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Print and fly. PAF

by toranarod Jul 28, 2013
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i have printed the all files... getting problem.in joining fuselage... will u plz add pics step by step..

how easy to fly is it, because i´m just getting used to flying with my diy foam airplanes
and what lipo is recomended to fly thin thing with
and last but not least how long schould I print the aileronless wing for an beginner

Could you list the RC components please?

Electronics and engine?

Umm... You should already have the radio, and it uses a brushless motor, not an engine. If you dont have at least some of it, i would recommend buying a trainer before you go crashing this one. They aren't easy to fly. FPV goggles make it easier but they're extremely expensive.

Sorry, mi english it's pretty bad, thanks for the tip! A brushless of how many KV you use?

I´m starting to print it today, I´m newbie in RC anyway so we´ll see how it ends. I have no hurry in this so I´ll take my time to print and learn from this, I´ll post anyway.

Thanks for this work :-)

How much filament dose it take to print it

Run it through CURA. Thats what i use as a calculator lol. It even tells me my volume for each speed / nozzle / layer height combination. Its also a good Slicer to start with, though its not as fancy as Slic3r, Kiss or S3D.

That is what the project is actually about. That is up to the Skill of the guy using the 3D printer. How good are you and how functional is your 3D printer.
I printed a bin full of Experimental aeroplane parts learning about the technology and how far you can push it. There are some printer in the market That cannot make a flying model plane. So the answer to your question. As light as you possibly can while maintaining structural integrity. cheers

OK I remember. I don't remember why I did it like that.
I will look at it after and put up 2 separate files

In the file PushRod_ServotrayF1, there are two separate parts that do not go together and will not be printed together. Will you please split them into two separate .STL files for me? Thanks!

Hey, How's it going, This is an interesting build to me, and seemed to be one of the more well thought out plans I came across, Great job. I've started printing the wing section of the plane, and I noticed there are files in the folder that I can't match to your diagram. are there options on how i can use the wing parts listed. I'm not seeing where I would use the the file named Wing_Cy_noaileron_1000. as well as Cy 20_no aileron. is this an option to build the plan with or without ailerons?

Tried to print an ABS wing section on a Makerbot Replicator 2X and had a major problem with warping.
Anyone had similar problem? fixes?

Hello . If you are going to use ABS you will a heated bed. I have since then printed it in PLA. Its a tiny bit heaver but you can compensate for it.
also the extra weight is not a problem. So give PLA a try. you will need to use super glue to put it together.
Thanks for giving it a try.
I have flown it many times since then.

Can you provide an itemized list of the materials/electronics needed to make this? That would be awesome.

Radio, reciever, 4 servos (micro is probably better), Li-ion or Li-po battery, speed controller, brushless motor (there are a bunch of them that will fit, just measure and look at dimensions in item description on the website.) You will also need fiberglass or hinged joints to attach control surfaces. You need cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) preferably with a spray can of activator or catalyst. This is not a "toy" and if its your first plane, i dont recommend this one. Learn on a proper trainer before flying something this advanced, you gotta work your way up. You are going to be upset when you crash it and destroy some of the equipment you bought for it.

brushless motor i dont have
esc i dont have
servos i have a big pile of. 9g tower pro
still waiting for receiver
battery i dont have
and transmitter i have
would a gyro help too? i'm completely new to fixed wing rc

so i will be able to build most of it. i think

Should the ailerons be printed hollow also? Gonna try and print this.

The lighter the better, But a 5 or 10% infill would give good strength, What type of plastic are you using?

ABS. A nice list of how to print each part based on your experience would be awesome!

Actually can you post a list of what parts get printed hollow, and what parts should be solid? Thanks.

HEllo, I am about to start printing this... Any advice on building or smoothing out any parts? What do i want to avoid and please suggest a motor and esc... thank you very much cant wait to start flying my first 3d printed plane. getting the balsa and foamy fans all roared up hah!

The motor Type. look at the photo of the motor its KV is displayed

I am so exited to see any body about to build my plane. I have so many new designs since i posted this.
Please keep me posted on how you go if you have any question during the building email me.
The only thing i can say is keep it light as possible and tune your printer for single layer construction. All solid objects keep the infill ratio low but try not to sacrifice structural integrity . good luck

What size has the biggest piece?

Most parts are built up right on the Z axis the tallest would around 120 mm

There is an up grade on the way. low wing modification with the under carriage in the wings

Very cool project dude.

well done.. looks great.. :)

Welcome to the club of flying printed airplanes. Your design is great and very well thought-out - and looks stronger as mine. I am sure, yours will get featured as well!
How much does it weigh in total?
Will you also make a video from landing it?

The wing span is optional you can make it smaller or bigger by adding sections.
look at the photos. my plane was 1060 mm . each 100 section of wing should weight in at 40 to 45 g

Hi toranarod!

Just started my build on your "print and Fly: PAF" airplane! I am building it on a Pursa i3 3D printer which I fabricated from a kit. I am using CURA 2.3.0 for my set up. At this point everything is going very well! I am building the longer wing version because of a little better flight stabilization.

I have been building and flying RC aircraft multicopters for over 35 years and I am really looking forward to my first 3D printed airplane! Thanks for the great set up you did and for allowing us to use your build!

Rob T.

Thank you. I would love to see anything you make. It was a big challenge to print but well worth the learning curve