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Echo | 3 tone whistle

by LetsMakeThings Dec 11, 2015
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I've tested many whistles on thingiverse. If you want the loudest overall whistle on thingiverse, I'd recommend you search "stp_whistle" (you need the underscore for search to find it). Print the Apito model in his files as his other models aren't nearly as loud. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2225386 That is the loudest whistle I've tested on thingiverse though it will require lots of air. The harder you blow it, the louder it is. My favorite whistle though is very small compared to many of these and is almost as loud as the Apito I printed but doesn't require nearly as much air while being very compact and fits nicely on your key chain. It is called "Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle". there are two versions, the compact having a slightly higher pitch sound but both are equally as loud in my opinion. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933021

They are louder than the V29 and many other whistles on thingiverse.

Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle

EsQueue has found a very loud whistle, holy shnikeys! I printed the STP-whistle in .1 resolution with no support and let me tell you what, this baby is freaking loud!!!!!!

I printed the full-sized version, shown in red in this post. The print went well, but the design must be fatally flawed. All I got was a dog-whistle screech which, to my ears, wasn't loud at all. So, while the design prints great, as a whistle it is a total failure. I've attached a photo of my print.

You didn't print the right one. Here is the deal, type stp_whistle in the search bar and print the file called apita, it should be the newest one. .1 layer height, no support and 35mm speed. very fricking loud.

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EsQueue, Thanks!! That is really useful information. I've downloaded both whistles and look forward to making some real noise.

Printed at 0.1mm layer height. Not only are there gaps in the model, but it isn't exactly 3D printer friendly. I wouldn't recommend printing it. The V29 whistle looks much better.

I'm excited to print this, I've printed multiple whistles from thingiverse and the one that worked best for me was the double barrel one in this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3130078

Emergency & Sports Whistle
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I tried printing it on it's side. Prusa MK3. 200um. PLA. It has holes in the thin spots, and it barely makes a whistling sound.

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i printed the big one and he came out fine. and it kinda works but the sound isn't that hard.

I printed one and no whistle, so I imported the .stl into 3ds max and had a closer look.
Nice design but there are a lot of small errors, some of which could affect the sound this whistle can produce.
I dont want to re-design this model(s), but I think it needs some cleaning up in a 3d modeling program before it should be called 'done'.

Anet E12
PLA @ 210c bed at 40c.
0.6mm nozzle @ 0.2mm layer height.

no good, Ill try again with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height...

heh, it whistles while printing cause of my cooling fan. It's like a lil sneak peak.

Jesus....... yeah it's definitely loud

read all the comments dumby

It works, you have only to blow with full power, but best you wear an ear protection, otherwise you hear only "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" after you have ascertained that it works. If you do not blow powerfull enough, only a wind noise comes! Do not stand in near of other peoples or animals at testing.


Hi !
what are the differences, apart from the size, between :

  • Full-Size-129db-Whistle-No-Wings-V2
  • Full-Size-Whistle-V3
  • Micro-Size-129db-whistle-v2
  • Micro-Size-Whistle-V3


First print of Full-Size-Whistle-V3.stl using LulzBot Mini, PLA, 20% infill, standard quality (Cura LulzBot edition) was no good. Print had several holes, each outer whistle, side opposite flat side.

If I wanted to order about 100 of these can you produce them? what would the cost be? are these made out of recycled plastic? you can contact me 559-475-3932 or Xtremegreenrecycling@gmail.com

I have actually made a few of these and sold some. I made one and it was so damn loud it was like a screech from the pits of hell. it was like my own ears were bleeding let alone my friends that were next to me. I'm not so sure why people are having problems printing this. the v3 model of the full sized is the best the small one needs work. just print it flat rather than on its side. I've made about 15 of these so far and they all work great.

FYI this model is for non commercial use.

Please check the model because when sliced there're holes in the middle part.
I used Cura but I think it is independant by the slicer software. The wall are too small in those sections.

Comments deleted.

Strange sounds while printing ... yeah because ... it's a whistle ... ;-D

Look what I just found. I hope you're getting Royalties.

Same issue as some other users mentioned, had to scale 150% to print without holes.
Simplify3D will do it with single extrusion walls turned on, but that always leaves some seem gaps.

I just printed this, and overall it turned out well. My only complaint is that you can’t blow it softly. So you either get a really loud sound, or just an airy sound. Great survival whistle, but not good for every day use

Despues de tres intentos, el tercero ha funcionado, hay que tener en cuenta la resolucion y el relleno, ademas el que ha salido bien lo he realizado de plano.

For those of you having trouble getting this to work: The biggest problems with printing whistles is them being airtight. A lot of printer/temps won't create a watertight seal much less airtight. You can try coating it with some clear paint to see if that helps. I have to step up my temps a little sometimes to make sure the layers are really solid.

my gosh how hard is it you retards!

