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by jzisa Dec 7, 2015
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Works too good! My son is driving me mad, and the neighbors, and their neighbors....

Works awesome. Thank you!

Did a 0.2mm 20% fill at 40mm/s, no sound even when I blow it hard.

I love this, I printed about a dozen of them and gave them out to kids who love the heck out of them. I made a lot of parents upset with me at the same time LOL

Printed great on Ender 5 at 0.2mm resolution and 20% infill.
Have to blow hard but it's very loud.

I have printed this with 0.2mm Layer Heigth @40mm/s with 20% Infill but it does not work.
But why?

Very easy to print, super robust and surprisingly loud. This whistle is very well engineered. Thanks for sharing!

very good design. reached 130 db. good for my tinnitus. every print worked

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Didn't work for me. I blew as hard as I could and heard nada (other than the sound of me wheezing

Awesome little whistle.... Figured I will try it out in traffic on my way to work, DO NOT TRY THAT. Did not think it would be such a loud whistle! Ears were buzzing for a while.. LOL

Printed really awesome on my Ender 3 pro.

Hi, would anyone know why my printer is printing the top half of the whistle offset to the bottom half? I'm slicing with CuraEngine and using a Tevo Michelangelo printer. (Result as shown in photo) Thanks

I compared this with two others on Thingiverse. It's loud and high pitched, but there's a lot of resistance and it takes a lot of puff. The other two are louder and take much less to get going. Top of the line-up was the compact emergency whistle.


  1. Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933021
  2. Emergency & Sports Whistle: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3130078
  3. V29: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1179160
Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle
Emergency & Sports Whistle
by jzisa

Thank you very much for your comment. Your commented list helped me a lot to choose which whistle to print :)

Great whistle. I use it to call my dog when she visits the neighbors over 700ft away.

imprimé mais fonctionne pas

Printed it, tested, WTF! Loud as hell!

Printed ok but whistle didn't work!

Same... I don't know why...

Mine didn't work either, but then I realized you have to blow it hard. I blew it hard and it made my ears ring lol. Try blowing it pretty hard and hopefully that works ;)

Has anyone tried to scale the whistle larger? What happens? Does it get loader? Does it change the frequency much?

This size seems to be the sweet spot for volume. Printing it bigger can make it even harder to use so I wouldn't recommend it

Very loud whistle, however it will not work without too much air pressure from your mounth. Only operates at high frequences and high air pressure.

I printed the V29 version. It's a badge of honor! Mine worked great. You need to blow HARD! It left my ears ringing, and the wife was not happy!

Printing right now! I will keep the V29. Is your brand! and also the name of the whistle.

Works really great! I tried it on my balcony with closed door... My three cats inside totally freaked out.

Printed and came out great, blow hard and it is super loud. Be careful it will hurt people/pet's ears, especially indoors.

Great whistle and very loud. Thanks for sharing.

This thing is amazing! Obviously the harder you blow, the louder it gets. So I’m thinking of hooking it up to my air compressor. Lol

This whistle doesn't work well. this one works better:

Works great for me, very loud! Creality 10S5

Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into this whistle! I greatly appreciate it.

Comments deleted.

Looks good. Anything less than a really hard blow only makes high-pitched wind. Blowing hard, however, makes a satisfying ear-ringing sound. Will probably find a home in hiking backpack.

This was my very first print (!), and for anyone interested this took about 90% of the small filament sample that came with Ender 3. Perfect!

I have printer version 29 that does not whistle, filement waste, maybe version 39 or 49 will be better

Try blowing harder

Same thing here, I printed in PETG for durability but doesn't make any noise, just the sound of the air coming on the side. Shame really.

It's great, to prove it I was loose and it did not sound good. Once on the street I blew hard to test and the noise generated was spectacular.

Comments deleted.

Printed in my Original Prusa Mk2 with 0.15 layer, 20% infill and speed at 60. after 2 and something the result it's great. I have some whistles for the mountain and this is the most loud I could try. Also Looks good in Antactic Orange PLA and UV light. Thank You Jzisa!

Well, I printed and it looks great. I definitely get some very high pitched noise coming off of it, but it's mostly just the sound of breath going through a small device. Not whistling, not loud. I blew really hard... nothing.

When I saw the high quality of the print, I was really pleasantly surprised, but obviously I'm disappointed in that it's pretty useless. This is on a Maker Select Plus, FYI.

You need to blow through it really really hard to get a whistle, at low air speeds I also get that high pitched noise

same here, nice model but not functional!

Same here, I thought the stringing from the PETG might be blocking it, but looking other people's responses, I don't think is that. I used 3 wall in mine and 20 infill.

Holy crap this thing is loud! It's 1 AM.... Sorry neighbors, hahaha. Good work sir

This print is working great on my Monoprice Maker Select v2 with Hatchbox black PLA filament! I'm printing them for each of the cub scouts in my son's den. A whistle is one of the required items for camping trips in cub scouts.

Comments deleted.

I'm not all that impressed with this design... I've printed it 3 times and all of them at 0.15 layer height with Solutech Teal filament. They printed great, no supports, but they are certainly not loud at all.

Comments deleted.

Thank you! Works great!

Im try to use it, but my right ear has tinnitus after use...

I'v printed this thing 6 times and 6 times it is absolutely freaking loooud! I'v also tried a slighly larger and smaller version, but this seems to be the sweetspot.
Good job!

We printed this on our Prusa I3 Mk3, standard settings. So, yeah..... I was worried about the cops getting called this thing is so freaking loud. Like, ear-shatteringly loud. My bf enjoyed torturing our other roommate with it to the point that I had to confiscate all the whistles, replace the print file with something else and distract him with fidgets until he forgot about it. If you're going in the woods and want an emergency whistle this is it. If you live in an apartment, and/or have prankster roommates, use caution. lol

10/10 will likely need hearing aids

I printed the Fixed file using ABS. I'm not getting any sound.

I held the whistle the right way and blew really hard and can get sound.

Comments deleted.

My Tevo Tarantula killed this print! After a light cleanup from faulty retraction settings, this thing is LOUD.

Fixed model
.4mm Aero/Titan/Volcano
Digistruct 1.75mm 200C
Heated bed at 60C (aquanet mirror)
.2mm layer
25% fast honeycomb
turbo fan at 60%
took about 45 minutes.

Definitely some support issues but nothing really even worth mentioning honestly. Wanted to experiment with it. In the house. Because science. The dog and I both almost fell over. This thing is LOUD AF. Great Halloween treats. ;)

Good work, jzisa

4 prints, none work. 10 hours wasted :(

after a printjob of nearly 6:40h : the whistle is done,
( veerrryyy ssllloooww : 0.1mm layer with 0.4mm nozzle, speed 20mm/s at acc of 50mm/s^2)

it works -- even if not very well, I must admit
I even tried to sharpen the sound-edges, but not much of a result

I had the "not working" problem, too
( BUT: on another whistle )

There, I tried to scale up to 125%, and this worked there very well

( scale up means, that the details worked out by the 3dprinter turn out better, in scale )
and : try print with 0.1mm layer
and : print it slloooowwww (20mm/sec, 50mm/s^2)
often helps A LOT
please send some feedback,...whether it worked or not !
good luck

Thanks for the suggestion - however, I had already used an 0.15 layer & 40mm/s (overall max speed, with 60% on outline & solid infill - so, some 24mm/s on those).

The only thing I could try, then, is to scale it up & see if that works. But I think, I'll pass on that, for now. I appreciate the feedback, though - I might try it lateron. :-)

Printed the file with "fixed" in the title - but it doesn't make much of a sound. Maybe it's in the settings? I had this on a bigger printer, with an 0.4 nozzle... Suggestions, anyone? :-)

A while ago, I printed this other model: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:174843 - made by lmschupbach. That actually did work just fine, but was on a smaller printer with an 0.35 nozzle.

