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Quick change toilet paper holder

by dragonator Jul 25, 2013
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Alternatively - you can substitute the M4 screws for just another wood/plastic/metal dowel of the appropriate length/diameter to fit the roll holder pegs.

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I just 3D printed this and my toilet paper roll won't fit on it? Does this only fit certain brands of TP?

hey barnacules. he added a link down below for spacers so it will fit any tp http://ytec3d.com/toilet-paper/

Too cool, and a great video. Short and effective!

You can use a plastic rod instead of the metal for the lid. I printed a 130x3.8mm rod in PLA and it works perfectly. Uploaded the STL in case anyone wants it (Just a cylinder in Openscad, rotated to print horizontally).


130mm x 3.8mm solid rod for Quick change toilet paper holder

I had trouble getting a rod.

So I did this as well. I used a rod of dimension 139.5 mm x 4 mm.

I know this is an older model, but did anyone ever think to enlarge it to also work with paper towels? :)

All support for this thing was removed with some of my other files, but I had the question before. On my website I have published a set of spacers to add between the 2 halves, so you can make it work for any roll length.


Thanks for the link. Will be trying them out here as soon as I can get caught up with some other projects.

What is the distance between the top of the holder frame and the top screw hole? I need to know if it'll fit where my current holder is located, and I don't want to print one out and have it not fit and waste the plastic.

25mm from the top of the frame to the first screw hole, 45mm between the first hole and the second hole vertically and 80mm between the holes horizontally. You could drill other holes in afterward if you need them. It might not be elegant, but there is a roll of toilet paper in front of the holes and mechanically it doesn't need perfect strength (it is only a roll of toilet paper and I assume that you don't whipe with lead paper)

Thanks. Also, I'm concerned about "no supports needed", especially with the left side. It looks like it prints with the screw holes on the bottom, with quite a large overhang.

I think the picture is just mis-rotated. If you rotate that part 90deg so the screw-plate side is vertical, there shouldn't be any problem printing it without supports.

Rotate how? In my Slic3r, the Rotate option only seems to rotate around the Z axis.

There are lots of free ways to rotate, try Meshmixer (http://www.meshmixer.com), has a lot of other options/functions for mesh editing. You can click on ''Align'' under ''Edit'' or ''Transform''.

This is fantastic! I'm printing one for both bathrooms. I so hate that springy thing. Would be good at work too. The guys at work use what is there and then grab a roll from under the sink, use what they need and set it on the water tank of the toilet. I don't understand this. They get paid by the hour. ???

I seriously think this is a major innovation..
Such a simple thing, but is honestly a MAJOR improvement on something that has probably never had a change since it was first 'invented'.
Did you get the idea from somewhere? If not, and you had time and motivation, I'd seriously consider patenting this, and see if you can sell the concept to major manufacturers of toilet roll holders. The basic concept would work with most modern designs.
Ok, it only saves a few seconds each time, but someone like me is VERY lazy and has 3 little kids that go through over a roll a day,

Also, if you are going to make a holder, why NOT use this design???

I agree.. Great idea.
It seems like I'm the only one that changes the roll.
It's always on the last few sheets when I find it.
I hate being the one to always have to re-load the springy thingy... Ugh.
Any time savings is a huge plus.

I did not invent this, this thing exists for years. It is just that it is not really know with the general public in Europe and America. In Japan it is more common (though not everywhere). I saw the design and liked it so much I converted it for 3D printing.

Because it already exists for so long, patenting it is impossible. If it's patents are still active, I don't know, but from judging the original, I think not (it was really REALLY old).

So for now, don't expect much from this.

Thankyou for the info,
And more importantly, thanks for the file. Our house is already using half the amount of toilet paper - 5 year old girls seem to be masters of using nearly a whole roll. The lid slows down the speed, and its easy to have on the holder, so she uses less.

Good to see you take pride in your TP quality as well. :) The fact it's embossed means it must be good! Hehe.
As opposed to some of the 'John Wayne' TP brands that are out there.

Any print setting suggestions?
Also, best orientation to print the parts?

I love it! Somebody finally innovated and improved a very old design. Good job!

As a side note, this is an example of why I'm so excited about 3D printing: it gives anybody with a 3D printer the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality, and sites like thingiverse help everyone benefit from it. :-)

This OpenSCAD script does the job:

use <write write.scad="">

import("Quick_change_TPH_holder.STL", convexity=10);



It should be easy to make printable pins to attach the lid and holder thingies.

The lid is not required but I prefer the holder with it.

It would be possible to make it completely 3D printable, but I am a firm believer of rule #1 in 3D printing:
"Not everything needs to be 3D printed"

It works better if the pins are smooth and 3D printing them would have a negative effect on the function.

Is the lid required?

No - just don't print it.

Superbe !! ingenious :)

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

The world has been waiting for this for so long.