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Mini Tape Gun - Tape Dispenser

by brycelowe Dec 2, 2015
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Any chance I can get the original Solidworks file, id like to tinker with a different application! thanks!

how much do I have to climb for the 3 inch roll?
in scale I mean

Excellent idea! My friend made this for me and he glued the teeth from the store bought tape dispenser onto it. It works great! :)

Hey! Some people made one identical but functional one already even though it's far tooo expensive

Good thing, but it doesn't cut.
Good looking but not functional.

Yet another thing that looks good but doesn't work at all, don't waste your time and filament.

accusations without any extra details like this usually gets no one nowhere. Care to elaborate on the non-functionality?

The teeth don't rip the tape so you might as well just use a pair of scissors.

this is so cool!! thanks

this is so cool!! thanks

Very nice design but it dosnt cut :(

Habe es gebaut aber es schneidet leider nicht das tesa band (zumindest bei mir )

Printed very well in two colors using dual extrusion mode on a MakerBot Replicator 2X. I like how virtually all parts of the design are scale-able.

I have the replicator Mini so this design doesn't fit on my plate. Can you make two halfs and glue them together after?

Were you ever able to print it from the split parts that I added?

yes, it works!!! thanks, gr8 design btw :)

your tape thing looks really awesome my brother really wants to print it p,s i am 6 years old

I printed one and it came out good! The only thing I had to change was the cap (increased size by 0.1mm) and it screwed on just fine.
Nice project, thanks!!

that sound like your printer not his design

Hi Brycelowe, good job. The only thing I can say is about the teeth, dont cut. You can see an example of a metallic cutter in this image: http://g01.s.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1mqGOIVXXXXbfXFXXq6xXFXXXX/220630358/HTB1mqGOIVXXXXbfXFXXq6xXFXXXX.jpg I think it is possible embed a piece of hacksaw.

Comments deleted.

Could I suggest that you put part of the roller axle on the handle and side parts with a corresponding holes in the roller. The roller could then be printed without needing supports.

Or even better, put the entire axle on the side part with a hole straight through the roller. Make the locating pin on the side piece much longer and the corresponding hole in the handle piece deeper then they will fit together and hold without needing any glue. If you make the pin and hole square then it won't move out of alignment.

Comments deleted.

You should put a on/off note printed into the side of the nut. That way people that forget that it is left hand thread will remember for when they need to change the roll of tape.

Note that the thing "Mini_Tape_Gun_Side.STL" is badly oriented, rotate it 180 degrees to avoid using supports!

And I agree on the side piece orientation. It's because of the way it exported from SolidWorks.

Comments deleted.

Very nice, thanks for this. I have a few ideas for improvement.

  1. Extend the teeth and the long plastic thing on top so they are width of gun, therefore no supports needed, If I recall correctly.

  2. An option to remove the current plastic teeth, put a thin slot in its place so you could insert a section of teeth from a roll of aluminum foil or other wrap product. Then maybe just hot glue or fastener to hold them in place on the edges. Again just a thought.
  1. I personally like the symmetry that is in the original design. But I'll see if I can whip up a "no support" version. Currently the teeth, "pressure flap," and tape-retention "spring flap" all need support.
  2. Boom! That's the type of solution I've been looking for. Just scavenge a piece of the cutter from the box on aluminum foil or wax paper and glue it in. Remix, coming right up.

couldnt wait... just remixed it ... did it fast so improve on it please

Printing as I type this comment thanks for posting it very timely as I need to wrap a few gifts tonight!!!

hi dose anyone know if you can put eny 1.75mm pla filament in a xyz divinci jr

If you leave an old(not empty) cartridge in the printer you can then feed whatever sort of 1.75mm filliment in that you want.

I have done this with cube printers several times.

The Davinci printers use a proprietary cartridge. I understand that you CAN modify them to use standard filament, but it requires hacking both the hardware (adding a spool holder, etc) and the firmware (flash to a more standard build). You should check in with the community as a whole and/or do a google search: divinci 3d printer filament hack. You bought a proprietary printer...the fix is in your grasp, but it'll require a bit of DIY on your part.

CAUTION: DO NOT simply try to refill the cartridge without any modifications, I've heard that they have designed it to BRICK ITSELF if you try without any other modifications.

I don't have a divinci myself to but I am pretty sure that you have to use the filament cartridge from xyz. But, if the the printer accepts any filament I think that you can use it.

Printed with PLA, works well!
Thank you for this cool design!

Glad you like it. Thanks.

Interesting note, either I have a severely messed up print, or that tension nut is reverse threaded! Not a bad thing, just thought that might help some other people trying to "fix" threads that are just backwards, not broken.

I just mirror it in the x direction to flip the treads to the right

Because I can't read the details :-p Just saw it.

Happens to the best of us.


can you scale this up/Remix it for rolls of Kapton and blue tape for print beds?

I would imagine that you could. The only thing is that the part of the design that cuts the tape might not work properly.

how does the tape get cut off when you are done wraping?do you cut it of with sisors

It looks like there is a little thing that cuts the tape in the design.

OK who's gonna b the first to print it to the big tape scale? :D

great job !!

Made the mistake of printing in 0.3mm resolution, but that came out fine as well.
Very good design dude.

your print seems really good! may i ask you wich filament brand did you used to print it?

Thanks, this one was done in natural ABS in the cartridge from XYZ.

Its a great design, Well done dude. Prints out really nice too. Only mine wont cut the tape, the spies just arent sharp enough. but its still awesome

Thanks! Try filing the top edge and shaping the teeth to be sharper with an x-acto. If I can find a better solution to the cutting edge I'll post it up ASAP.

Thats actually sick. my mom would love this and i can use it too for other stuff besides chrsitmas present wrapping. Thanks!!!

Glad you like it. Thanks!

Cutting edge could be remixed to take a segment from a box cutter. Beyond my skill though.

Not a bad idea. I'm planning to look at the picture hanger stuff at the hardware store for ideas too.

The other thing you could do with the teeth is make a hole for a screw to be screwed into, but leave one section of the hole open so that the threads stick out. Screw threads are notoriously sharp!

swag... I like this!

Haha, awesome :D

Way Kool.... and Cute too!
Wish I had thought of this one..

Thanks. Now you don't have to, just print and enjoy.