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Dewalt DWP611 Thread-On Dust Shoe for X Carve

by nmackes Jan 4, 2016
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What thickness is the clear vinyl? Thank you in advance.

I can't say for certain at this time because I do not have the dust shoe with me (its a few hours away). But, based off of my memory the vinyl I used was a bit more than 1mm thick and I used 2 layers of it on mine. So my vinyl was probably 40-60 gauge vinyl based off what I can research on the internet. But the possible thickness of vinyl compatible with the dust shoe would vary depending on if you used more than one layer of not. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I too, spent several days looking for decent dust shoe designs for the dewalt router on an x-carve. Unfortunately this wasn't it. The fatal flaw in this design is the slide on portion of the ID part. It's basically held on by two very thin rails which don't stand the test of time when attempting take the part on and off repeatedly. Those two walls broke within two or three days. Gluing them back in place held for another two days. I really liked the idea of the thread on piece that eliminated the need for magnets etc.. I thought about printing another one, but I'd rather not waste more plastic. On to the next design!

Thanks for creating this! I spent a few days looking at the various 611 dust boot models here on Thingiverse, and I settled on this one because of the quick release. I printed it on my Prusa i3 MK2 at .15 layer height and an infill density of 0.3. Using Prusa Control, I set it to use supports "everywhere" and the results took about 5-minutes to clean up after the print was finished. The total print took 15.8 hours for the main parts, and another .45 hours for the button in black. Thanks again for an amazing, easy to print and highly functional part!

Maybe incorporate a air defuser into the part that mounts on the dewalt?

I've been using a different defuser attachment and thought the same thing. I'm going to see if I can in corporate it, but I don't have a time line.

Well the reason I mentioned it because of the way the dust shoe screws onto the dewalt, I didn't think one would fit without modifying the boot you made.
Is there air defuser here on thingeverse that would work with your shoe?

In any case I really appreciate all your efforts at designing this and sharing with us here.

First of this isn't my model. The Defuser attachemnet I've been using doesn't fit inside of this one. My hope is to combine them as a remix, but my modeling skills are limited. If someone wants to beat me to a remix, this is the model I've been using for a defuser/deflector. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:663951

Dewalt 611 Deflector and Dust Shoe

I tried combining these parts. It won't work the way the two are modeled. You can't get the boot on over the diffuser. And simply meshing them together, you wouldn't be able to get it over the router bit.

Whats the recommended layer height to use? .2,.3, etc. I know threads are involved but since they are so large do you think .3 layer height would be safe? Thinking this could be why some people are having trouble screwing it on without some kind of extra modification.

Should not make a difference. I usually print at 0.3mm layer height (that is what I used for my dust shoe). 0.2mm would definitely make smoother surfaces on the threads. Just go with whatever setting you think will have the best results from your printer.

Thanks for the file. After a bit of clean-up it works great! I had to print the two bigger parts in two pieces. I installed 3 small metal pins and glued together. For those of you with a small printer like mine it was pretty easy to do. 1. Download Meshmixer. 2. import the file. 3. Click edit, select "Plane Cut". 4. Adjust plane to position using colored arrows. 5. Select cut type Slice (keep both) in the pop-up window, and Remeshed Fill. 6. Click edit again and separate the shells. 7. Select one of the parts and Export to a folder as STL ASCII Format (*.stl). Do the same with the other part. You should be able to then print both parts at the same time on edge, side by side. Pretty much the same routine with the skirt ring. But make sure the slice in the skirt ring is in a different location than the slice in the main body so it overlaps that joint. A couple of extra screws here will help strengthen the body slice when you screw on the skirt ring.

Hey, LOVE the design!!! Just printed it in PETG and other than my settings were rubbish (lots of stringing) . The part is AWESOME and Super strong! I did have one issue, the vinyl ring seems to be a different shape than the 2.0 inch version. Am I missing something or is that for a different sized model? Thanks ahead of time! Great work! Buddy will be getting this for Christmas present. Will post pics when cleaned up and tested on the x-carve.

