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Scara robotic arm

by Idegraaf Jan 3, 2016
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Check out this Robotic arm: https://www.jjrobots.com/robotic-arm-scara-project-updates/ Similar solution but quite accurate and fast! The thing is: It looks like it comes with a Python control APP and that will make a difference. Anyone know if they are going to release it soon? jjRobots have some cool robots already published here, on Thingiverse

Nice job. Could you please specify the axis orientation and the position of your shoulders in your home? I can not move out of the place. Either the axis x is right, and the y y is opposite, or vice versa. I have tried all the possible combinations, and I'm already drowning :-(

These files have errors, probably internal faces or otherwise non-manifold geometry:
spacers.stl // The inside of the smallest spacer ring has some funny stuff going on.

I printed a toothed part and it almost perfectly fits the belt, but doesnt'

Hello, anybody can tell me the configuration of marlin for this arm, because I can't config the endstops. If someone had the marlin config it could share it.

what is the specification of the motors dc steppers that i can use? Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 0.42N/m (17HS4401) is a good option?

I have this motors and works fine.

where to find the firmware for this printer

If you want a larger arm, are you able to just scale all the parts?

Hi! How is it going? is it able to print with a decent quality? Thank you in advanced!

My take on this currently is here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1606440 - I had to make a few changes to components but it essentially the same. I have it playing 2048 on a smartphone like a number of other YouTube examples from the last couple of years. Thanks Idegraaf for publishing this to get us all started.

2048 Playing Scara

Nice and compact design but I guess any kind of vertical force applied to the toolhead would break the joint (when using another tool).
How do you tighten the belts?

Those who managed to set up the SCARA? Draw of a parallelogram instead rectangle , instead of a circle - Ellipse!
Кому удалось настроить SCARA? У меня рисует вместо прямоугольника параллелограмм, вместо круга- эллипс!

Which firmware do you use?
If Marlin - you need to tweak steps per units and home coordinates.

Yes , I use Marlin. Home coordinates X max, Y max, Z min. Customizable management for Morgan. Lever parallel to the table , a lever perpendicular to the table, 90 degrees between the arms , but still turns obliquely .

Also please try to change in marlin_main.cpp lines:


NOTE: Code is not formatted correcly here so i put link to pastebin.

Try using M360 ... M364 command and verify correct angles after each. if angles it not correct - ajust steps per units.
One important question - Do you have Linkage_1 and Linkage_2 equal sizes? (defined in Configuration.h)

NOTE: gcodes
// M360 - SCARA calibration: Move to cal-position ThetaA (0 deg calibration)
// M361 - SCARA calibration: Move to cal-position ThetaB (90 deg calibration - steps per degree)
// M362 - SCARA calibration: Move to cal-position PsiA (0 deg calibration)
// M363 - SCARA calibration: Move to cal-position PsiB (90 deg calibration - steps per degree)
// M364 - SCARA calibration: Move to cal-position PSIC (90 deg to Theta calibration position)

Hi, can you send me the marlin firmware for this arm, I still can't make it to draw something correctly, and also can you tell me where is the suitable place to install the endstop and the step to setup?

Another couple of questions: how is the accuracy?? Can it draw straight lines with a pen? Does the tip drops? Thank you!

So, is anyone printing with it? Or is just a concept? Thank you in advanced

i printed it. but not upload pictures.
very interesting project!

Thanks for the SketchUp files, now to have a play!!

Let me add one advise - without end stoppers (for "XY") it will be unusable - at least min or max stoppers should be available to handle homing sequence. ZMin end stopper is also required.

P.S. Due to my experience with 2 DIY SCARA based printers

Comments deleted.

Since it is a project of DIY , you will be required to find a solution for switches .

Would you release the CAD source files so others can assist?

SketchUP CAD file is added. Hopefull its help you and see your make soon.

PavloG, I saw your pic of the switch placement but it's not clear where exactly you've placed the switch.
Would be grateful if you could elaborate a bit or post another pic.

