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Three-path Dice Tower V.2

by bainite Jan 16, 2016
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Hey Bainite, Wanted to say thanks for your work on this tower. Just got into 3D printing and this was my first large job I printed, great work and you inspire me to start contributing back. I really hope you keep posting work and don't let the few bad apples ruin what you do for all of us. I hate seeing the bad guys win. Thanks again.

I'm sorry to say that due to 3dPyroPrint's refusal to abide by the Creative Commons's Intellectual Property Licensing, I will no longer be posting designs. It's been a fun few years, but I cannot abide rudeness.

This is unfortunate as your 3 way dice tower is outstanding. There always has to be somebody to spoil a friendly, cooperative community by only thinking of themselves. If they think they can make a business out of your designs (and others) that's fine, but pay the designers a royalty or a share of the profits.
This can only diminish 3D printing as a hobby, as IP theft happens more and more, less and less talented people will be willing to openly share their designs and everything grinds to a halt.
Hope you do well in the future.

3dpyroprints did the same thing to me. Breeanna44 was the one who informed me also. I have had Etsy take down their listings of my two designs twice now in the last two days. Please don't give up on reporting them on Etsy, mercari is really hard to do so I agree with you there. People like 3dpyroprints should not be allowed to continue selling our designs. I am doing my best to inform everyone on thingiverse who's designs are being illegally sold by 3dpyroprints.

He has a website here we should figure out how to take down too...

Click ---> https://3DPyroPrints.com

This is outrageous who knows what he has planned there. Etsy said there was nothing I could do so I already took my things down from here. I really sympathize with bainite on this one, my big thing was Thingiverse sharing ad revenue when someone downloaded our model or something but they never would. I mean if it wasn't infringing on another franchise already like say Zelda or Metroid. It sucks though I know since he already got them on Thingiverse he is claiming the finished 3D product isn't the same as the 3D model which is he is kind of true but idk... Like if I had a 3D model laying around that resembled something someone in China produced could I go after them? This is all dicey to me boys. I don't think it's worth the time. Better off on Shapeways.

"he is claiming the finished 3D product isn't the same as the 3D model which is he is kind of true but idk"

Categorically, not true. He has to abide by the license and doesn't get to claim he's selling a physical product and not the design. The same rules applies to the guy in China (but, good luck getting anyone to enforce it there). I had Etsy take down a couple of my designs when this guy didn't respond to my message about them. While Etsy quickly took care of it, they did the bare minimum. Recognizing the entire catalog is stolen and deleting the profile just isn't in their best interest.

I own a creative agency. It will be a lot easier to identify and go after this person if this new site goes up with stolen intellectual property. They probably think that hiding their domain registration contacts will protect them. It won't.


my messaging is having difficulties, but I see someone using your photos and designs to sell on etsy. has a shop on mercari as well

Bree, thank you for sharing all of this I was just about to do the same! We have to stop him!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

...wow. Mercari sure makes it hard to report this sort of thing.

Comments deleted.

Hey Bainite! I love the arches, but I don't want to reprint everything... Could you post a file with just the arches so that I could just glue them on?

I just tried to do a subtract, and there's too many small stringers to clean up. :(
When I created the arch, I must not have perfectly centered the circular copy. Sorry about that.

I just had a go in meshmixer now, will need some extensive glueing but might work, the difficult part will be matching the already painted tower. Going to try printing it in the coming weeks!

Oh no! Thanks for trying though

So on printing the stairs with the arches above them to keep dice in, most of it prints perfectly but my printer totally botched the arches, doesn anyone have any suggestions? like it gets a few layers in on the arches and then just mangles them but prints the walls and stairs perfectly...

Noticed when printing in 1 piece that a step on each side has a bricked step , not

Would love to be able to spiralise the dice holes and make it a bit more random but still cool

GSAdv - how did you generate the support for the extruding towers only?

You can do that in whatever slicer you use. If you don't want to mess with that, look at the remix I made (it's linked as a remix) and you can print the entire tire in one piece without any supports.

Is it possible for you to share the STEP files for this? I printed one tower (including the 3rd floor randomixer from Hsus) and my gaming group loves it so much they asked me to print a second one to leave at their house. Well, 45 hours across 7 pieces is quite a lot of printing, so I was hoping to merge the individual pieces into a single tower so I can start it printing and forget about it until it's done. I haven't had any luck working with the STL files and merging them, so was hoping you could share the original files. Thank you!

I just finished joining all the modules and exporting it as a single STL file. (I envy your build volume!!)
-BTW, I don't use STEP files. This is the one Thingy that I will only upload as STL.

