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the American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse

by Mr_MegaTronic Jul 12, 2013
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Printed out great for me in PLA using PrusaSlicer, 0.10mm and 15% infill. I am curious to see if the PLA just melts in the sun. May have to try another in PETG.

OK Help! I am having absolutely no luck printing the base after three tries. Even bumped the infill up to 40% with no luck. Can folks share their print settings that are working please?

4 times with Cura, 4 fails on the step posts. Switching to Slic3R PE to see if that makes a difference. I've tried excessive 40% infill, thick 2mm perimeters, different filament and other things with no luck. One thing that is consistent is that the posts turn out 'lacey' and thin regardless of settings. Thinking this could a slicer issue at this point.

Bingo! First attempt in Slic3r PE and the base came out great. Believe either it's an overall slicer issue creating the thin 'lacey' walls or an issue with going too fast on tight radius items like the posts. Slic3R lets me print at speed but slow down to 10/mm on the posts.

Incredible design work that clearly shows off the best of what's possible with 3d printing. Would have loved to have seen the design process and how you approached it. How long did it take you to design?

Absolutely one of the best made models and builds I have ever done with my makerbot. DEtail is beyond par and the build had not one issue. Comes in 3 parts and it is so nice, I have yet to hand it up for the birds... ;-) Cheers!

how much Filament is needed for this stunning work? :)

About 300g for the house depending on settings. You should load into your slicer and adjust your setting and it will estimate for you.

It looks perfect, but you need to go urgently the psychologist

You recommend printing with PLA but I have read that PLA decomposes very rapidly in sunlight. Is that not true?

Really neat project

Perfect looks amazing i printed .1 layer height great detail thanks

Really nice. Was wondering does anyone know if there are any species of birds that would actually nest in this?

The chimney and arms printed well. When it came to the base, not so good. The upper part of the base did not adhere to the lower part as making the horizontal printing over empty space was very poor. The stair railing did not print well either The gap was too large for my printer. Support material will help but probably be impossible to remove from the bottom. I do not see a viable way to get it printed. Any suggestions?

I've tried twice now on an A30. Having no issues except for the stair railings. They are so thin the infill at 20% isn't enough to keep them for falling over during the print. Next attempt will be with much heavier infill. It's a waste since the rest of it doesn't need it but it may help.

If your gaps are too large, have you considered upgrading your fan? I did that on mine and it helped a lot for bridging.

I might modify this for myself. I think it would be better to make it where this is bird house can fit 2 families. Like the top hole is for 1 family of birds and the other for the other. But how deep the bottom one is, I wonder if they would use it.
Still, I think it's cool

If I get time I might modify this. It might be best to have the back as another part. Something that slides on/off. That away it makes it a lot easier to clean by just sliding off the front half.

For anyone interested, here's my print times on my trusty Velleman K8200. I have made many of this print and never needed supports.

Body 50% infill - 32 hours 50m
Base 25% infill - 9 hours 30m
Arms 50% infill - 4 hours 20m
Chimney 50% infill - 1 hour 5m
Perches 50% infill - 15m

Total 48 hours.

Helpful thanks. I was going for lite and managed to print the house with 20% infill. The base however is giving me trouble with that.

Our first print had a bit of string drooping which made me stop the print. It would not be easy to get a hand up in the area to clean it out (bird safety getting caught on them). If I add supports (Ultimaker 3) it will take over 6 days to print and a lot of support material. My thought is that I have a setting or two wrong. Suggestions? I would really like to make this for my fiance's mother for Mother's Day. Thank you for your time!

How long does this take to print

Maybe 3 or 4 days. Depends on print speed and settings.

This is truly a most incredible and visually appealing design. Honestly, I love the attention to detail for design, structure, maintenance, cleaning, and printing. Very cool and thoughtful work, indeed. I personally love the center flushing troughs and the basement side flushing by way of the basement windows at side/front which allow Mother Nature to lend a helpful cleaning hand. Nice forethought.

I feel bad for not tipping sooner, and I extend my heartfelt apologies to you for that. I nevertheless must ask if you have any other such 'house/home designs' (or other structures) for use as bird houses, Christmas villages, or even for other purposes. If you do, please don't hesitate to post a link or additional info. I can easily imagine a nice Christmas village filled with similar structures which allow for easy LED lighting and offer memories of true Americana.

As a last note - I am VERY new to 3D printing (2months). It is likely my fault, but I tried printing in PLA twice and find that on the "base" I have problems with the ends of the railing and the tops of the posts, as well. I also have a bizarre problem with the posts on the "body" the posts tend to get very "lacy" for lack of a better word. I used 2 different PLA brands and tried both 200c and 220c for temps.... any suggestions?

