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Vacuum Hose Adapter (Customizable)

by FollyMaker Jan 5, 2016
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Thank you! That is very nice.

This is excellent. I used the customizer to get the exact size I needed to go from my shop vac to my Kirby zip brush. Nice!

Thanks for this very useful custom adapters. this will be a amazing for my workshop.
The only thing thats not perfect is the customizer app..it buggs time to time.. but probably is it the server on thingiverse that doesent is up to date for this growing application

Glad you came up with that clever idea.

Comments deleted.

Customizer and this build don't play nice with each other. These are the settings I put into Customizer:

Using the following options:

LargeEndMeasured = inside
LargeEndDiameter = 67
LargeEndLength = 5
SmallEndMeasured = inside
SmallEndDiameter = 65
SmallEndLength = 40
TaperLength = 1
InsideStop = no
WallThickness = 4

If you add the two lengths and the taper, the part should be 5 + 40 + 1 = 46 mm. However, after Customizer finishes and I import the part into Cura, it shows a height of 87 mm !! I printed the part, and it prints at exactly that dimension.

I'll try again by using wrong numbers to see if I can get Customizer to spit out a part with the right length.

P.S. I did try it both with trailing zeros (67.0) and without (67). No difference.

Sorry it is not behaving for you.

When I replicate your settings, I get an object with a total height of 53 mm.

I have revised the description to clarify that the external grip ring adds twice the wall thickness to the overall height of the object.

Ah, its the external grip. I wish I could eliminate that for my application (I'm actually creating a reinforcing ring for my broken 2.5" shop vac tubes). I printed another part last nigh, and it was much closer, but the small end was way too long.

Let's see if this makes sense. The following are the new parameters I entered for my new version of the part that I printed last night:

LargeEndMeasured = inside
LargeEndDiameter = 67.9
LargeEndLength = 5
SmallEndMeasured = inside
SmallEndDiameter = 65.2
SmallEndLength = 30
TaperLength = 1
InsideStop = no
WallThickness = 5

I have the printed part in hand and measure 67.5 for the large end ID and 65.0 for the small end ID. Pretty close (printing PLA on my Ender-3). The large end length was supposed to be 5 and it is instead 15. The wall thickness is also supposed to be 5mm (coincidence) so 2x that value explains the difference exactly. As my late dad used to say, "Screeno!"

So I think I got bit twice: once by the trailing zero thing, and once by this 2x wall thickness being added to the length.

I'll design another one tonight and do another print. I'm learning how to melt a lot of plastic.

So thank you very much, not only for the design (I made a very nice metric to English converter for my wife's Meile) but for you email.

Phooey. I just realized that I can't use the Customizer with your Thing because I only need 5mm for the wide end, but with 2x my 5mm thickness added to that, even if I set it to zero, I'll end up with 10mm for the length of the wide end.

Maybe I can input a smaller value for the wide end and a larger value for the short end and still make it work. I'll try that.

OK, I entered the smaller diameter settings for the wide end and the larger diameter settings for the narrow end. That trick worked and I was able to get the (real) wide end to only be 5mm long, and that 2x the wall width was added to the narrow end (I just reduced the narrow end length to compensate). The part turned out perfect! I increased the narrow end by 0.2mm for the last print. So, third time's the charm on this one. Many thanks!

I don't get it... I changed the inside diameter to 31mm, but it prints with 31mm outside width.
What's happening here? Maybe it's just my brain ^^

Edit: nevermind. Was just my stupidness. Works great now :D

Glad it is working for you.

Worked great, thanks for the file

thanks for this, love the fact i can customize it.
Except the cutomizer wont work!

I will try from a different machine, and i will have a go to the onshape tut from the youtube video.

funny enough i will probably be printing it on a makerbot rep+ or the 2x or maybe even a z18.....


Chris. In general Customizer seems to work. After much agrivation I did discover that Customizer can chock on trailing decimal zeros (e.g. enter 10.1, not 10.10). If you discover what the problem was, please post reply describing you solution

I just wanted to say thanks for making and sharing this! I use this customizer all the time in my workshop to connect different tools and hoses for dust collection to my shop vac and dust collector. great work!

I customized one of the fittings and printed it - thx Folly

This is just great - I am a newbie to this arena and having all kinds of "fits" getting the printer to work well much less understanding how to design so thnx FollyMaker for a leg up on this design

I cannot open the file. The download is also only 2kb large, doesn't seem right

hwentzel --

Thanks for noticing. It takes a village to find the gremlins; I am sure there may be something I have missed.
Actually the file is an OpenSCAD file not a .stl file. 2K is the size. If you click the "Open in Customizer" button on the Thingiverse page, you will be able to enter the parameters that work for you and then create a file to send to your printer software. (Or, you can download the OpenSCAD file itself and then edit it with OpenSCAD to modify it for other purposes. OpenSCAD has something of a learning curve, but it is free and it does work.)

This is great timing! I've been putting off designing a few hose adapters I need and now you've done it for me, Thanks!