Oh wow, thank you so very much for joining them! Just loaded it up on my work computer to check it out, and I hate to ask this after you have already invested the time merging the files for me, but is it possible to replace the 3rd floor with Hsus' ( https://www.thingiverse.com/Hsus ) randomizer version? (It is 3rd_Randomizer_Floor_v2.stl from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2953592/files ) I really like the little bit of extra randomization it adds. I totally understand if you don't want to spend any more time on this project and I will absolutely make use of what you've already done for me. I hate sounding like a choosy beggar!

Extra floors for "Three-path Dice Tower V.2"
by Hsus

I really can't. That's his Intellectual Property. :(

Just finished printing - even without any paint or so, it looks already fantastic.
However I also printed the OpenLock clips (the latest available) but they don't fit, they are a bit too big for the openings.
Any idea ?
I will try again to print the clips at 95% or 90% size and see if they fit.

Not sure what the issue could be. Are you getting "squished" bottom layers on the clip?
I looked up the latest, and I used clip version 5.1 as well when I printed...

I just took a measurement of the printed clips: 13.6 mm (width), and the openings of the base are 13.1 mm
I'm printing new clips at 96%, they should fit nicely.

I confirm it's perfect now.
Thanks again for your dice tower ^^

Hi, good job on this wonderful tower :)
How much of plastic does it take for the whole set?

it would depend on how many shells and the infill percentage. That being said, less than 1kg. If I remember, mine is around 700 grams, I think.

Comments deleted.

Is this print available as Gcode?

Not really, since each printer has it's own slightly tweaked command set depending on nozzle size, heater block capabilities, bed size, optimal layer thickness, bead width, overlap, shells, infill, etc. My recommendation is Slic3r to create the gcode from the STL files.
If you are thinking of printing this on someone else's printer, they will have their own slicing program that they prefer to use.

Thank you :)
it really helped me alot :)

How many magnets are needed to assemble?

Alright thanks!

If I counted the holes correctly just now, 15. I'd get two of the 10-packs, just to be safe.

Hey! I finished my remix of this (adding a few floors), it's available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2953592
Thanks for your great work on the original version!
Also this blew up on reddit, 3 million views, hopefully we'll see a few more makes!

Extra floors for "Three-path Dice Tower V.2"
by Hsus

I just saw it! That's totally insane, and I LOVE it! :D

Yeah even though it wasn't my posts that got the most karma it's still CRAZY to think that something I made, and YOU designed got 3 million views in a day, top of reddit and Imgur at the same time - Mind blown!

i see you use some clips to hold the bottom together.
is there an STL of those parts too?

The base for this tower (another Thing, located at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2441719), uses the OpenLock connector system. The connector clip is found in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1833963/#files.

3-path dice tower base with openlock dungeon tile texture
by bainite

I love this make. Great work to the designer!

I have another cool addition that would be awesome, similar to what Tronne has asked for. It would be nice to have an option for a hidden dice roll. As it is, the 3 paths all lead to the same place. what if the straight out path, instead lead to an optional backward by sliding a piece that would block the path down and instead open the mid section out the rear. That would add a whole extra cool functional twist for those of us that like to do some hidden dice rolls to heighten the tension of an RPG boss battle!

I'm working on a remix that would make the exit paths random, printing all the other pieces first but will post as a proof of concept / WIP and maybe someone will beat me to the punch!

I just printed this out and love it. There is one modification that would make it perfect! As it currently stands dice can fly out of the side doors and miss the ramp entirely. Would it be possible to design a pressure fit door attachment of a door frame with an open door to use as a downward dice deflector?

Once again love the design! Thanks!

That's a great idea! Lemme give it some thought....

Just printed the tower and its awesome! but i to am having a problem with my dice flying over the stair walls. Any news on a "pressure fit door" or similar design? or should i just print it with taller walls?

Thank you!

Does anyone know what size of magnets I should order for this?

I use the 8mm diameter x 3mm high. I think Home Depot also has them.

as a newbe to 3d design and printing I;ve gleened a lot from your method description. I was very frustrated at first trying to master a software to do what I wanted, then realised I had to use several to achieve my goals so its great to hear how you did it. Very good work but more valuable was how you did it, many thanks.

Could you maybe use pegs to put the pieces together? Don't have magnets readily available.

You could absolutely use pegs! I'd take a chopstick or a pencil and cut stubs from them. Then I'd glue one side, making a built in peg. Also, if you alternate which side the peg is glued to, it'll only for facing one way.

I'd love to see a version of this with a regular flat floor on top – just use as a piece of terrain!

Perhaps a flat piece 1 or 2 mm thick, that fits into the top? One that is scribed with a 1" hex grid. ..