Thanks! Glad to hear you like it! To your question about the size of the vinyl ring, there are two different sized vinyl rings. The 1.25"ID and 1.5"ID dust shoes use the standard vinyl ring titled 'Vinyl_Ring_Dewalt_DWP611_Vacuum_mount_V3'. The 1.75"-2.5"ID dust shoes use the 2.5"ID vinyl ring titled '2.5ID_Vinyl_Ring_Dewalt_DWP611_Vacuum_mount_V3'. Since it sounds like you're going with the 2.0" dust shoe, you'll want to print the 2.5"ID vinyl ring (should be the 9th file on the list). Let me know if you have anymore questions. Happy Holidays!

You sir, are awesome. I'm printing this now, and if it works, this will come close to paying for my cheapy 3D printer! The commercial dust boot someone is selling costs about a hundred bucks and has a 3 week lead time.

I had to remix it for my very small print bed, so the main part that connects to the hose had to be cut in half, printed separately, then epoxied back together. But who cares! So far, the DeWalt mount screwed right on, so step one down.

If it works, I'll post my variant for people with MP Select Minis.

Thanks! Glad to hear the parts you have printed out are working. Yes, please do post a remix to help others with smaller print areas!

Will do. Thanks again.

Maybe its a Canadian thing, but all of my vacuum hoses are 2.25 inch. I would be grateful if you could produce a 2.25 inch dust shoe for this size. The mount has been printed and fits just great.

You should be able to get an attachment for it, or print one :D

Comments deleted.

Slic3r does have the option to rotate by any set degree about the x, y, or z axis. Right-mouse-click on the object. Then a drop down should appear where you can select rotate>about x, y, or z> and then enter the degree.

I found it. Thank you!! This is a great design! I'm just very new to the modeling, 3D printing, and CNC carving world.

No 1.25" version in the files that I can see....am I missing something?

The 1.25" ID version is the file without any diameter size in its file name because the original design was only 1.25". The additional sizes were added since then.

Hi, I just printed the V3 dust shoe and it turned out well but when I try to print the file "Threaded_Ring_Dewalt_DWP611_Vacuum_mount_V3" it says it can't print the file (file open failed). I'm using a flashforge dreamer with simplify3d. Is it possible that this file is corrupted? It loads into Simplify3d fine but just fails when sending it to the printer. I've tried multiple times to get it to print.

Update: Got it to print by changing the file name.

doesnt screw on absolute garbage!!!!!

I am sorry yours was not able to screw on. Many variables come into play with FDM printing that can affect tolerances. But, just because the design did not work for you does not mean it is "absolute gargbage".

I had to dremel mine a bit as the supports left extra material. Fonstok succeeded by using a heat gun to soften the plastic. Don't be dissuaded, it may need a little convincing but it does actually work quite well. 3d printing is rarely an exact science. :) (I used the green dremel grinding stone wheel, it let me get a nice flat surface inside)

Great Design! I had some issues getting it to screw on, but I hit it with a heat gun for a few seconds and it screwed on fine. FYI. Thanks!

Thanks! Smart Idea! Glad to hear it worked out!

Going to be printing this for a friend...looks like a great design! Has anyone had luck with PLA or should it be printed only in ABS?

The yellow dust shoe pictured was printed in PLA. I am unsure what materials other people have printed the dust shoe with. It mostly depends on if your printer prints ABS well and the normal concerns with printing large ABS parts (warping, etc.) and the ABS shrinking too much leaving not a large enough allowance between the router and the dust shoe's threaded ring.

Love the design. Very well thought out. I want to modify to add a port for compressed air.

Any chance you can post a step or igs file? I'm unable to import into SW2016 for some reason (says unsupported Inventor version)

Sorry for the late response. Yes I can do that. Which size dust shoe were you looking at modifying?