I am Interesting in scaling this model to increase its resolution. Would you be willing to release the original CAD files?


The code is for the single arm scara robot with independent elbow and shoulder movement, but your design is not.

Your robotic arm's elbow movement is dependent to shoulder movement.

Is there any recommended firmware to use with this?

I think the teeth on the arm and the GT2-62-13-32 part should be 60 for the 320mm belt, because the arm length is 100mm, the circumference of the 60 teeth gear is 120mm, so 100mm x 2 + 60mm x 2 = 320mm, right?

Hi what is the lenght of arms?very intersting and nice project you can see my progress ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vximSal41rI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBhmUqa6y-Q

Great, you made the firmware and the host?

Cool, but why you don't use the Marlin and repetier-host?

why i want to learn how this works :D, also, pic and qt c++ are more faster than arduino and reperiter and i can add more updates

Where do you perform the inverse kinematic? in pic or qt or both? I want to start a controller project using STM32. Do you have some suggestion?

in the host, i don't know stm32 microcontroller, i use a pic 8 bit 18f2550

Congratulations for this great model!

I think I'm a little bit crazy, because I chose this very well designed printer as my first printer! Most of the people go on Cartesian ones.
At this point, I have two questions: What is the recommended max height and what about the firmware?

As I'm Brazilian, please, forgive me for any language mistakes!

Very interesting project!
Where to watch firmvare?
What is the size of the print area?

Very neat. I've got everything printed in black and yellow Hatchbox ABS on a FFCP using S3D and the parts look great! I used the original arm-2 and had to shave a bit to fit. Also, I had to bore the spacers for the lm8uu's, which was not fun until I stuck them on the lathe. Sure, I could have printed new ones, but where's the fun in that?

Now I'm waiting on belts and trying to decide what to do about Z. What is everyone else doing for Z screw and associated hardware? is there a recommended/preferred nut encasement or anti-backlash model to print?

Again, nice work- thank you.

A small addition: the set of holes flanking the steppers on the motor-bearing top and bottom models; are those to secure the top bearing to the bottom? Tnx!

Update for spacer. I can not give advice on how to tighten the belt. Is the 320mm belt fit.

Hi, I need to loosen the belts.

Has anyone printed and threaded the belts yet?

"A small addition: the set of holes flanking the steppers on the motor-bearing top and bottom models; are those to secure the top bearing to the bottom?"

Those holes for limit switches, but not sure. I added just in case.

Soon i add two solution for Z-axis screw - 5mm and 8mm. I think it is better 5 mm. There is less vibration.

Well, it's coming together. Way more sanding than I anticipated to press in the bearings! :D I was tempted to apply a scaling factor, but the belt teeth fit around the pulleys so well that I am hesitant. That's another thing- the belts do not fit between the pulleys very well- they will need some stretching. Does that sound right or even possible? Still, very nice model and I can't wait for it to be complete!

I've printed the parts as a test, at 0.2mm layer height the tolerance is too tight. I can't fit any part together without shaving off at least 0.5 mm.

It is close but male parts need to be a tad thinner again if they are to fit flush with the female sockets in the other parts. I do like the design, the printed parts are exceptionally strong (more so than I expected) and with a bowden extruder and light head this could make quite a good little 3D printer up the road.

Modified "arm-2" - done.
0.2 mm taken off. All around 0,4mm

I have not printed the details of the arm. Whether the problem is in the details "arm-1" and "arm-2"?
That's what I thought. I'll fix it. It is better to shaving off when put to.

Thank you for the feedback.

i have started printing this out it has a lot of protential if i can sort out the bearing in the arm.

Could not well understood. Please can explain more. Which bearings?

in the arm pivot points are they designed to take bearing as its hard to work out from the drawing.
if they are what size bearing have you used.

Im exploed all parts and upload assembly picture. Hopefull thats help.
I added spacers.stl to files.

Comments deleted.

very interesting project
can you upload the CAD files in original format

Comments deleted.