This is beautiful, thanks for creating & sharing it! Despite lots of fierce competition I consider this is the best dice tower on Thingiverse at the moment; I love that the parts can detach and be used for model rp purposes as needed.

Comments deleted.

D4s and D6s don't get stuck in the stairs on the sides?

Also a themed, courtyard-looking barrier to prevent the dice from rolling would be great

No, they actually roll/bounce down the stairs. I have thought of a courtyard barrier. Perhaps you could create it? I'd be happy to link to it from here.

I might at some point, but I'm JUST getting started in 3d printing. Don't even have a printer yet

Do you have an STL of this as one piece? I'd like to print it as a single part

I do, but just of the central tower. the stairs are still separated.

Sweet, lemme know if you upload it!

Hi, I am just finishing printing my tower and will paint it over the next couple of days, thanks for the great design. I have a friend just around the corner from me that runs a small gaming shop and he has shown a lot of interest in this tower so I was wondering if you would allow me to make a couple of these for sale in his shop? I am pretty new to this site so I don't know the procedure in getting permission for this kind of thing and certainly don't want to upset this wonderful community, I will upload my finished tower as soon as I finish it. Cheers

All good, I fully respect you wishes and will not make your design available for sale anywhere. For what it's worth I was only going to make a couple of them available here locally and only charge for the material costs and of course FULL credit would have gone to you for the design as well as the fact that it can be downloaded for print from this site for free, I wasn't going to go into full production for Ebay or anything like that :-) Anyway on the subject of designing my own I am currently working on 3DS Max and have a few ideas of my own for something similar and again my hat goes off to you for an excellent piece of CAD design. I have only recently joined the world of 3D printing and I think this site is an awesome community of very talented people and this is why I asked first as I am not a thief of intellectual property, as my profession I am an Audio Engineer, I own my own music studio here in Melbourne and deal with very sensitive clients when it comes to their music and was taught quite extensively about this when I studied for my Diploma back in 1994. I will be sure to upload my finished and painted print in the next couple of days and I hope you will enjoy seeing another one of your designs finished in a different way (just about to start the stairs and I'm done). So far your files have printed perfectly and I know from my limited experience that this is not an easy task. Sorry for the big rant but I just wanted you to know that I am not someone who is trolling these types of sites looking to cash in on someone else's hard work. Cheers again from down under and keep up the great work!!!!

As far as selling them, no. You are free to make them, modify the design, (be sure to attribute me as the original designer if you mod it), and enjoy the use of them. But all my designs are for non-commercial use, and I feel that selling them would be a commercial use. Sorry.

Keep in mind though: Dice towers as a concept are not copyrighted at all. If my tower inspires you to design your own from scratch, I wholeheartedly support that! Since you wouldn't be using mine as a jumping-off point, you're free and clear to sell them. I used Autodesk Fusion 360. Download a trial version and go for it! Private message me if you want to know more details about the techniques I used.

Probably should mention that I am from Bayswater, Melbourne, Australia. Cheers from down under :-)

I notice a lot of people using magnets on both sides. Instead I use one magnet and one slice or steel rod or screw in the other hole. Works perfectly every time.

I made a little adapter plug to use 1/4" magnets...no glue required!


Magnet Adapter Bung
by moofie

can you link us to some magnets?
thanks alot for the .stl this is great!

Comments deleted.

can you link us to some magnets?
thanks alot for the .stl this is great!

can you link us to some magnets?
thanks alot for the .stl this is great!

can you link us to some magnets?
thanks alot for the .stl this is great!

I got the magnets from Fry's Electronics. They are the 8mmx3mm ones. That leaves a millimeter or so of wiggle room, to allow precise positioning during the glue-up phase. Here's the page: http://www.frys.com/product/7309494

thanks so much!!!!!
Just ordered it!

what size magnets did you use?

I got the 8mmx3mm ones. That leaves a millimeter or so of wiggle room, to allow precise positioning during the glue-up phase.

awesome, thanks!

I really need to invest in a caliper for these types of situations.

Comments deleted.

I made a surrounding for the tower, to contain the dice, however I can't seem to apply a texture, and don't have a printer or know if it would even work properly. If I sent you the files would you be willing to texture match and test the addon?

I don't have access to the original files (the extruded solid I created from the svg I created from the brick_pavement_0060 bitmap I found on texturelib.com). Re-creating that texture would exceed the spare time I have. ;)

I can tell you exactly how I did it, and you can re-create the texturing object for yourself:

1) Don't try to texture an STL. Pain and gnashing of teeth lies that way. As far as I am concerned, an STL is a final product to be fed to the slicer. The only that you can do with stl's is slice them or scale them. That's it. Do the texturing in your CAD program before you export to STL.

