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OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car

by barspin Dec 12, 2015
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Hi all

How much filament do these cars take to print? Just thinking about how much filament I need.



Can you please tell me the difference between the tire_V2 file and the tire file in your build files? Thanks

Open RC means that it is open source and that people can adapt it right?
so is this your thing?
or can i use open RC in the name of my designs to?

so I built my car and its outstanding so thank you for sharing with us but I did break the nose off after hitting a bump in the road lol thinking of printing the nose part in tpu so it can flex and bounce on impact vs be ridged and snap like pla. any solution for this?

Is anyone using a brushless setup? Is it any better than a brushed?

im using a brushless 3650-3930kv with a 60a esc and its way over powered for the ninja flex printed tires had to make a throttle curve in my radio to only give it about 1/3 throttle otherwise id be doing donuts till sunset

Thank you for the response! After watching some videos from MRRF 2018 and 2019, I've noticed that power is not required!!!!! HEHEHHE

What is the length of the final thing ?

Has anyone tried to print the dual-extrusion parts individually and then glue them together? I'd like to add some detailing to the model, but I only have a single extruder.

my printer has a 180 mm build plate so would I be able to create the f1 car?

Wow! Awesome design, we should have invite you to join in our 3D model design and print competition. It's
not that late yet. I think you'll probably win a prize since the model you made looks great.
Here's the detail: http://bit.ly/Anycubic3dcontest
Click the link to join: https://forms.gle/hz4T9rqe3hhp6bDK9

Could you put a reference to the later updates of this cool project? I do not see anywhere in the description page about this. I just printed the Chassie & rims before finding the updated versions. I had found the 2018 updates before printing, but did not realize there was also a 2017 update. My fault for not looking for more updates, but just a reference on original design page would be helpful for others just finding this design. Thanks.

Hello everyone. I would like to be part of this OpenRC team as well!!

After doing a lot of reading and web surfing, I too would like to know if there is one bucket that contains all the latest files...

Many different places:

https://danielnoree.com/openrc-f1-2019-updates/ (I thought here but the link only takes to a couple of stls)

Perhaps someone with more experience on this could help out? Thank you in advance!!

OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car
by barspin
OpenRC F1 2017 updates
by barspin
OpenRC F1 2018 Updates
by barspin

Trying to mount the front rims, the spindles seem to short to properly attach the wheel lock nuts? Any suggestions?

Good day to you, could you modify the front suspension so that it would be bolted back for better stability on the straights? I tried to do it but it will only work out as a solid block and it works perfectly but it is not convenient to print it entirely.


OpenRC F1 tilt front suspension

I am not new to 3D printing, however I have not printed with flexible filament yet. Can you provide some tips or possibly some settings for

I really want to build the car. However, the list of required electronic components seems outdated. At least there are not any more on AliExpress. Would an update be possible?

Do you print the object this orientation because it looks like it need support or it is going to fall over

all parts that are not included on this list, should be possible to print without support.
Parts that need support added:
Front Spoiler.stl
Rear Rim.stl
Rear Wing.stl
Servo Saver Lower.stl

My Pinion Gear's teeth got ruined after few seconds of testing and thus they stopped touching with the Spur Gear... Did anyone experience such fault?

Can You set the files for the vinyl cutting machine silhouette in the files section " thing files "

Hello, I have a question, I just print one tire "Tire_V2.stl" with PLA, and the "Rear_Rim.stl" & "Front_Rim.stl" (also with PLA) but when I tried to fit the tire into the rim, it's just impossible (see picture), am I missing something ?

The tires have to be printed with a flexible filament, like ninja flex. This allows them to stretch over the rim, and it also provides a lot more grip than PLA does.

Ok, got it !
Thanks for you answer.

how fast does this thing go?

Your site seems to be down for a few days now. Any idea when it will come back up or do you have another link to the hardware kit?

Comments deleted.

Going to add a gyro before the servo and hope this will make it more controllable. Anybody else tried this?

Anyone have trouble with pinion gear going on motorpost? Also having some issues with space and the motor. Would love some insight from others. :-). Thanks!

