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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Micro VTail Quadcopter

by ulflindestrom Dec 18, 2015
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Finally got around to modifying the motor pods for 1105's , its a bit of an ugly mashup but it should work ok ( printing now) will upload pics when completed.

Tweak it. We need 1104 motors in this heavy bird!

Any have a fly time for this

Could you design one that will work for the blade inductrix stock parts? I love the design but don't have the parts.

Will this frame work with the blade inductrix electronics?

It was desgined for 8.5mm motors which are bigger than the inductrix motors. Also, this frame is way to heavy

Is it possible to have the pids? because i've tried to adjust them on betaflight but i can't get anything without very big oscillations.

love the quad but the rear arm is a bit weak. (yes i had %50 in fill)
but sit good quad.

Alright I have the eachine qx90. And just broke the frame so I'm looking at an alternative. Those who have the qx90 and use this frame how well does it fly? Is it easy to swap and all that good stuff? Right now it's between this and a whoop frame

You should tweak this design to use micro 1104 brushless motors, thatd be awesome

Can you make one that fits the Eachine AIOF3? The size of the FC is like 38x19mm.

I've uploaded another version of the frame which should be able to fit your FC

Could someone give me a touch of advice. I am trying to build a drone and I am kinda hung up on what FPV setup to go with, this is what I have so far.


Everything except the transmitter (or receiver) looks OK. The rx and TX use different protocols, frsky != flysky. If you don't already have a radio I've heard good thing about the turnigy evolution from hobbyking. It's not much more than the one you linked. Still can't use that receiver though, you'll need a frsky radio or a radio with a frsky module to use that one.

Ok I will continue searching then. Do your know of a spectrum receiver that will work?

Sorry, I don't know spectrum very well. I think there are tiny satellites that people use in quads. Do you have a spectrum radio?

Could you provide a link to the batteries you used? Thanks!

It's got a really weird connector on it, so no. Good size and capacity though

Could I just remove the connector?

Sure, you could replace it with another connector, but it's hard with those small ones. The one you linked in the long shopping list had a better connector (losi)

Thanks! I just finished printing mine and I was planning on buying the parts soon!

You should post a video of it flying

I would if I still had a flyable one

My son-in-law printed this quad as a beginner project :-) And I picked up the recommended motors, flight board and receiver. Can someone point me to directions on how to wire up the receiver? Thank you in advance.

If you bought a Beefs Brushed Board than this youtube search will give you quite a lot of help


However, vtail dont do well as beginner projects since they are quite difficult to tune. Print a normal quad quad and start with that, then move over to this one when you know how stuff works and how to tune the quad.

Good luck!

Thank you for the guidance. Heading there now :-)

I have this printing right now and it looks real solid in black abs. one thing I'm curious about though is the feet. both foot files in the download are zero byte files. am I missing something? thanks!

It seems to be a problem with the "Download all files" button. Looks fine If you download them individually.
Good luck!

The most beautiful frame I've seen for a mini quad brushed , I've printed in black and white PLA , I love it .
Thank you for this wonderful work .

Thanks for your kind words, hope you get it to fly good as well :)

So first off, this frame looks amazing. Probably a stupid question but i just bought a 3D printer, does the main body already come pre-designed with supports for the tail rotors?

Thanks! No, you'll have to add support. Some people have successfully printed it without though, so it might not be necessary

awesome! :) it looks really cool!

what is the approximate flight time?

It all depends on what gear and battery you're using. It's quite a heavy micro frame and with the setup I ran (I've moved all the gear over to my LEGO micro) with a 750 mah battery I got roughly 2-3 minutes of moderate flying

In my opinion this is the coolest quad on this site. I wish there were more combat looking quad styles, and not just the boring H. I printed this with blue petg and it looked superb! I wanted to see how strong it was so I bent it in half... so sorry no pictures haha. Maybe I'll print another one soon.

Thank you, hope you got to fly it before you bent it

How does it this fly?

Well, it's quite heavy and hard to tune, so a challenge to make it fly great compared to a normal quad.

I have been looking at this for a while and my 140mm micro H frame just broke. Now I have an excuse to move all the electronics over to this. I can't wait to get it working. Did you use PLA or ABS? How is durability?(I like to crash a lot ;)

I printed mine in PLA. I've had a couple of crashes, mostly flying into walls and furniture and it's still holding up, but I've only gone through a couple of batteries (I like designing/building more than flying I guess), so its hard to tell about durability in the long run.

Love it. Happen to have your Cleanflight PID settings for this?

Thanks! I never managed to flash either cleanflight or betaflight, so running baseflight :(

This is a fantastic build! What are your baseflight PID settings?

Thanks! Unfortionatly, for you, I've now managed to flash the board with betaflight and moved the board to my new frame. I'm not sure I made a CLI dump before I flashed it, but I'll take a look when I get back home tonight

This looks awesome! I am printing one out right now and just ordered parts. Can't wait to try to piece one together!

Great! Hope you'll like it. And feel free to post a "I made one" when done