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IronMan Helmet

by cairon Dec 11, 2015
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Hi i am printing the helmet but then i released something i printed the down stl and the ear stl but how am i supposed to get them into eachother

Hi, your work looks amazing!!
I can’t wait to start making this but one thing I was wondering about was the magnets you used. They look really good in the photo but I couldn’t find them online anywhere. Please could you leave a link to where I could buy them?
Many thanks

I was given these magnets, but you can find them by searching "neodymium cylinder" on google ;)

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply!

Printed 99% .. found out it does not fit on my head :/ It is probally big enough to be on my head . I just cannot get my head inside the bottom part (this whole sentence sounds weird)

scale ears to 97% they will fit perfectly

What is this made with a Stl file?

Can someone please break the up and down file to be smaller. I only have a 180x180x180 print. I have everything else print out, but those files are to big. I have tried to split the files but for some reason every piece is printing out to a different sizes. Can someone else please try to do this.

You can split files with 3d tools like mesh mixer

can you do it in whatever slicer you are using? i can if you'd like but i can only save the files as .gx something to do with flash print.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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on what scale is it best to print this? i see comments that is too small?

Hi! The DOWN.STL file is broken? I see some lines inside when I load it in Slic3r.


same issue! find any fix??
Edit, mine the model is hollow. it tries to print support in the model

Hello. I've never seen that, but I use cura and makerbot software. Maybe with an other/last version of slic3r?
If it persists, try to load/save the stl with an editor like meshmixer.

Fyi same broken lines in the latest version of Slicer PE

What color red did you use?

It's a motip red metal bomb, ref 04045

Is there a kind of spraypaint, which is transparent and disguises the "3d printed look". Or makes it smooth like that?

Sorry for the late answer. For the helmet i've used car bodyfiller and hours of sanding

depending on the print material you can use chemicals to soften the lines.
ABS: acetone
PLA? PETG: not sure but harsher chemicals.
you could also
Sand the parts.
Sand and paint.
Resin coat the part.
Sandable primer heavy coats.

I haven’t used this epoxy yet but I heard good things about it. Planning to use it soon but xtc-3d seems like it will work

How did you make it so smooth?!

How did you orient the mouth? It seems odd sitting on those two points... is that the best way to print it?

En cours d'impression pour moi sur ANET A8.
Supports et bordures INDISPENSABLES.
En PLA avec remplissage à 20%. Malgré tout prévoyez une bonne quantité de matière ça consomme beaucoup.
Pour la face avant (seules parties pour moi imprimées pour l'instant) le résultat est superbe. Pour la taille il est certes plutôt large mais c'est une décoration pour la chambre de mon fils. Il ne sera pas porté donc ce n'est pour moi pas important.
Actuellement j'imprime les oreilles et là, la forme est extrêmement bizarre. La pièce est excentrique et non plane ! Les surfaces censée être planes ont quelque sur-épaisseurs ?!? Je comprends pas pourquoi et c'est moche ! Je vais certainement jouer de la lime et du papier de verre pour corriger tout ça.
Le fait que la pièce soit excentrique me laisse également perplexe. Doit-on imprimer la deuxième en miroir (symétrique) ?
Sinon très belle réalisation que je recommande pour les patients et amoureux du ponçage ;)

Alors t'en es où ? l'ensemble est bien ? des astuces pour l'impression des différentes pièces à fournir ?

for who is interested, the size of the file is for a 60 cm head, but cant be dressed cose' the bottom part is too narrow, only a 58 head can fit it or less , planning to modify the files for better dressing

HI Going to print this but first what quality settings should I use on my Creality cr-10 ?

Should I use draught quality 0.2 or finer?

Regarding fill should it be 10% , 25% 50% etc or even solid :)

I always use brim and support on all pieces.

Thank you in advance.

If you plan to chew/sanding like me, 0.2mm even 0.3mm is enought with fill at 20%.
I like the cr-10, may be my next printer :)

Thank You for a quick reply and a great model :)

First things first, this thing looks AWESOME printed!
For anyone like me who has a large head (i measure around 62cm circumference at brow level), I would recommend printing 1.1 scale. I printed at normal size and can barely get this thing on my head, even with the jaw portion detachable.

I cant seem to fit this on my head when assembled. what head size is this for?

i can seem to put it on through the bottom, i dont think my head is that big.

I've ever answered to the first question below.
With a fitted size, the head is put from front without the chin part, then place the chin part (with magnets or other fixation system).

is this scale to fit your head?

A bit bigger because it was thought for add electronic parts inside.
Depends of your head too but you can take measures and decrease the scale.

how do u fit the ears into the helmet. they wont fit

They fit from the inside. The border of the ear is glued with the inner part of the head.
The same way as the first complete stl file, then glue it.