Thanks again for sharing,

i don suggest 220c as most only recomends 210c

Comments deleted.

this turned out awesome, very nice design. Thank you

Comments deleted.

Aesthetically the design's beauty goes without saying. Additionally from a fabrication perspective it's one of the best if not the best design I have had the pleasure of printing thus far. Strict attention to the real world 3d printing abilities and limitations associated with angles and bridging make for a successful print that initially appears beyond construction without use of excessive amounts of support in areas that would sacrifice finer details. A marvel to observe printing at various phases in how the design overcomes apparent physical limitations through applying 3d fabrication knowledge in it's design. I have a much better appreciation of what is achievable though observing the attention paid to these details in this print. 3d design mastery.

I appreciate your kinds words very much! Indeed, my goal with this design was to represent a "minimal compromise" approach to design for 3D printing without support material. In fact, I have just recently started a YouTube channel where, among other things, I go over the design methods and processes for my 3D print designs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnnw56J_TeOsF4M_F5pPPJQ The upcoming video I'm recording now will be on this design and how I made the choices I did in the seven or so hours I spent modeling it.

With my anet a8 the print starts going good then once it starts on the inside supports it just prints in the air leaving a rats nest. I have tried printing 4 times using different settings and messes up at the same spot every time. What do you think I'm doing wrong. Thanks for your time and hope I can print this awesome bird house for my dad Father's Day present.

Yes, had the same problems with printing the base. I do not think it is possible to print . Support material could help but may end of being impossible to remove entirely.

Subscribed! I see you also appear to be nostalgic about design. I suppose in some of my collecting of older equipment, jukeboxes etc. I have a similar respect for things that show reasonable adherence to the design aspects of the day which I find both appealing and somewhat compelling in trying to understand what characteristics were utilized and considered desirable for their time. Incorporating those elements and reconstructing them in a accessible modern medium for others to appreciate has merit.

Couldn't have said it better myself! Whether it be manufacturing limitations, cultural influence, pop culture inspirations or affectations​ of the truly inspired designers of yesteryear, classic product design evokes so many emotions to many age groups and backgrounds. Through the language of design, I aim conjure these feelings and have people connect to technology in a more appealing and human way. Glad to know another who appreciates the craft!

Anyone got any actual luck with birds?

How big is this when fully printed (at your designed scale)? Thanks!

Oops. I have already found the answer :)

Can this be printed without support?

Ok.. can someone please post their print settings for this that was able to print in less than 2 days. I've got an Ultimaker 2+ and I'd really like to print this... but 30-50 hours isn't worth it.

Comments deleted.

The last thing I need is more birds around, making a mess. But I want to make one of these, maybe I can mount it far enough away where they don't congregate any more than they already do around here.

Would it be possible to split up the body? My printer is 20 by 20 by 18 max

+1 for me too, MP Maker Select v2
I guess we could always split the model or sink it into the bed on two prints, and glue back together.
(scaling might make a lil small, I might attack this and make a remix available)

wow, this is soo cool, do you know if anyone has printed this on a FFdreamer.

I printed on a FF dreamer last summer. Worked great. Hangs in my yard. No tennants yet. Might not like the smell of PLA.

Wow, that looks so cool! Can't wait to get my current prints done and start this one!

Comments deleted.

This is really great!. It has become my white whale for printing in ABS with minimal shrinkage. What software did you use to create this? I'm wondering if you could post the parts as sold model files? Perhaps .stp or .sat? My editing skills are sharpest in Autodesk Inventor and I'd like to make some edits to the shape to make it print better in ABS.


Hello! I'm glad you like it!

Good news! I created it in Autodesk Inventor Pro 2013 and if you download the ZIP file I included, you will find a folder within containing the entire assembly and part collection.

Let me know if you have any issues!

Now I'll have an easy time of making some tweaks

I deserve a dope slap for that one :-P

Wow, this looks awesome.

Is it possible to print the body without use of supports? Makerbot Replicator 2

All of the parts are designed to not need supports. Especially on the Replicator 2.

isnt a bungalow, by design, only a 1 storey building?

Not necessarily. A bungalow is either one storey or has a second story built into the loft of the roof with dormer windows. A bungalow is specifically a solitary residential building for a single family.

ah. Today I learned. where im from it refers to a 1 storey. wikipedia says sometimes it does indeed have a loft room.

Yeah. Most bungalows are one or one and a half storey. Especially in the northeast and the great lakes areas. In California up through washington, there more of a mix. My home in Washington state is from 1900 and is an early bungalow type with two storeys.

My dad was an architect and one of his favourite architectural jokes was, “Do you know why a bungalow is called a bungalow? It’s because when they were building it they ran out of bricks and the boss said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll just bung a low roof on.’”

