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Desk O Bot

by EdricePrints Jan 14, 2016
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I was able to print the entire robot twice on my regular CR-10 and failed once inbetween. After the 2nd time working, it failed about 27 times. Always the legs detaching from the supports at the same point in time of the print. Don't quite know what to do now...

what are ALL the materials?

☻ ?(

i need help.
thank you!

I managed to get the legs to print on a CR10s. I had to print on a raft with supports EVERYWHERE and the leg being stood on it's end with the curved part facing UP. This is a painful print to deal with supports and the model came out OK, you can tell this is a resin print for sure.

Printing on tevo tarantula and scaled 150%, I've tried this print twice now and both times I have failed at 50%, everything prints fine except for the legs, not matter what I do the support material will not stay stuck to the bed and at 50% they just pop off. I have given up on this

I understand what you are going through,
try applying some stick glue directly onto your printers platform, this may help with adhesion.

little help with what Battery, resistor and LED to use?

What is the best way to get rid of the support, I don't want to break one of the legs. Any suggestions?????

Is it impossible to print without support?

You can print some parts without but you'll need support for the legs.

I tried and failed. This print requires a much better printer than I have (a kit built delta Kossel). The tolerances are too close and the supports are a bit much...

I also own a delta kossel and I managed to print much more difficult models than this, also a friend printed this on his kossel https://www.thingiverse.com/make:361092. Why did your print fail?

Desk O Bot

Two problems. The parts didn't fit together and I was a noob with respect to supports. I have since become MUCH better with supports. I will have to try again to se if I can get it to go. My machine is pretty good about dimensional accuracy, but this build just would not go together.

It's designed for resins or Lazer printers, so it's hard to print on an fdm printer. Try scaling it up?

Well, when I have mastered material deposition printers I'll try my hand at SLA RepRap! :-)

I cant wate to try it out!!!!!!!!!!

How would one print this on an M3D Micro printer with tough ink? Seems like a difficult task judging from the amount of people being frustrated by the legs.

Nice job, Looks like a griever from maze runner just cuter.

These legs are super frustrating.

Hopefully 5th times the charm...

There super hard to print on an fdm printer. They're my benchmark test now for printers.

i wonder if you edit the model and make the legs jointed and the head retractable....it would be so cool

My print was horribly messy (my fault!) but this may be my new favourite print, it's excellent :D Thanks

I ordered my LEDs and resistors to do this. Gonna run it on USB power off my desktop, have a nice little desk toy

@EdricePrints What type of battery and resistor did you use?
Thank you

I didn't use a resistor, just a low voltage lion battery I had lying around.

Printing legs is a pain in the ass....

Head mount is bad.. Using support - it is difficult to get it out after print. No support - mounts ruined.

Just make a lid for center part for diode. and a hole for mounting head like for mounting bottom.

having a diffevult time printing the individuel legs, any advice other than printing them with the legs touching the base?

Add support material. You have to be careful when removing it, I broke a leg off by being hasty.

Hi is it better to print its legs rightside up ,or upside down?

for the full model legs?

The legs touching the build platform seem to work better.

It would be super cool if the legs could articulate, even if it means using small pieces of hollow brass rod or even regular rod to make the dashpots.

It would, the scale would need to be increased to pul it off, I think.

Big enough to even accommodate a couple of servos perhaps? Hmmmm....I smell Kickstarter project!

That would be the best! I hope someone does that! I wouldn't dare tacle such a project. The file is free for non commercial use so I do hope someone does that.

I imagine it sitting on a stand, you press a button and the legs pop out and it starts to walk around. Actually, what would be possible is to convert a hexbug to fit this structure. That uses just 2 motors. You turn the head in the direction you want it to travel (1 motor) and another clever gearbox runs the legs (2nd motor) -- it walks in the direction the head is pointed. Have to think something up for that....

I think i may make one but add a switch cause idk if you had one and maybe a small vibrating device so can move around maybe

That would be fun.

Very nice design!

I guess it would be much better printable if the legs came as three separate parts apart from the lower body to mount it later.

I made the legs independent from the body, so it's a first step to making the legs easier to print.

Very nice move! I will start printing it soon :-)

Printed and it looked far better than before. But still a difficult part to print.

True, it would make it easier to print on an FDM printer.

I was really excited about this print. I tried to print the legs and it was a total failure. i then tried the new legs and still, failure. What am I doing wrong with the legs?

Flip the legs Upright standing as seen in http://www.thingiverse.com/make:195265 Use supports raft! make sure ur printer is well calibrated!

Desk O Bot
by VizTree

You can try VizTree's settings http://www.thingiverse.com/make:195265 It was designed for SLA printers, so it's a bit harder for an FDM printer, I'm trying to print it on my FDM printer right now. I'll see if I can get it working.

Desk O Bot
by VizTree

Got it working on my FDM printer, using VizTree's, settings, removing the support was complicated but it worked.

I cant print the legs well any suggestions?

I've added a new version of the legs, that's cleaned up. It should slice better, and hopefully print out better on an FDM printer.

I like this ! clearly a sla printer would be best for this cool little guy , has anyone printed with fdm printer?

Yes I designed this to be printed originaly on an SLS printer, SLA should be fine as well. I haven't tried on my fdm.

for some reason the model clearly shows the head part squares protruding, but my slices makes it indented. does your sls model do that as-well ? I printed the head 3 times with once with simplify3d, cura and slic3r, all three times I get same results with the large squares printing inwards.

My print came out pretty close to the model. What part do you call the squares? The panels on the sides? Slicers don't like overlaping geometry, that's probably the issue. I'm about to upload a v2 version of the head that's unified into a single mesh instead of multiple geometry, that should resolve the issue. I think.

I will give V2 a try and let you know how it comes out.

can you upload the separate files, the legs part didnt go well.
thank you!

I've added the separated parts.