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Apple Watch Charging Dock - Classic Mac

by option8 Dec 21, 2015
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Awesome concept mate!
It is absolutely classic however, to save time removing all the support structure my I suggest you advertise to print the external case upside down. Thank you for sharing your cool idea!

Will a series 3 fit in this if I have a case on it??

probably not

Has anyone tried scaling this up to fit the series 4? Would like to know what scale to use, and if that works.

Love this! I’m old enough to have sold these for an Apple Dealer. Great idea and superb design. Thank you

I could a series 4 today. An iteration of the design for the bigger screen would be very welcome:-)

Someone stole your design and is selling it on Amazon. elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm) / Series 3 / Series 2 / Series 1 / 42mm / 40mm / 38mm [Nightstand Mode][Original Design Awards][Patent Pending] - White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MYNE2BM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_b3N3Bb39KC8C4

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This is awesome, but with the gen4 coming with a bigger screen, it’s not going to fit, or show everything.
Is there a potential for a gen4 redesign?

Yeees.... please redesign for AW 4 please :)

I tried to flip it over and print the open end up. It seems to mess up the z start. Any ideas?

This is great!

I have made a similar product to fit an iphone and turn it into a macintosh plus.
Looks a lot like this.
Also made one for the ipad mini

This model need a support? Can you teach settings at cura?

Comments deleted.

will this work with the series 3 watch?

Yep. It fits fine. It is quite tight, but I haven't sanded mine at all.

Did anyone print this and have the ring part break while trying to remove it? if so and you fixed it how did you fix it?

Great design! I printed it for a 38mm Apple Watch and as you said, it drop a bit too low. Would you be able to upload a source file? I tried to convert your 123dx file but it seems Autodesk 123D Design is discontinued...
.step or .igs would be most helpful.

Many thanks!

I printed this yesterday and it's god damn wonderful. Thank you for making it :D

The ring portion of the insert has no support so it creates dripping loops when starting those layers of the print. What am I missing here? New to 3D printing. Using PLA on a QIDI X-one. So far everything else, including the shell for this one, prints very well. I had a similar issue with a dice tower tray that was remixed to include pins that pop into holes on the tower but the built in pins had no support so they dripped when trying to print in the air. Is there an easy way to add the needed supports through the QIDI slicer or another slicing app (I think the QIDI slicer is re-branded Cura). Thanks.

Try downloading and using the software Flashprint. It is meat for printers with a dual extruder but it may work for your printer as well. When it is installed, go to supports on the top and click auto supports. This will automatically generate supports that will aid in the printing of overhangs. The controls on the side of the software let you rotate, move, cut, and do many other things. When you are finished, press print to select different options based on material, print speed, raft, etc. I hope this works for you.

Are you affiliated with Elago and their release of an almost identical product? http://designyoutrust.com/2017/02/turn-your-apple-watch-into-a-1984-macintosh/ Looks quite similar to yours if not.

I just saw this on Amazon which is why I came back here. That company seems to have a thing for ripping off designs and making their own to sell. This charger stand and another one I found on here are both in their amazon store only slightly altered. It's not the exact same but it was enough to make me think they stole this design.

No affiliation with Elago. I've had this design online and been making and selling them for a couple of years.

tried printing the dock insert and it broke just over 78% i'm using Octoprint with Slic3r. Any chance on a Update of the thicker walls to prevent the insert from breaking?

Will this work with the Series 2 watch?

On Series 2, you need to force the watch to enter... Series 2 is a bit thicker (+ 0.9 mm) than the original Apple Watch.

Will this work with the Series 2 watch?

Will this work with the Series 2 watch?

Will this work with the Series 2 watch?

Will this work with the Series 2 watch?

What size apple watch is this for?

It will fit both the 38 and 42mm, though the 38 sits a little lower in the screen area.

Thank you very much. Going to print today!

anyone else getting "the object is not manifold" in repetier?

i uploaded it to https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/ and repaired the file.

