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Female Action Figure 38 Points of Articulation

by jasonwelsh Aug 1, 2013
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having a problem with the hips. left side starts off printing fine. but the right side doesnt start printing until 3 layers later.

LOVE this!

2 questions:
Is she the same scale as the male one?
Will you be updating the male to use the new joint system you have used on the female?

Awesome work m8... really!

what are the recommended print settings for this?

Excellent model I would like to print it in 1/10 scale, please could you post how tall it is in original?

if you print this to use as model for your drawings this may help you.
i printed the figure at 60% size.

Articulated Action Figure Stand

if you mess up the join of the femur, here is the file to print.

Maybe I am missing something. I can't find the feet in the files but there are 2 shoulder files. Do you have feet? and what is the difference in the 2 shoulder files?

only issue I have had so far is the left and right lower leg files are just a tad too big for my current build plate.

Thanks for the files tho. I am half way thru printing this for my daughter to use as a sketch model. Will be getting a new printer ordered today with a bigger build plate and will start on the male figure next.


OK I realize where the feet are now, they are in the file that doesn't fit my plate. So disregard that part.

What is the difference tho between the shoulders and the shouldars files?

I may come back to this project when I have a little more experience. As a beginner, using Cura, I found the multiple parts in single file pretty much impossible to deal with. I can separate the pieces once they are imported in to Cura, but keeping track of what got printed seemed too complex, without more faith that I would encounter more difficulties as the project progressed. It would help to have mention, somewhere, of the overall size of the figure, beyond "8 heads". I think next time I download from Thingverse I will hold off on the tip until I have a look at the files, lol... I make windup sculptures and this figure would look great turned into a windup. My intention was to incorporate a lot of metal parts both for the function and the look.

as amazing as the other figure.

say, do you have any problems with people remixing it?

also, you might want to add the "articulated" tag to it

Comments deleted.

I want to get the doll 30 cm in height . Prompt me, by what percentage I should reduce the details ?

Why the male has 70 points and this one 38? are you planning to create a 70 points female?

She is awesome! Do you share blender files? I want to change something.

This looks amazing!!! How tall is this figure?

I'm sort of curious if there's any particular reason you choose a pin joint system instead of a ball joint system. I would think that ball joints are more reliable. Is this true?

Edit: elastic ball joints or snap ball joints.

I added my blender development file to the stack below. See if that helps

Hey Jason,
This is amazing but do you have a version where all the parts are put together? I'm asking because I have access to a very high detail polyjet printer that prints soluble support material. So I want to try to print it in one piece except the parts where you put in the pla spikes.
I already put parts of the male character back together and printed the arm breakdown in one go and it came out great. But its so much work to align all the pieces and join all the halfs. Even a file where the parts are not split in half would be a huge help.

Let me know.

Thank you.

I just tried to print the head.stl, and it doesn't seem like all the parts are sitting level on the ground plane. I asked Slic3r to put a brim on the print, but only about half of the stuff received a brim. Many of the parts didn't exist on the first layer and weren't printed until the second layer, which resulted in curling and eventual detachment from the bed.

It would be much easier to fix this if the original .blend file for the head was provided. The geometry on the flat surface of the .stl is pretty horrible to work with.

I just took a look too, and Simplify3D told me that the file was at a z-offset of +0.20 mm. I adjusted it so that it was at 0, which would cut off a little bit of the model, but when I give the print a try then I'll let you know how it goes.

Currently remixing the heck out of this, both to fix the first layer issues I have been experiencing and to eventually add compatibility with my favorite line of action figures

So far I'm enjoying printing out the parts for this but I'm finding that some of the halves aren't actually laying flat in the stl which causes the slicer (makerware) to print support material in unfortunate places. I'm probably going to fix these for my own purposes but it'd be nice if they weren't like this in the downloadable files.

What kind of pins are you using to hold everything together, and has anyone made hairstyles to snap over the head?

I tried printing the head (might as well start at the top), sliced with Kisslicer Pro. It drew the first layer, and then started drawing the second layer in areas that hadn't been drawn in the first (ie. acting like it required support). Not sure what I should do.

I had this problem so I checked the files in Blender and they are not level on the bottom plane.