Edit: I used a file to sharpen the indicated corners shomewhat (see whistle_mod.png) - this did increase the sound quite a bit, but not to the level that I would expect from the description.

Loud, Nice Sounding Whistle (+128dB)

Printed both files. Neither one works....at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Made this. Don't waste your filament. Maybe V40 will be better.

How do I remove the center pieces? I am new to printing and want to remove them correctly.

How do I I remove the items in the center that need to be removed?

I really wish I could say this was good. My thought of whistling is louder than the whistle itself Far too hard to blow to get any sound out of it. Was going to give it to my cub scouts at camp this weekend. Gotta look for another design now.

I printed this and i works great. I've noticed that if you cover the bottom half of the exit airways with your fingers it makes the whistle sound louder with less blowing. Thanks for this! Also note that you shouldn't blow this indoors. I nearly busted my eardrums doing this as it made my ears ring for a good 5 minutes afterwards... Mistakes were definitely made here...

Oh my! I Just did it and it blows! I tough mine didnt work. Thanks!

Just printed this WHISTLE model on my Monoprice Maker Ultimate http://amzn.to/2o2sDQU and it came out great!

Check out my time lapse video of the print:

3D Print Settings:
Layer Height = 0.20mm
Print Speed = 50 mm/s
Nozzle Temp = 180 deg C
Bed Temp = 60 deg C
Fill Density = 10%

Thanks for a great model jzisa!

I wanted a whistle for the dog so printed this off with curas default ABS settings. At first I thought it was a dud and then I gave it a really big puff... now my ears are ringing and the dog has run away scared! Really loud and super sturdy, great work but too loud for me.

Printed this on a Monoprice Select Mini V2 with PLA and it doesn't work. Air flows through but no sound. I guess I either need a better printer or some magic printer settings to get this to work.

Worked perfectly on the first print - My Daughter loves it - Very cool & Thank you!

Just printed one to use as a coaching aid for mountain biking. I'll see how well it carries in the hills tomorrow, This is significantly louder than the playground whistle my wife uses.

Wonderful solid and easy to print design. I have no use or need for a whistle but this was just so nice looking that i needed to print one. The urge to blow into it as hard as i can at works is overwhelming.

Man this thing is LOUD. You should put some warning about hearing damage. Works great. In emergency i'm sure it can be heard from miles away. Thanks.

It took like one hour to print, and like a second to make my ears bleed out

Worked like a charm right out of the box. Thank You!

I printed one for my son to use up the the last bit of a roll of filament. It printed great in a bit over an hour. I took it outside and gave it a blow and it was loud...real loud...my ears were ringing for a few minutes afterwards. This of course disappointed my son who didn’t get to play with it. On the plus side, my wife has a whistle in her purse now in case of emergency?

Printed fine....or so it looks like it...but the holes are not cleared...no sound, no air can pass through it.

Did you accidentally leave supports turned on?

Printed on the Anycubic i3 Mega with black PLA, only emmits a tiny bit of sound through the right hole. No sound comes out of the left. Not an entire waste but could be happier with the finish.

Printed perfect but makes no sound period. Air passes through but no sound

it Works very well ! Really very loud .. The first attempt did not work, the holes were very narrow. The second worked out it is a beauty. I used the horizontal size compensation at -0.19 mm and Success!!!

A great loud whistle. Also : if you only puff lightly, it is a dog whistle. All 3 of my muts come running if its just absently ehaled into.

When you take a deep breath and forcefuly charge it with air it resonates and screams.

Good signalling whistle.

Scale up for a modded pitch.

Prints like a dream (about 2 hrs at 50mm/s). WARNING - extremely loud, be careful of your ears.

Made, printed perfertly, but wasn't loud for amount of air required.

Perfect recess whistle! Works perfectly. Thank you!

this mierd* doesn't work

Merci, fonctionne très bien. :)
Plus de 122 db !!

Pretty cool. Needs a realy good blow of air to work
Flashforge Finder.

Works great just had to give it a proper whistle blow to make my ears ring.

Need to blow much harder to make this go.

I've printed this twice and neither work. I must be doing something wrong. 2nd one I tried more detailed print settings. Completed fine but still no sound.

same here :) i think its in the printer settings

Printed on my DaVinci Jr 1.0 Pro with no issues, works like the champ!!! That’s loud for sure lol

Comments deleted.

Didnt work for me :(

Printed mine on JGAurora A3S at 0.1layer. Came out perfect and works fine.

I noticed there were a lot of seemingly unnecessary internat structures. I used meshlab to remove them and my slicer likes it a lot better--infill and perimeters work like they should.

It also seem the whistle could be a lot shorter. There's a lot of wasted space beyond the resonant chambers. Any reason you don't change the lanyard hole to be vertical and put it right after the resonant chambers? That would make the model print faster and look better.

One thing I needed to do was to rotate the model so that the first bridging layer above the open chambers was full length front to back. Side to side didn't bridge well and left a lot of hanging bridges.

Not a bad model, thanks!

I think it's designed this way to give more grip

Comments deleted.

Printed perfectly with no supports and 100% infill, DOES NOT WORK.

Comments deleted.

How does this item not use supports, I worry that the filament would fall right through?

Buy yourself better filament or better printer.
Mine didn't fell at all.

Also SLS.

I made this .. now me and my family are deaf

Now make mine so your neighbors can join you in deafness.

"noticed in all conditions" ... makes me think of a classroom taking a test.

Comments deleted.

Printed and tested without support.
This whistle is the loudest thing that i heard before.
You must blow very hard.... but then.... :D

Lol for some reason it printed half way and the printer said it was done. Will thry the Fixed version.

Tried this as one of my first prints. It came off the bed about half way through the print, but if I hold my thumb over the bottom where its unprinted it still works! Very loud! Nobody would let me blow it in the house.

For those commenting it doesn't work, if you blow lightly it doesn't seem impressive. you have to give it a good breath and it will rattle your ears. Printed a couple for my other halfs son, he's very outdoorsey and you never know when this could come in handy

BTW, my version works with half the breath required for V29

Comments deleted.

Mine v30 only takes 45 minutes on 30mm/s with 20% infill, go try it

I printed one at 70% of the original size. Still loud.

I've printed this item two times. The first one didn't work at all, and the second did. I did some minor tweeking, retraction of 6.6mm, retraction speed of 4800 mm/minute. Infill of 24 procent (doesn't matter much I guess) and the print qualitety to high. It took two and a half houw or so instead of one and a half but the result is a functioning v29. I havn't test it out with max pressure just yet, but by less pressure there is a noise. maybe good to mention, the settings as I described did work, but I don't think that they're the optimum settings. My setup is; cr-10 s4 and simplify 3D as slicer.

Just my luck that although the whistle printed fine, it does not work. It would have helped a lot to have a section view. I have attached a view of the relevant section. Obviously if any of the passages are blocked, it will not work. I would suggest trying run a thin fretsaw blade to unblock the chambers and also dig out any supports that might have been inserted by the slicer.

Are you sure you disabled supports?
I printed mine perfectly on the first try using Cura 2.3.1

I thought I had set slicer to no supports. I rechecked and noticed the drop down menu, had a setting of 'everywhere' instead of 'none". So I printed another whistle. Used 0.15 layers, but still not getting perfectly clean air channels.

while I haven't yet printed this, I use a lot of ABS filament. perhaps if you printed an abs version, and acetone dipped it, then left it to cure hanging in front of a gentle fan, you might get a smooth gloss that would help.

Printed fine for me on a CR-10s with cheap freebie PLA. 0.1 resolution, 0.2 layer thickness, 60mm/s, 50% infill, 4x shell all around, 200/55*.
Works fine, blow hard and you'll go deaf.

Oh in case anyone is wondering, this thing DOES work. Thank you for the rape whistle.. I hope it never has to be used.

