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Quick Change Universal Spool Holder

by Foreverwinter Jan 3, 2016
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Hi! I've got a question regarding the threads in your Fusion 360 file. I'm still trying to learn fusion and am using your kindly provided f3d file to analyze it and learn something from it.

I rolled back the history to the step where you created the thread (pic1). Watch the angle of the threads indicated by the red line.
I then edited the thread feature (pic2), which looks a bit different than the thread before editing: It has all the right windings and stuff but there are far bigger gaps between each winding because the angle of the adjacent sides is different.
When I then just hit OK without changing anything the thread looks different afterwards (pic3). Notice that the red line is different compared to the first picture.
Is there anything I am missing or is Fusion confusing something here (maybe due to different versions)? Is the "ISO Metric Trapezoidal Thread" the right one? If I change it to some other thread types it looks more like the original thread, but I can't find any one which looks exactly like the original one because there is none with the right pitch etc.

Another question: Is there any clearance in the model between the thread and the "cutout" for the thread in the nut (which you usually need because of the tolerance of the printer) or does it just fit this way when printed out? Are the settings for the thread-feature for the thread and the nut exactly the same?

I’ve been using this spool holder for a year now - love it. I threw away the many other brand/size specific holders I had printed as this one is truly universal.

After I download your files, I also discover that you provided your Fusion 360 files for it!!! Very well thought out and very considerate! So makes my job easier in case I may have to do some extra tweaking for my own situation!! You're the first person I have found that does this, this will definitely remind me to do the same when I may release some of my own designs!! This makes my job so much easier than having to edit an STL file in Fusion! I haven't tipped any other people on Thingiverse (still fairly new) but I will do my best to see you get a tip for this!! I agree whole-heartedly with blinkenjim!

Just tipped you five bucks for this. Thanks for sharing the Fusion source files! (I only tip people who post their source files.)

Thank you very much - that's very generous of you. Glad to hear you found the Fusion file useful!

I just printed this thing + the embiggener - big help in my setup.

I have been using Shaxon filament (bought at local Fry's) ... at some point between last December and a month or so ago, Shaxon changed their spool format - larger inner diameter (~75mm) but still holding a 1kg amount of filament.

Anyway - my previous spool holder (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2766841) was not threaded on the inner barrel sufficiently and I could not use it. I found this the other night and ran it off.

Works like a champ and the design is very thoughtful with the Embiggener

Thanks for publishing this!

Spool Holder 40/80mm spool dia. - for the original Anet A8 filament support

Thanks for the feedback - glad you found it useful!


Great work. Any chance to make small redesign to use it with Sunlu (esun) spools where whole has 60mm. I think 65mm nut will be perfect. I tried to do it by myself but still I am not so good in more advanced designs. :(

I just re-read your comment. The spool holder should work for spools up to 65mm, so according to your picture it should be fine. I'll still upload the part to expand the capacity to 85mm as well.


THANKS. looks great! I will print it now :)

You're in luck! I had the exact same problem recently and designed a new part to expand the spool holder up to 65mm. There's an additional feature I'd like to add to it but haven't had time. I'll upload it as-is (still works well without the feature I plan on adding) so you can start using it right away.

Printing. As far as good. I just thinking it will be nice to "marriage" your great project with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2712213 (i also have Ender4). In this project good is length of rod because it's allow me to load 2 and even 3KG spools (with small support).

It will be nice to make such a (same length) long spool holder with nut long/width enough to support standard and bigger holes spools without adapters. This is just suggestion but more and more companies make bigger hole spools, probably to lower the cost or maybe it will be a new standard.

Ender 4 Filament Spool Holder 1kg von Eins3d
by Berndte

People who include the fusion-file should get extra points,ty!

Free Arbitrary-Internet-Points?! Wahoo! :P

Thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad to hear that people appreciate having the .f3d file and are making good use of it.


Looks great, Im going to attempt to print this off. Would be ideal for what I am looking to do.

