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Filament Clip

by Madox Oct 14, 2011
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I sure wish I had read the comments before printing 3 copies of this design. Why doesn't he fix his design instead of everybody having to work around it? Joke's on me I guess.

For anyone having trouble fitting 1.75mm filament in the hole, I printed the 3.0mm clip at 70% and it fits 1.75mm filament perfectly. Clips tighter on the spools too.

Your idea worked much better for me. I did run my scale at 75% though. The initial print of the 1.75 would not fit the filament what-so-ever. I like the tighter clip on the spool as well. Thumbs up!

Indeed! Thank you!

That worked perfectly, thank you!

Dude, great suggestion!!!

Prints Perfect and Works Perfect.
Thank You Very Much !!

The hole for the filament is too small but can be easily drilled out with an 2mm drill.
Great design, thank you!

Works well if you find a tool to clean the hole. Maybe the hole could be slightly bigger.

After enlarge the hole with a small drill a bit, it was working totally fine.
Thank you for sharing ;)

These things are awesome! i resized the hole a bit with a precision starheaded screwdriver(drill bit would work better, i just used what i had sitting at my desk)

Yep! Definitely works like a charm!! 150% of speed
Awesome job!!

120% worked just great for me... PLA 1.75mm. Thanks!

Hi, the hole is to tight. It measure 1,6mm. I print with Anycubic i3 Mega, my filament (emotion tech brand) measure 1,85mm.

OMG, babies babies LoL... "WHAAAA... WHAAAA... it won't fit in the hole" (that's what she said), just resize a bit... Madox, dude... THANK YOU! I appreciate it!

was way to tight, printed with my cr-10.
Would be nice with some more sizes on the hole.

Yeah, same here. Printed on Prusa Mk2, so the dimensions should be spot on. I can hardly push the filament in and it broke on two occasions when trying to pull it out.

I'll reprint them at 105%.

Its better at 100%...

Printed in PLA at 100%. 1.75mm filament fits perfectly snugly. Exactly what I needed. I can't believe people complain about something that uses 3 cents worth of filament instead of designing their own.

Like several others, I noticed the clip was a little tight for the filament. I see two reasons for this tightness: 1) overextrusion at the print bed surface, and 2) rough filament as a result of, for example, extracting the filament from the printer.

I like to take care of reason 1 by, in FreeCAD, chamfering the bottom face of any part by about 0.5 mm to compensate for overextrusion of the first few layers of the print. I take care of reason 2 by cutting the rough filament off before I push the filament into the clip.

Like others, I'd recommend adding a little more clearance to the filament hole.

Thanks for a very useful (I'd say 'indispensible') clip!

Thanks! Made a slight remix of this one -- wanted an easier way to clip in the filament. My first successful print too!

THANK YOU! lol!!!
why didnt i think of this sooner

This design worked better then the other i downloaded, as this seems to fit all spools
i have 3 here and that other didnt even fit onto one of them.

Go for this one first guys.

hello this great thank you !! :)

can you please tell me if the 3mm version can hold the 2.85mm (size from "Colorfabb" filament)

thank you :)

Hi, I don't see why not. It doesn't keep it tight but simply keeps it from unwinding.

I printed 6 of those. All work like charm on 1.75mm filament. Thanks for sharing!

Ever heaed of modelling tolerances? When you want to fit sth with 1.75mm in sth else, the hole can't also be 1.75mm, especially not when it is 3d printed.
I can't understand why you did not simply design it with 1.9mm or so, Filament would still stay where it should an nobody would have to resize the hole, like i have to do now...

As per the description, the hole is 2 mm in design size. You may want to check your own printer settings.

yeah the 1.75 version does not fit my 1.75 filament

would be good if you could make the hole bigger

maybe depends on what material you used, and the shrinkage rate of each material.

i printed PLA..

It should have been made bigger to accommodate shrinkage

It's prints the proper size on my MK2S. No issues at all.

