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TARDIS Deluxe Kit

by countspatula Jul 27, 2013
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I have printed this using opaque white PLA. I am not going to paint it as it is similar to the small Tardis model that appears on the 13th (Jodie Whittaker) Doctor's flight control console.

Sean thanks bro...Glad to say that you, Adam and the Tested crew got me where I am today with 3d printing, design, and all that comes with.
I thank you for this fun filled hobby!

Comments deleted.

I printed this in PLA at 50% on a Prusa i3 Mk3 and it worked beautifully. ~2H print time at 200µm. Required a small amount of persuasion to snap together at that scale, but nothing too bad. Thanks for making it available!

Excellent design! printed it at 120% to accommodate a raspberry pi with AIY voice HAT. Added RGB LED's to light up the windows. Have google assistant running on it. LED's switchable with voice commands. Stickers made by printing on photo paper and backed with very thin double sided tape.

Very nice model! Looks very nice and gets a prominent place in my display cabinet.
I added some electronics based on an Arduino Nano, an acceleration sensor and a DFPlayer Mini and some WS2812 LEDs, so that the Tardis makes the proper sounds and light effects. :-)

I scaled this thing up to 200% what can i use for the lighting? Like whats the recommended LED type?

I am currently printing one myself and will be experimenting with this in the near future. I've played around with LEDs a lot in the past and so I can hazard a guess at what might work (I've been thinking about it). I think a 3w or even a 1watt LED would be more than bright enough to light the windows up. Any more than that and you'll have a lot of heat to worry about, you'll need a larger heatsink, power supply, and more of the light will leak out through the rest of the plastic and between the gaps etc. I'm going to start with a 1w LED run from some cheap 1w ebay LED driver with a mains to DC power adapter so I can plug it in and forget about it.

Is anyone else having this problem on CTC I3 clone on top ring it keeps lifting on one side took me 3 goes to get one door printed any ideas?

Just finished this on my Anycubic kossell delta. One of the best prints I have seen with very well designed parts. The files all worked perfectly.
Thanks for taking the time to make this available for free.
I used a separate blue LED for the lamp on top and a rechargeable 18650 battery. It's a mess inside but the outside looks great. I printed the windows in glow in the dark PLA just for fun too.
The picture files printed perfectly at original size. I just copied and pasted them into my word processor on one page.

what size should the images be if i print them out on a regular printer?

just scaled this by 400% and modding it to become a custom computer case

Sounds cool! Post picts!

Many thanks for sharing this, I scaled mine up and printed it out with no problems in ABS on my Anet A8.

Printing one now on Duplicator 4S.
Awesome design.

Would someone be able to give me the dimensions on the inside of the finished product?

Approx 2.25" x 2.25" x 4.5"

and in a unit of measurement in the Rest of the world?

0.0002840903 x 0.0002840903 x 0.000568181 furlongs

or roughly 64x64x114 mm

They indicated it is in inches. Use Google to convert it to something you understand.

Have you thought about a fade in/out circuit and maybe a sound player for the tardis 'entering and leaving" :). Maybe arduino based. I need to make the 12" of this soon.

I have been working on something like this on and off for a bit. I am using the Adafruit Sound FX board (https://www.adafruit.com/products/2341) to handle the sound and will control it and the lights with an Arduino Nano. Plan is to have it trigger when picked up, flash the lights, and play a random sound clip. It is not a high priority project so might still be a while before it is finished.

anyone know how to print the labels the correct size reliably?

With a Brother label maker. I did mine with a P-Touch PT700.

will staples do it?

I have no idea. But I'm sure they would sell you the label maker.

Oh, and what filament would you recommend for the windows and lamp shade?

i used glow in the dark pla it lets light through easily and glows slightly when you turn it off.

I usually use clear/translucent. 'Natural' is opaque but gives a nice warm glow.

Thank you so much for uploading this. Your files and instructions are phenomenal.

I'm building one of these, with the intention of turning it into a night light. Your lighting instructions show a powerful LED. When it's assembled, is it too bright for a night light?

I'm thinking of using some RGB LED ribbon I've got lying around instead. That way, I can attach them to the walls of the box so it can still be used for storage. I also have a Digispark that I want to use as a controller, so that I can perhaps have them color-shift or other fun stuff. Can you think of any potential "gotchas" with this approach?

Digispark: http://digistump.com/products/1

My niece uses it as a night light with no problem but the ribbon idea sounds cool too, don't think there should be any problems. The top lamp might not light up a lot, but good trade off for having storage still.

This was the very first thing I printed after purchasing my Flashforge Dreamer. The kit is very easy to assemble! Great design. I'll be hitting your Etsy site soon for the stickers.

About how big are the doors, given they are the biggest part?

I'm trying to print the jpg labels and all I can do is open the file. It won't let me print. Can you please help?

How long does the 9v light the LEDs? My family does award winning Christmas displays and this year my mom wants to add a flying tardis to a system of motors and cables that normally would hold angels, Santa, or ghosts (Halloween).

Flipping a switch is easy, but replacing the battery would be difficult and involve ladders amid forests and animatronics.. So they would need to be able to run a few days at 5-6 hours per day.