BTW I printed this last night and woke up to a perfect print. No strings and they threaded
together effortlessly....Nice Work

Great to hear - glad it worked well for you. Thanks for the update!

I have the Algot system too, but I’m confused on how you have it mounted. I saw you are using a 5/16” rod, but what keeps it staying in there? Awesome design!

Glad you like the design. I just lifted up the end portion of the plastic cap and slid the threaded rod in there about a foot or so. You can see the plastic cap bent up in one of the pictures.

Thanks for the Fusion files. It was super easy to change sizes to fit my needs.

Great to hear. Glad that you were able to make good use of them!

Is there a spool holder you recommend for the 5/16 rod?

Great question - I should have done this way earlier.

Personally, I have an Ikea ALGOT wall shelf above my printer and I just have the 5/16" rod cantilevered out from one of the wall brackets (it fits inside the bracket itself). I have lock nuts holding the "bolt" portion of the holder on the rod and to put some pressure on the bearings to limit excessive free-wheeling, and the "nut" part faces the side away from the shelf which lets me change the spool without moving the rod at all.

There's also a few designs out there for this spool holder to allow for free-standing and mounting to an i3 style printer frame. Here are a few that seem to be popular:

Thanks to the feedback - I'll add this to the "thing" description for others in the future.


Spool holder for 8mm rod type spool rollers (standard & large)
Prusa i3 MK2 Spool Holder

Slap one of these guys between the bearing and the nut or if your using an Anet A8 style spool stand then the spacer goes between the bearing and the acrylic then the bolt goes on the outside of the acrylic.

Nie polecam, za duże nie mieści się do więkoszości szpuli.

Comments deleted.


Had to elongate the shaft to suit my needs.
Printed great at 0.35 and has lasted 1 year of abuse so far :)

Just printed, but when putting the bearings, I was wondering if the 8mm center hole wouldn't introduce some friction with the rod?
Indeed, when used with a bearing, the load of the spool should be applied to the outer ring of the bearing through the holder, and thus, the rod should be in contact only with the inner ring of the bearing and especially not with the holder.

Maybe should I re-drill it to 9-10mm but I have not tried with a rod yet. What do you think?

There should be no problem using a 5/16" rod. I actually didn't consider using an 8mm rod - I believe there should be enough clearance for that too, but if not I'd love to hear any feedback you have and I can update the model if it needs more wiggle room.

Well, I did some tests. When no spool is loaded, surprisingly the holder spin much well without the bearings (the grease introduce more friction), but it is also alot noiser. When loaded with a brand new 750g filament spool (which wheight approx. 1kg with the spool itself), the bearing version spin much well. Maybe too much, that can lead to an unwanted unroll (especially when retracts occurs) and filament tangling outside the spool. I think I prefer to use it without bearings, the performance is enough for the normal use-case.

So for the first "potential" issue I mentioned in my last comment, Indeed the clearance is at the limit, we can hear some PLA blobs of the inner "tube" rubing the rod. But nothing that can affect significantly the performance.

My opinion is that this really nice design is self-sufficient, I mean the bearings are fully optionnal. The only interest for me to use bearings, is when the spool holder slip on is rod, to remove a side friction with a nut or an arm that hold the spool holder (huh!) . So if you really want to use it with bearings, you may want to increase a lot the clearance, especially if your rods are slightly bent.

I would like to mention again that this design is really smart and accurate. The fitting is perfect, especially the bearings.

Any suggestions to get the threaded area to print cleaner? I'm getting some stringing and wobbliness in the threads. I'm printing in PLA at 60mm/s. It's just the threaded areas, everything else prints nice and clean. I'm printing the bolt right now in hopes of just screwing them together to kind of clean it out, but figured I's ask.

I had similar issues. I printed out this fan shroud for better cooling and about 97% of the stringing went away. I would see what they offer for your machine. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649803

Robo3D R1 Hexagon parts fan shroud
by milks

The bolt usually prints cleaner than the nut which sometimes gets the "stringing" you mentioned. I usually clean up any bad strings with some cutters and just screw them together a few times to clean up any other imperfections. The threads have plenty of play in them (until they're tightened against the spool), so imperfections shouldn't affect the performance.