I would use it if i saw you profile picture

Made, worked out great. Thanks

Hey, I really appreciate what you've done for both the community and the world as a whole by creating this! Be proud of yourself! I just wanted to ask...I printed it at school, on a printer with a slicer that doesn't allow me to completely turn supports off...and we use a chemical wash to dissolve supports (not sure if hips or what) and there are two areas where it seems to be completely sealed off from where the wash could get in, because it soaked for a week, and still has the internal supports =/ you have to blow as hard as possible and then it maybe only hits 80 or 90 db. I wanted to ask if I could drill two small holes in these areas to allow the chem wash to get to it better, and not mess up the internal aerodynamics of the whistle. these areas would be the back end of the whistle which wouldn't matter as it's not connected to air flow, but I believe the second area is the bottleneck. Would this work, or do I have to reprint on another printer? Thank you!

Sealed areas are sealed. So no air goes there. So it doesn't mattes if these even exists.
Double don't matter if there is anything inside.

Also try my version, it have no such areas, just add some infill.

Excellent works extremely well and is very loud well done

Awesome job. I think it's great that you kept trying over and over and over until you got it. Kind of like the WD40 story. Great whistle and an amazing story.

If you don't know the story of WD40 here's a quick link: https://wd40.com/cool-stuff/history

I have finished setting up my Anet E10 (my 5th 3D printer) and used this as a test print. Well, first try = fail. Filament stuck to heatbed and the first few layers came off (I forgot to spray it with the ultra hold heatbed spray, my fault) but the second time (got it just right) was all fine.
I rinsed it with cold water under the tap and blew into it. Well, it needs more force than a usual whistle, but for me, a little pressure was enough to get it going. Blowing very hard it really starts to get way loud. DO NOT try this INSIDE it is louder than a tablesaw. going outside, it is also very loud. For me as a hunter, this is a very good thing. And as an engineer, I say a rather fine one.

I'm a teacher and downloaded it thinking it would be a fun thing... No... This is a serious whistle! It works perfectly! Thanks for a great design!

perfect result. thx.

I've printed it and it works incredibly loud. Wow

good print but not good sound... ideas?

IDEM bad sound, but great model.. its a problem of my print?

wow very nice and amazing

I made this for a friend and they love it!

OMG! I love the science of it - two frequencies, is there a formula or some calculation where FreqA+FreqB=C and FreqA-FreqB=D and you hear C and D over the frequency of B? Or just wing it. I can't imagine the resonance chambers as being from a stock formula.

Regardless, a brilliant design and it is loud. I'm going to print a number of them so my wife and some of my female friends have a robust assult/rape whistle. And some of my ham radio friends have one in their go kits. Many thanks for going through 29 iterations, it is nothing short of excellent.

what do you print and cool

the airhole on one side colsed up on .4 nozzle 1.2 shell 100%infill .2 hieght any sugjestions

I printed it at 100% size with 0.4mm nozzle,1.2mm shell 0.1mm layer height using ABS on a Monoprice Mini Delta without problem. I used 40% infill and the whistle feels VERY solid - 100% might be overkill. Make sure you have "support material"/"support type" set either to NONE or TOUCHING BUILDPOINT only.

If lowering the infill doesn't fix it, you might print it a little oversized (110%) and see if that helps. Somewhat larger size would lower the pitch somewhat, but should not affect the volume.

What are the dimensions of the whistle? I can't seem to access it.

This was my first print in my DIY Anet A8. All perfect. You need to blow hard. ;-)

How much filament do you guys think it used cause my slicer said it will take about 18 feet of filament to print?

.4mm nozzle, 40% infill, 2 shells, .2 layer height, 105% multiplier, and it takes just under 16 feet.

At 0.1 layer height and 10% infill mine says 2.4 metres or about 8 feet.

0.1 layer height and 40% infill comes in at 5.1 meters, or about 16.3 feet.

Works but you have to blow hard

yup, same thing for me

Just printed 5 of them all with 100% infill and none of them work at all

printed one at 100% DID NOT WORK.

Machine operator error - the model is perfect when printed right. 3D printers aren't magic, they still need tuning and tweaking, and then there are all the software parameters, any one of which can make or break a print. Don't blame the model - it's perfect as I have printed several on a well-tuned printer with decent filament.

yep only several people with the same issue and it cant be the model..... must be all of us... so obviously we should just skip any feedback because its perfect....

mine only blows very high pitch and not loud

Printed on monoprice select mini {no supports}
Made 3
Great safety whistle for ~20c
V29 YEAH don't apologize for your great work #fixed, it's not fixed until it has your name on it!

Printed in low-res and 25% infill no supports by mistake. It printed in 1 hour. Works brilliantly by god it's really loud. Great whistle makes my ears vibrate and ring...

I just uploaded a tutorial about filament color changing mid-print, using this model:


All 3 of these whistles I've made have worked flawlessly. Using them as (required-by-law) whistles on our stand up paddle boards.

i made one, but it doesn't actually whistle. 80% infill, no support,

Hi, I have same problem. How did you fixed that ?

I made mine but it took 3 tries. The first two I had 20% infill and it would collapse while printing and come out very ugly and messy, I stopped both less than 10% in. The third one I made solid with 100% infill and it works great, do this if you are having trouble printing.

I did the same thing. First two didn't work at less than 100% infill. The third one at 100% infill works great.

This whistle printed perfectly on my LulzBot Mini using LulzBot's "PLA - Fine" Cura profile, and it is loud as hell. Bravo, jzisa!

Comments deleted.

worked awesome! at 0.2mm layer height and 80% infill
also i put support under the vent holes and it came out great!

Very Nice Made! Printed in blue PLA in something as two hours! Difficult to close your ears and blow the same time! Indoors my ears beepet!!!

Extremely well made!!!! The rigidity the sound and overall quality is amazing. Thank you.

So, half the people say it works the other half do not. I ran it through the S3D simulator to see where my print went wrong and layer by layer the 2 chambers simply do not connect. So either S3D is misinterpreting the STL or it's just a bad model.

If yours does not work, check the comparison of the simulator vs the cross section pictured above. It looks like maybe the shell is too thick and closing off the chambers when it's being printed.

there are 2 separate whistle chambers one on each side. maybe you added support or infil. no support should be used and only infill where needed may be checked. mine only used infill in the top of large flotation chamber. only issue mine had was last 4 layers of print it made a rough ring/crown instead of just flat for some reason and it was not shown in G-code. works great just have to blow hard.printed on my Solidoodle 2 using 2mm layers ABS. plan to do in glow in dark ABS for easy location and to use as night marker by twirling it by coed creating glowing circle to be seen far off in rescue. wish it would Whistle while twirling as well.

Could send me a screenshot of that? I have used simplify 3D and it worked as expected but maybe you are getting different results. Do keep in mind some of the chambers are not connected and are primarily used to provide floatation.
I also recommend if anyone has trouble be as specific as possible with details regarding printer, slicer and settings. There is a lot of experience in this community and others may be able to help. And blow as hard as you can there definitely is an airflow threshold.

So just my luck, I originally printed yours and at least 5 different variances of this including the dual filament one, and every single time it did the same thing. I had restarted Simplify3D at least 2 times, I compared to cura which didn't have the problem. In S3D, it was closing off the internal chambers by about 4-5 layers. I'm not talking about a gap slightly closing, they were sealed. So in response I started goofing with shell settings, layer height, a few other minor tweaks and after no real difference I gave up. I then reloaded my original settings by clicking a different printer profile and back to mine and answering "No" to updating the profile, then magically the emulator was drawing it correctly. Really frustrating because I would have loved to actually find the setting that was causing the issue. I'll keep playing with the settings to see if I can reproduce the error.

