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AR-15 Grip

by 7777773 Sep 21, 2011
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The AR grip printed out real nice. Many thanks to the creator.

I guess I misunderstood this site. I thought this was a site for designing, inventing and engineering, not how ignorant you can be about your beliefs. There are other sites for that.

Comments deleted.

Correct, you have misunderstood the site.

Its for the upload of 3d files for printing.

Second Amendment, it's a beautiful thing..

i dont get it. the model is of a hand grip. A hand grip is not a weapon. Even if you print a fully functional weapon to go with this grip, it would never be able to fire off a round and even if you did manage to ignite a round in this ABS printed weapon it would explode in your face. Again, i dont understand the drama.

I really wish this website didnt take down the lower... I wanna build a custom ar15 .22 mainly for show. not planning on shooting it much

DEFCAD.ORG - No censorship there. There's a newly revised version of the lower there as well, much stronger at the buffer tower area.

Speaking of making a lower for show... I made a voronoi fractal pattern version of the receiver I called the ART-15... it doesn't function as anything beyond desk art so it wouldn't fit in at Defcad, but is too scary for Thingiverse. Not sure where that one could be uploaded. When people see things in black & white they sure miss out on a lot of colors.

yarg. the pirate bay has your booty

I see that the government has temporarily blocked this website defcad. I was fortunate enough to see it but missed out on downloading anything...

It'll be back tomorrow ;-)

ah april fools joke...

To avoid the ignorance and the nitwit crowd, I've refrained from Publishing my .25 caliber 2-shot derringer. If you want my stl, please send me a private message.

Well said commentary, though I disagree with you on a point or two.

"Five years ago I was briefly exposed to a frightening break in society."
Sounds like someone had a mental breakdown and is now making gun parts available. Not really surprising.

This idea of making 3D printed weapons available is a seriously bad (and illegal in just about everywhere other than the USA) idea.

Your little rant is so full of BS it's not funny - the "fire safety" bit - there's regulations that help with fire safety. What you're advocating is that everyone carry around flame throwers to combat fire. No - the regulations around safe storage and safety requirements that gun advocates like yourself rally against are incredibly effective in reducing fire fatalities.

Gun regulation is not about total bans - and it does work elsewhere in the world.

>Visible police presence at every entrance to every building

Yeah, because how much would that cost and how many police would have to stop doing their normal job to sit there - perhaps instead you just get some sensible gun laws.

>mental health

There are 86 gun deaths a day - full-on mental health is nothing to do with most of that. A domestic violence situation is not mental health related - nor is a neighbourly dispute - yet a gun in both = more likely to be a homicide. A kid getting hold of a gun because their idiot parents have them loaded and unsecured (because safe storage is apparently too horrible to have legislation requiring it).

>Concealed carry for citizens.

How about just no. Never. You acknowledge " I know how irrational the average person can be." yet you're helping with the spread of guns to more people by associating 3D printing with guns. Well done.

Anyhow - I think the gun makers should piss off off the site and create their own geo-filtered USA only site and respect the laws and legal attempts to have sane gun regulations elsewhere. Currently thingiverse is hosting items which are illegal in my country and others - and morally/ethically that's pretty poor..

This is not an illegal Item! The second Amendment is not about hunting it's about protecting my self from nut cases that want to take my guns from me. 73% of the 86 people that are killed each and everyday are .......Gang-bangers! AND.....they will always have guns no matter what laws or what confiscation schemes you come up with. Look at Switzerland their Government issues weapons to it's citizens. Their crime rate is so low they don't even keep track of it. Chicago has banned guns but yet they have the highest murder rate in the US. Israel arms their teachers they train their kids to use weapons so should we.

Armchair quarterbacks always know more about the sport on their TV than anyone that has ever stood on the field.

Ah, I ate the grip, now what?

Contact the Poison Control Center. Also, document your filament choice and exactly how you react, and post the results... There have been numerous discussions regarding what exactly is and is not "food safe"

I feel that this speaks volumes for the home 3DP crowd. For some reason, I have seen a lot more focus on the Defense Distributed project as the public tries to come to grips with gun control. I agree that it is not the solution, I wish I knew what was. I know that better mental health programs, and less persecution of those coping with mental illness, is a good start.

Less guns is a better start - a crazy person without semi-auto guns is a lot less harm than one with easy access to them.

Soooo... Nath wants crazy people to only have fully automatic guns?

You realize that Timothy McVeight didn't use a gun, right?

The moment anyone blames an inanimate object for the actions or a maniacal or pathological sociopath, I just have to say something.

If I wanted to murder people I'd throw a molotov cocktail into a school bus stop. I wouldn't need a gun.

Next; More people die from hammers or fists, or chairs than semi automatic assault rifles.