Will My Robo 3d R1 plus need to adjust to make sure it fits?

be sure if step\mm is perfect on your printer

can bushings be used instead of the bearings

I will print pieces if anybody wants them.

Spent 2 days trying to fix a wobbly Z axis just to realize it's the watermark.

is it possible to make it not RC? if so what pieces would you have to print?

Think you would have to print everything except the gears and the servo holder. You might be able to glue it together, but would probably still need the screws. And the bearings hold the rear axle and front wheels in place, but you could probably print some bushings the same size if you don't care about the wheels spinning.

Author/Guys please post your material spent and total print time ( with print speed/infill )
Want to print one but want to make sure I would have enough filament....

Speed will be printer dependent. I used about 600g of plastic the the main parts and it took about 48 hours to print everything at 50mm/s. I used about 120g of TPU for the tires and those took about 12 hours at 25mm/s. You can also go to his website to see other build instructions and videos. (danielnoree.com)


AWESOME project..so.. I'm starting to print!

Look forward for some photos!


Max (Italy)

Hello ,

I have assembled the steering assembly without issue. However there is a lot of friction in the system. As soon as I try to turn the steering via the servo lever, there servo saver pops up and the steering doesn't turn. I was thinking about replacing all of the screws (servo saver and both front axels) with M3 shoulder bolts and just having nuts on the bottom face. Not the prettiest solution, but might cut the friction down. Before i do that, do you have any other recommendations? The friction seems to be coming from the linkage between the servo save and one of the front wheel hubs. One of the steering pushpins is bent upward due to the offset in attaching to the servo saver. Hope you know what i am referring to...



Very cool! I've already got a bunch of RC's but I may print this and display as a cool model!

Can you add the plate as one piece and DXF-file so that it can be manufactured using a laser cutter or CNC mill?

Hey, does anybody know how he added the decals to the side like the "Autodesk" and "CT"? Thanks in advance.

There ar 2 different tire rims in this project.
I printed the f 104 rims as they were larger. Are both rim sizes ok for this car? Is it better to print rubber or purchase ready made ones?

what layerhight are you printing in?

Hello, anyone has the electronic kit link updated? I'm from Brazil, and HobbyKing is not shipping for me. I have found similar products on AliExpress, but since I'm new on RC models, i'm a little bit confused if i'm choosing the right way. Many thanks in advance

I'm having troubles with the steering. There is a significant wiggle room and I cannot get the steering straight. I inserted two washers to make the servo saver linkage snug, which helped a bit, but there is still significant movement that prevents me from making small steering input and driving straight. Would appreciate some input on this. Thanks

I just glued it. Honestly it's not a very good design.

Great Project. Has anyone every tried to reach 100km/h with a full printed car and tires? Only curious if it will work.

I'm really interested in this model and was wondering if there is any way to print the tires in pla instead of a flexible material as pla is the only thing the printer at my school has access to?

Print the tires, then get paint on rubber and paint the tire surface with multiple layers over time.

I wonder whether heat shrink tubing would be easy. Perhaps it would deform the tyre.

I openend the rim and tyre in my sf3d slicer and it imports them both in center of plate. then slice and print so it print them both in once with PLA. maybe u can merge them both to make 1 model, but just import them both and slice works perfect.

I realy like the model but I have one problem, my build plate is only 130mm130mm130mm. Is it possible to print it at about 90% and still fit all the electronics and bearings in there? Or maby spilt the larger parts?

Comments deleted.

Why is servo saver made of two parts?

I can't control it well.

Hey, wonderful job you did with the model! Thanks for sharing!
I'm having some troubles with the ESC/Transmitter. Cannot get the reverse work for more than once. I'm using Turnigy 9x transmitter.

I've calibrated the ECS setting the stick midpoint as neutral, maximum as full throttle and minimum as full-brake. I turn on the ECS, set the throttle to neutral and it gets armed. First time pull the stick down and it does the reverse, push the stick up it goes forward. After that it would never go to reverse. It will either brake of go forward.

