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SNAILZ... Note holders for people who are slow to get things done!

by muzz64 Dec 13, 2015
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Great design.
Did a remix with neodymium magnets in the bottom.
Snail will climb up my refrigerator :-)

So sad that you chose a non derivates license so that we cannot share remixes. :-(

Very cute design and functional, but not that stable. It tips easily side to side. Still fun!

Ingenious design, especially with the curved slots. Good Job.

Can you make one with deeper slots? I want to hold full sheets in it and they flop around now. Thank you. Very awesome design.

Thanks for your message... the easiest way to achieve that would just be to uniformly scale it up. The slots are already as deep as I could make them in the outer shell. Big sheets will always be a problem for a small stand so making it bigger and heavier should help... I hope this achieves what you want.

That was going to be my solution unless you had other thoughts. The problem is that i think increasing size will increase the depth but also width. This means that I'll need a thick stack of papers. Thanks for the quick response.

The slot width may not be a problem as it has a curve in it so gives a sheet of paper more strength to stand. This should be more important than the slot width. Hopefully okay...

Well done!! Cool design :)

Thanks... pleased you like them!

Do you think it needs support?

I am going to make a giant one!

what software did you use

I always design in Rhino and prepare files to print in MakerBot Desktop.... as I have two MakerBots

Cool design though. FCU likes it.

When using layer height 0.2mm, layer 59-63 has unsupported parts, not really worth supports but can muck up finish,

My MakerBots don't suffer from that... the slicing app and filament fan effectiveness is important for the reasons mentioned. Obviously I'm not sure what machine or slicing app you're using but with PLA you should be able to print out sideways at up to 65 degrees without too much of an issue. Anyway, hopefully your Snailz are still pretty good prints.

What sort of machine are you using...and it sounds like you are using ABS?

I don't have any issues like this with my MakerBot's using PLA.

However, firstly you check your build plate levelling and, if it is done manually, adjust it a fraction tighter (less clearance) than usual. This should improve how well the raft adheres. Another thing you can do to improve build plate adhesion is use isopropyl alcohol to ensure the build plate is grease free... but using it depends on the type of machine / tape you use.

Moving onto preparing the file to print....

I assume you can adjust your slicer settings. If so increase the Raft Width 2 - 3mm so the raft has a larger contact surface with the build plate. Bigger contact patch better adhesion. You can also try slowing down the Raft extrusion speeds so it lays it down better.

Other things that make a difference is the quality and dryness of the filament. Cool/cold/damp environments do not help the situation... this can make a noticeable difference. Warm and dry is great...

As I said at the start, with my MakerBot's I don't suffer from the issues you are experiencing but hopefully the above points help.

There are some parts that are printed in the air, slicing with Simplify3D or Cura. I don't think that's a problem with the printer or the slicer, but with the model: https://imgur.com/a/oCKlPhH

Thanks for your comment however I've checked both the original design file and the .stl... plus have printed this at least 20 times myself with no issues... and over 17,000 other people have downloaded it and printed it successfully (refer to photos posted by other members). This suggests that the issue is to do with the slicer. I have had many previous comments from Cura and Simplify 3D users about issues that have proven to be slicer related. I only use MakerBot's and their proprietary slicer so have never seen these issues. However, it seems to be to do with these slicers not being able to deal with fine detail. My understanding is there is a setting that can usually overcome this but, as I am not a user of the applications, can't help further.

I am confident it is a slicer issue so hope you can find a solution. As a matter of interest, try changing the files position on the build plate (i.e. rotate say 15 degrees) as this will change the tool path developed. Also you may want to try changing the resolution slightly as that may work around this (For example, try slicing with a layer height of 0.22mm instead of 0.20mm as a test)

All the best

Thanks a lot for your tips, really appreciate it.

I've also printed the model and tried different layer heights (up until 0.28mm), but I guess the term successfully is relative. There were some strings hanging and that's why I took a look at the model. I've added another screenshot that I took in Blender to show the problem more accurately (https://imgur.com/a/oCKlPhH)

You might be right and for sure some slicers are smart enough to correct this while printing without supports, but it's not the case for the ones that I use.
With a big enough layer height this problem will be gone, but I'll go ahead and modify the model instead because I would like to print it at 0.2mm.

Cheers and thanks for the model!

Because issues like this trouble me I looked into it further today and now understand the issue. I've amended the file and can email it to you if you want to test print it as a check for me. Hopefully this completely resolves what you are seeing... it should but you need to test print it using your slicer / software... and yes it will result in a cleaner print in that area so thanks for spotting it!

Model received and tested... works great! No more lose threads ;)
Thank you!!

I've sent you a message work my email, thank you for your support! :)

I'v been having trouble with the print curling and coming loose, even with a raft. I don't have a heated bed, any suggestions?

I was using PLA and a cooling fan. I must have had some settings messed up on my printer, because other prints were failing as well. I have mostly resolved the issue now. Thank you for your help.

If you are using ABS you will have difficulty with this due to the extreme angles in some areas. A machine with PLA and a filament fan for rapid cooling will deal with this well but ABS doesn't like the angles. Are you using ABS?