Printed this on my anet a8.
Doesn't work
I used:
No support
Platform adhesion: brim
10% fill
Took a bit more than 2 hrs
Can anyone give me some advice?
There was wind coming out but there's no sound (only wind sounds)
Is this normal? (I suppose not)

yeah that's normal. you made a dog whistle. read the description.

Holy cow! This is loud! A+++

Hi I would like to know if it is okay to advertise a unit (acetone vapour box) I made, were I smooth out the abs parts I liked, and show the people all over the world about this amazing unit I designed. With this v29 smooth out shinny and smooth in the background of my unit is this okay to do I would like permission?

Incredible design, printed perfectly, so loud it actually hurts a bit to blow full force.

It worked great on my Anet A8

Worked great on my Tevo Tarantula. Very loud!

Printed on a Taz 6 printer in PLA using 100%, 0.2mm, 50mm/s. It was air tight but didn't work. Inspecting the build, it seemed that the slots were too constricted. Re-printed using 4% increase in scale, using the standard Cura fine detail print setting.
Whistle works now.

I couldn't get it to work. DON'T print it!!

Just because you failed it doesn't mean that others shouldn't try. I had no issues first time.

this thing is AWESOME, though i wanted to tell you that somebody just stole your design...

Made two of them on Prusa Steel (15% infil, 0,2 layer, PLA)
Both require quite strong blow to work but when they do......sweet Jesus have mercy on my ears.
Can be easily used as self defense tool, both deafening the attacker and alerting everyone around.

Works peferct! Printed it with Anet A8 with 20% infill and 0.2mm layer height.

dog whistle...

Any way we could get the CAD files to modify, please?

I encourage you to watch Millionaire Genius on the History channel (1st episode I think). Its about the guy who invented the "Fox40" whistle; which is a new design that overcame the flaws of the pea whistle that was the defacto standard for sporting whistles for over 100 years.

this whistle is f... loud ! awesome thank you

I have to blow real hard ,not good

Holy geez this thing is loud! Wear earplugs when you blow hard.

I had more luck using it in the print orientation (flat side down) than with the letters upwards. Maybe something to do with mouth airflow and bridging across the roof? I wonder if the problems people have with this are due to bridging at layer 91 which they cannot see due to it being inside.

I had a little bridge failure in the mouthpiece and had to trim a little hanger off. A manual support from 0mm to 4mm into the mouthpiece would help, but only S3D can do manual supports. Leaving a layer-height gap to the roof and wall-width gap to the walls is probably a good idea so the support can actually be removed.

Another option for letters could be to inset them just 0.01mm, which results in the slicer telling the nozzle to trace the letters in the first layer but still effectively making a flat surface.

Sorry for the potentially silly question, but what's the purpose of the top ~20 layers (at 0.2mm later height) of this model? Does the resulting chamber serve some purpose as resonance, or is it just so the outer of the design has a nice curve instead of a flat part?

It's pretty fascinating to look at this as it gets built, you should write a blog post or make a YouTube video about your design process and the other 28 iterations :)

Printed two off them, really good test for the printer also :)

Thanks, works great.

I will put it on my dive jacket to call the boat when I am at the surface.

Just printed this as my first print on new printer. Very pleased with the results . Thanks

This is cool. I teach PHYSICS and we will make a full one and a partially made one to demonstrate the differing lengths producing a difference of pitch and also beat frequency as well. Looking forward to completing it. THANKS!

Made this and it works great! By blowing into each chamber separately, my students were able to hear the difference in pitch produced. When blowing through both together, they could hear the beat patterns. I showed them the picture of the inside and they quickly picked up on the differing chamber lengths. We also partially completed the build so my students will now try to accurately measure the lengths of each chamber and determine the true frequencies of each as well as the beat frequency. Thanks!!

Printed today on Prusa clone. 0.15mm layer height, no raft, brim or supports, 20% infill.
Works a treat and loud as hell, thank you :)

This was the first print I tried on my New Balco (Wanhao i3 clone) and was a disaster. Didn't understand the support issue and added it. Whistle wouldn't blow. Just reprinted following some advice in this thread and its the loudest whistle ever!
My settings were Shell 2.0 mm
Infill 100%
Layer 0.2mm
No support
No platform adhesion
First failed one took about 3.5hrs on default settings, revised one, which works took an hour and a half.
Don't have to blow too hard and the sound is loud
Give it another go if it failed the first time!

What software and slicer are you using?
Also are you printing at lower speeds?
Finally what filament?

I use Simplify3d, printing the same with 100% infill .2mm resolution.

I typically print at 80mm/s and I get prints of this item at less than an hour. I dont know if its because I use a Kossel, but my other printer (FlSun Prusa I3) Still getting roughly one hour.

dog whistle...

I had a poor experience initially, but I found blowing on it quite hard produced reasonable noise.

Which one did you print the reg or the fixed?

Printed the "fixed" stl today. Works great.

TronXY 802e
Layer Height - .15mm
Wall thickness - .8mm (2 shells)
Infill 20%
196C Printing Temp
197C First Layer
Build Plate 40C
Print Speed 45mm/s
Initial Layer 12mm/s
PushPlastic Black PLA, No Brim, No Support

printed it nicely but no matter how hard i tried, it doesn't work.

dog whistle...

I printed mine on the monoprice select and holy crap it is loud.

I did one in a MP and it didn't work at all.

dog whistle...

I just printed one on my MP and it doesn't work either. Not even blowing really hard, unless it's a dog whistle...

this guy gets it lol

Printed in P2Steel, nozzle 0.4mm. Layer height 0.2mm.

Very nice to execise the lungs but it doesn't work.

it hurt my ears, need to blow as hard as you can, really high pitch noise that makes your ears ring, printed this over a year ago on my old printer and it didnt work, but printed it on my ultimaker and its perfect

Ultimaker 2+
0.2mm layer height
shell thickness 2 mm
bottom/top thickness 0.8mm
fill 100%
Print speed 30mm/s
no support or raft
0.4mm nozzle
0.5mm Z hop
fan speed 100% started at height 0.5mm

thought id post setting as mine came out perfect

Printed great on Prusa M2. eSun orange ABS filament. 240C nozzle, 100C bed, 20% infill (line), 0.15mm layers. Painful to the ears. Definitely cover your ears. It takes a good blow but it is LOUD. Excellent job, jzisa.

Just printed with my Wanhao Di3..

At Cura: Ext. 200C, Bed 70C, Res 0.2mm, Infill 100%, Shells 1.2mm, Top/Bottom 0.8mm, Speed 30mm/s, Brim 8mm, No Support.

I wasn't expecting that result!!! Shouldn't try at home lol.. Great design!!

Thank you jzisa..

Printed fantastically and super super loud! Thank you!

Nice! Print without supports. Is it very loud!

I did get this printed, but it doesn't seem to be as loud as it's said to be. I think I did everything right, 100% infill, .2 mm layer height, but it still isn't that loud. I'm using the MakerBot Replicator Mini if that matters.

MakerBot replicator mini is not really good in print quality.

Yeah I noticed that on my prints. I've had to scale everything up that I've printed so far.

blow into it harder

I read through a good portion of the comments and didn't see it mentioned: what is the number of perimeters shells? It seems like those who can't get it to print properly may have to many or not enough shells. Mine turned out well but thought I would through it out there since everything else is outlined in the details on how to print. Having the fan on during bridging is extremely important. I used fans for bridging even though printing with abs.

I printed this with my Anet A8, made a faint tone that only my cat could hear.
10/10 best dog whistle
I will try to print this in a different orientation

Printed this on a Maker Select 3D Printer v2. One of my first prints on this printer. Works perfectly, incredibly loud. I have to plug my ears when i blow it!

love the idea, however when I printed it on the M3D printer it didnt work even after cleanup. Its probably my printer.

how much plastic does it take to print.....