Did you have any issues like that? I'd appreciate any input

so i used the combination of esc/engine and transmitter/receiver, did the setup procedure. but somehow the braking is not working at all
it does decelerate a little bit better than just letting of the gas, but for me it looks like ~20% braking
ordered the programming card for the ESC now ...

Is there a nitro version?

Great Design !
Be careful with 3DprintNPack.com, I never received my order !!!

Ha, probably stupid question. But has anybody designed a driver for this? The cockpit looks so empty.
For the rest, great design. Mine is almost ready. I'm waiting for the motor, which will arrive pretty soon. Looking forward to the maiden ride !

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2359122 Maybe the driver helmet might make it look better? :)

Helmet for OpenRC F1 car

How i can download the files with license ?

What are the dimensions of the largest part?

do you buy the differential for this?

I can‘t found the BOM list. Please help.
THX, Anton

I found it.

Is it possible to put this together without the electronics just for show? I'd like to display this on my desk but not have to buy the electronics. Thanks!

Sure... why not? I had it all printed and assembled before my electronics came in, and you can't see any electronics anyway because it's all covered. So go for it! :)

You should make a OpenRC crawler please.

I just love your Design!

I ordered all parts today. I was Lucky its Banggood Sale and i got up to 11% on almost every part:


Thank you so much!

Can you please send links for all parts needed on banggood?

Give IT a single Button plate for cnc?

Finished mine up and got it to run a couple times today. Required some adjustments to some files and reprinting some parts with higher infill but that comes with the 3D market.

For anyone looking at doing this take your time, it is a project that will have multiple phases. Even tho mine if running I think of it in the "testing" phase and until I can drive it around for a while without things coming loose it will not be finished.

Best of luck.

My thoughts exactly :D

Please anybody give me some tips for printing with PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament? It gets all tangled up before it enters the extruder.

What printer do you have? Do you have a spool holder?

I have prusai3 . Yes i have spool hoder. I am going to try with larger extruder with slower printing speed.

My Prusa printed it fine, you may need to reload the filament.

Hmm I wonder why mine is like that . Someone told me to print at a very slow speed

Take a picture if it happens again.

I'll be getting my 1st 3d printer in the end of the year. is it possible to print the big parts on a XYZ of 120mm bed?

Hey guys, anyone happen to know if a 550 can 12t motor would work? I have spare parts laying around and would like to repurpose them!

i have a titan 12t 550 and decided not to use it as it looked like i would have to resolder the leads on it to get it to squeeze in, if your leads are on the side then it should definitely work. Also you need a shorty battery, as the motor, servo and battery are all in line and dont allow for a normal sized pack to fit.

Well, how convient that you have the same motor as me :P Thanks for letting me know!

Anybody have a link for a good motor for the F1 car?

There's a link provided for you right in the description...


I started to build an OpenRC Formula 1 car and printed both, "Dual_Extr_Lid..." and "Center_Body".

Now there is a gap between both parts about 2 or 3 mm.

Because both are printed in the same direction, i wonder where these gap comes from. Is it possible that the dual-extrusion and the normal parts are different ones in terms of messurements?

Can you give me a hint please how to fix it?

Thank you very much.

check that you didnt accidentally scale something, I just loaded both versions of the lid in my slicer and they are exactly the same demensions

Thank you for your comment. I found my mistake: loading a dual-printing-profile cleared my adoptions in "steps per mm". That made the dual printed parts jsut a little smaler. ;)

Hi Daniel, I am just wondering. I keep destroying the inner part of the spur that goes on the motor. Do you happen to have a alloy option on ebay etc that has the grub screw in to hold it better? thanks heaps

Did you ever find something to help you out? If not I can send you the file with the adjustments I had to make. It's tough to put on, but once it's on, it's solid.

Hi Daniel,
No I didn't find one. I did drill and tap a hole in my ABS one but keeps cming off also. That file would be great.
Thanks Brian

Comments deleted.

