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Air Raid Siren - hand crank version

by MlePh Dec 5, 2015
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Anyone else having the issue with the resistance and the crank adapter shearing? When i put the outer casing on over the thresher blades the whole thing seems to not budge.

Can you send the original CAD files? Like STEP or IGES?

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What's with the weird names

Any instructions for assembly?

Printing it out on the Anycubic I3 Mega with a scale of 65%
I was having some fitting issues with SirHa_Getribe4 fitting in with one of the gears so I had to scale it down to 64% and then cut a lot out to make it better fit. It has a lot of friction but with the gear ratio it should help turn with the crank.

Currently printing this out on my Anet A8. Had to print everything 0.7x scale so it would fit, so a bit smaller.
Wonder if it'll sound different, higher pitched maybe?
Printing out the handles now, rotors are next.

What size bearings did you use?

Hay, I have the same printer, could you tell me if it worked with the scaling down?

I have not had any luck. The tolerances were just too tight.
I had to file down a lot of parts, no luck.
I scaled it x 0.7 scale, but would not recommend it :(

the lentgh of the case thing you hold all the parts in

what is the length of this like x and y in inches

How long does this take to print and how much filament require?

A lot, and I mean a lot of filament. Plenty of Patience. And around 72 Hours total print time, depending on speed and other factors.

Thanks for sharing, I am curious what were your difficulties when designing the machine?
Did you reuse something from previous designs to get kickstarted and have reliably working components in place?

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Wiil it work If I scale it down like 2 or 3 Times???

man, i am so glad i have a 3d printer

man, i am so glad i have a 3d printer

man, i am so glad i have a 3d printer

Genius idea, I have to give this guy props for designing all of these pieces to fit together. I will make sure to post again when I make it. It shouldn't take long since I have 3 printers.

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Is this small enough to print well on a build volume of 8, 6, 12 inches?

No, unless you scale. It might not function right at that small of a scale though.

No, unless you scale. It might not function right at that small of a scale though.

Nah, the main body piece you'll need at least 10x 5inches and the piece with the handle, you'll need at least about 14 by 5 inches. He does include a back cover without the handle tho. You can't print it upright either, it is almost impossible and it would not be structually integral to withstand the enormous amount of friction.

Hoped I helped :)

Hi there! I'm trying to print this on an UP! box, and unfortunately the support you put on the large part is too thin to be printed, but thick enough that the slicer won't generate support for itself. Could you please upload a version without the support built in?


added Gehause2a - stl file without the support

I saw the V2 of the siren and I would print it but I don't have the metal bearings so I'm printing this instead. I'm printing at 65% scale because that is what fits on my Robo 3D. Will it still work?

I was able to get it to work at 85% on my robo 3D

There are a few makes that were scaled. So it might work!

First of all, GREAT DESIGN and thanks for sharing it!!

Im printing this on my MB Rep2 and using Simplify3D as the slicer.. can you tell me if one end of SirHa_Kurbel1 is supposed to be totally solid or should it be infilled as normal settings?

Also, just to note Simplify3D removes the support walls on SirHa_Gehaeuse2 for some reason, I suspect because they are slightly less than 0.4mm thick.. I just used MakerWare to print this part ...

Thanks again

how long was print time all up ?

Here are my print logs... showing print time and filament used. Cant remember which pieces are in which pt, but should give an idea of total print time

Air Raid Siren pt1 Makerbot True Orange almost full plate 11:09:00 41.748m
Air Raid Siren pt2 had to use Makerware - thin wall - support - huge - little edge lifting 13:02:00 77.695m
Air Raid Siren pt3 1:53:00 6.525m
Air Raid Siren pt4 2:05:00 5.1523m
Air Raid Siren pt5 Gizmo Dorks White 4 shells 35% infill 4:08:00 11.426m
Air Raid Siren pt6 4:53:00 16.503m
Air Raid Siren pt7 5:02:00 17.044m
Air Raid Siren pt8 2:36:00 5.8248m
Air Raid Siren pt9 3:12:00 10.203m
Air Raid Siren pt10 8:54:00 28.272m
Air Raid Siren pt11 6:26:00 20.322m
Air Raid Siren pt12 1:46:00 5.7254m
Air Raid Siren pt13 reprint cog for one i screwed up 5:02:00 17.044m
Air Raid Siren pt14 0:44:00 1.7317m
Air Raid Siren Handle 8/8/8 50% onfill 7:15:00 22.676m

Thanks for your positive response!

You have the same setting as i do! I also use Simplify3D since around 3 months or so. And to be honest - i don't want to use MakerWare again. S3D is awesome!

The problem with the thin walls on the part SirHa_Gehaeuse2 is because MakerWare seems not to calculate the nozzle size. So all peaces are a little bit bigger than they were designed. Thats the reason why all the parts in my design have some spacing between. But if you print it with MakerWare it will fit together well and - as you already mentioned - also print the 0.4mm thick walls.

And for the part SirHa_Kurbel1 you are also right to print it solid. It's the weakest point on this design. So if you slice it with Simplify3D you should print the top with 100% infill. Same for the Part SirHa_Kurbel2.