Cura says 9.25m (nearly 27 gr) for 1.75mm pla with %100 infill

S3d States 16.78 G (.04 lb)

Sorry to say, my whistle didn't make much sound, only a thin, faint tone, besides that, it's a neat model. I don't know what went wrong, I can se that others both have failed and succeeded.

blow into it harder

we print it with or without supports

My ears are still ringing. Great Design. Also a word of advice, where ear protection.

Really brilliant! Printed two of them, they are loud as hell!

Brilliant design. I love the way you pictured all the revisions to arrive at this one. To me that's the beauty of the 3d printing process: design, print, test, revise design, print again, test, and so on. Just finished printing one and oh yea it works!

I'm upset, useless thing, wanted his son to make a gift, it does not work

I'm upset, useless thing, wanted his son to make a gift, it does not work

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

This thing is AWESOME!!! Printed perfectly on my Prusa MK2. I play volleyball tourneys all the time, and I promise, this thing will get noticed.

Nice job!

Made 3, First didn't work at all, Second Noise only came from the right side, Third worked 100%? all settings remained default medium Matter control, Robo 3d R1 Plus PLA

Comments deleted.

I used the V29.2_Whistle_V29.stl file. Worked great. Loud whistle, but please note -- for my model, I had to blow pretty hard. A soft or medium blow resulted in almost no sound. But once I really gave it a strong blow, it was incredibly ear-piercing.

Comments deleted.

It is a nice model. But does not make a sound. Printed in PLA on a dialed in printrbot.

0.2mm layers, PLA, 100% fill, it almost blew my ears off. Really... I printed it really late and I didn't dare to try to blow very hard into it at that hour. It whistled, but nothing spectacular.

Next day some friends came by and I remembered the whistle. Blew it really hard to show them that it works, and boy oh boy, it worked. It worked so good that I couldn't hear anything else for a few seconds(I was actually getting scared because of this, luckily my hearing was gradually coming back).

So yeah, it works wonderfully. Maybe the problems others had were with calibration. I have mine calibrated on XYZ and used 50mm/s print speed.

2 printed, PLA 20% fill, layer 0.2mm, shell thikness 1.2mm prusa i3, works perfect, very nice design

Used 100% fill and used the fixed file. Looks pretty good, but does NOT whistle at all. Very Disappointed. Waste of time and filament.

It doesn't sound. So disappointing.

I've printed 3 pcs few month ago, and all of them were really loud. Gave all of them to friends. Now a friend of mine asked me to printed 2 more pices. I've printed 3 pcs sliced with Cura and Slic3r with 100% infill. Used PLA as before. But all 3 whistles don't make sound (only quite sound of passing through air. I don't understand what's wrong?!

Did you figure out what went wrong? Mine still wont make a sound

Didn't work, printed 0.3mm layer. Air goes through, but no sound coming out.

did not work also, don't use supports

Printed this twice, both work perfectly :).

0.2mm layer, 100% fill, print head 200. Took an hour and a half to print.

Now I'm off to do another six for my son's patrol to take on scout hike :)

I printed this with 0.25 layer, 3 shells, 0%infill. But i cant get it to make any sound. If i cover both hole with fingers, there is air coming out of whole whistle, so it looks like its not printed good.The print itself looks good. I used cura, what setting should i change to get it air tight?

I made one yester day, and it works very well :) I made a Video of me printing it, hope thats OK ?? :D


can someone please post which file they printed? I just tried twice, one was without any sound, the 2nd print is a bit better but not really loud :(

Mine works fine, it is not a gentle whistle you need to give a good blow with some pressure behind it, it is loud but does not much sound before it gets loud.

Printed on a Zortrax M200, 0.19mm layer, medium infill, Z-ULTRAT material, and it works amazing.
It took slightly less than 2 hours to print it.
Nice work!

is it possible to alter the V29 on the whistle? I am a noob and not sure if that's ok.
tysm, rosiex

Made one with Hatchbox ABS on Wanhao. First one didn't make any noise, 50% infill and the mouth piece lifted a bit from the bed and it wasn't very air tight. Second one at 100% infill and 8mm brim worked perfect.

What where the rest of your settings? Mine printed great on the Wanhao D6 but close to zero sound.

Perfecto, suena como era de esperar. Yo lo he impreso en PLA con boquilla de 0,3 a 0,2 de resolución en 1:34 minutos con una mendel max xl.

I have printed this piece 2 times on my TEVO Tarantula printer. I made no modifications to the piece and printed without supports but it still made no sound. Very disappointed

This is a really nice piece of work that does precisely what the maker describes. Sturdy, loud and easy to print without supports. Well done.

Gack - printed twice but struggling Newbie printer operator here and jsut looking around for some things to print for my middle school science class.
Printing on an Afinia H800, z .15mm; switched to shell fill on second print with PLA. Having a hard time digging supports out of mouthpiece entry.
Any help?- Thanks

This is now clipped to my pack. Awesomely loud. In fact, I hurt my ears the first time a blew it. Nice work.

Printed in SLA on riverside. I think I left it in the alcohol too long, but it made no noise :(. I will give it another try

I dont have a fancy printer and in worked on first attempt......great design thank you !

Printed on Dremel 3d20 / FlashForge Dreamer
50% fill

Very loud ....works amazing !

That looks and reads really great.
Wonder how long it took to find those two alternating amplifying/canceling tones...
@Others: How can you only ask about the V29? That makes my head shake.

that crazy :D
sometimes hurt my ears.

Printed in PLA an PETG. VERY loud! Thx for the design!

I think the V29 gives it character like a branding. You are very kind to remove it given the effort you've put into the design. I'm printing the D model now but I will probably print the V29 next.

The only change I would make is to make the surface on the inside bottom of the whistle (inside top while it's printing) at a different pitch than parallel to the print surface, just so it doesn't look as tore up when it prints (mine required some x-acto touchup)

Tried printing it twice both with 10% fill and 40% fill. the blow test was a fail. Probable closer to 40db if you suck up a whole lung of air before blowing hard. I have a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max with ABS 1.75mm, .5mm head, standard layer height at .2mm, 3 solid layers top and bottom, standard quality, infill with triangles.

Has anyone printed a working part on this printer?

So can this be printed without supports and if so, how should it be arranged?

It's already arranged to be printed without supports, at least when I dropped it in Cura

I've made 15 of these for our Boy Scout Philmont trek. They are SO loud! Printed in PLA on a Lulzbot Mini and I printed 3 at a time in standard mode. I used the V29D_Fixed file and didn't have any problems. Thanks for the design.

printed 3 times, barely makes a noise for me

Did you print 100% infill ?

I've just finished printing mine.
Prusa i3 , sliced with MatterControl
1.75mm ABS at only 200°C
0.4mm nozzle
layer height: 0.25mm
shell thickness: 3 layers
top/bottom: 1mm
infill 40%

Tried it...and I was deaf for a moment!

I've printed both files now and neither of them work, can anyone give me any tips of what settings to use?
I'm printing with a wanhao duplicator i3 with play 1.75 and the slicer is cura.
My setting i used are:
layer height: 0.2mm
shell thickness:0.8mm
bottom/top thickness:0.6mm
fill Density: 100%
print speed: 50 mm/s


I'd recommend slowing bridging speed RIGHT down, and make sure you have the fan set for 100% on bridging. I use an acrylic i3, and first time, worked beautifully. I can see where bridging could cause some major issues.

just been reading all the comments, Im making the original after the newer version didnt really make a noise for me. Question, what flow rate speed is best for printing, i seen some post that its taken many hours. whats the best. Im only new so any input is helpful

I don't remember exactly, but mine was a bit over an hour on an Prusa i3. Works perfectly.

Wow! This thing is loud!

I verified that it works great on my makerbot. If you can be more specific about the problem you had maybe I can help.

Fixed file doesn't work

Comments deleted.