That is AMAZING! You should upload it to minecraft.

i am having trouble printing this

everytime my printer gets to the top of the upper floor window, i start having feed problems and I the printer starts drawing air from that point on. Now i would normally assume I am having feed problems and proceed to clean my extruder up and give it another go. but it fails at the exact same spot every time ( happened 5 times now )

wondering what people are using to print this. I am just using the replicator 2 with the makerware software

I had a similar problem while printing PLA on Rebel 2 RepRap printer. Same spot every time (other model). I resolved this by changing the retract length from 4 to 1 mm and setting correct nozzle diameter (I use 0.4, the software thought it was 0.5). I assume the problem was caused by retracting the hot PLA into a cold part of a heatbrake.

loving it - starting the print shortly!

whoa...you even created architecture on the inside!

grats on first place.
but i really hoped that one of the abstract ones would win.

Grats on First Place. It's a great house.

At what min infill % and # shells is this recommended to be printed?

The design is just beautiful. Fantastical. Printed like a dream. My only hiccup is getting the top step to have a roof. It's open to the internal honeycomb. Easy enough o print a capper - no complaints here. Awesome, simply awesome.

Hi, what %infill and # of shells worked for you? Also, do you mean the top of the top stair didn't print or some part of the roof? Thanks.

Is this the winner? If so, its not a very good birdhouse, functionally speaking. In fact it practically fails at being a practical birdhouse! For One, birdhouse should maintain safety for the nest. Those openings are way too big and would allow squirrels and other larger birds to enter to steal the eggs, In addition the design has the added insult of obscuring the birds view, thereby eliminating its first line of defense of spotting threats at a distance. PU this is a bad bird house, for birds. Otherwise it is fairly nice to look at if you are looking for a design to build on your property on CapeCod.

I think it is a beautiful bird house. There are ways to deter squirrels from getting to it. There are always predators that can get into just about anything you make. I don't believe he claimed it was a fortress that kept out predators. This could also be used INSIDE a person's house that has small birds that they let fly free. Perhaps your comments could inspire a new build that would be able to be more "visible" from a bird's point of view. Sounds like a good challenge for someone to take on....I can envision a whole neighborhood of different models....hopefully someone that has an eye for design (which is not me!) to do. Appreciate the designer taking the time to share his skills!

Comments deleted.

I'm having an issue with the third step not getting a top. For some reason when it's generated for the printer the top layer for that step isn't put down, so it's just the honeycomb filling exposed.

I am new to 3-D printing I'm curious how much filament does it take to print out that birdhouse. I would hate to be in the middle of my 3-D printing and run out of filament. So my question is how much does the birdhouse weighs.

Usually either slicing software or Gcode emulators give filament usage or volume. The weight will vary based on material and infill.

awesome finish quality. did you do some sort of post processing?

Your designs are amazing. Thanks!

Wow, where do I throw in my towel. I would shudder to think about what you would come up with if there were prize money involved. Very impressive!

Really gorgeous! Congratulations!

Congrats on your big win :)

Congrats! You're killing it with this beautiful work

Congrats! I'm always a fan of your work

Problem is the entrance, did you think about bird sizes and also birds don't like any type of house. That one is what i believe too ventilated for birds to move into. :-/ but great design.

I did a lot of research about birdhouse design and both openings are a fairly standard size for smaller birds like chickadees and finches. There are areas inside for birds to escape the elements but different species of birds seek different kinds of shelters. I figure if the bottom windows create too much ventilation, the windows can be covered from the inside and still look good. Thanks!

Great job! :D Good to see. Keep em comming! :)

What program was this designed in?

great design again! Hopefully this won't take too much work to make friendly for a 200x200 print bed.

Scaling all parts to 80% solves that problem.

I think even scaling to 95% should work for me.

Amazing work. I love it !!
Would you like to add a dual extrusion version? Would love to print the roof in a different color :-)

These birdhouses just keep getting better and better, and this one takes the cake.

Great design!!! I might print this first over my own designs :P

Top notch as usual Erik. Looking forward to printing this out.

hahaha :D wow! I think this is my favourite entry so far

Another one that might work well with my daughter's 4.5" Disney Fairies.

Wow nice work. Really awesome!

I'm not a big birdhouse fan, but I do like this one. I may just have to print this one out for my mom.

I'm printing a 50% scaled version for myself right now to examine the internal supports. If you print one, let me know how it turns out! Especially the brick mortar gaps. Even at 100% some details may get smoothed out by the nature of the printing process.

Glad you like it!

what settings did you print this with ? how much pla did it use ? 100% i have a flashforge creator usen makerwhere software

what settings did you print this with ? how much pla did it use ? 100% i have a flashforge creator usen makerwhere software