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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Motorcycle Hand Guards and Mounts for Vstrom 650 (and others)

by T3CHKOMMIE Jan 1, 2016
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Great job! Thank you very much for sharing, I was just looking for some guards like this.

Thanks! Share a make if you print a set!

hi bud , love your disclaimer its a sad world where we need that, as 3d printing is all print at your own risk lol . I know why you did it to cover your back . im printing these from pc filament for the handlebar clamp and hobbyking flexible for the guard as its flexible not floppy it will take the stress of the mount . nice work bud is it ok if i try a remix to stretch it a little and dual mount them might take me a while as im new to this and a old fart ( brain cells dying )

ya man, remix and share alike :) have fun and post pics!

Is it only subject to counterweight? A single grip?
Perhaps to improve it could be attached to the handlebar on the other side.

It works well? Does wind resists printed in PLA?
A greeting and great creation!

They worked well when I had them. Winter came and went and the weather destroyed my green PLA shields. I wish I had some CAD software that would help me with the aerodynamics. Mine worked really well, though they channeled more air over my lap and to my helmet messing with the draft my front fairing and windscreen.

I initially wanted to create ones that mounted on both sides, but cadding for clutch lever and break fluid case was overwhelming so I made this cantilever design. works great in PETG or anything else that is strong light and rigid. At about 80 MPH they were bending a bit, but they actually never failed from wind, had one bump my windshield during a tight slow turn in a parking lot and it snapped off. probably layer adhesion issues since I printed the shield in PLA really fast, 100+mm/s

I included the cad parts incase anyone else wants to modify them or add the inside brackets :)

lol i have a triumph tiger 800
when i get a printer i wil be making this, realy awesome

How have these worked out for anybody that has printed them? My dad has a factory pair from Suzuki that I might just CAD up and print but I like this design.

Hey twhiting16,

My PLA shields got some water in them and froze, causing the layers to split too much and the left one snapped off during a slow speed tight turn. The neon green shield bumped my wind screen a little and off it went. It shattered even more when it it the pavement >_<. I've been working with some more composite filament lately. I think I need something that stands up to the weather better than PLA. Going to try printing those shields with PETG or maybe some High Temp Carbon Fiber PLA.

Cool, some sort of nylon would probably be a good idea too...although it would be pretty hard to print a piece that big I'm sure! Did you ever get a chance to add in some breakaway supports to make the printing process easier/faster than using slicer-generated supports?

Not yet sadly, I had a hard drive go bad and I cant seem to find those files I used to CAD it. I guess I could re-import the STL and add to it. do you have an idea on where you want those extra supports? you thinking just two pillars for the top edges of the shield? or do you think it needs more?

I printed this on my rostock without supports rafts or brims. I tried making the angles no less than 45 deg. But it is a VERY unwieldy part. i think it took my 9+ hrs to print one. and i had several failed attempts before I got the part to stick to the bed properly.

I love the design! I just printed out the brakeside lever last night. It looks like it went 90% before the print fell off the bed...I suspect too much vibration from my printer. Is there any way you could design supports that give the print more contact with the print bed? Printing with supports would take way to long (something like 2X). Thanks again!

I've never tried it, but you bring up a really good point. I suspect you mean the very large Shield part correct? Not the mount bracket?

I will do some research to see how I can probably install a few small parts into the STL to act as breakaway supports. So that we don't need the slicer for support generation. You are right, the supports take WAY too long. I burned a fair ammount of filament trying to print these when I first started.

Yeah I mean the shield part. I got around that problem by printing at half the speed but that isn't desirable....I got the volcano hotend specifically so I could achieve higher speeds! Thanks for looking at it.

Will this work on a kx100? I don't have any space at the end of my bars and I'm hoping I can fit it backwards on the other side of the grip between the grip and the brake fluid reservoir or clutch lever bracket on the other side.

This probably won't fit if it's not mounted on the bar ends. I havnt CADed a part for mounting on the inside of the grips yet.

Will this work on a kx100? I don't have any space at the end of my bars and I'm hoping I can fit it backwards on the other side of the grip between the grip and the brake fluid reservoir or clutch lever bracket on the other side.

I would note that all the commercial alternatives to this have the mount pn the inside not the outside -- suspect it has something to do with saftey.

Perhaps re-doing with the mount clamping around your mirror stem or handlebars (over and under the controls to get two mount points for sheild)

think about it as if you do remove your hand from the bars, your design blocks a bit your hand coming back quickly and grabing the bar.

Just a thought.

I have seen many commercial versions with the single cantilever design. Though most of their implementations use a metal bracket and usually a bar end weight replacement or bar end insert. I wanted a design that could be easily modified for other bikes and installed with the least amount of impact to the bike. Less hardware = less cost, less plastic = faster print times, less design = more time for other projects :D

I've put over 100 miles on my set and the mounts havn't gotten in my way yet. They are, however, very easy and quick to install and remove. One bolt, done! I suspect our riding styles differ. But please feel free to remix! I havnt seen anything else out there. I'd love to see what others come up with.

Well done. While these won't fit my bike I can appreciate the design. More than that I appreciate the completeness of you instructions. Very few people post that level of detail and should look to this as an excellent example.

Thanks! I have been able to benefit from this community alot in the past 2 years of my 3d printing experience. I hope to return the favor when I can.

Anyone tryed this on Honda CBF ?

I think handle bars and lever sizes are similar across most bikes. I think my strom is a 7/8 inch bar end? The inner diameter of the bar mount is 32mm. And the mounts hold the shield out about 150mm. The shields are about 200mm tall. They might fit! I'd love to see pictures of them on something else if you decide to print them! :) I don't have any other biker friends out here to test them on anything else.

Thanks for sharing this. I have no use for them (Yamaha R1), but I'm sure a lot of people could use this. If you need a good material to make these kinds of things, take a look at PETG. It comes in a lot of colors, and has the same printing characteristics like PLA, but is harder, stronger, and has much better layer bonding. The downside is that it needs to be printed at higher temperatures. Ride safe!

i use PetG and PLA, its totaly different. its harder to print PetG on everyway. and also its slower and has more downsides..

You should really look into learning how to use it then as it is slowly starting to replace PLA as easiest filament to print.

i have enough exp on all materials. And the best sofar is PLA+. Petg is good but not skillful like PLA..

I just don't like my prints to deform when held under warm water... ;)

The white mounts are printed from petg. I am VERY happy with its printability and the layer adhesion is superior to PLA. I wasn't able to find a neon green petg otherwise I would have made the shields out of it too. PLA is an alright filament but I found it curled more that PETG with the same amount of cooling.

My PLA parts turned out a bit heavy but good enough for now.