I printed on a stock Ender3 with PLA and the hole for me is also too small (looks to be 1-1.4 mm ) Drill time

Thanks a lot! Work perfectly

Thank you for this design! I tried a couple other similar clips, but they were designed for specific spools. This is much more convenient. I printed off half a dozen to keep in the supply box.

Elegant in it's simplicity. Thanks.

Simple and works great! Thanks!

I printed mine in PLA for 1.75mm filament, so I scaled it up to 125% and it fit both the filament and the spool perfectly. Thank you for this!

OMG people just take a damn 2mm drill bit and drill out the hole if it doesn't fit! Thank you for making this! It solves a problem I had :D

I would give this guy a thumbs up if it were an option.

Comments deleted.

I love these things. I use a #50 or a #49 drill to smooth out the hole to fit my filaments as needed for a snug fit. Many thanks!!!!!!!

Great, thank you!!!

The 1.75mm version needs scaling. :(

As others have said, hole for 1.75mm was way too small. Most likely due to shrinkage of PLA.

Scaled the print to 120% and it just fits.

These are great, I tried multiple clips but this is imo the best design and holds really well.

Good item but the hole of the FilamentClipC_175.stl hasn't 2mm hole. Fix it please.

Made one, hole to small, put a 2mm drill trough it, perfect. Simples.

Really useful - thanks!

Had a lot of problems getting the 1.75mm to fit on..

Excellent! thank you

saw 999 collections. I just had to be #1000

Had a lot of problems getting the 1.75mm to fit on CraftBot, sliced with Craftware, fiddled with lots of settings, clip part is fine, just the hole is always too small. Finally went crazy and sized up to 125%, but then hole was too big. Gave up.

Printed a 3mm clip w/ PLA. The holes where just exactly right - but as my filament was molten at the front, it got a bit thicker and didn't fit in the hole again.
Also printed the next one 110% scaled up, which worked very well.

My frist two prints had holes that were too small, I gave them to girls in the office. They love their alligator tea bag clips! Haha, using it to hold the string on the tea bag.

1.75mm doesn't fit on MakerBot w/ PLA.

everytime this is the last print before swapping spools, so the spool will always have its own printed clip ;)
i love them

Scale Model to X=23.52mm, Y=16.41mm, Z=10.94mm then print. Clip fits beautiful and filament slips right in.

I printed the 1.75 version. The hole was just a smidgen snug, so I clean it up a tad with a 5/64 drill bit. Tested on three different types of spools and it works great now! Thanks Madox! :)

Printed the 1.75mm Clip on a Replicator 2 - Too Small! Filament didnt feed through the hole, had to resize the object a bit bigger!

Filament hole too small for 1.75mm filament? I just printed and it does not fit. How much clearance did you leave in your design?

Great clip. Can you post a STEP file? I would like to modify the clip a little to work with a filament spool I put together. I will make sure you get credit. Thanks!

I think my slicer settings may have been off because I ended up having to drill out the hole a bit so the 1.75 filament would fit, but worked great after that.  Thanks!

I had the same problem, could be cause by a close build plate but I found they worked fine when I just stuck the filament inside the clip.

Thank you for this design!

In addition to clipping filament ends to spools I've discovered other uses.

It's my favorite thing to test print new filament with (and nets a handy clip printed in that plastic to put it back on the shelf with).

It makes a great Y end stop adjuster for a PrintrBot! You clip it on to the Y rod and if you need more adjustment than that provides (I usually don't) you can put a 3mm screw through the filament hole! :-)

Thank you for this design. :-D

I printed out a bunch and they are working well. Thanks! Stacking is a little difficult, but that's a challenge for another day.

If you were to print 3-4 per spool, you might be able to distribute them and stack more easily.

Wow! What board surface is that? Prints OK without raft?

Perfect. If I hadn't found this I would have had to design one myself.

Simple but handy. 8-)