And by the way: I'm going to publish a newer version of this siren this weekend. It will use metal bearings to reduce friction, will look slightly better, will have a better connection between the crank and the first gear, will have a finger protection on the top gap, different rotor design AND will be designed to be printed with Simplify3D!

So if you are interested - i will upload the new one as a remix of this version!

I look forward to seeing it!!

Air Raid Siren - Kurbel1 fixed mesh

I added a remix that slices the two housing parts for printing on a 5.5" x 8.5" print bed. I'm surprised no one else has done this as popular as this thing is. I have successfully used these parts to assemble a working siren. The housing with the handle was divided into 3 parts so it can lay flat on the bed. Even dividing that part into two pieces was still too big for my print bed. Thanks for the design, it really is LOUD!

I'm having a terrible time getting the bolt that holds the handle to thread into the crank. This is the Kurbel2 part threaded into the Kurbel1 part. I already broke the threads off of the bolt and am going to reprint both parts. Anyone else run into this problem? I scaled down the entire model (all parts) to 75% to speed up printing, but am going to have to do a lot of filing and sanding to get everything to freely spin. Maybe scaling just the bolt down to 74% will make it easier to spin? I had increased the infill and number of shells on both parts to make them stronger, so maybe that made a tighter fit for the threads?

Additionally, is the intent that the Kurbel3 spins feely on the bolt? Right now I had to gently tap the Kurbel2 bolt into the Kurbel3 handle bar grip, but as I said above, these were nearly impossible to thread into the Kurbel1 crank.

Left hand threaded

That wasn't the issue, it was the part being too tight to fit. I printed the bolt at 74%, the crank at 75%, and the grip at 76% and now the grip can freely spin and the bolt threads went together fairly easily. Thanks.

"Quiet surprised?" Was that a pun? Well done, op, well done.

My work is not going to know what hit them... Thanks! :D

Video Video Video, i want to hear how it souds!!

Hey! I have a video on my other design - the first version was made to be mounted on a copter with a brushless motor. This one sounds similar. But its hard to keep the right rpm...

Are there assembly instructions? Did I miss them?

It's not that hard to assembly it. But maybe i will make some instructions...

The one thing to be careful with is that the gear that connects to the rotors has to freely spin on top of the large gear, otherwise the compound gear train is not going to function correctly (at all)

Nice! I can point this towards my neighbors (aka The Dog Grooming place next me) and scare the hell out the dogs.

Dogs don't like it! Watch the video on my earlier design

in the background. is there a cat?

Are the horn parts the same as your previous brushless version?

Awesome! Did you design the knurling and fasteners in AutoCAD?

do you think this would still be functional scaled back to around 60% as to properly print on 200x200x200 platform

It does fit 200x200 platforms..... You either can't use a slicer or are not orienting the model properly. As for it being functional, obviously it wouldn't be nearly as good at 60%. I work with aircraft frames right now and when you scale somethibg down, the particles and atoms in the air don't scale... So you get very different dynamics. It won't be as loud, if it even works at all, it might just hum and never sing. You can also chop the meshes or use CURA and sort of hack it by delete bottom Z height in settibgs, then flip it and use the inverse of the total after subtracting the first cut. Or just sit down and study CAD (nurbs and poly modeling) and grab a free program to edit, yourself; If you don't already have Max/Mata or Autocad. The round parts like the siren blades should fit your printer without such work. And a note - try to get rectangle platforms, not square. It allows you to rotate 45% to fit, without paying for the extra space to make it a square.

At 100% it will definitely not fit at 200mm x 200mm platforms. Gehaeuse2 and Gehaeuse1a have 225.357mm x 148.5mm dimensions. Also I can tell at 75% the sound is perfectly loud.

I made a functional one at 75% size (That will fit well with your platform size). The only problem to me was the tensile force of GetrAdapt which broke apart every time. I decided to join it with Kurbel1. Now it's rock-solid.

Air Raid Siren - Kurbel1 with GetrAdapt

I'm not sure. The spaces between the parts are designed for a 0.4mm nozzle. But there is already a functional made that was printed smaller than my original.

great design.

By change, would you have support free parts ? usualy, included supports are a pain in the a.. to remove.

will let you know when printer.

The supports are only on the SirHa_Gehaeuse2 file and are built in, so you don't have to print the model with supports or rafts. These supports were really easy to remove.

How big is this device supposed to be? In my software the rotor parts are about 15 cm in diameter, which seems quite large. Is that correct?


The rotor parts are 140.7 mm in diameter. I designed it to print it on my replicator 2 which has a build size of 150x280x150 mm

Is there any video of demonstration ?

There's now a video demo here.

Air Raid Siren - hand crank version
by Langly

not yet.

but it sounds similar to the one i have built for my multicopter


I imagine it's difficult to crank it as fast as the one on your quadcopter

the gearbox has a high transmission. For one Turn with the crank the siren turns 49 times. That means if you turn it around in one second you get around 3000 rpm.

The problem is that its very hard to keep it running that fast and keep the rpm constant. And also you get a lot of friction when the parts move that fast - and this can cause the rotor to jam up if there is not enough lubricant.

great design love it.

in previous challenges they have made exceptions so lets hope they will do that this time as well.

Thank you!

We will know it soon!