Amazing design Daniel. Parts on order and can't wait to assemble. I do have a query about the tires though. Not having the machine to print flex I opted to get F104 tires and got the Shimizu ones which seem highly recommended in many places. However they don't seem to fit the F104 rims in the design? They seem very loose, especially on the rear side. The Tamiya versions seem to be just cylinders which you glue the front and back side to - with no lip arrangements as seen on the parts in the design? Just curious if anyone else has had any experience using F104s on the OpenRC F1? Feel like I am missing something.


Discovered my fault. Posting for others. Shimizu tires require stock Tamyia rims like these:

NOT the Race brand ones the rims in the package are designed for. I did up some compatible wheels and they work really well. Rubber, foam inserts, very grippy.

More info:

Tamiya stock rims for OpenRC F1 and store bought F104 tires.

It´s a shame with all the different types as it creates confusion and frustration. Thank for posting and i´m glad your on track with the car! =)

Would you like to send OpenR / C Formula 1 Car Kit to Turkey. How many dollars.

You can ask in the community on either Facebook or Google+

Would I be able to order the decals from you? (with all the supplies you used in your video?)

Does the car have to have the none 3d printed parts ?

Well you could glue it together rather than use the M3 screws. It won't drive but it'll look good on a shelf.

Hi. Thank you very much for the model.
I only have the problem that the Center Lid doesn't fit very well (all other parts are flawless). It leaves gaps all around and thus not looking very good (and I think it is not very aerodynamic as well ^^)

Mine was the same, I'm attempting to print the 2017 update parts and see if it's any better.

I'm sure this has been asked.. anyway to scale this up to a larger model? I saw the 3D Printing Nerd interview at MRRF and he was holding what I believe to be a scaled up version of this..... I would love to have a larger version for my first print.

Anyone want to see if these tires will fit with this car?

OpenRC Formula 1 Car Tire

What is the required build area to print this, I want to print it but my monoprice select mini only prints 120120120mm

It is too big for the Select Mini. I also have one and when I loaded it up in Cura, the Main Chassis Parts were much larger than the build plate. I supposed you could always down scale it but finding the electronics to fit it may be a problem. You would also have to down scale everything with it. Or you can check this out too, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1680470

Split Chassis (for smaller build plates)

Can someone tell me how to print: Dual_Extr_Lid_Upper

in which direction and printer settings.

Thanks for the help!

Comments deleted.


Door you have an idea of how fast it can go with the parts you listed and a 2s lipo?


cannot find openrc project page

where can i find the list of screws?

On the Bom pdf list that is in the zip file.

This is one of the coolest cars I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Thank you for your share,but I can not find the black model under the number 3 could you please share it ?

Thank you very much

Ah, i guess your talking about the "dual extrusion" parts. Check the files section and look for "
OpenRC_F1_Dual_Extrusion_Files.zip" and those files are in there! Let me know if that´s not what your looking for.

Hi Daniel, awesome project. We are in the process of building one in company colors on the Ultimaker we have here and pretty much all the parts are printed now. Only, we are a bit at a loss for the engine choice. The link on Thingiverse is dead but a similar motor seems to be 1855kV (150W). Yet the pictures supplied by 3DPrintnpack show a 3100kV (255W) motor. Which one is correct? We don't aim for top speed since this will be an office racer but we do like to keep things in one piece (and the magic smoke inside the electronics). Thanks!

Seconded. I have the same question: here we have a 1850kv motor linked, but on his personal web page a listing for a 3000-3900 (you can choose) motor is linked: http://danielnoree.com/openrc-f1-electronics-hardware-banggood/

Does the lid actually print stood up like it's imported?

All files are printed how they are imported without support, they were designed for easy printing, but if your printer struggles, reorientation the part where the printer wouldn't struggle.

Comments deleted.

Hi, I have a small printer (120mm x 120mm x 120mm), and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to print this design on my small build platform.

Hi! It should work i think except for the chassis but there´s a version for smaller printers aswell here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1680470
But you should probably double check in your slicer that everything fits first before starting.

Split Chassis (for smaller build plates)

Hi, I have a small printer (120mm x 120mm x 120mm), and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to print this design on my small build platform.

