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Low-Poly Space Toys

by FLOWALISTIK Dec 2, 2015
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Dear all,
First of all, amazing job you did there! I've been able printing this model (the white one) some months ago but I was then using slic3r and had a complete different 3D printing hardware.

I'm now having an issue which is very annoying and prevents me from completing the print (it occurs roughly after the kneecaps). Indeed, the nozzle drags the leg while traveling, which completely ruins the print. My calibration is correct and I've been trying so far to reduce speed, reduce flow, increase retraction, increase fan speed and implementing Z hop but still no chance :(

any idea on how to solve my issue?

Thanks !!

If you're not using a brim you could try that. Bed level might be a factor, if it keeps happening level it right before and check the level right after the failure

Do you have a Yoda complete the set?

Just love the models I'm in the process of printing them all and a squad of troops! My daughter really wants a red pilot. Is there any chance of anything from the "oirst frder" there is a bow pilot M. Von--- she would love to have. life troopers too. hahaha well ive mixed up some letters and stuff hope you can make out my message.

There was an issue in one of the toys causing some print slicers to fail at the waist. I went in and repaired it here is the file.

Comments deleted.

Very nice collection. I printed all the models with a Anycubic I3 Mega in PLA. I printed a subset.

This is the best collection of 'space toys' in thingiverse.
It would be amazing to includ that old green small master with the collection

Hey FLOWALISTIK, What sort of filament did you use to print that Vader?


Be careful. These are just copies of models who were put offline from Disney.
"Money rules the world"

yes! back up the models!

I´m making one right now

Would be great if you can upload a two color model (black/white) for dual extrusion. Still an awesome design!

Excellent designs! Thanks for sharing.

I found a contributor on Tinkercad who has posted someone else's design as their own work.
It looks like he has copied and posted your work as well.

No supports required, I have printed all the low poly star wars figures and love them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHzIQJt48qw

Comments deleted.

do you know if this needs print supports?

In the summary he says do not use supports as he believes they are from the dark side so no it does not need supports but if you think you need them then use them.

Thank you! Now I want low-poly Yoda. :-)


that was so cool it went off my page

Would it be possible for you to release the head file as .STEP? I want to make it into a gear shift cap for my car :P

oh and make sure to use the maker bot when printing it turns out perfect or you can use the form labs printer

i made my own years ago, turned out well, you should really try it

Awesome model thanks for designing and sharing it :)

First time I tried printing the body it came off the build plate. So I decided to add a base to this and print the head much larger for the bobble look. Printed well!

I couldn't print this without supports as instructed. When it got to the point where it was bridging the gap between the legs, it just sort of spit filament into mid air and it just kind of hung there. I will try a slower printer speed.

Love it, I've printed both Darth and the Stormtrooper. Now we need a Low-Poly C-3PO!

Great design, I friends son who will love this, hope the prints goes well. THank you for your efforts and for sharing this great creation.

if you think support material is a creation of the dark side... I guess that makes me the emperor then

Awesome Model, we did a time-lapse you can watch here https://youtu.be/wZyAg8a8x6o

Love this design! I couldn't get the connector to fit the head nor the body, so I just had to fake it with some wire. Is there a trick to inserting the connector that I missed?

Same problem here.

(I consider support material an evil creation of the Dark Side adepts). genius

I had some extreme difficulty printing this with no raft. Tried 5 times before I got a successful print. To be fair, the first time it messed up it was because I had a pla meltdown in my hot end.

Awesome job!
You have manage to keep the excellent expression in the low poly model.
Just excellent!!

Knees are different. By design?

The original stormtroopers had different knee designs!

How interesting!

My slicer (Z-suite for Zortrax M200) seems to recognize the hands in this file as not being merged to the outside of the legs but going into the legs as though there's an overlap (at least this is the best explanation I can think of). As such it does some strange printing on the hands part. Do you think this is the case?

Did this get fixed for Z-Suite/Zortrax M200? Can I just send it straight through or do I still need to use this fixing tool? Thanks!

I had the same problem. I ran it through Netfabb's fixing tool https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/ and it seems good now. I use simplify 3d and it was slicing it with a gap between the legs and the torso.

I also had it print with a gap between the legs and torso. Will try running it through Netfabb. Thanks!

I just realised about that, thank you very much for telling! I'm going to fix it in the next hours.

Hi - awesome designs! Did you ever manage to fix the 'gap issue'? Thanks

Fixed this by putting model through Netfabb https://service.netfabb.com

Thanks! The Vader has the same problem if you wanna fix that one too.

Hey, I had the same problem as jonathanware. I have already fixed the body of the trooper, let me know if you need any help!

These are so great, and I like the reasoning behind using a separate connector vs. embedding it in the head or body. I printed this on Dremel 3D Idea Builder and it came out beautiful! Took 3 hours + 8m of filament. No supports or rafts. Used inexpensive Sharpie oil-based acrylic markers for highlighting (see my make for photos). Here are the settings I used in Simplify3D (message me if you would like the .factory file).

  • .2mm layers
  • 3 top / 3 bottom layers
  • 2 shells
  • 50 mm/s printing speed

Hello! Who I would like to print, I need a factor file when you share with me,. s3d i use i too.

Wow making this possable would be amazing!

Ahora a seguir con los personajes que faltan :p