Awesome stuff!
But there is one little thing. I might be blind but I can't find feet for the figure in the files.
Thanks for answers

Great !
I hadn't seen it when I commented on the male figure earlier...
I hope to print it ASAP.

Hi Jason (and anybody else that might be willing to help me...),
I have not had success printing either the male of female action figures (using a Makerbot with PLA). And now I no longer have access to the machine! But I really really want several of these. Are you (or any other enthusiast) willing to make some for me and ship them to me (in Sydney, Australia)? I am willing to buy them from you (if the price is not too far beyond my range!). Please let me know if you are able and willing to help!

I know this is a lot later than you thought.
I have a 3D printer in sydney and willing to do a commission.

I totally support anyone who wants to make an army of these, ship them to Australia and profit from it.
I'll need more clones in the world anyway or the plans to take o............. Wait I'm still typing..... that was close.

Incredible! I printing it now with an ultimaker.
I found the leg files and shoulders files are slicing incorrectly with cura, some parts seems to be lifted a couple layers higher than others resulting in print faliure.
As I set some skirt for my prints, those parts that are a little higher do not have skirts.
I currently have to split parts sets in cura (which take quite a while for the computer to calculate), and print the lifted parts and non-lifted parts separately.

I am not sure if this is the slicer's defect or the problems of stl files.


Slic3r is clean on my end, it's all I have ever used. Just make sure your download is current though there was a couple files that were updated (see below)

planning to print a legion in norway. just give the order and oslo will be...wait...is this line secure?

Jason, you are totally awesome - great job! But I have a challenge for you: can you make a version that does not require glue or rivets? In other words, all the parts 'snap together' and still give (pretty good) articulation?

abs file, one piece does not touch the ground and when sliced at 50% original size, first layer missing on that piece
best regards

do you remember what stl file it was in?

There is more than one file with this issue. Shoulders and hips are both misaligned vertically (z axis). Could you fix those too?

OOOO abs.. Sorry gees you mentioned that in the first post but my brain was processing plastic type yada yada. Anywho fixed ... thanks for the heads up.

How is the girl at 50% going?

hi jason, thanks for the fix, already printed all the parts but I'm not satisfied with the finish at this scale especially with the little arms parts, I'll have to work on your files to split big files that do not fit on my small printrbot lc 12cm x 12cm bed and do it again at 100 %

You continually make such rad stuff! Nice work once again!

wow great job - downloading and looking forward to printing this.

Terrific job on this, Jason! Wow! ... now all I gotta do is buy a 3D printer! lol

... on my ever-growing list of things to buy. Perhaps ... one day!

It will change you... really. (insert soapbox)

Think of it like this.. Everything you look at .. interact with.. assemble.. tear apart. You become 1000% more aware of these things and flaws / improvements. Your consumer mind sort of takes a 360 degree turn and when you go to the store you don't look at the products as a throw in the cart mindset but rather a "I bet that would work better if" concept. Much like paper needs a text application like word, nobody noticed when you talk about typing it has become as natural as breathing. Will then 3D applications / designing become as natural in 5 years when more brains switch? And where will you be... Already there or waiting for it to come to you as a 30dollar printer that sits on your desk?

For anyone.. I would say this is a great time to jump...

Congrats on being Featured Jason. I really enjoy your stuff, especially the kid-focused commentary.

Printing out a set now to see how they fit the male. Looks like a simple print of 150% so far. The males wrist will need and adapter pivot. stay tuned on the male figure thread.

can we get these style hands for the male action figure? the hands on him are a killer to print and pin

Jason, You are bigest master in Thingiverse! Thank You for the Female model! I'll try to print it!

Thanks everyone. Massive lab cleaning after this one, Printed her off in that bright Makerbot Pink, there is pink bits everywhere!

Got a couple more project ideas coming up, need to reorganize first though . Some hands on stuff ;)

Enjoy (Calling this one Scarlett).

Great work. Looking forward to all the accessories that people will make for your action figure!

You are Awesome man! I know you hear that all the time, but you have inspired me to learn Zbrush. I have the program but it's very intimidating. In any case please know that I'm a huge fan of your work.

you're kidding, right?

dont be that way here


come on....

Ready to kick Barbie's butt!

great toy.. i think i will make some parts (heads..) for your action figure..