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Dominion Card Tray/Holder Snapable & Stackable

by Popsicle_peon Jan 8, 2016
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These are awesome. We have printed them out and it makes the game SO much easier to play. You can just slide all the kingdom cards around the table and take a gander. I brought them into TinkerCad and just made them deeper when I went to the expansion packs and had bigger piles.

I would love to make a remix for the tokens in the Prosperity Expansion, any chance you can give me the cad files? What program did you use?

I made these in solidworks. Have you checked out the parametric version of these? You can custimize the dimensions from here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1320619

Parametric Interlocking Card Tray System

I use solidworks too! I saw the parametric version, however I want to fully customize one to hold the victory tokens and trade route coins from Prosperity set. If I could get the .SLDPRT files? I would love to post as remix and like back to this page :).

Hey, how big are these in mm? I need card holders for catan, and the one you made for cata was too big, I have the catan with the plastic pieces not the wood one.

From the summary, "This should fit any other cards that are 91mm x 59mm or smaller."

I actually send you a reply on your make recently. Basically, I was saying you should check out this remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1320619. You can open it in the Customizer and set your own dimensions. I've never actually tried that design, but the designer told me they work fine.

I hope they work out well for you!

Parametric Interlocking Card Tray System

Ah alright, sorry for missing that, and thanks, I will be printing the parametric ones!

Which I had the SCAD file for this, so I could customize to fit my sleeved Dominion cards.

Hi, be sure to check the remixes of this part. There is a sleeved version and a parametric version. I haven't tried them myself, but they look pretty good.

Hi there! I really like you're design. I will be using it for several games including Dominion, Munchkin, and several others.

I was running into one problem though. During the print, the sharp interlocking corners tend to curl and make for a rough print. Functionally the pieces are still usable but they don't look very good. Do you have any suggestions to mitigate this issue? I have tried slower print speeds, lowering temp, and printing multiple at a time in an attempt for cleaner prints but they all come out consistently rough.

FYI, I use a Leapfrog Creator dual extrusion and Simplify 3D.


Hi there I'm glad you like the design. I remember having similar problems at first; generally slowing things down worked for me. The outer layers may have only been printed at 15mm/s. You may require additional cooling. I have a leapfrog as well and I'll often use an external fan during prints. After the first or second layer you may want to reduce the temperature of the heat bed if you have that really high.

For the other games you may want to use this customizable version of my design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1320619 . If you try to scale my files for different car sizes, the dovetails may not snap correctly.

Parametric Interlocking Card Tray System

Brilliant solution! Works like a charm! Thank you for sharing!

This is a great design, thanks for sharing! Dominion really needed an elegant solution to address setup. I also like that since your design is modular it is easy to accommodate alternate/extra cards (colony, platinum, the upgrade cards from adventures, etc).

I would totally use this if it worked for sleeved cards. If we had one design file where one just inputed the height, width, and length of the stack it would be better. That way it wouldn't be limited to unsleeved dominion cards.

I just made and uploaded my remix for exactly this last week, works great! Designed for Mayday Standard Sleeves, not sure if you'll need to change the X or Y axis for premium or Fantasy Flight if thats what you have, but you will need to increase the Z Axis.

Find it in the remixes tab of this post. :-D

Hi Cheetohm,

Watch this space as I'll soon provide a remix for this item which is customizable. Perhaps you could tell me which sleeves you use. I'm thinking of providing a set of options for the main sleeve sizes, as I see this tool having wide applicability to other games and alternative card sizes. I'll still permit custom sizes. Would you be willing to print and test a single item and give feedback once it's ready?

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think about sleeved cards when I designed these. I really need to take some time and learn scad, so I can make these customizable. If you send me the dimensions of the decks (LxWxH), I might be able to make new stls for them in the meantime.

Super design. The clearance is just right for the interlocking system.

5 thoughts ...

1). It would be great to have the design files or OpenSCAD script, this way it could be reprinted in any size.
2). These work great for standard cards, but will not work for sleeved cards. Again a design file or customizer would allow resizing.
3). In designing something similar, I found that a small, slightly raised bar along the center helps to lift the final couple of cards out.
4). A small indent in the base at each opening might also help with the final card.
5) Another alternative is to print them slightly shorter than the length of the card so that each deck is raised and easy to take from. This would break the ability of the dominion cards to stack with the gold and victory cards however.

Hi SpoonUnit,

Thanks for the feedback. I really need to take some time and learn OpenSCAD, so I can make these customizable. I've been thinking about it for a while, but just haven't had a chance yet. If you send me the dimensions of the decks (LxWxH), I might be able to make new stls for them in the meantime.

I typically use the cutouts in the sides to help get the cards out, but I may play around adding bars or indents on the next version. If we want to raise the cards, I may just add a spacer instead, so it can be removed when someone wants to stack the decks in their trays.

I started work now on a customizer for this to cater to all card sizes, sleeved and unsleeved. Having used the design now for many days, I feel it needs a little more space for the cards to "breathe"; they just feel a little too tight. The bar I talked about doesn't seem to be needed with this design; perhaps through serendipity, the cards naturally bend slightly into the space in the center thus flipping up the edge very slightly, enough to the lift the bottom card out. The tightness doesn't help, but the customizer will allow a custom breathing space.

I'm curious about the motivation for one specific design feature: the indent at the bottom of the sidewalls. Whether connected horizontally, or stacked, these indents don't seem to play a functional role. Could you comment on this aspect?

So far, I've got the primary sizing, filleting (not entirely simple in OpenSCAD) and parameterization done. The major piece left is the interlocking mechanism. I hope to have this finished over the next couple of days.

That's great you've made so much progress. The indents in the bottom are used to help keep rubber bands in place, assuming you use them to hold the stack of trays & cards together. You can sort of see that in use from some of the pictures.

They are definitely optional; I've considered removing them before. They generally worked better on the original Catan design any ways.

Work now complete. Hope you like it :)

It looks like the elastic bands will be held in place fairly well by the interlocking elements, as the elastic band will sit one on the left at one end, and on the right at the other. This should limit movement all the way down the side of a stack so I think the elastic bands will already have a holder. Thanks for explaining them; it looks like they're surplus to requirements here. I didn't see your original Catan design.

I finally got a full set printed with the completely customizable design, based on your original design. Thought you might like to know :) I chose a 2mm clearance round each card, and a 2.5mm gap at the top, This really reduces wear and tear on the cards as you take them in and out of the trays.


Thanks again for your original design.

Interlocking Card Tray - v2

Those look great. I'm glad my design was able to inspire your work. I clearly don't play enough to worry about wear and tear yet, but it's a good concern.

Now that the trays are configurable, it may be worth making a google sheet where we can store the dimensions of game decks so people won't have to measure the cards every time. Only a few could edit this, but everyone could see it.

I still wish I had more time to learn OpenSCAD. If I ever get around to it and need some help, I may hit you up.