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Filament cutter (1.75mm)

by 4ndreas Jan 7, 2016
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Bonjour, quelqu'un pour me dépanner d'un ressort 7x19 ? Je paie le timbre et le ressort. Je me dis que c'est con d'acheter toute une panoplie pour un ressort.

Hello, someone to help me out of a 7x19 spring? I pay the stamp and the spring. I tell myself that it's stupid to buy a whole range for only one spring.

One of the first things I printed. Works well.

Comments deleted.

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the first us full things to print.

I used; a part of a pen spring, two #4-40 5/8 screws, and 3 sections of a 9mm snap off blade. The only issue I ran into was the blade coming loose. A little super glue fixed that.

For the record it work fine with 9mm blades :)

How would you print it without the filament in the printer?
(this is a joke if you didn't realize :)

That are the exact dimensions of the blade?
I have a big one thats too big.
I have a small one two peaces are too small three are too big.

Great design, worked perfectly the first print.

I really wanted to make this, but a scissors works so well.

I use nail clippers !

Thank you for this cool little tool. Very useful.

That thing is a great idea ! I broke the first print to get it out of the bed, but I was more careful with the little barrel the second time. I did not have the right spring but an old pencil one made the deal. I used screws for plastic instead the M3 recommanded. Everything works great ! I found it works better with a quick punch on the top. Thank you to share that good stuff.

In my humble opinion, I prefer the large genuine model instead of the smaller remake, because the genuine one is already small enough for man's hands.

Comments deleted.

This is a great tool to have. I couldn't find the exact parts I need, so I created my own version based off your idea. It uses a 9mm blade, but instead of using the large portion, it uses all the little segments. Check it out and let me know what your think!!

Filament Cutter - Slim (New Hardware Version)

One of the most useful tool I print for my printer.
Thanks a lot!

Nice design and it looks really cool !

Hi, i printed this but i have two problems:
-At first the two pieces fit together much and are very hard to scroll,
-then i try with two different type of cutter but doesn't stay in place.
Which is the correct cutter that i had to use?

Mine does not fit correctly either.
I simply glued it with cyano.

The description says 10mm. Here in Sweden (at least the store I went to) we have 9mm and 18mm, so I used the 9mm. I broke off 3 blade sections from the small one of these:http://www.jula.se/catalog/verktyg-och-maskiner/handverktyg/knivar/brytbladsknivar/universalknivsats-129004/ and it works fine.

Really nice! I found out that if you use 3 blade sections there is enough room in front of the blade so it is possible to use a standard pencil spring instead of the one recommended.

Where have people sourced the small blade from?

If you're in the US try Harbor Freight. You can buy a knife with a 9mm blade for $0.49 or a pack of replacement 9mm blades for $0.99. The end piece with the hole fits perfectly, but I found that if you break off 3 sections from the other end, it works fine and you still have a working knife with several blades left.

Great easy first print!

Would it be possible to use the Nut/Bolt Customizer on thingiverse to make the M3 16 screws?

You would need to tap the holes in the cutter yourself. There are no threads in those holes. The intent is that the screws will self tap the holes when you install them.

This looks pretty good,
some ideas:
Opening so filament doesn't have to be threaded through. (bent fillament may prevent this)
Universal 3mm and 1.75 design.

Where did you get the spring and bolts?

You can get them in the most hardware stores. Nothing special. I got the hole box springs for 5€.

nice design, i like the idea and i almost print one, until i realize that whenever i need to cut a filament, its usually won't be straight at all. melted, deformation, stripped filament, so i probably can't insert the filament into the hole.
very good job on bringing the idea, and i am inspired to make one that fit my special case

This is so neat, however I use nail clippers and the precision is great.

Very nice design! But uhm... what's wrong with just breaking the filament at the desired place?

Unlike PLA you can't simply break ABS or PETG these materials are very tough they don't snap.

I usually print in PLA, yet I use a leftover of ABS for cold pull, and I snap it without much effort.
I do not mean to undervalue your design by any means, which is supercool, I'm just bringing my own experience :)

Well to my experience it depends heavily on the material some are super tough and some are very brittle. I have ABS here wich behaves like rubber ist takes forever to tear apart and some other they are like glas.

I understand, I must have some PLA-ish ABS then :)

Get your point, but the 45 degree cut did it for me. Always a hazzle trying to cut in angle to be easier to fit into bowden and at the same time trying to prevent the freakin spool to unroll and tangle. This little thing is a major quality of life improvement.

This lets you cut it at a predefined location, rather than stressing multiple cms of filament.

You mean that by breaking the filament you stress the first piece of the remaining material to the point it does influence print quality somehow?

Well it might cause a couple cms of bend in the filament, but I don't think it would affect the print quality, especially if brim is enabled, which would get the filament flowing. Just my two cents. :)

would love to have this mounted to my 2020 kossel mini. could you extend the part to have two M3 screw holes? :)
To fit this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:869163

M3 T-Slot Insert for 2020 extrusions w. 5 mm slots
by robkar

so simple yet so useful! love the idea,

I like this design, very well done, printed and documented. That said, could you not just cut the filament with some wire cutters at a 45 degree angle? Wire cutters don't leave a clean cut but wouldn't hurt and might help for feeding the filament into a printer. Is there a benefit to the cut or the perfect 45 angle this provides that a steep cut from wire cutters doesn't lend?

Now a cutter like this that instead cuts a nice flat end (90 deg) would help for joining two filament pieces or chasing
multiple pieces of filament into a bowden tube. Wire cutters leave a beveled cut so not great for joining or chasing

Is there

Love the idea. I would love to make one. Problem is I can't find the spring, did a google search but nothing comes up. And the M3x16 bolts I find are threaded. On your pic, they don't seem threaded. I'm in Canada, so is it possible to get them from amazon, ebay, canadian tire or home depot, Any help would be nice. thanks
Just checked amazon but they are not in mm so I don't know which one to choose. http://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=compression+spring&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Acompression+spring

Someone said in another comment that they used a spring out of a pencil and I'm guessing a spring from an old click pen would work.

The M3x16 are threaded, it just doesn't show well in the video. You should be fine with any (compression) spring that fits in the hole and is tall enough. Maybe modify the design to accept a spring from a common ballpoint pen?

Great design! Would there be a way you could possibly upload a 3mm filament version?

filament cutter 3mm

dont print this **** --> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1252526 he did noting ! the hole is 2.5mm like the original for 1.75 filament !!

the hone where enter the filament have to be 4.2857 mm ! according to the orginal for 1.75 -> 2.50mm then (3*2.5) / 1.75mm = 4.2857mm mm

is not a serious work made by this user

this guy istruttoresp who make the remix just make loose time and money to people. the minimum is to check the file ! he just post the same diameter of the original one 1.75mm ! who have a hole of 2.5000mm ! he must mesure the hole inside not outside.... seriously... :/

thank you 4ndreas for your 1.75mm

dont print the link is not a 3mm !!

filament cutter 3mm

merci pour le 3mm :)

I just remixed it and added a 2020 mount, along with printable M3 T-nuts:


I am always losing my cutters I use for filament, now I've got this great little gadget mounted to the rail right below my extruder and right next to my spool of filament, so convenient and works oh so well!!!


4ndreas, thanks for such a great design, I will never have to look for my cutters again...I love it!!

Filament cutter with 2020 V-Slot rail mount (1.75mm)

I think you could drill a 3.2mm to expand the 1.75mm hole and you are done!! :D

please, add to title "for 1.75" mm filament...