Lastly, any anti gun argument is MOOT, unless you can convince 66% of the States to vote for a constitutional amenedment. It isn't going to happen, so lets stop trying to subvert the constitution.


Preaching to the choir ;)

Please give it up, you're crying over a handle.

I'm pleased to see that at least the grip is back, because humanity is best served by embracing the natural right of any organism to defend itself. Many common things and materials can easily be adapted to kill or even commit mass murder. No law can change this reality or even substantially alter the consequences of this fact (except by restricting the liberty of people to arm and defend themselves, causing even more harm and deaths as the result of unopposed violent assaults).

85 people were murdered at the Happyland Social Club in the Bronx using 1 dollar worth of gas and a match! Similarly, no firearms were used whatsoever in the London bombings, which resulted in the murder of 52 people. There are countless examples and there will only be more as our masters and rulers continue to disarm civilians.

Humanity would be best served by being less violent and having less deadly weapons in the hands of nutcases - and there's a bunch of kids dead just recently because someone exercised their unregulated gun rights. Well done on having the moral comprehension of a sociopath.

Elsewhere in the world we have sane gun regulations and we, unsurprisingly, have less murderous societies and enjoy greater freedom from fear and death by gunshot. We also enjoy freedoms like public healthcare too.

Nowhere else in the world do you have inalienable rights that the government cannot take away. The ability to arm oneself is a guarantee that governments will not subjugate their people. It ensures that "We the People" control the government and not the other way around! As far as gun violence stats go, subtract out those prohibited persons who are not legally allowed to have guns and you'll find the crime rate with guns is rather small. Guns do not create crime just as forks do not make people fat! It is the individual who pulls the trigger. Maybe less violence on tv, more focus on being good to each other and less hostility to morality is a better start!

we are allowed to have guns, yet in 28 other countries that aren't allowed to have guns.....they have a higher gun murder rate.
Your argument holds no water.
Unless you convince 66% of the nation to vote to remove a constitutional right, or you overthrow our government, you legally cannot take away the ability of our citizens to arm ourselves against the worst enemy possible: Our own government..
You don't believe in rebellion? Funny, thats how this country was founded.
They overtaxed us to pay for their war with the French, we got mad and threw tea in the harbor.
They came to take our GUNS at Lexington and Concord, and we fought our rebellion and won our freedom.
Only 5% of our country had the guts to fight and help build this nation, I expect no less the next time around.

Thingiverse has removed this handle "because it is a weapon" - but surprisingly not http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18125http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... which is the exact same file, but was instead posted by Makerbot staff.
Since everything is potentially a weapon, and pretty much everything else on Thingiverse is sharper and more dangerous than this handle, MBI has decided that nothing should be posted to Thingiverse. I'm complying by removing all of my remaining Things from this particular website.

The Hammerhead - Handheld Kinect Grip
by tbuser

Can you post the file for the lower receiver also?

There several on the 'Verse.  
Haveblue's reinforced reciever is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11770http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
Oryhara made a 2-part one as well:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27352http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
and there are a few more, as well.  

Thanks! Do you thing that these would fit a 1:1 scale airsoft gun, with a few modifications to the design obviously. Do you know it there is an upper reciever on the 'verse too?

Any chance you could post this model without the finger shelf?  I was going to mess around with it but the finger shelf is extremely annoy to get rid of. 


Did you print that lower with PLA or ABS?

Do you think a PLA lower could survive .22 LR if not .223?


And the threads hold up fine on the lower? Pins don't expand the holes?

I am thinking of cadding up a printable slide-fire variant, do you think this would work?

Sounds like a cool project, I'd love to test it out.  the grip should be fine, though you may want to start with Oryhara's all-in-one gripstock instead, as it may save you some time.  
Haveblue's been working on an even-more-reinforced lower, as it does flex some at the buffer tower which can cause some feed issues, and I suspect that issue would be amplified by rapid slide-fire.  I suppose you could wrap the extra buffer tower support into more side area to aid in side-printing as well.

thanks for the link; this would be for an alum lower on my standard AR, not a printed lower. The slide-fires just cost so much, and if i could make them for a bit of filament and some bolts that would be awesome.

Either is fine for .223/5.56, and 22LR is barely noticeable on an AR.  The majority of force goes into the buffer.

And the threads hold up fine on the lower? Pins don't expand the holes?
I am thinking of cadding up a printable slide-fire variant, do you think this would work?

It looks like you used my printed AR parts for the main picture. Glad it's getting used! 

Yep!  I saw it posted to the lower Thing and thought it looked fantastic.  The non-black "scary black gun" build is a great idea.  I think I can put together a printable grip and sights, and combined with Oryhara's stock, a mostly-printed and obviously plastic AR would really give the bloggers something to chatter about.

