. Bobwi should start to move randomly and if you attach an speaker to the pin A2 (with the right resistance in serial) you will hear some Beep :)

Even offline BT should move randomly ..

It works now
It was probably due to the BT module
BT on factory setting and it works all right

Comments deleted.

Overall design great, i like how compact it is and can hide the servos compared with DIY Zowi and Bob. Personally i prefer to have thicker parts, at least .stl helped me as reference for basic dimensions. Thanks for sharing!

Hola, en que pines debe in conectado el TX y RX del HC-05? En caso de un arduino uno, yo pensaba en 0 y 1 que son los que vienen etiquetados como RX y TX pero no me recibe las órdenes de la app.
Un saludo y gracias

Hola Bertux,

Correcto, tienes que usar los pines 0 y 1, la conexión es la siguiente:

BT ---- Arduino
TX ----> RX
RX <---- TX

Para que la aplicación oficial de Zowi reconozca el modulo BT, tienes que reprogramarlo usando:

(para volver a reprogramar el Arduino, tendrás que desconectar el modulo, ya que ambos usan los pines RX y TX)


Hola Galile0

Si lo de la desconexión del modulo para programar fue de gran ayuda. Me conecta se mueve con los diferentes pasos pero por alguna razón el servo de la pierna derecha no se mueve (ya ensaye cambiando de servos) y no hace los sonidos en el buzzer pin 10. Es un poco confuso las librerías de github de Zowi hay unas que no funcionan con ciertos programas y si se agregan las de Bitbloq como que no pueden estar juntas.


Hola Cparrapa,

Las librerías del GitHub de Bobwi por ahora son básicamente las mismas de Zowi, salvo que he modificado las conexiones para hacerlas compatibles con el Monteino, por ejemplo el buzzer esta en el pin A6.. es posible que con el servo de la pierna derecha haya pasado lo mismo ..


Gracias Galile0, al parecer es eso ya ensaye con el buzzer moviendo al pin A2 suena!, ahora tengo que mirar con el servo pero al parecer es modificar las salidas como dices.

Estoy pensando hacer otra version de Otto http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1568652 con todo esto.

Otto DIY build your own robot

Que Bueno!
Quiero uno ya! jajaja
Una preguntita, la placa Moteino donde la consigo? Gracias!

El Monteino, los he pedido en la web oficial: https://lowpowerlab.com/shop/moteino-r4

De todas formas, cualquier Arduino, o clon, debería de funcionar.

Genial, quiero hacerlo para mis clases de tecnología, mi pregunta es sirve cualquier servo 9g o alguno especial por las medidas digo. Gracias.

Hola Antonio,

He usado unos micro servos MG90S, creo que el diseño es bastante universal.. si no se adaptan a los que tienes, en el Github esta la fuente de los modelos en FreeCAD, por lo que se puede modificar fácilmente.

Hi!~ this so cool!...I have a question, I use arduino nano V3, where can I define the TRIGGER_PIN and ECHO_PIN in ZOWI_BASE_v2.ino? I just want a robot bob can dancing and walking (avoiding obstacle automatically) without led and bluetooth.

You can find the definition within the library Zowi : "Zowi.h"

define PIN_Trigger 8
define PIN_Echo 9
define PIN_NoiseSensor A6
define PIN_Buzzer A2 // on the original Zowi 10

Good luck!!

WOW! It's very kind of you, I found it

Especially impressed by the smooth_criminal code. I just finished assemblng mine with an Arduino Uno and a 2s lipo (had to stretch the head a bit longer to fit the uno and tap 7.4v for uno and 3.7v off the balance connector for the servo power) and once I figured out where to put the libraries it's working perfect! Thanks

Great news! Thanks a lot for the feedback, will be great if you can add some photos of your Make . Thanks

Planing to, but a coworker absolutely insisted on taking mine with him to show his robotics students tomorrow. He loved it! I may just print another tonight :)

Thanks again.

Wow extremely impressive and very cool.

Apologies for the inconveniences, Github is now ready:


Also consider that this is a prototype and some parts need to be improved, on the Github there are the freeCAD sources.

Hi, I'm already printing this... :) git repositories seem to be empty, though...

Yeah, I just finished printing and I'm about to assemble, but suddenly github has gone empty for this user? I found bobposer code elsewhere though...