Hi, I have a small printer (120mm x 120mm x 120mm), and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to print this design on my small build platform.

Hi, I have a small printer (120mm x 120mm x 120mm), and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to print this design on my small build platform.

Hi, I have a small printer (120mm x 120mm x 120mm), and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to print this design on my small build platform.

Have you made shocks for this yet?

Comments deleted.

Howdy, I am trying to find a picture of without the top parts on so i can see the exact layout of the electronics, can someone please post a pic like that for me? or link me to a picture... i know the pdfs show most of it... but i am trying to figure out the the position of the esc

would you recommend using Filaflex for printig the tire_v2? which infill do you recommend?

Here´s a video where i talk about how i print the F1 tires (V2): https://youtu.be/GRyA-5lrgd0

Awesome design! Printing one atm. But want to use The electronics i have laying around. But it's 1/14 scale. Can you upload The motor mount CAD Files. So i can try to mod myself?

Just download the STEP file of the entire assembly and your good to go! =)

That was fast! =)
Good work on the mount!

Hehe thanx! =)

I know people use different fill rates, but on average, how much PLA could I expect per car? I'm interested in building 6-8 cars to use in my freshman-level transportation class. The only things we won't be printing are the rear axle and gears since we'll be machining those items in the machine shop to help meet some of the state standards. I'm going to print one entire car though as "prototype" before we start changing items like the rear axle. That leads to the first problem.

Also, we have a Flashforge Finder in the classroom and I haven't encountered any warping on it before, but I started printing the rear axle today and about 5-10 minutes into the build the ends started curling up off of the bed. The center section and the first to steps outside of it look great, but the two smaller diameter sections curled up enough that its not usable. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I don't have a large enough printbed to print the chasis front and back (PB Simple 150x150x150) so I sliced it and used a heat gun to melt/weld/solder it back together. I wish I knew how to slice it to make it into interlocking pieces instead of one straight line. If anyone is interested, I can link the sliced pieces or if someone can actually cut it into some of interlocking design, that would be awesome

Is this what you are looking for? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1680470

Split Chassis (for smaller build plates)

Wow, yes, I wish I had seen that before. I used a free netFab trial to cut straight lines but I'm not sure how to cut lines like that. I see the guy used Tinkercad to do some modifications, what do you use Daniel to make those cuts? Here are some photos of the cuts 'welded' together. It's ugly but it was just a test to see if I can melt parts together and see if I can melt more PLA to hold the seems together. Don't really care about the aesthetics, as long as it holds well and fits together so far it is.

Ah, i agree with you, as long as it holds together it´s fine! =)

I use Fusion 360 to maker those cuts. (The entire car is done in Fusion 360)

This car is the most polished FDM model I've ever seen. All tolerances are perfect and don't require trimming or resizing to get things to fit. Amazing! Almost every piece is designed to print without support, absolutely superb!

Thanks man! I´m glad you like it! =)

Hello all. I am building the OpenRC F1 can and cant seem to find any Tires! looking to purchases some asap. Good Year or Pirelli.. please help. im in the UK. What Tires would just fit this rim size if bought?

Hi, I now have the TAMIYA F104 Rubber Tires, but to large for the original STL Rim that i printed. cant find a scaled rim design? any advice?

Is it the front rim? Apparently there are different versions of the tire. I will look into this. I do think these will fit though, have a look: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1462917

OpenRC F1 Rims for Tamiya Tires

My printer can't print flexible filaments. Would there be any tires I could substitute the wheels with?


nice car, could someone make a pic like the front axis is mound with the servo ?

I'm totaly new in building RC things, but i just wanna try it, is it hard to build it? Just don't wanna waste that money :X

How is the servo connected to the servo saver?

Use a metal wire of some sort. I use 1.5mm Alu pin

someone had this car in their booth at the maker fair of san mateo, california. It was in a semitranslucent blue. It was really cool to look at.