Amazing, but the middle one is very loud and the two side ones aren't as loud.

Printed 4 in various settings and none work. Well two work but it's very faint. Oh well.

I printed it with 1.25x scale and it's even louder!

Comments deleted.

Well man, It can not be printed with PRUSA I3 MK2, material: PLA, layer heights: 0.05mm (better), 0.01mm (much worse), noolze: 0.4mm. It has been printed on it's side.If you are interested in picture and details, let me know. I own smaller noozle and I can try to print it, but I think retraction has to be adjusted. So, let me know.

I also have an Mk2 and it printe fine here a while ago with PETG. Have a look at your settings.

do you have the .STP of the model

thank you

Printed on its side, Turned out awesome but it doesn't work! too bad it's a nice looking whistle... into the scrap bin it goes.

have tried to print 2 different whistles but either of them work (Tevo Tarantula)

It's apparently better

Since only the center worked, I took a razor and shaved off both sides and shortened the thp to where it's solid. 1 tone but is damn loud. Looks ugly though since I cut it up.

Printed it on it's side but the first and third whistles barely make any sound. It all comes from the center.

I'm new to 3D printing...so I suspect I may have missed something...but I tried 3 times and have been unable to get it working for me.
Pity...it looks nice :)

Have you tried printing it on its side?

So, I've been having some trouble with it. I did try some debugging and I found that some of the walls are so thin that my slicer (Simplify3d) simply refuses to create them. In particular the slanted/curved surfaces on the top seem to be causing these problems. Would it be possible to make a version that has slightly thinker walls on the top and bottom?

Note I cross checked this by doubling the size of the whistle and the holes disappear. So the problem does seem related to wall thickness.

Doesn't work - should have checked the comments first...

Did you follow the instructions in the description when printing it.

I printed flat on it's back - does that make a difference?

Works fine. Despite having a little hole on the mouth piece, it annoys other people quite a bit ;-)

mine didnt work but i used supports...my bad.. i did wonder maybe printing on side would be better?

Supports clog up the insides

Def doesn't work. Major bummer

What is the difference between winged and wingless?

No luck here either. Took the small version, sliced in CURA and then printed in PLA on a i3.

Doesn't work. I mean it kinda worked but you couldn't hear it across the room or anything.

Printed it flat, on it's side, fast, slow. Doesn't work !

Printed at 60mm/s and there was no sound. I examined it and realised there was a small hole that shouldn't be there letting air out on the top layer of the print. I tryed printing again this time at 10mm/s and it did take a lot longer but it is now extremely loud and it hurts my ears when I blow on it really hard.

Sorry , but does not work, printed the two versions.

Have you printed it on its side or on the bottom? Try printing it on its side. I'm setting up a redesign to work on all angles

Пиздец как круто!!! GOOD!


not designed for 3d printing before to try to print this :)

I'm trying to find something like this to print for cub scouts (crazy to give them a whistle I know) but I would like to put their names on them if possible.

Had a bit of an experiment and found printing on it's side worked a lot better than 'flat' although this makes the keyring part a bit weak. Makes a really nice pitch and loud sound. I was using Colorfabb Woodfil at .3mm layer height, so I'd say this design is very tolerant. #NorwichHackspace

When I printed it (on standard setting, printed on a FlashForge Finder) there was a hole in the bottom so it didn't work well. Then I put a piece of tape over the hole and it worked fine. It was realy loud though.

Hi, can you make a version with a thiker ring (keyring)?
This is my favourite whistle but this is the fourth time that I broke that ring :)

Comments deleted.

I can't make it work! :-/
I printed flat at first, then read some comments and printed it on it's side. It still doesn't work.
PLA, Res 0.3, 20% Infill.

I printed the small one btw.

try printing it at 0.2

OOMMMGGGG it broke my ears the first time I tried it!! Printing tips : no support, and high retraction for bowden


Not sure why but my print doesn't seem to work. Any particular settings you used? or maybe my printer isn't calibrated, how long is it supposed to be?

The best way i have found to print it is on its side

Printed this on my Tinyboy, and it doesn't seem that loud (relatively), and actually seem to get somewhat better performance when I block the top holes. Any suggestions? I am a trumpet player, and at full force, I can only get 109dB at 6". Thanks!

Interesting, how did you print it? flat or on its side and with what layer height?

So good, extremely loud as well as a really fast print!

Very loud and fast to print. Thank you!

Hmmm... Today is Dec 11 and this Thing was posted 2 days ago. Contest deadline was Dec. 6. Hmmm...

Granted, the Contest Rules stated very explicitly that the Makerbot folks were under no obligation to be "fair."

But I hadn't expected to be glad I didn't bother before they even announced the winner.


Comments deleted.