Hello, I think there may be an issue with the updated file. It is really strange, it looks good in the slicer and appears to be a complete model. But I have tried printing it 3 times and it prints perfectly except it cuts off the top 1/4". Never seen anything like this

Weird I had this issue too. Going to try printing it again.

Oh so it wasn't only me? First time for me, even if I'm a newbie...but everything looks nice on Slic3r and it stops printing (I'm sending it to the printer via Printrun) after 2/3 of the height.
Honestly I didn't pay attention to the printing program but you actually CAN see the solid is cut halfway.

I haven't heard from anyone else with similar problems. What's your slicer/printer combo?

Great project, although I am going to adjust this slightly and change it so that I can put a tiny OLED display instead of the watch, it would make a fantastic old-school style Apple computer simulation for your desk !!

This is also a good starting point: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:362129

I have a few models specifically with tiny displays in mind as well, if you like Apple II era machines and Raspberry Pi. I haven't finished my Mac Pi case quite yet :)

Classic Mac iPod Nano Dock
by option8

Really clever - great idea

Comments deleted.

For those folks having trouble fitting the larger watch in the current version, can you take some photos showing where it is too tight? The prints I've gotten from Shapeways are all fitting fine.

My handle is option8. You can email me at gmail.

Comments deleted.

Hmm, thinking of remixing this so it's a permanent face for the apple watch, not just a dock. Will post if/when I make it, though I don't have an Apple watch, so I'll have to go off the dimensions on Apple's site, or somewhere else. :)

This is brilliant. Great idea!

This makes me want to go buy an Apple Watch!

Is this for a 42mm or 38mm Watch? As My girlfriend and I have one of each. I'd like this dock for my 42 but you know, she may want one as well.

Comments deleted.

It will fit either size. The watch is held in place by the magnet in the charger and the straps, regardless of size.

Just finished a 13 hour print of this model at .15mm sliced via Simplify3D. I have a couple of tips to save you some effort:

  1. Print this at 100% infill. I printed at 25% and the front bezel is just so thin that it will snap easily if you use anything less than 100%. You will be putting a lot of strain on the front bezel whenever you insert/remove your watch.
  2. Make sure you use supports. The base of the insert is raised up on tiny feet. The front case is also raised up. I would suggest a 10% infill on your supports... there will be a lot of them and they will be hard to remove if you take your support infill % is too high.
  3. There is an open slot where the handle is on the top of the outer casing. Be real careful about how much support prints in that cavity as it will be really difficult to remove. I was so focused on the bottom of the models, that I missed this cavity on the top.

Thanks for the tips! I'll try and take some time with the model to make it easier to print.

It looks like you would suggest:

  • removing the feet from the base of the insert, so it's flat on the bottom.
  • filling the hollow of the handle
  • thickening the front bezel

anything else?

I think a little bit of thickening overall would be helpful to make it more rugged and heftier.

I agree. Is there going to be an update soon?

I like to make the walls in my models an even multiple of my nozzle diameter. I think 0.4mm nozzles are pretty common, so I make most walls 1.6mm thick and print with 2 shells.

those three would go a long way to making it easier to print.

I usually don't commit to a highly-detailed print of an item until I run a test print, but I got super excited about this one and broke my rule. Going to reprint now at .15mm and 100% infill. Should take about 16-20 hours to print it again. I'll post nice pics once it is done.

Edit: Actually I only have to reprint the outer case... so it will be done a bit sooner.

If I wasn't traveling for the holidays, I'd tell you to hold off a bit, and I'd have a new STL for you to try.

If you can wait a few days, though, I'll be able to update the model with those changes.

option8, I'm looking forward to printing this excellent design but have been holding off in anticipation of an update. Do you still plan to make the model easier to print? Thanks!

just updated.

Good timing! I'll give it a try soon. Thanks!

hello option8 i tried to print but the print failed aroung 50% after and the model came out a bit twisted.

Awesome design! And great print quality - what type of printer do you have?

Until I get something of my own, I get all my designs printed at Shapeways.