Works as charm! When i blew in, my hears nearly fell off! Printid by Prusa i3 with 0.2 mm layer.

Works as charm! When i blew in, my hears nearly fell off! Printid by Prusa i3 with 0.2 mm layer.

I just printed the "fixed" version as well and it doesn't work. What are the size dimensions that this should be printed at?

It should be about 63mm long. I printed it on my 5th gen maker bot with 2 shells 10% infill and .1 layer height before I posted it and it worked great. See if maybe those settings help you.
If anything if maybe go 3 shells though to make sure it's air tight. Also check to during the print that there is no excess stringing in the air channels or chambers that might disrupt flow. Hope that helps.

Cool, I'll try that and let you know! Thanks for the help!

Did you finally get it to work?

The V29D version is broken. Its around 90 mm long whereas the V29.2 version is around 63 mm. My 90 mm long print produces no sound. I have yet to try the original version.

You are right. I have no idea how this happened but the model broke somehow. I fixed it and updated it. It is now called V29D Fixed. I am doing a test print right now but I am confident the issue is solved. Thanks for catching the issue.

I have printed several dozen and they work great for kayaking!


It does not work!!!
Don't waste your time like me.

Please change you instructions to tell us about the issue most of us are having!

A lot of us are printing this and it doesnt work.
I think the main reason for this is that when we import it into our slicer it is imported in the mm scale, not the inches you seem to have worked on.

Because of this, instead of the whistle being 63.5mm in length, it is actually 90mm.

I assume because of this, those of us who have printed the larger version due to using mm, when we blow into our whistles, the air just flows out the sides rather than entering the chambers.

That and my print took 3.5 hours on 0.2mm layer height and 25% infill, whilst other have claimed to do it in an hour or so.

So please update the instructions or add a new stl with the correct measurements when using mm.

At least I hope that is the issue. Will be printing the scaled down version tomorrow and will let you know.

Hey I am sorry for the trouble you and some others have expressed. I do want to hear about the issues people have because I am planning to put together a troubleshooting guide very soon. I do ask for your understanding though as it is very difficult to identify the differences between the people who have a lot of success and those who don't. There are many factors that could contribute but in the end the physics maters on this item so if there is something off in the print it probably won't work. If there are common issues that can fix some peoples problems I want to find them.

As to your specific issue, you would definitely have a problem if the scale was off. What I don't quite understand at this point is how it would be off by less than 30mm. If it was an unit conversion issue I would expect it be off by around 25 times(1inch=25.4mm). Maybe I'm missing something there. What slicer are you using so I can try it?

Also some people mentioned that the debagged version is one degree off from flat. I will post an update for that this weekend.

Thanks for posting.

I downloaded it from here, the V29D.stl, and just opened it up in Cura 15.04.5

I couldnt print out a scaled down version as my Z axis threaded rod somehow has detached from the coupler on my prusa i3. Couldnt be bothered fixing it today.

But yeah, I too am confused why it would come up at 90cm if it really is a matter of inches and mm.

Well I downloaded and opened the V29.2 stl, and this one opens with the correct measurements, 63.881mm
I guess the scaling for the V29D stl that you have uploaded here is wrong.

So could it be those with prints that do not work are printing the V29D stl one, not the V29.2 stl?

Yea you are right the model broke somehow. Wish I understood what caused it but I fixed it. I called the new file V29D Fixed. I am trying a test print now and I would love it if you could test the new one for me if you get time. Thanks for finding that issue!

Oh I wish it only took me 3.5 hours! Mine took ~8 hours to print and also does not work, just air blowing out the sides.

Works well if you blow forcefully into it. If you blow softly you won't get hardly any sound, so be sure to blow hard.

i printed this at
50% infill
.2mm layer height
.8mm shell thickness
with black pla. I also changed curas default retraction from 3mm to 4.5mm for less stringing and this thing is louder than i could ever expect!!
My wife works at a public swimming pool and i think its going to work great. The only issue i had is that the model seemed to be at a 1 or 2 degree tilt or it is missing a section on the top right. everything works still but doesn't look as pretty on that one side.

It does not work for me. I can only hear the sound commint out of it

I waited 2 hours on making this and now I have junk!!

Just made one. Left Chamber seems ok, but not so loud. Right Chamber doesn't work at all. No Sound, no matter how hard i try.

Mine is not loud. Not at all.

Printed on a Prusa i3 x with ABS. Used 30% infill and sliced it with siimplify3D. I used custom supports for the areas I could reach. I believe that using the option to print from the outside-in is what makes the difference between a ok/not working whistle and one that is loud. This helps keep the knife edge sharp.

I have made V29.2....Doesn't work

For some reason the X axis rotation on the newer v29d model was rotated by 1 degree when i opened it in Simplify3d...just in case anyone else finds the first few layers printing off the bed thats why

printed in PLA.... works great!!

one suggestion, do not connect it to air tank at 10-12 bar.... especialy in closed space.... it goes to ultra sound! :-D

Hello, does this whistle work while its wet ? :) i'm new to diving and i want to try this thing out. :)

Thank you for a great model!

I just printed this out of Hatchback Wood filament. It looks and functions great.
Printed at 0.2mm and 40% infill on a Rapidbot 3.0

I printed it, its loud but my gauge pointed only 100,8 dB

I think it depents on material, temperatur, bridging and stringing

What a great and fun design! Printed without problems at 0.2mm layer height with 80% infill... Wow, this one is really, really loud! :D

I thought it was just me, but apparently a lot of people had trouble with this..
Nice design, but seems to be a lot of hassle to make it work - think I might try splitting it and printing in two pieces?

I tried to print about 10 of these now. I keep getting clogs. I am gonna try to slow it down and scale it up as tigglebitties said. I printed the smaller version and it works ok. Only clogged a little.

agh. took several tries- the right side channel air splitter piece kept getting small stringers between the splitter and the walls of the channel. I had to scale it up to 110% and print SLOW SLOW SLOW. 100% fill, glow in the dark PLA.
final product finally took a while cleaning up with a dental pick. either way, its LOUD! Thanks man this is great. I plan to print out several of them and keep with my camping gear

Made one. Insane loud whistle. Good flow through both sides.

Made on my Wanhao Di3

0.2mm layer, 100% infill, 195C/70C, 40mm*s

Can't get mine to work any tips?

Can someone please explain to me: How did this win if it was uploaded AFTER the DEADLINE of DECEMBER 6TH? It clearly says it was uploaded the 7th.

I uploaded it just before 10pm EST on December 6th. A few other people who posted even a few hours before me also show up on the website as being posted on the 7th. Not sure why maybe it rounds up. Interestingly if you look at it on the app it shows the upload date as the 6th. Go figure. Point is I made very sure to submit on time and I totally understand the concern as it would be completely unfair and there were late posts that came in the days that followed.

I like the design but unfortunately both prints I made didn't work. Super high pitched air on one side but no whistle.

Printed on PLA with my prusai3 0.1mm layer height and 25% infill. It is so loud it makes my ears ring.

wow, what are your other settings when printed this one.

That, is a very nice piece of CAD.

Printed the first time on my Cube. Took 4 hour. Works Great.

For my first print I tried PLA with 25% infill and only one chamber worked. I also found that that the whistle leaked when I covered both exit holes and blew into the whistle.

For my second print I used 100% infill and everything worked. But I thought it was pitched too high.

For my third print I scaled it up to 115% all around (Simplify3D) and I like the lower pitch better. However, you can see that the
"ceilings" in the air passages are pretty rough looking and I don't know if the print job could take much more of an increase. I might try another 115% overall, and then an additional increase on the Y axis to make the chambers longer.

Will it work if i print it at 50%

No. Just tried it. I tried it at 60% and I can't hear it. The cats perk up though lol.

wow, what are your settings when printed this one.