2) Get the bitmap you want as your "texture cutter". I browsed texturelib.com, and chose brick_pavement_0060. It's a bitmap, so you can't use it to texture yet. (it's two dimensional, so it won't cut into your model)

3) Use Photoshop or GIMP to "threshold" the image into only white and black pixels.

4) Use Photoshop or GIMP to erase any extraneous dots or specks.

5) Use Inkscape (or any other vector graphic program) to "vectorize" the image. Delete the bitmap portion, leaving behind the vectorized path. Save it as an SVG.

6) Import the SVG into Fusion360 and use the extrude tool on it. Make it at least twice as thick as the depth of the texture you want to apply to your model's surface. You now have a texturing tool.

7) Position the texturing tool on your model, then subtract it from the model. (check the box "keep tools" so it won't disappear)

That's all there is to it.

I'm pretty sure that other, more expensive programs would be able to do this without all the gymnastics. I don't have any tools like that.

Alright, ill give that a shot, when i export the objext to its own stl file however the scaling on it goes way out of whack, in the project file where things are to scale, if i load it back up its fine, but if i load the other pieces into the addon's file the scale of the ring is about 5 times off? Is there a fix for this? Or is it normal?

If it was 25.4 or 2.54 times off, I'd say you're working in inches instead of metric. I don't have any suggestions for it being 5x off...

Well the total size of the ring reads as over 1800mm in diameter but is to scale in the project?

That's 1.8 meters, or almost 6 feet in diameter.

Are you importing the tower stl into Fusion? That may be where it's going catty-wumpus. it would be better to mock up a dummy tower (just a few cylinders for the tower and stairs) that is the correct size, then build your ring. Meshmixer will accurately report the xyz dimensions of an stl. You can use those dimensions to mock up the placeholder tower. Besides, simple cylinders will render way faster.

I am importing to fusion, re creating the staircase is my main concern, that is where the ring surrounds not the tower itself, I cant seem to match the arc properly. Thanks for the time, I will likely back burner this project until I have a printer of my own. My buddy's laptop died so he has no system to use with his, and every service I have looked into is asking several hundred dollars to print the tower.

I measured my printed tower: The outer diameter of the stair structure is 180 mm. you were only off by a factor of 10. :)

you stated "All the components are designed to print within the M3D build volume" the staircases are to large how did you print them? i'm not really sure how to resize them with out messing up the alignment. any advise would be great.
Thanks in advance!

The staircases should print in the M3D if they are rotated around the z-axis. No resizing should be needed.
(I may be mistaken, though. I no longer have an M3D...

If it does not fit, I'd slice them in half horizontally, and glue them up afterwards. Meshmixer does a pretty clean job of splitting.

I rotated mine around on the M3D Micro and indeed it does not seem to fit in any case. Will try to cut instead.

thanks for the info

Great Tower printed without any issues. Has anyone made a tray or catch for the dice as they come out? Want to keep the dice from rolling out and across the gaming table.

So far, I have not seen any addons to catch the dice. I had been mulling over a "courtyard" themed wall, but I had not solidified onto any particular design yet.

Dang. Now I'm thinking about it again...

I am new to 3-D Printing and modeling so learning curve is step for me to try. Looking for a good program now that I can work with models. I purchased simplify3D for printing.

Another idea I had was due to me using for Role Playing Games. Usually roll one dice, so I was thinking of adding an additional Level. Current Top would become a middle piece removing the crown top. Want to add a new top with one hole hour glass designed. This would be for one die to funnel into second level, then split on second level into one of three holes. Last 2 levels would remain the same. This would allow for a one die toss with a surprise on what side it came from.

I just finished painting the tower. Cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby works great!

Where did you get the magnets? I want to make sure i get the right ones that fit it correctly.

Also, this is an AMAZING design!! Like seriously looks great.

Thank you! I got the magnets from Fry's Electronics. Here in Phoenix, we're lucky enough to have two of them!
This time. I got the 8mmx3mm ones. That leaves a millimeter or so of wiggle room, to allow precise positioning during the glue-up phase. I'll be uploading a completed picture tonight. Then, on to painting!

Thank you! Also the final product looks great!!

I was wondering about the middle piece of the tower. When I try to open it in my slicing program (ReplicatorG) it says "could not configure parser" and it will not load it. I was able to open and generate G Codes for the other 4 pieces no problem but that one will not load. Any thoughts as to why that might be?

Disregard I just had to download the 2nd floor file again and its working perfectly now.

Awesome thanks!!

Also just noticed when I go to generate gcode on the middle piece of the tower it says "could not parse." Any advice?