I was thinking the same thing with my xmas show this year! :)

I don't recall how long it runs, but not that long. You'd be better off upgrading to something like this:

paired with a recharger:

You would have to recalculate the resistor values.

Lamp top and window panel have been updated with versions that are a little more forgiving and should fit more consistently from printer to printer.

I absolutely love this kit and have built two of them, with no real problems. The lamp can be tricky to build so I added a small brim to hold it down. Terrific design and a lot of effort has gone into stickers and the LED lighting. Thank you for a great build.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

The side panel is not printing correctly. When it is through printing it has rough surface. The front panel is just fine.

The Etsy shop for the lighting kit is closed. :(

Says he is relocating. Hopefully he will reopen the shop after he gets settled.

I'll be impressed when you make it bigger on the inside.

What if he just made it smaller on the outside? ;)

As long as the inside stays the same.

Fantastic print. excellent detail :-)

oh my god i love it xD it looks just like the real thing im so 3D printing one soon

Forever a Dr Who fan, I just had to make one of these! I ordered the lighting kit from Charlesworth-dynamics.com and started printing parts. The parts print well but be careful when separating the raft around Tardis's windows, the window frames are delicate.
Assembly is easy and the parts fit each other nice but you may need to do a little extra cleaning and fitting.
The lighting is a challenge and if you don't do much soldering this will be a real test of your patience. I was able to get the LED's all wired up on the first try and the Tardis looks amazing!

Guess he closed his store down recently. Was just there to check out the kit but the store says he is taking a break. Oh well. :(

We are open again!

Started on the Deluxe kit with lighting this morning. The instructions do not give a good wiring layout for all of the LED lights but one of the photos gives a pretty good idea, I'm sure I can get it done. I am printing on a Flashforge Creator X using Simplify 3D and setting up the print with this software is wonderful.
Starting with the battery tray which is under way I have been careful to select the recommended file. Looks like the tray is printing good!

Oh! Heh... I bought one of these at Maker Faire... TIME TO PRINT THOUSANDS.

Wow! Great model! I just printed the major parts today. It works really well, no manifold errors and everything fits together just flawlessly. All the parts come out so clean and so highly detailed. Even the hinges for the call box door showed up. Thanks for this! I printed it so my partner can use it as a mold for glass casting. It will be cool to see how the glass version comes out. I can't wait to put some lights in this printed model and see it flash. Thanks again!

Make sure to post pix of that!

Great model, had lots of fun making this one! I made a video of the print on YouTube, it starts on Part 3 and finishes in part 4 of my little 3D printing series:

Part 3: http://youtu.be/gEQhr_tji_I
Part 4: http://youtu.be/p6oz0nXh8W0

This is a great kit, absolutely top notch.

Has anyone tried printing this with PLA instead of ABS? I have tried a few of the pieces and it starts out great, but always ends up messing up on me. Usually if something isn't going to go well it's right at the beginning, but with the side panels and the base, it's gotten about 50% done or even further before things go south.

The only problem I had is the Front panel, no matter what slice settings I use, it seems to always make the front panel smaller and it doesn't fit the sides.

I've printed in both. No problems.

I only print PLA, I have made 4 of them now they all printed perfectly. I have posted a pic on the I made one.

Can you post the POLICE BOX label for the top of the side panels with the inverted colors of white text on black background? Also, I can't find any pictures from the show that indicate anything other than the graffiti of BAD WOLF. I don't see where the poster on the small door and the top of the side panels was ever done.Have I missed that somewhere? I don't want to get a lecture from my Dr. Who friends when I give them one and it's wrong. :-)

Sorry to res such an old comment, but you saying this bugged me, mostly because I agreed with you. So, I set out to find out, and found this:

"The phrase reappeared in the 2008 series episode "Turn Left": In the alternate timeline, Rose whispers the words to a dying Donna Noble. With the timeline restored, Donna passes the message on to the Doctor. When the pair rush out of the fortune teller's tent, all of the text on every sign has turned into "Bad Wolf", including the TARDIS' backlit signs and the information sheet on the exterior of its telephone cupboard. This is interpreted by the Doctor to be the end of the universe, as further evidenced by the sound of the TARDIS's cloister bell."

I just re-watched the end of that episode, and yes, it changes both the illuminated sign and the info sign. Of course, I personally would prefer the decals to be the original (although rotating or swappable panels with the Bad Wolf labels could be nice).

If you really want to be correct the sign is illuminated white on a dark blue background.

I am in no way a Doctor Who expert but I believe they changed it to a black background when the series was brought back. I really wanted to backlight the labels but after a few failed attempts at designing a top that would do that I gave up.

I re-watched a Tom Baker episode, and the top panels were white text on a black background. The new series (checked a David Tennant episode) is illuminated white text on a dark blue background.

Also, see my rather lengthy reply to Daddie-O above for the appearance of Bad Wolf on the TARDIS.

Labels zip has been updated to include an inverted version of top label as requested. If I recall correctly the TARDIS briefly has all Bad Wolf labels when Rose goes full Bad Wolf. If you Google image search it should pop up.

where is the "I LOVE IT" button???
Great work!

Fantastic work, please join us at our Facebook group page @


Nice bit of work here. Printing 8 of these takes care of a quarter of my christmas presents this year!

Yes indeed, I've taken care of two birthdays already.