It's loud, and I did a time-lapse of my print you can enjoy here https://youtu.be/JdIruzKwatM

I can verify, this thing is really loud.

I have printed this 4 times now, and unfortunately I still cant get it to whistle. It is just air that comes out the sides.

My settings:
Black PLA (110C - 120C varies)
Both 0.2 and 0.1mm resolution
100% infill always
No supports or rafts
Prints were pretty good quality and did not have any "stringers" and only a few distortions
Using Prusa I3

I believe it may be due to the print being slightly porous (maybe the air is escaping elsewhere). I have seen a lot of the 91 made ones being worse quality than the ones I made however.

Any advice?

It is same with me. I also printed it in 0.1mm resolution.

So after reprinting I noticed that the channel throats (see http://imgur.com/nfRzafJ) were becoming clogged due to my retraction setting. I had the retraction for over 4mm and since this is less Slic3r would just go right over it. I used a knife and tweezers to remove the jam and now it works (though could be better as there is still some blockage).

Not sure if this is your problem but give it a shot. You can even cut the one you have right now and see if it is clogged.

Let me know if this helps.

Same happens for me. But mine does make sound if i blow it with all my power

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This print gave the fan a good workout XD. it went on so many times!

Totally epic design. I'll post a print picture soon.

I work at a resort where many people ski or board to and from work (often after dark,) but many people still don't carry survival whistles.

Would it be alright with you if I printed a bunch of these and passed them out to coworkers?

I work with boyscouts can i print some out and hand them out to the troop?

By all means please do! I'm really glad it can work for you. Enjoy!

Thank you! I'll report back eventually (I don't have as much time as I'd like for my printing hobby) and let you know how it goes over.

I printed one with Afinia H480 at .15mm with ABS. The printer decided to put supports on it and on the inside chambers. I tried to remove as much as I could but there still remained some bits inside. it doesn't blow too great.
edit I managed to remove the inside supports from the chambers with a dentist tool and now it works great.

I´ve printed it right now but no sound going out....just the air moving fast. seems like I waste my time and plastic here.
Printed at 0,2mm and 25% infill by the way. Some ideas to fix it maybe? thanks

Great job!
First try it sounded like a toy whistle, then I blew really hard. That second time was over 100 decibels... It had to have been...

I printed this twice in PLA at .2mm and 30 - 50% infill. Found that you have to blow very hard to get the sound you would expect.

I print this on Wanhao D5S. It's great, so loud and work perfect. Thank you so much!

Works great and is super loud. Printed on M3D High resolution and Medium infill. Only downside is that the print took 10 hours

I like the picture that shows your progression. I'm printing a couple right now, one on Makerbot Rep 2 and one on a printrbot.

does it work if you print it at a smaller scale? like 0.8?

You probably could, but Im guessing it would sound different or not be as loud...

Amazing whistle! First time I didn't know how hard to blow. I requires quite some burst of air but when you're past some kind of level it suddenly starts making a hell lot of sound! Printing a few more now so I can give them to my friends.

Printer: Prusa i3, 0.2 mm, no support or raft, printed on heated bed @ 60 C with blue painters tape, PLA @ 195 C, average speed: 30 mm/s, infill 20%

Ok, my ears are ringing after taking your advice! I had been blowing too softly. Thanks for helping me get it to work.

No problem! First time my ears were in pain as well, I tried it indoors... not so smart :)

Great job! It's very nearly as good as a Fox 40. In fact, if I didn't have one here to compare it to, you probably couldn't tell the difference.

The Fox 40 has a very slightly "wider" sound. The both require about the same amount of "blow" but the Fox 40 is a bit louder and has a nicer warble to it. Considering the limitations of 3D printing, this is an excellent design.

The Fox 40 is my go to referee whistle. Now that you said that I have to print one and compare!

Printed at 0.15 layer height and %100 infill on pla, this is simply amazing. Rock solid and extremely loud.

for me the right only one works
0.3mm layer hight
top/bottom: 1.2mm
shells: 3 (1.2mm)
, but quite fast. it sounds like to much air is coming through and just no high pitch coming. right works great but u have to blow quite hard. maybe ive printed too fast.

if i cover everything it seems there is some air going out... maybe there a little whole in the bottom layer, but on the right(working) side.

Yeah the text looks like crud, it just isn't readable for those of us that use rafts on out prints. On a hairspray setup it might be fine.. Maybe move it to the top?

for me its great but i didnt use raft? i use pla and scotch blue with ~60C heat bed

amazing whistle
printed at a 0.2mm layer height on high settings with 15% infill works perfect with makerbot software on the CTC 3d printer with the PLA that comes with it!

for me only right one works..

going to print it on my ctc 3d today

I have made one, look good but don't works....

PLA, 0.12 Layer, raft, no support...

This looks like a Fox 40 Sharx , which is 120db, looking forward to printing it out to see how it compares. Got to love the power of 3d printers and people like you that take the time to make useful items.

It's possible to get version without version tag? Whole design is really great but version text is ugly. Thanks

I dont understand the no support thing, if its printed top side down then you have a floating piece at the tip of the whistle based of simpliy3d.
see pic

Sorry for the confusion. The top is actually the flat side. So when I say top side down the flat side should be on the printer bed. If you look at some of the makes people have posted many of them show it on the printer bed.

Hope that helps!

scusate, ho stampato il fischietto ma non suona. una volta stampato devo fare qualcosa?

I was wondering if there was any 3D printing experts that could help me. I have a Prusa I3 printer. Every time I try to print it looks like it is slanted. like If your y axis broke the print would be slanted.

Great design, i printed it and it works perfect.

Very loud sound .

Reprap i3 prusa
Nozzle 0.4
With 15mm brim.

I have a problem. I print in ABS, 1 shield and 2 top/bottom solid layer, 60% infill. The aspect is very good but i cant operate it. I think that is for the contraction of material. the right camera isnt work

Hey, sorry your having trouble and I am happy to help however I can. I would try 2 to 3 shells and make sure that support material is off. I had mine printed in PLA but I know people have done ABS too. Do you see any warping in the mouth or side port areas?

i printed 0.25 layer, nozzle 0.4.Good work, too loudly.

I printed two of them. Only the larger chamber is working for me on both. they look real nice. I didn't see anything get printed in the chamber. not certain what went wrong.

That's interesting. What print settings did you use?

If you could, try this:
Cover the entire port where the air comes out on one side with the palm of your hand to stop airflow on that side. While covered blow into the whistle.

Try that on both sides to see if the whistle chambers work on their own.

Let me know what happens and I may be able to offer some suggestions.

Thanks for posting!

Putting my finger on each side was how I figured out that only one side working. On both, putting finger over left hole gave me nothing out of right side. Covering both and I have no leakage. Putting over right side I get tone from the left. 89db on my sound meter. I use a M3D printer, so not really sure what all the settings compare to other slicers, but printer was set to Print Quality high (slow) and Fill Density full (Slowest). Was set to no supports, no model support, wave bonding on, and I used a raft.

One of my friends has this printer. I'm gonna see if I can have him try a few things and I'll get back to you.

I'll look into it and see what I can come up with that may be causing the issue.

Works great, printed it in ABS neon orange. To minimize warping I used only 2 shells and 0.3 mm layer thickness.
With this settings I got print time down from 1:16 h to 0:47 h :-)

Looking at the design there is no need to use thin layers such as 0.2. It prints so much faster with thicker layers, since it will use fewer layers to build the V29.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad you like it!

i wanted to print with 0.2, but now ill try 0.3 since some other stuff printed well with 0.3
I have PLA hope it works :)

Ok so the really odd part is that the day after I printed the first two whistles I went back and blew them again and they are louder?? It seems like when they were hot off the press they were weak and the next day they were great? Odd but I love them, printing more now:)

Awesome! So glad to hear it! Thanks for the update and for sharing your story too. It feels really good to know how they are going to get used. I'll be sure to let you know when I come out with new versions down the road. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Enjoy!

