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Sunhokey Prusa i3 direct drive upgrade kit and more

by JasperHope Dec 17, 2015
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I have printed all 3d parts for my Sunhokey, but I have a E3D V6 lite and it does not touch the bed, because the support is very tall. Is it possible to get the CAD file to modify it and adapt it for my E3D V6 ??
Thanks in advance

Has anyone else had issues with these .stl files? when I load them into my slicer, there seems to be an incomplete manifold.

I am having problems as well. Specifically with the x-carriage (any version) of it. The mesh has some defects that makes it impossible to print. Meshmixer can't auto repair it either.

What did you do to change your code to load filament?

what is the size of the fan for heated floor?

Hi, nice work. I just printed and tested it, it's a great design, much better than some I've seen. Though I need to raise the print bed for about 10mm to meet the hotend . Could you share the source file so that I can make some alteration? I need to lower the cooler a little bit more otherwise it's cooling the hotend itself.

Thank you.

Hi, i found I can save time not printing the x-carriage left and right bottom plates. The original ones requires just a little modification.
Which model the fan is ?

I printed these parts for a friend who was having trouble with his extruder skipping. The parts work great altho the 17/18mm version needs some slight modification. Anyway his extruder still skips quit a bit I think its a firmware issue. Can you pleas upload a copy of your firmware and your E-steps (that would be in the firmware anyway).

Thanks in advance.

What model blower fans are those?

Hi Jasper, great work !
Can you share photos with left and right x-carriage plates attached ?
And photos with extruder holder would be helpful.

Thanks, nice solution. How do you mount the extruder clip? Do you have a picture?

Can I use it with E3dv6??

Are you missing an stl file? I don't see a vertical piece that connects to the right and left stl. It's the piece that the x axis belt goes through.

It is a great job. Thanks for sharing. I changed my nozzle to hexagon and i want to use your design in my printer. However i have a problem with the location of hot end holder because hexagon's height is smaller than the original one. What can we do about that?

hey, how does moving the extruder closer to the nozzle help? isnt it putting extra weight on the already wobble construction ?

The bowden tube has quite an impact on retraction. I can print WAY faster and better with this mod than I could without.

I was wondering about your cables. You have a mesh around them which seems the same color as your filament. Did you print this yourself? If yes, do you have a link to the design or instructions? I tried googling, but am probably looking with the wrong terms since I don't know the exact word for this in English.


Would you be willing to share the original design files? I would like to be able to tweak this design a little.


Hi, Loving your work and this is exactly what I wanted! i'm having trouble loading the X carriage right and left components, I notice the file size is much bigger, I've tried repetier and loading it into my cad software to resample it won't load into either. any ideas? also do you have the specs on the blower fans? I need to order a pair

Cheers :)

Hi, I have uploaded a working version. My old files must be corrupt or something! I'm surprised nobody else said anything after 50 downloads. Anyway they should work now. Please let me know if you come across any other issues.

The blower fans work well, but they vibrate a lot so I run them at a lower voltage. I've stopped using my fan design as I find a more direct blower nozzle to be more effective. If you want the files for them let me know and I'll include them in this post.

Just want to say thanks for making this... it works amazingly well, only thing I changed is I cut the printed feed tube and put the metal bowden one back on with teflon tube into the hot-end. Prints ninjaflex perfectly and the quality and speed of PLA/ABS is noticeably better! I'm using a small clamp to hold the stepper in place as it does flex a bit. Thanks again :)

Hi there. Great job - I'm going to have a crack at this.

Some questions for you:

  • What plastic is this printed in? If PLA I guess you couldn't use this for ABS (I've never printed ABS) because it would melt...
  • Could you add a photo from the back to show the X-carriage bearings?
  • Are you still happy with the results?
  • Are you using the stock hot-end?


Hi, thanks! I hope you find them useful.

I printed in PLA. I've never used ABS. I think both plastics would work fine though.
I am currently using the stock bearings plus two round linear bearings with my mount. I'll upload a pic for you.
I am very happy with the results. I have managed to get it to print at 100+mm/s with ease using all stock components.
Yes, I am still using the stock hot-end. I believe using direct drive allows you to push much more plastic through, and a new hotend is not necessary. I am using a 0.4mm nozzle which probably helps though.

Thanks for the info. Like the other commenter I couldn't open two of the files. I opened them in the windows 10 "3D Builder' app and clicked "simplify" then saved - that made a huge difference to the file size. But now I don't need that as you've uploaded new files. TBH I'm not sure what the purpose is for these parts - are they just replacements or improvements?

I'm interested in any designs for blowers etc. so please post. Also, you mentioned a clip to hold the extruder motor - did that work out?

LOL. Now I know what those parts are for - I didn't print them and now wish I had (now that my only printer is back together and unable to go low enough). I guess I'm going to have to reconfigure the printer to print the parts...

Meanwhile, some feedback on the build. My stock machine is a bit dimensionally challenged due to nozzle ooze, x-axis wobble etc so it took many hours of work with a sharp knife to cut the parts down to a size to fit together. Particularly hard were:

  • The M5 nut retainers in the nozzle holder (ended up cracking the whole part trying to get the nut in by force)
  • The guide for the filament that is part of the main X carriage needed drilling out and cracked in the process (some extra strength there would be good)
  • The blower - I think I printed the wrong one as it is too tall (I thought I had the same hot end as you but apparently not). I accidentally cracked the arm that mounts to the X-carriage (the printer had not done a great job on this part either)
  • The inductive sensor mount is too small for my sensor which has an 18mm diameter. Even if it did fit, the sensor could not be installed from above (it's 70.7mm long) so would have to be unwired to be installed (not a big deal)

My extruder motor has a brace that prevented it from being installed. To remedy this, I had to cut a small portion of the platform that it sits on at a 45 degree angle. I then used some washers I had lying around to pad the mounting so that the fillament would align with the guide part.

Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I should have made it more clear what those parts are for :) sorry about that. I had many of the same issues as you when installing the parts myself, but I figured they were simple enough fixes to not warrant a redesign. Since this kit has been quite popular I think a redesign of some parts is necessary. Thanks for the detailed feedback.

As for the extruder clip, I have added it to this. It's not very pretty, but it works well. I now get no movement at all.

Good job! This is exactly what I was looking for!)

This look great. Is it better to have direct drive?

Using bowden can cause a slight lag when retracting, resulting in more ooze. I also found that the pressure of the motor pushing the filament into the hotend actually causes the x-carriage to move.

Your right! My printer oozed a lot. I think I'm going to switch. But first I have to get a new motherboard, because the terminal block on the board caught on fire. Here a pic

Now the extruder motor doesn't work when it's connected to the board. But everything else works fine.

"Optional Z-axis stabilizer. I recommend not using this as it can cause issues but I thought I would include it anyway. You will require bearings. I use F608zz Shielded Model Flange Bearing 8 x 22 x 7mm."

Why don´t you recommend it?

If either of the Z-axis rods are bent, the Z motors will be under a lot more pressure. If you use it I suggest lubing up your rods.

Great job! Thanks!