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Occupy Wall Street Pin

by nycdesigner Oct 10, 2011
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Thanks for further vilifying profitability! What was once the american dream of making money, is now the dream of spreading it around! :-D

At Zuccotti Park. The silkscreen guy was the inspiration to make this pin...having a similar graphic to put on anyone's shirt for free.

Adam Clayton Powell IV and Edgar Santana with DE LA VEGA handing out flyers.

Printed it. Printed a whole bunch. I'm going to hand some of 'em out when the Sexy Liberal Tour hits my area.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Do you all know the meaning behind that symbol? Look it up.....this is nothing more than a political movement to advance the agenda of the socialist movement in America....and most of these kids are being used as fodder for the agenda.....if any of these protesters had brains and thought for themselves...they'd be marching on Washington.....and confronting those who allowed the banks to rape America........those in Washington are more to blame than anyone else.....and the idiots who keep voting these corrupt politicians into office.....

Also of an anti-Semitic history as well. Pure hate mongers.

99 percent is quite the misnomer, we should call them the 47 percent.

Pretty nice print! I love the color change. I think if you have a 3D printer, though, you're probably a lot closer to the 1% than you might like to admit. :-P


Although having a MakerBot is much closer to the 99% than someone with a $100,000 laser-sintering 3D printer. So I think we're safe from being millionaires so far.

The average millionaire is a long way from the 1% that are the point of this demonstration. There's wealthy, and then there's ridiculously wealthy.

1% means 1 out of 100 people doesn't it?

1% is code lingo for Jews. The biggest promoters of the "movement" are anti-Semites and the followers are fools without independent thought. Do some research.

Trade you a hycrangea for one.

Why the left hand?


Because I'm left-handed.

ridiculously stupid movement. bunch of tools!

Yes, it is stupid to think that people would get mad when the wealthiest 1% destroy the global economy, and then make the other 99% pay for that greed. How dare we get mad at them!

Then get mad at the folks in DC that have enabled them to financial rape us!

Let me guess! You believes Fox News theory that George Soros is behind the movement :D

Would be a wonderful irony if that was true :-$

The only tools I see are 3d Printers :)

Love it! It's a fist of awesome, whoever gets one is a lucky person :)

Can't wait for the 1% derivative where it's holding a monocle / cigar / cigarrette with holder .

The 1% pays my salary, and quite well. Tell me again why I'm supposed to hate them?

It's funny. When someone posts a gun part here, the leftists get all worked up. But when someone posts something like this crap, of course, those of us on the other side of the debate, behave. I wonder why that is.

@Mjolnir which just proves that "leftists" are more advanced human beings since they:

1) don't want to kill each other

2) are worried about the situation of other human beings, not only about themselves

you, on the other hand, are a still underdeveloped specimen worried only about your salary and your private property. thankfully, your 'kind' is becoming rarer and rarer.... have a nice day.

  1. Leftists have killed more people in human history - period. Marx, Stalin, Hitler, abortion rights, etc... These people are the founders of modern socialism. Almost every leftist protest movement in the world devolves into violence and vandalism because the arguments can't win on an intellectual level. Don't tell me you don't want to kill. This is the progression - democrat > leftist > socialist > communist > dictator. Sorry for the rude awaking from your revisionist history.

  2. We are worried that mobs of people like you will rob and beat us because we actually work for our money and property and have the gall to ask that we keep things for ourselves. We need more wealthy people. They employ poor people and donate more money to help the poor because of their wealth.

What leftists really hate about right wing people is their ability to be self sufficient. I will find a way to prosper, shelter, clothe, and feed my family and myself without hurting you, or stealing from you, or cheating you, or oppressing you in any way and without the need of you and government handouts. Everything about leftism revolves around punishment and hatred others.

Comments deleted.

Because I'm black I'm a racist? And where did you find a racist remark in my comments? You're not as smart as you think. Nice spelling. Glad I'm moving from Michigan as well so it can stay a state of despair.

I''m one of those "leftists" and I supported weapons in thingiverse. I also support this. I guess your observation proves false... Maybe just maybe there are rude republicans AND rude democrats. Perhaps morality and even an individual's personal views arent really divided among party lines like talk radio would have you believe...

I support the gun parts on Thingiverse and my political views are irrelevant to all of you! Really! I suspect it's impossible for any of you to care less! :P

My country of residence has neither a Republican nor a Democratic party (I'm not entirely sure we have a democracy, but the people running the polls assure me we do) but we still have rude people! I see one every morning in the mirror (less so with every cup of coffee)

I think every politician s
hould be given an enema before every interview. At least then you KNOW it's just crap coming out.

I had the same thought but was thinking more along the lines of the 1% hand holding a billion-dollar bill... or better yet... the world...?

I had the same thought but was thinking more along the lines of the 1% hand holding a billion-dollar bill... or better yet... the world...?