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Chip Bag Clip V7

by srwilson58 Dec 19, 2015
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Didn't work for me. The bottom was fused together.

I have found concentric infill in cura to work well for these. Have been printing between 50 and 75% infill with no issues.

Even going super slow I can not seem to get the teeth to print without a brim, is this the case with anyone else?

This is a wonderful design. You deserve some sort of an award. It works beautifully, and I love the way that opening the clip is limited to insure that the plastic does not bend beyond its limits. I am trying to figure out how I can remix this into something :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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These things are awesome - I've printed over 100...!!! Thanks...

For those of you that are into overkill, Polymaker PC-Max works great for these. I find the "medium" size to be the most useful. Cheers!

Makergeeks Raptor Series PLA is perfect for this. Very flexible durable and you can aneal it as well

Made medium with pla today and works well. Thanks.

It doesn't work with my PLA ;(

Medium worked just fine with PLA @ 200 degrees, printed with a brim (pain to get that brim off, though ;) ).

Great! Saved my marriage by printing this clip for my wife! Seriously, thank you.

LOL!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to print out a few, my wife thinks the printer is a huge waste of time and money

So you're saying it not only kept your chips fresh but held your marriage together too?!?! Ha! And someone once called it "nothing special"! Hehe! You're Welcome.

Along with this chip clip, I printed out a kitchen sponge holder that another guy designed. My wife was so happy that we're having a second honeymoon!

Small one worked great with PLA - very cool

I really like this design. However, I cannot tell how big they are. Perhaps something in the photo to show the scale. Small ruler, coin, or something. Or maybe just include the dimensions in with the weight of the item.

hey i made a couple of these and everyone broke. i used the settings and pla but they would always break in the same area

Try to print slower. Maybe too low temperature ?
Mine in abs are strong.

im printing 3 in glow in the dark pla right now. so excited to see how they turn out!

Printed in PLA and it works great! Thanks for this design!!!!

This is the best clip I have found so far. Super grippy and strong!

This is the best clip I have found so far. Super grippy and strong!

I printed these (some medium and some small clips) with cheap Smartbuy Orange PLA. They work great! Thanks for this awesome design srwilson58!

These are the best clips I printed so far. Thanks!

Please advice what kind of material best fit for printed out? In 3D Hubs I have several options: general purpose plastic, sls nylon .... I am confused to which one to choose? My purpose is just for hanging clothes.

Not to be a d*** or anything, but buy a bag of clothes pins, it'll be cheaper and more effective than custom ordering 3d prints.

I've only printed in PLA and ABS. I think the ABS parts I've made were the better of the two. Others here have printed in other material so maybe they can comment further on their experience.

Good luck with your print!

Nice, but so many ready made clips can be used. No special.

Vicky Liu sales01@rpimoulding.com

Jeez, what an ass you are, lady. For someone that's not contributed a single thing to this community, your opinion about anything here is unwanted.

That's cool. There are probably other things you can find to make that suits you better. Good Luck!

srwilson58 - Thanks for your classy reply. That attitude makes this a better place for everybody. (Cool design, too, btw.)

I second that, you are a great person.

Tried to limit the opening just a bit to help with over stressing and maybe reduce the number of broken clips. Also the last few I've made I filled 100%. These are stronger than previous clips I think.

I like the glow in the dark comment. ;-)

One caution, the glow in the dark ABS I have tried was much more brittle than other ABS...

These things work great. Printing my 3rd one now. Other 2 on ABS, but this one on PLA. I don't expect it to work very well on PLA, but thought I would give it a try.

My I suggest glow in the dark filament for finding your snacks late at night :).

Unfortunately... I printed the large clip, in PLA and it cracked in half as I tried to clip it onto a bag. :(

Do you have the SLDPRT files so that I can modify them a bit? Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your Chip Clip file. It works great!

A very large bag clip could be made for a dog food bag. I think someone has already thought of that idea.

Printed these in PETG, they are AWESOME. Thanks for sharing these!

Just got my first roll of PETG today and I have a maker gear M2 would you please tell me the settings you printed these at?
Temp Infill ect?

printed 2 in pla works great keeps my cat food bag closed. had to pry a little to open first shot as well but worked fine no issues great work.

You might have over extrusion issues. I had the same problem but for only first few layers. My nozzle is a little too close to the build surface.

Printed two of the small ones for me and my girlfriend, seems like I'll have to make more since the small ones are also great for clipping your headphone cable to your hoodie.

Great design and sturdy even at the smallest size.

Great Idea! I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

These are the best clips I have found on thingiverse. Thanks! Printed in PLA

@ Hasi0, Thanks! And you're welcome!

First Design I had to separate with a flat head. worked okay afterward.

:clap: :clap: Bravo :)

Great model, work perfect!

I printed this in PETG. Altho the clips was very nice (nice design!), it cracked on the 1st try in the curved part where it bends. I'll try some different material...

Great design thank you. Just the thing to seal the part used bags in the freezer.
Printing on my DIY Prusa now

Heh. I read that as, "Just the thing to seal used parts bags in the freezer."

I had to read it three or four times before I could stop wondering, "who keeps parts bags in their freezer?" :oD

(Once I understood what you were saying - very clearly, I might add... the confusion was entirely mine - that's a great comment on the usefulness of this item. Now I'm going to have to make some.)

What material did you use to print yours?

lol. I've done the very same thing many times.
Some times, the grey matter simply isn't on the same wavelength :-)

I printed mine with straight PLA and they work very well.
If memory serves (that'll be the day) the spring broke on the first one so I increased the infill by 5% on subsequent prints and all is well.

Just a note, works fine in PLA too.

Printed beautifully, but as a newbie I just learned something... HIPS is the wrong material for anything that has to be springy! I'm looking forward to running this again in ABS or PLA. Thinks for the design... it's attractive.

I would suggest ABS over HIPS or PLA. One other thing, I don't think the design, in any of those materials, can handle a full pinch of the handles so that they touch each other. However they only need to be opened enough to slide the bag in. I didn't test other fill % either. It might be to experiment with that too. Good Luck.

Nice job
Guess i will stop using the wife`s clothes pins now
Thanks for Sharing