This is my first project and it came out great. I'm new into 3d printing I'm using a Ultimaker 2 with olsson block hot end I've put a few hundred hours of printing on it now. I have showed my formula F1 to many people and I carry a failed wheel and tire and the reaction I get from people is awesome. Daniel Norée thank you for your letting me learn on your AWESOME design. Thank You Gerry

i olso use ultimaker 2

Thank you very much for you comment, it´s so nice to hear that you like it. Thank you for putting in all the work of making one yourself! Thank you /Daniel

How fast can it go? what would be the total cost of the project? I have my own transmitter (turnigy 9x)
Have anyone tried to put and FPV camera on it??

Top speed depends on gearing ratio used. With the "stock" setup and recommended electronics it reach about 35km/h. I´m working on releasing more variations for gearing ratio. My current setup goes at 40km/h but i´m aiming for something like 45-50km/h.

Have you played around with boost and turbo on the ESC?

I have a 5300 kv motor and right now on my rc truck it goes 50 mph would that be to big of a motor?

5300kv could wear out some gears if they're not metal or stronger plastic.

Thanks, nice work, after I finish an FPV project with a 250mm quad, (80 km/hr) i will engage in this model.

What are the different settings to print this? I'm using Cura. Thanks in advance

i'm mostly using 0.2 layer height, 100% infill for stress parts, and 10 tor cosmetic parts.

Thank you, I have been using .25 and anywhere from 50% to 100%. I may try to print .2 on some of the other parts I have left to print. Still need to get the motor and esc for this project. I have all kinds of Airplane motors and escs, but nothing for rc cars.

anyone able to print me a set of tires? im willing to pay ya.

Where are you from??

Try the OpenRC Community on G+ or the Facebook group, i´m sure there´s somebody willing to help.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/112745535856143176146
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1111886228841596/

Does any one know the final product in grams?

How much ninjaflex do i need to buy to print these tires? There's 2 purchasing options on amazon.com, the 50g spool or the 500g spool. What's the printed weigh per tire (roughly)?

It really depends on the density of the wheel you print. 1 wheel at standard quick print settings (Cura) will use 22g of material.

So instead of using ninjaflex for the tires(god is it expensive) could i instead use the flexible tpu by sainsmart? its supposedly not as flexible as ninjaflex but still pretty flexible.

TPU will more then suffice, depended on brand!

That could work but make it as flexible as possbile since there isn't much suspension (none actually) to cushion any pebbles on the track.

Anyone know if these rims are standard size? I don't have the ninjaflex to make the tires and I really think just buying some tires would be better and probably much cheaper.

I love r/c's just as much as the next guy/gal. But has anyone tried printing this just as a nice model? Put on a desk or something.

Probably better off, for every 1 minutes of playing outside I spend 1 hour printing parts that I broke off in that 1 minute.

So it would be possible to skip the "internal parts" and just print a shell of the car for display?

Yes! Desk Model was the first thing I did, slightly scaled down

I'm going to remix this so I can put a rocket engine in it.

That would be awesome if you did! =)

I don't know how to make front bom assembly.
Can you show me the picture?

What infill do you use with the tires? I've never printed in Ninjaflex before so this part is all new.

I eventually settled on 10%-20% infill but you need 5 top layers since the ninjaflex doesn't fill in as nicely without a lot of support for bridging.

nice job! you did ask if there was a better servo and i thought i might share here is my go to servo http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17322__Turnigy_8482_TGY_9018MG_MG_Servo_2_5kg_0_10sec_13g.html
it has worked for me for years only one ever had a issue. due to a minor scrape landing to fast. very strong and fast. super precise movement and really good centering every time. hope this helps someone.

That's awesome, thanks!

Comments deleted.

Looks beautiful!

Why no differential? Thing must be a bear to drive without!

I don't suppose anyone has developed a version of the larger parts that can print on a 150x150 build plate, like someone did with the truggy?

So far, I have only printed the nose and Front_Lower. Beautifully designed, well thought out project from someone who has actually used a 3d printer. Parts appear to all be aligned well for printing, and assembly. I can't wait to finish this.

