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Star Wars - Dark Holocron

by MKotsamanes Dec 14, 2015
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I haven't been able to find translucent PLA yet, may I ask where you got yours? I am working with public 3d printers to make this and the only translucent color available is one without color.

EternalStorm4 I used a slightly translucent PLA

Do you need to use translucent filament to print the red parts?

Thank you, I am in the process of making this for my nephew, i will post it when i am finished,

made the hole in the base slightly smaller! now it holds the tea lights I have!

also I opened your dwg file and its crazy! why did you upload the one gold piece you made and not the other with the text

For me the base is slightly too big when it comes to holding the tea light like it doesnt grab it at all

where can I get bright tea lights!

This is probably the coolest thing I've seen on thingiverse. Do you think you could do a 4 sided version?

I’ve been working on making this prop at home, but I’m a little confused. How did you get yours to stay together? Acetone, glue, or heat?

I used superglue along the edges of the pyramid pieces. No glue in the base.

Many thanks! Turned out great!

Do you have by any chance the parts aligned in one file but separate files?

Not sure if this is what you want but I attached an FBX of the unit assembled. The FBX should have all the parts as separate components. It's an old file created in AutoCAD so I am a bit limited in what I can do with the file.

Sorry I don't. Using maths I only modeled the one side and printed is 3 times. Let me look at it and I will try to post something.

Great thanks !

Would you consider uploading some STEP files or other source files? I'd love to put another design in it, star wars related of course.

Sorry it took so long to reply. I (unfortunately) created this in AutoCAD it was the easiest tool I had at the time for accurately creating the pattern on the inside of the walls from a jpg. I have attached the DWG file.

Suggested wall count/size?

I need help with the base one side is not printing correctly, and its curving.

Can anyone tell me what size tea lights I need to fit the base? I can only find 1.5 inch ones and they're too small.

Can someone send me the dimensions of the parts. For some reason when I printed the red sheets they came out smaller than the gold parts. I'm not sure which one is not sized properly.

When I created it I drew it at 112.5985 of each side of the base and 101.6 for the gold part. If you used anything like Meshmixer to prepare the parts for printing you might have selected "Yes" if it asked you something like "The part you added is far away or larger than the main part do you want me to fix this?"
It should have printed correctly as they are the files I used.

Good luck, post back here if you are still having problems and I will add a file with both parts on one STL file and you can split it from that.

Thanks, I will give that a shot. The gold parts are the correct size, but for some reason the red was coming in at 82mm. Not sure why. Thanks for the help and the design!

I have also added a HoloCombined.stl file. it has the gold and red on one plate. If you are going to spray paint the gold (I did, gold filament tends to look yellow) then just print 3 copies of that. You will still have to print the base to the correct scale but one step at a time. As you can read below the base can cause some people some stress.

I had already printed the gold parts. I'm re-printing a red right now, so I will see how it comes out. If it doesn't work I will try the combined plate instead. Thanks again for all the help.

The re-printed red worked much better. Thanks again for your help and quick response.

I printed one out and it worked perfectly.

Dude, you need to get the base sorted out. it is so far out of whack that it's kinda embarrassing.
I printed all the parts... and ended up making a custom base because this one is basically useless.

Sorry dude, it's a great model that is undone by the fact that it doesn't fit together.

could you provide the file for the custom base so I can print it please?

Thanks for the constructive criticism (LOL)

Copy my files and post a derivative with your modified base. I only needed one of these (for a gift) and I didn't have that hard of a time assembling it.

Post yours as a derivative of this and keep the same licensing ( Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike ) and I will update my description to point to your derivative as an updated base.

I'm not posting as a derivative of your work.
Why not just size it up correctly and repost it as an updated file so that people can just get the right file here?

Seriously, take some pride and don't ask someone else to finish the job.

Thingiverse is based on taking existing works making changes and mixing it with other designs to make new or better designs. When the copyright is respected this is how the system is supposed to work.
I have designs that are based on others works, fixing things I thought they missed or things that didn’t quite work with my printer set-up. I didn’t just complain that they should fix it for me. Also when I did fix it myself I posted it respecting their copyright and without asking for a gold star or a cookie for my efforts.
With my printer set-up and choice of materials I was able to assemble the unit and other people have been able to assemble it also. Did I have to put in some effort to do assemble it? Sure, about 10-15 minutes worth. Was it “basically useless” and required a complete redesign? No, it served the purpose I needed it too. I wanted a tighter fit to require less glue on the edges that might affect the look when light from inside.
My job was finished maybe you didn’t see the pictures above. I needed one print for a gift, I designed it, printed it, assembled it and gave it away. My job isn’t making and posting designs for free on Thingiverse that work with everyone’s printer and their ability to use some sandpaper or a nail file.
You thought the design was cool enough to print a copy for yourself. You had some difficulty assembling it and made some changes to the design and now have a “better” design, please accept this gold star for your efforts. You chose not to post your “improved” design (or even details and pictures on how you “improved” it) for everyone to benefit from and possibly find an even better way of doing it (or post rude comments on your design) that’s your choice.

Hmm, I printed all the parts out, but I'm having difficulty assembling it. I don't see an easy way of aligning all the parts together. Any tips?

Comments deleted.

I had a similar problem but never corrected the file because with a bit of effort you will get a better assembled part with a snap fit. I will try to explain the fix below.

  • On the base part in the three corners there are tiny /\/\ notches use a knife, sand paper or file to flatten the tops / \/ \

Depending on your printing setting these might have to be completely removed. After that it should snap together, it you take too much off you will need to glue it to hold together but shouldn't affect the model in any other way.

Thanks for the tips... I ended up using transparent tape on the inside to build the main part of the pyramid, and that seemed to work well. For now I also taped the bottom on, and it looks fine.

working on this one, nice design.

If you haven't printed the base yet, try scaling it down by 0.99 before you print everything should fit a bit more snug and the edges shouldn't have any gap.

Also how you put the Led inside ? and wires?

I've already done with your design. I think it fits well.

I have added a picture of the bottom with the light I used. I picked up a pack of battery powered tea lights. I got mine at a Home Depot but something like this should be compatible (search for "Battery Powered Tea Light").


Thank you ,Iprint one 10mm base to install my LED. any way your led much easy to use.

If you don't want to buy a tea light, this one should also do the trick.


Parametric LED Tea Light
by jetty

very helpful ,thank you.