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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

R2D2 - This is the Droid You're Looking For

by ChaosCoreTech Dec 16, 2015
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Thank you for sharing! That's the spirit!

Fantastic model dude !
Well done :-)

Take care

Indeed, this was just what i was looking for. Just started printing the body and couldnt be more excited! Cudos for your skills in Tinkercad!

What parts would I need to print if I just want no electronics to be added. Is it possible to print this without all the parts?

Hi Garrett,
Great work with tinker cad, I have started to print out R2 on my anet A8.at ,2mm res The prints are coming out great. I am going to build DC motors into the feet and hope to drive R2 over Bluetooth from my phone. Also plan to include sound and much updated lighting in the head, I will upload some pics when there is something worth looking at. great work keep going dude

How about, I want to know what application is used to control it with the movil.Me seems a wonderful project, I hope your answer. The translation is google.
Thank you.

How would I modify the Arduino code so that I could use DC motors in place of stepper motors?

You need to add hardware too. Here I give you a link to website that helped me to solve this problem.
Wish you good luck!

Hi out there.
I have made a new middle foot with steelballs for more smooth running. You can find it here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1567358
and You are welcome to upload it here if You like.

Torben Denmark

R2D2 new middle foot with steel balls

You sir, are a Tinkercad wizard! Totally blown away by how you designed this. Great job!


which electric motors you have taken ?

Do you have a link ?

Hi there, sorry for the confusion. Watch this video for more information: https://youtu.be/3lp6uqpb8-8

And these are the stepper motors I used: https://www.adafruit.com/products/918


I build the droids to straight . Thank you very much for your effort.
Please Excuse the English , it is the Googel translator .



Looks awesome mate!

Just wondering if you could put some STEP files up?

I could run them through DSM for you and give you a much higher poly .stl, which would remove all the flat surfaces/facets from your curved parts.

WOW! Fantastic work mate. When I get my printer working again, I'll have to print one of these as well. Thanks for uploading all your hard work for us to use too.

Thank you! And no problem. It wouldn't be any fun to keep them all to myself. :)

Great project I love it and thanks for posting. I've been printing the pieces and they've been turning out great! GREAT! I decided to print out the working model. I was wondering if you could post the assembly instructions or a video showing how the gears and internal pieces go together, also the size of the screws you used and and what type of Motor would be helpful as well. Thanks so much I'll post when done

Good deal, I'm glad they turned out good for you. And I apologize for not putting that in the description, I'll update it. But I actually do have a video for that here: https://youtu.be/3lp6uqpb8-8. It runs through me putting it together and sort of messing around with the electronics in it. Also in the description you can find all of the materials I used. Let me know if you have any questions! I can't wait to see it when it's done!

Holy Androids! This is EXACTLY the droid I am looking for. After printing 2 others, this one is perfect...perfect! Ok, now to scale it up...Round of applause for this. Looking forward to the remixes, mods and so on. Would love it if you shared or made public the TinkerCAD drawing.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :) Also I have made the Tinkercad files available here: http://bit.ly/1MEpbgb. I should probably add that to the description here. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks! I imported it into my library for scaling up. Brook Drumm is working up a giant 3D Printer....would be super, duper cool to scale up R2 to full scale on that printer. Would have to change all the motor mounts, but hey, that's ok....

Where can I find a BOM for this beauty?

I'd love to see this thing full size. You'll need some more powerful motors though. I've got a full list of things I used in the description of this video: https://youtu.be/3lp6uqpb8-8. I also show a bit of assembly so you can see how the parts go together.

Fantastic, thanks. I don't think I can scale it up as is since the wall thickness would really get big and I'd have to clean it up. Rather, I might turn take the body design, for example, and scale it up in 2D to create at template against which I can hand cut a skin, in, say, fiberglass. The leg detail would be built up the same way, or I might scale up portions against which I would cast shells with hollow structure. What I really should do is make an all metal version.....

That would be awesome. Keep me updated!

BRAVO! Standing ovations to you good sir! I hope you don't mind if I make some minor modications to convert to an R2Keg2!

Thank you very much! And yeah, that sounds awesome, go for it. I'd love to see it when you're done! :)

Very nice work! I am working on a remix now :) I will post after I get a few things done. I am using parts from bot types.

Thank you! And awesome, I'll look forward to seeing it!

can i print this just as a model without any electronics ?

You could get pretty close. The only thing that wouldn't attach would be the head because that attaches to the Servo Motor. But I could create a part real quick to let you attach the head without the motor. I'll let you know when I have that part available. :)

Wait, wait....can we get a BOM for all the electronics, hardware and so on? Please....!

i have some old servos i can use thank you for a great looking kit

I added another file called "head connector no servo" that should allow you to connect his head without the motor box being there. And no problem! Thanks for the nice comment. :)