Hello Cairon,
magnific model, I'm printing.
do you have some references on the paints you used ? it could be useful :-)

I've used motip sprays, bougth in my local car shop.
I've no refs but found in a picture their label:
red metallic
yellow autolack

This is really cool and I'm really excited to print it!

I'm struggling with the FACE_UP.stl piece. I can't seem to position it correctly to not have severe overhang issues. I'm printing on a Prusa MK2, slicing with the Slic3r Prusa Edition with basically all the support material enabled (supports, rafts, brim). Anyone have any tips to get this to work?

did you tell it to use a support?

Ya I was able to get it to print after rotating it just right and making sure the distance between the supports and materials was as close as possible without actually affecting the print.

Hi! your work its simply great ,man!
all parts are so good but the ears pieces are some bigger and cannot make enter in the hole of helmet

for my printer 220x220x200 ,i need cut some parts in two ,no problem with Tinkercad soft , if someone need i can send the piece files

Hi, I know that this post is from a few years ago, but if you have a "DOWN" file that is split, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you have it, could you please post it here. Thanks

do u have the mesurements for the ears? i cant fit it in. what size on simplify 3d should i resize to?

I would love the files sir, if you can email them to juanjo.2723@gmail.com it would be awesome.

About the ears, you have to place them from inside, with glue (or 2 components resin), the biggest part must be glued inside the main part.
If needed, I can put some pictures.

please do put some pictures as i cant push the ears in. its almost as if its too big for the helmet.

Picture just added for the ears and magnets

the ears dont fit in though. but its okay i made a solution. in simplify 3d i connected the ears to the top helmet so its printing it all together. ill let yall know how it turns out. as for the magnets its a awesome idea.

Thank you, great work.

bit of a question, im just looking for a display unit of this so max size not important, in fact have to take all parts down to 65% on my small printer.
However quick question...i notice in the files, the MK1, full mask in there, has anyone tried to print that on its own, ??
just a thought?

Is there hinges ? How do you join the pieces ?

Not yet,
I've used a 2 components glue (resin) for non movable parts.
The mouth is removable thanks to magnets.
The face will be motorised

Do you have any photos of how you installed the magnets on the mouth piece?

Hi, I just add the picture ;)

I'll try to post it this sunday.
I've used bi component resin to glue them on the pieces and then maintain them together during the curing to keep the good position.

great helmet.
how do the ear pieces fit?
should they go through the holes?

picture just added

i got the same problem.

I recently had the same problem. Since, my printer bed size made me cut the "down" file into about 6 pieces I was having some warp issues with the new pieces. I thought this was my original problem with the ears. I ended up measuring the stl file opening for the ears to what I printed and found that not to be the case. I ended up cutting off part of the ear that sits on the inside of the mask and insert the ears from the outside. I'm sure if I would of filed away some of the plastic it would have fit eventually. Hopefully that works for you as it seem to do OK for me.

I've used a 2 components glue (resin) for non movable parts. For the mouth I've used magnets. The face will be motorised (later ^^)

everything is printing nicely, the only request I have is to have the back piece separated so it can be printed on a smaller printer. everything else is fitting the Makerbot 5th gen I use.

You can do it with the UI slicer or a tool like meshmixer

So is this big enough to actually wear?

STL parts are sized to wear, but for big head (and for my case integrate servos and orther electronic parts).
You can downscale for yours. Don't forget you may add foam.

I made new stl files, with good units. Enjoy!
Large head size, you may reduce from x0.9 to x0.8 if you don't insert motor or other...

I really appreciate your posting this. Thank you very much. This is the best Ironman helmet model I have seen. I think a lot of people have had success with 3d printing these helmets, but they are not as generous as you are to share their files with the public. I am using a MakerGear M2 printer with Simplify3D software. When I uploaded the objects to the software, they were all different scales. Maybe I am doing something wrong. If anyone has any advice on how to get them into the software at the same scale, I will print out the pieces and post pictures. Thank you again for sharing your files.

Edit: Thank you so much for responding and I will try the idea of multiplying by 10 and I will also wait for any new files.

Thank you so much. I'll post new files with correct units soon. But in fact for the too small objects, just multiply the size by 10 should solve the problem.

That is unbelieveable.. Great, Got a few quests..

Print time ?

Brill piece of work

Thank you

It was printed with PLA from emotion tech on makerbot printers: replicator 2x and z18 for greater parts.
The chin took 7-8h, whereas the main head part took ~24 hours if I remember correctly. I separated the cap of the head to avoid enormous bridges and more hours of print.

The worse of the work was the hand sanding/coating/sanding/coating ... and finally painting!

Good to see your design uploaded.

Please make us dream and post the results !

Yeah, I just posted a photo :)

Your model is broken or im retarded. Cant figure it out yet. But when I try to add supports, or even if I dont. It doesnt wana print the top portion of the head

Hi, I just posted the separate parts that I used, tell me if it's ok.

They are obj files so a lot of folks may not be able to use them...

I didn't know. I'll do an stl extract when possible.