Awesome. The 1.25"

I was about to export an stp file but then I was looking through the files already uploaded and there is an stp file already uploaded. Its hard to tell which one it is because the name is so long thingiverse won't display the file extension. So go ahead and try the one already uploaded and let me know if that works. It should be the second file down after all the stl files.

Comments deleted.

What orientation is best for printing? Should I just use the default where it prints on its side?

No, lay the objects flat. Should only have to rotate 90deg

Is it possible to get the raw file for the threaded ring,id like to make some changes

The original .ipt file is uploaded. It's the first file on the list thats not an stl.

I looked before i sent the msg,i didnt see it,i saw one that had the whole project router included if thats the one you are talking about,I was hoping you had the threaded ring as a seprate file? thats the peice i want to modify,thanks for your reply :)

Yes that's the file I'm speaking of. If you open that file you can view the different solids. Just turn off all the solids except for the threaded ring and you can edit only that solid. Then with only that solid visible once your edits are done, export to an stl for printing

Thank you so much nmackes

I want to order this printed, but when I go to do so, there are 12 optional parts listed. If I want to connect to 1.5" hose connector what exactly do I need to order? Thanks!

1.5" outer diameter hose?

No worries at all! Since you'll be using a 1.25" hose (same size I use currently) you'll want to choose the following parts:

-Dust_Shoe_Dewalt_DWP611_Vacuum_mount_V3.stl (This is the original V3 design which is made for a 1.25" hose)

Doesn't fit. WAY too tight. I tried filing, grinding, and fitting... but the thread is just WAY too tight. This could be SO much easier if it instead just had a smooth ID to fit the router's OD, and a bolt to secure in place. Rather than trying to model the thread, it just needs to slip on and have a bolt tighten. This would also make it far easier for everyone to be able to adapt an otherwise great design to other spindles.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the design! I just ordered to have mine printed because I only have a CNC machine, also do you know the exact sizes of the small screws?

Any tips on finding the vinyl? I've been to two hardware stores with no luck... A shower curtain or tarp or something?

I've used this vinyl (http://amzn.to/2bbm5uz) in the past, seems like it could work for this kind of thing.

I found mine at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware). If you still can't find any you could order it online from somewhere, possibly amazon.

Do you remember what gauge (mil/thickness) you used for the vinyl?

It's brilliant using the thread on to connect a vacuum shoe, and I like the peg idea to easily connect and disconnect the vacuum tube to it, but on my machine the right hand side hits things so I need the vacuum shoe to extend out the opposite direction (to the left). I've tried just mirroring the design, but of course then it just either doesn't connect with the main adapter or you have to rotate it so it ends up coming out of the right side of the tool again before it will connect. Then I tried clipping the plane and rotating JUST the connector (the tabs that connect the shoe to the thread on tool mount) on the shoe - that resulted in a mesh that was incredibly weak at the connectors that would never stay in one piece. With the original file would it be a major redesign to have a version with the vacuum connector to the left of the tool rather than to the right like currently?

I'm not quite following what you're saying. I think I get what you're trying to do but not quite sure. If you could, go ahead and message me through thingiverse and see if you could possibly send me a picture of what you're trying to do. That way I can really understand what kinds of changes we'd be looking at.

I'm using this mount: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1023812 and the vacuum shoe in the default orientation wouldn't work. I went back again, and added some thickness to the sides of the connector tabs (so they don't break so easily - they were really prone to breaking after I'd clipped and rotated them in meshmixer), and then filed it down until they just barely fit. Also, printing in ABS seemed to help the connectors not break so easily on me.

MPCNC - DWP611 Quick release adapter

I know you have a x-carve but i own the Shapeoko 3 with the same Dewalt 611 do you know if work too, or anybody that installed at Shapeoko 3?

I think it fits the Shapeoko 3, but you need to drop the router down quite low to allow the shoe to clear the backplate. The shoe already forces the bit holder about 6mm below the bottom of the backplate and to clear the shoe completely you need to drop a further 15mm.