First, great design and thanks for the fusion source.

Being a novice with Fusion I have a request for Foreverwinter or anybody who is able for this challenge: I miss little ribs to hold the bearings. Now, they don't fit (22.2) or are too large (22.8). Of course I am trying 22.4, but no print is exactly the same.

See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2459115 for what i have in mind. 8 ribs of i guess 0,5mm will do.
I created an example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2695312

PS: After some youtube tutorials I kind of succeeded with Fusion to make the adjustments: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2707189

Universal Filament Spool Holder - Multiple Lengths
by ther00t
Parametric Filament Spool Hub with 608ZZ bearing - with ribs
by Bolukan
Quick Change Universal Spool Holder with ribs
by Bolukan

and thanks for this spoolholder.
BUT: it is al little bit to short for my 1kg filament roll.
Can you make a larger version? 35mm larger woud be fine.
Greetings Bernd

I've added two new sizes as per your recommendation. Thanks for the screenshot with the suggested length. Cheers!

You're in luck, I've actually been meaning to make an XL version for larger spools, but haven't managed to get around to it yet. You just gave me enough incentive to make it. I'll try to get this done tonight.

Thanks for your quick response.
I´ve installed Autodesk like you explained. I´ve found the preferences and changed it to my requirement.
It´s actually printing... pictures later.
I would like to make a "Remix it" ... is it ok?

Absolutely - that's why I shared the CAD file :) Thanks for asking though.

Would love to see the print of the larger one when it's done to see how it fits on those larger spools. (I don't have any large spools to test with so it's one of my hesitations to making a bigger version available)

This spool is a must have. Printed wih a HTA3D model P3Steel. Perfect!

Just printed.
Very easy and perfect to fit, printed with a Geeetech i3 Pro B Acrylic version following instructions.

Tried printing this twice and near the end of the print it starts printing uneven ,the last full thread is about 1/4 inch off center, have a few pictures, don't know what I've done wrong, kossel mini pully version

This may depend on which version of the spool holder you're printing (original or 2.0). The original version did not have a taper on the threads so when the print is complete the top appears to be eccentric (but it still works fine). Version 2.0 adds the taper which makes it look nicer and easier to get the threads started.

If it's a step-shift in your print layers then you have an issue with your printer (and/or slicer). This guide may help:

Good luck!

Sorry should have said I used the V2.0.
My issue maybe coming from speed of print head will try printing at a slower speed then move on o the next thing on the list, really don't think it is lack of current as it was almost the same exact spot it went off print both times

want to use this but change the inner diameter hole to 16.6mm , only have use of 123d design, unless you can direct me to another free software that can adjust this

This was built with Autodesk Fusion 360 and the source file (.f3d) is provided on the description page. You can get a free licence to use Fusion 360 as an enthusiast if you're not using it for commercial purposes:

Once you have it installed you can upload the source file to your account and open it:

Then open the parameters window (The "Σ" button) and you'll be able to change values of pretty much any feature you'd like. (E.g. inner diameter).

Good luck!

edit: corrected link for how to open .f3d file

Extremely awesome fits perfectly :)

Great Anet A8 upgrade, thank you:-)

Love this spool holder. I've printed 3 of them!

Just started using fusion 360 and am always looking for good info. I'll have to read through it. Thanks!

These work flawlessly. Thanks for including the Fusion 360 file!

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like it!

I just uploaded version 2.0 which makes the threads engage a bit easier. Found a clever way of chamfering threads without undercutting them here: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/design-validate-document/thread-chamfer/td-p/5647114

Very nice spool holder. I tried to open the Fusion360 file and i get file not supported. What am doing wrong?

Hi dude9001, Thanks, glad you like it!

Fusion 360 can only open files that are on your A360 account (Autodesk Cloud). You can upload the file through the A360 website or from within Fusion 360 as per the link below. Would love to see your version if you customize it. Hope it works for you!


Thanks for the help