Printed it without raft or support .2 thickness, it blows but not overly loud, really like the design just wish it was louder?

As noted I use .3 layers, 2 shells and 30% infill and it works great. I noticed when giving it to my kids that they are not blowing strong enough to get the right high pitched loud tone out of it.

The tone it generates is a high pitch 2 tone. It is almost the same when my little 18 month girl puts on her highest pitch when she hurts herself.

Hmm that's surprising. Every one I have made will hurt your ears at close range. I might try it again maybe there is some debris in the resonance chamber or an issue with the edge that splits the air. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for posting.

It's a beautiful design, I printed a second one with the shell set to 1 and it works exactly the same. I don't know what else to try. I noticed when I print it that the channels where the air goes past the splitter are pretty skinny.

We printed 3 shells and 100% infill. I'm sure it can work other ways but I wanted to be as sure as possible that there would be no leaks that would cause the pressure to drop or create turbulence in the wrong places. Earlyer designs did have issues with leaking. You have to blow it pretty hard and in future iterations I will keep working to make it easyer. If you are willing I would recommend trying those settings.
Let me know how it goes or if I can be any more help.

Ahh, I'll absolutely try the settings and let you know how it turns out:). I plan on printing a lot of these and attaching one to every life vest on my boat:). I fish offshore in Washington and if you fall overboard we would loses sight of you in about 60 feet from the boat depending on the waves. I really like your design with the lanyard hole and grip size:)

I printed this model on the micro from m3d using the software that came with it. Thought i had disabled support, but apparently not. It printed fine but I spent about 25 minuets cleaning it up and getting all of the support material out. In the end it makes a good dog whistle but isn't very loud next time would not use support.

Yea you should get much better results without supports. Let me know how it turns out. Thanks for commenting.

Downloaded and printed after slicing with Slic3r and checking the size to be 2.5 inch (approx 6 cm)
Came out with support structures at the mouth and on the side notch, probably also inside.
Even after clean-up could not get a sound out of it.

Guess it should be printed without support, right?

Yea one person commented that they had success with supports but it was designed to be printed without support. Smooth airflow is super important. If you get a chance I would try without. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

Second attempt was perfect!
Sliced with Cura, printed in PLA with 0.1 thinkness. NO cleanup and blasting loud first run.


Awesome!! Glad it works for you and thanks a lot for fallowing up!

I printed it in PLA, looks good, and sounds really loud at first try.

Really glad to hear it! Thanks for the comment!

I've printed it... It works really great ! Truly amazing ;)

Glad you like it! Thanks for commenting!

I am using Cura. How/where can I set it from mm to inches? I see that my design measured 63.88mm long, which is just over 2.5 inches. I then scaled it to 63.5mm which is exactly 2.5in. Is that good enough?

The 63.88 one is right actually go with that one. I will post a metric version tomorrow because it seems like that would be easyer for a lot of people. I am brand new to 3D printing and thingiverse so I didn't know. Thanks for the comment and let me know how it turns out.

Crap... Well I got impatient waiting for a response :) so I scalled it down that small amount and its printing. About 30 minutes left to go, so we'll see what happens! Thanks!

Sorry! I'd actually be really interested to see what effect that has. My guess is just a slightly higher pitch but who knows because all the geometry changes a little bit. I'd be really curious to see how it turns out.

Oh no, you should mention that it is to be sliced in "inches". I printed mine on a metric scale and it just sounds broken. Here is the sound for reference :)

How do I slice of inches? Is that about the layer height or which setting? I'm European ;)

But maybe I'll just trial and error.
Any answer is appreciated

What slicer are you using?

It usually does it automatically but here are the dimensions you should see in metric. Usually you will see overall measurements in the scale section in your slicer.

x 24.92mm
y 63.88mm
z 22.26mm

Hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Hm, I printed it with this size settings but it still sounds weird. I'll try again with PLA.

I like cura most, I've got slic3r and replicatorg which I don't use because it's slower.

If I scale it to 100 percent it should show those settings? So those are the original values. I think I got it. Thanks

You are abdolutely right. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I will add that to the instructions once the judging for the challenge is over as I don't think I'm supposed to edit the posting until then. Thanks for commenting!

Damn it printed perfectly and loud as hell.

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like it.

This thing is very loud. I printed 4 of them on straight glass with no support, all of them were very loud. I was curious and ran the thing over with my car, still works, no damage either.

I'm glad you ran it over haha. I'll admit I enjoyed that part of testing it. Thanks a lot for the comment.

I printed it, and it works quite well! One "tiny" suggestion, however. You essentially have two whistles here, with each one tuned to the same frequency. If one was detuned slightly, to maybe 5 Hz different than the other, then you would get a fast beating effect between the two. This beating would produce a similar effect as the ball that some whistles have.

That's a great suggestion and exactly what I did actually. The two resonance chambers have a difference in length of exactly 7%. This does create a bit of a warble but at a higher frequency than you would normally hear in a pea whistle. The effect is still very attention grabbing but does sound a bit different. The research I did suggested a 7 to 12% difference in chamber length to be the sweet spot. One of the versions I did had a more significant tone difference and the effect was lost completely. It's definitely a finicky thing which is part of the reason I have been through 29 versions so far. So that said I am already working on new versions to try to keep getting it better. I will keep experimenting and posting what works which is why I love 3D printing. Thank you for posting!

This thing is ridiculously loud, well done!

Thanks so much! Very happy you like it.

My friend printed it and its incredibly loud can't wait for more filament so I can print my own!

Hey thanks for sharing! Glad you like it. When you print yours share a photo I'd like to see it!

I printed mine with supports, then cleaned out the supports, and it works great. It takes a bit of effort to blow it (I don't know if there's still some internal scaffolding material I couldn't reach or not), but it's very loud. Nice job!

Hey thanks for the comment! I'm glad to here it works well with supports too that may some people.

Doesn't work for me.
Used Cura to slice it and used the model sizes it then had. What needs to be the size of the whistle when its printed?

Hey DjDionisos,
The model dimensions are accurate, just double check that the slicer has it set to inches instead of mm. I can send exact overall dimensions for reference tonight if that will help.

Yeah that will help a lot! Just can seem to get any sound from is... :(

Ok so the overall length of the whistle is 2 1/2inches.
If your print matches that try the fallowing:
Cover one of the ports on the sides with the palm of your hand. (Try to completely cover the opening to stop airflow.)
While one side is blocked blow as hard as you can into the whistle.
Repeat with other side.

If you still get no sound from either side check for for blockages. Let me know and I can tell you what to look for.

If you get both sides to whistle on their own try uncovering both sides, take a deep breath and blow as hard and fast as you can. You do have to blow hard but when you do it gets quite loud. If it still doesn't whistle their may be something restricting airflow somewhere.

The solution either way may be to try to the print again. But I am happy to help narrow down the issue. "solid_liq" in his comment had success with supports. If bridging is an issue you could try that but it was designed to be within the bridging abilities of most printers.

Hope this helps! Keep me in the loop, I want to get it working for you.

Very nice! Printed mine with PETG. No tape needed, just clean glass.

Thanks for the comment! Its cool that it works on glass I was worried about adhesion so I actually never tried it. Thanks!

Well, my first print I accidentally had supports enabled, doesn't work that way. I reread the instructions and did a print on my glass bed (with tape) with no supports or raft. It's a pretty loud whistle. I have an emergency camping one and it's at least as loud as that.

Sorry you seem to be having trouble. What was the problem you had?

In the mean time here are some printing tips I should have mentioned.
1 Be sure the slicer is set to inches.
2 Use tape on the printer bed if at all possible.

Also keep in mind the whistle is not a gentle whistle should be blown hard and fast for best results.