I'm working on an modification that brings the back in 5mm (flush with the top threaded ring section) and I'll post it up if successful.

From what I can tell by looking at pictures of the Shapeoko 3, it appears that the dust shoe should work with the way the Dewalt router is mounted. However, I can't guarantee it since i haven't tried it on a Shapeoko 3. If you'd like to try it out, i'd start with printing the threaded ring to get a rough estimate as to whether it will work or not.

Hi thanks for answering me. I will try to print and as soon as i get my shapeoko 3 running i will post if it work or not.

This is an excellent design. PERIOD very well thought out. The simplest design is always the strongest and most difficult to conceive. congratulations. I just couldn't help but praise.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Excellent design BTW, top notch

Mine keeps breaking on the back side of the track where the two peices slide together,the back half of the track breaks or peels off,ive printed 4...any suggestions? using hatchbox black pla with 70% infill

Hi there, sorry it took me so long to respond. I am curious as to how the back track broke off. Were the two parts not fitting too well and you had to force it and accidentally snapped it? Did it just easily rip off after you printed it?

it has came apart a few diffrent ways,2 times during fitting on the machine another time during support clean up another time after it printed i was kinda looking at it and picked at it some not really forcefully but it didnt hold,I also made a patch to hold it better and it worked just now it breaks away at the next weak spot

That area of the part sure is a weak point since its so thin. I guess Id suggest trying to glue it back together and smothering it in glue on the outer side to help give it more strength. Epoxy or Hot glue would probably work well since both will heat up the PLA and make a nice bond.

Ok,thank you,I made some more patches on it,I put 3 across the back wall and its 2 1/2 hours in the print now,crossing fingers with epoxy on stand by :)

This is a very clean design. I recommend it to anyone looking for a dust shoe. Thank you very much! No more dust.

What is your original nozzle hose size... mine is 1-1/2" I fear yours is like 1-1/4"? Wanted to know before I went ahead and started printing.

Yes the original nozzle hose size is 1-1/4". Is yours exactly 1-1/2"? If so, I can edit the dimension real quick and upload a 1-1/2" diameter one for you and any others with the same hose size. Let me know!

So my hose opening is actually 1-1/2". My attachment's hole is 1-1/2"... however the actual size of the attachment outside diameter is 1-3/4" ! It might be best if you are in the file to add a 1-1/2", a 1-3/4" and a 2" while you are in there, that way you cover many "bases." You seriously rock. I have 2 x-carves and will have different hose situations with each This design is very very cool, well built and thorough. Thanks so much for the response and the offer... sorry it took me so long to respond, I just noticed the email from thingiverse on this in my junk folder and I almost tossed the email letting me know you replied!

No problem! The new dust shoe files are up! Hopefully they work out!

Hi nmackes. what material is that made out of, is it pla? I really like that shoe, thank you for sharing it!

Yes, I printed mine in PLA.

Thank you, I might get one of this made, is a really nice design. Great job!

Great design Noah!

Could you share the source file or make a dust hood with a 2.5" ID hole for a bigger hose?



Hey Mike!
Never mind the last reply, I went and took a look at the design file and turns out I had designed it quite parametrically. So It was easy enough for me to widen the hole for the vacuum hose to a 2.5" ID. The Dust shoe slightly protrudes farther from the router to make room but not by much. Make sure to cut your vinyl strip to be 21" long since its larger. I will upload the two new .stl's necessary to print the 2.5" ID version as well as the inventor part file for it and a step file just in case you want to modify it in any other way. When you're done, post a picture! I'd love to see it!

Thanks! I've never used Inventor so you just saved me some learning curve!

I'll print it, give it a try and let you know how it goes.


Hi Mike,
There is an inventor part file (.ipt) uploaded and I just uploaded a step file for you to make any modifications you'd like. Hopefully that will get you going. If it works out nicely post it as a remix! I'd love to see it!