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Wanhao i3 Auto Bed level System

by zMath Dec 22, 2015
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Do you mind posting the results of "M48 V2" ?

You are the genius! No need for the sensor!

Any chance for a more in detail guide?

I don't undetstand how this gives more accurate results than the endstop.

On top of this if your bed height changes (changing a glass plate for example) this wouldnt tale that into account.

I'm also having difficulty seeing the point of having it at both ends if this should be flat.

I also dont see the point with this method of probing at different parts if it will aways give the same result.

Didn't you have to disable the z min endstop since you are using pin 20? it isn't anywhere on the configuration.h. changes you mentioned.

The new switches are wired in series to the endstop switch input. The old endstop is removed.
This allows us to use one input to monitor the state of both switches. The input changes whenever one of the switches is opened.
This does require a firmware change since the state of the endstop switch is reversed.

Very nice mod. I would really like to print this. I see you have published this a few months ago. So im assuming you have tested it quite abit? Is it still working effectively?
Im just trying to figure out if it is worth doing this or just getting a new control board with probe once off.

Any other users that have successfully used (or maybe still using) this mod?

Many Thanks

Very nice mod. I didn't quite got the logic behind this by watching your video, but after disassembling my wanhao I got the idea behind it. But now I wondering with the new mounting of the x-axis. When I'm not mistaken, the x-axis is now simply lying on the plastic holders. Isn't this killing the print quality? Because the x-axis isn't properly fixed anymore?

If you axis is properly aligned I don't think this is an issue. There is a significant amount of weight on the axis pulling it down. I can lift it up by hand, but the weight holds it down during printing.

I guess if you where in space this would be an issue. I thought that I would need to use springs or elastic to hold it down, but the weight has been more than enough downward force.

You're welcome.

Thanks for your comment. I've recently upgraded my i3 from Melzi to Ramps with proper Z-Probe. But thanks anyway for your effort.

Comments deleted.

Mugga, thank you!!! :)

I too didn't understand how the hell it worked but having just read your comment it makes perfect sense!

No idea if it affects accuracy as I've not tried it unfortunately :( but thank you again for your comment allowing me to understand how it works :)

Looks really nice and clean, the only thing that worries me is the SD Card support as I use my SD Card constantly. Is there any other way of making this work with SD Card support??

I do the same thing. I use SD card constantly. I presume there is no way of having that working with this mod?

I use a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint so I did not need the SD card. I think it would be a challenge to get all of that to fit in the memory of the existing controller.

Hi, Yes i am also looking at octoprint. You can use the Raspberry with octoprint without problems for printing? I have mine hang sometimes.... No problems at you're end?

No problems. Used a pi2 for a while. Just upgraded to a pi3

I'm printing now a bigger print totally with the raspberry, and indeed it works fine :-D thanks :-).
Now i'm going to consider the auto level mod :-)

I can't use octoprint or astroprint with my maker select v2 (rebranded wanhao i3) because I have "dirty power" in my house and sometimes when you switch something on/off or to a different setting in another room even it'll cause a disconnect. The serial connection is very picky about that kind of thing, even running it through a UPS doesn't help.

If you have issues with seemingly random disconnects, this might be why.

i have exactly the same thing. When i switch on the lamp that is on the same mains group it can hang in it's serial com. So i'm still on the SD-card printing and have not (yet) gone thourgh with going all the way with octoprint. Also i have notices that my PI (B+ one) is a bit to slow to provide the instructions quick enough for the printer. I also have a (dedicated) Camera connected. When i open this "control" tab it gets slow........... so for now i'm postponing my effords for making this mod ;-). THanks you're reply.

Really NICE! Please make a tutorial.

A tutorial would be nice gr8 work tho

Any more info is greatly appreciated...

This is amazingly simple. Any more info is greatly appreciated!

I agree, very interesting. Please share more info on how to set this up.

Can you make a tutorial?

Yes. This is still working.
It has made printing much easier and more consistent.

During the Auto Level you can watch in the terminal and see the measured distances. They are very consistent.

Yes. In use and barely think about leveling anymore.
I do adjust the z-axis rods by turning on side to get the points close during leveling. ( I do a center probe to home the z and then a 3 point auto level close to the location of each bearing on the bottom plate.)
I use octoprint and watch the terminal to see the offsets. The numbers are very consistent run to run.