I have all the large external pieces done. Some are a very tight fit. Make sure your printer is well calibrated. It's coming together nicely. Printed the flat chassis pieces at .3 layer and they worked much better than the attempt at .1

Bill of Materials is missing M3x12 cap screws for motor mount. Otherwise an amazing project!

This thing is sweet!!! Going to start printing parts tonight:) great job on the design!!!!

congrats on the feature!

I love this design. It'd be great if you could post some photos :D

Without going through the full BOM myself, how much did you spend on all the internals? Also maybe an approximate plastic usage. Thanks.

Where did you get the tires seen in the 3rd picture?

what is the wheel base dimension? and width?
Looking for a 1/10 scale car for another body?

For those of you looking to put one of these together, we are selling the fastener and bearings kit for this 3D Print on Etsy.

Bearings - https://tinkermake.com/product/openrc-f1-bearings-kit-3d-printed-rc-car
Fasteners (screws) - https://tinkermake.com/product/openrc-f1-fastener-kit-3d-printed-rc-car

Me and a friend both purchased a set of bearings and screws. We received combined shipping and it was pretty quick as well. The bearings are super smooth. Thanks again for making these kits, my local stores do not go lower than M4 for some odd reason.

Tldr: I recommend.

Awesome just saw this! Thank you!

what size foam tires and who would you recommend buying the foam tires from?

Currently there are no rims for foam tires i´m afraid.

If only there was a device that we all owned capable of manufacturing anything we wanted... ;P

Yeah, it's driving me crazy thinking about this! C'mon, think, think, how would i do this

What scale does this car have, and with the reccomended non-printed parts, how fast does it go?

Scale is 1:10, don´t know about the speed, i haven´t measured it.

Comments deleted.

Thank you very much for your inspirations! I'm going to build my own RC-car (I'm more interested in building everything myself, rather driving the final product :) ).
Maybe some useful information for you:
I've done my first test prints on PETG-filaments and the results are just amazing compared to ABS (not talking about PLA). Total strong, heat resistant, no warping and flexible. I see you are living in sweden, there is a e-bay shop in the netherlands for cheap PETG-filaments: http://tinyurl.com/zqlkk3p
Price is about 23 Euro / kg, so really cheap. Main advantage of PETG: Easy to handle like PLA: fire up extruder to 220-240, heatbed to 70, done!

What infill percentage do you recommend?

I have printed the body at 20% infill, rear axle and gears at about 50%. The rear and front wing 100%.

My other suggestion, would be another nut and bolt pair between the front and center, further up and more to the outside to improve the fit between those two shell pieces at the edges of the air intakes (might add more vertical stiffness along the length of the car). This may accommodate better any imperfections or curvature between the intake pieces.

I am printing this in ABS. Either my printer produces slightly small printouts, or the clearances for the 3mm nuts is very tight, as I found that the RTL Fasteners nuts I'm using are just a little too big for them (in thinkness, and width). You might want to resize those holes up by .5mm or so to add some safety margin for hardware variances. I'm working around this issue in the existing prints by using m2.5 hardware nuts and bolts instead.

Abs shrinks after printing. Pla expands

PLA does not expand. It shrinks, just not nearly as much as ABS

Beautiful x-mas decoration.

Great Christmas gift Daniel. Thank you.

Your welcome! =)

Yet another amazing RC model Daniel! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hi Daniel
You done it again. Now I have to choose between my ferry projekt or start with printing your F1 car. I must have a printer no 2.

Thanks Torben!

Having two printers (or more) is a great thing! =)

I have printed almost all of the parts for this and I am having some alignment issues with the main chassis, The holes don't line up with the body if I snap the 2 pieces of the chassis together. I am not sure if it is a problem with my printer or if other people have had this problem.

I'm having the same issue. Did this ever get addressed? I've printed the body a couple times in pla. I printed the chassis in PETG. If I force the chassis and body holes to line up, I break the front of the body.

Thanks for letting me know. I´ll have a look.

same problem the two chassis fit together but the body parts do not line up

Ok, thats weird. I downloaded the stl's and they seemed to fit. Would you mind posting some pics in either the Google community or Facebook group? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!