Fascism sucks. Put it back up.

Did!  Long ago!

="thingiverse-d005ce7aeef46bd18515f783fb8e87fa:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-d005ce7aeef46bd18515f783fb8e87fa/7777773  Any chance of doing something like a Glock 17 lower? That would be pretty awesome as well and I would assume it would be a bit easier to test and build since it's a lot smaller than the AR lower. Also, I think you can get the exact same kind of plastic Glock uses for their lowers. Anyhow, would be really cool to print up a multi-color glock lower. 

I do have a 17 available to measure, but that sounds like an accident waiting to happen.  While the Glock is polymer, it isn't printed and is far denser than a print would be.  
I've seen plenty of 1911 lower files floating around, and combined with a lost-PLA aluminum cast I suspect they'd work OK... but I wouldn't trust a printed pistol frame at this time.  

put it back, please.

thank you. the original will come in handy for many things.

I downloaded the SolidWorks file in hopes of removing the front finger 'bump' (which always winds up in the wrong location when I use such a grip on a paintball gun with an M-16 mounting lug). However, the grip itself is just a 'dumb' imported solid - is there an upstream model that you used?

What is with all these guns/weapons lately. Just because BoingBoing did a blog post on getting around weapons enforcement laws and thingiverse doesn't mean I need people printing guns or gun parts.

Didn't you read the terms? No weapons.

This is a handle, not a weapon. It was specifically posted as a test to see how far irrational minds will go to find things to be afraid of.

I've removed the files, though they can be found elsewhere on the 'verse, specifically by tbuser to be used as the handle portion of an obviously very dangerous handheld 3d-scanner.

Wait? Is a plastic grip a weapon? derrr.... I wounder what percentage of anti gun trolls live in socialist countries... And there is no "getting around weapons laws" (if you live in free state) you can manufacture guns for personal use.

Wont somebody PLEASE think of the children?

Can we print children yet?

No feedrate problems?

Well, she prints kids a bit slowly, and the printer needs more and more attention as the child's print progresses, but in the end the print quality is fantastic!

Just don't melt the output in acetone when your tired of looking at it.

not that this is a gun. Its a handle....

these 3d files can already be found else where.

Also this is no more a weapon than a stick.

Have YOU read it lately? That prohibition was removed long ago. It does not say that.

@idreamincode - I cannot say for sure, but I suspect the weapons are being posted as an expression of free speech in opposition to all of the rants by the anti-gun people that have been posting lately. Personally, I think it's all rediculous. Everyone needs to take some valium and let people pos
t what they want. There's plenty of stuff on Thingiverse that I find offensive, but unless it's illegal, who am I to say... (and to those of you who say guns are illegal in your neck of the world, then don't print it. Don't download it. Don't make a digital file into an illegal object. But don't
try to restrict my rights to LEGALLY do the same).

I agree. If you don't like it, don't print one. If there's a printer capable of making weapons (and if there aren't today there will be some day), people who want weapons will use them to make them. Suppressing them here only suppresses the open discussion.

I would just like to add on that I believe its due in part to home built and home workshop weapons that the Arab Spring uprisings have been so successful.

They call them afghan lathes, because that's where gunsmiths invented the technique so they could cheaply produce rifled barrels. For those who don't know, its basically a technique for clamping a drill and a drill chuck to a table to create a one-off lathe.

Guys, I think its more complicated than that. First off, a lot of the "anti-gun" side of the argument is basically claiming its against the TOS. It was, but it isn't, although the upload page does say "please don't".

Some of the "anti-gun" side isn't anti-gun per se, but worried about the safety issues of a printed gun part, including legal problems people might have from owning something that merely looks like a gun.

Some of the pro-gun parties are not. If you look at the AR-17 lower receiver, it was posted by someone trying to make an "anti-gun" comment.

And its totally unfair to lay all blame on the "anti-gun" parties. Clothbot made a positive contribution: he posted a design for a badge stating his stance, and gets bitched at by pro-gun parties who cannot handle the possibiity that people disagree with him and want to wear a badge stating so. OH MY GOD! He posted a thing to thingiverse. GET HIM!

Personally I wish everyone would grow up. Pro-gun people, I would prefer you not post parts that could be mistaken for working guns and/or working gun parts, unless they can be used safely (ie: a gun clip that will cause a backfire is not cool, but a working gun clip is ok), and ignore the anti-gu
n complainers. Anti-gun people, I wish you'd drop the TOS claims, ignore the gun parts, and get on with posting useful things that make mankind richer.

I don't believe in censorship other than censorship through community or peer pressure. We could also just ignore those with whom with disagree. They probably ignore us anyway.

I will have to point out the follow from the Terms of service:

"promotes illegal activities or contributes to the creation of weapons" is proscribed, according to the TOS.