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Star Wars YT-2000

by andku85 Dec 1, 2015
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I've managed to split this model in half too avoiding have all of the support material underneath. If your printer is calibrated properly you can then just stick the two halves together. A full model in 0.1mm layer height with support took me 23 hours, i'v split it into two and each side is 6 hours for me now. A saving of 11 hours, will post a remake of this with the included files :) If there is any issues with my remake (if your license doesn't agree with the share, then please notify me and I will remove it) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2300259

Star Wars YT-2000 by andku85 - REMAKE!

What program did you use to split the model. I have been looking for a good one and most of the time the other programs just crashed since the model was to big. Also this was a reshare. So since I was not notified I don't have an issue with the remake. But if I get notified I will let you know.

NetFabb. I tried most other things other than MeshMixer as i have no clue at all how to use that but NetFabb allowed me to slice it in half without moaning about memory overloads and everything else. The crashes you and I were seeing are simply because we're using programs that are not specifically made to handle STL files, but rather made to be able to use them, not designed from the ground up for that sole purpose where NetFabb is.

Thanks for the info. I ended up adding additional splits. So not just a top and bottom but a front and back version as well.

Are you planning on printing those now or just made the models for people? I'm thinking that it would be slightly less quality on the front and back splits, please let me know how you're getting on with them in terms of quality. Are you using a 0.4mm nozzle too?

The only reason i say this is with the front and back split, the quality depends on the width of the nozzle rather than the layer height. If you can imagine/understand what i'm saying that is.

I have been emailed about different slicing. i have been asked for a top and bottom and a front and back. everyone has different printers and all want one way to print. since you gave me the better option to slice the model i just uploaded them all. and included a 3ds model so people can work on the model.

Ahh okay, so they were only from requests. Thanks for explaining :) I don't suppose you know how to add a bottom to convert the model from a shell to a solid object do you? This would be much quicker to print that way. I've had an order for 5 of these and i'm on number 2 at the moment. I've been on NetFabb for hours yesterday attempting to add a bottom to this.

I am still looking into that. if you find a solution let me know. Also I hope that you are not selling these. or at least not selling them for a huge mark up. If you charge for material and ware and tear on the printer i guess that is fine. but these models are meant to be free.

I do not sell these for a profit, no. Just the material price.

If i find a solution, i will inform you.

Kudos for sharing and for being open about the pics and where the model comes from.

I like to give proper credit to where it is due. Something I grew up with.

I do not get how people are printing these if i'm honest. Are you guys printing with support internally too?

If you click on "Things Details" and under the "Summary" there are "Print Settings" and it says you need to print with supports and a 10% infill. Did you not set that up when you started to print? Normally when supports are selected in the slicer it usually adds them where it is needed. I even posted a picture of the model still sitting on its supports before cleaning it.

Yes. 14 hours later its finished. I don't see why they're not modelled as a solid and then printed with low infil. Making them hollow on the model means infill has to go inside of the model for the simple fact of the small turret on the top. So I would have modelled it either solid and then printed with very low infill OR made the turret at the top require no support.

Despite this, the quality of the model is pretty spectacular ;)

I'm the original creator of the model, and the reason I made it hollow was simply that it wasn't made to be printed with an FDM printer, but to be printed at Shapeways, which use the SLS printing technique. Back when I published the model, Shapeways was still the most straighforward way to get something printed as a plastic model. By now, FDM printers are widely available (and affordable) to the hobbyist, so I guess I should overhaul the model to work properly on FDM printers.

Thank you for making the model in the first place. As you can see many downloaded it. It is a great ship. Just thank you again.

Like I said in the description. I didn't make the model. I wanted to share it since many people were looking for it. I tried to fix it and make it solid inside but unwrapping the stl file didn't work since it is a detailed model.

There may have been a little misunderstanding here. I'm not commenting here to say that you have modelled this badly, i'm saying that it could do you with a nice little upgrade/modification. I'm aware that you didn't make these and i'm very grateful of you sharing them and attempting to modify them. I was just simply pointing out where they could be improved :)

I have a question about this model.... The shop I may purchase to print this from is in weight and I would like to ask how much exactly does this print weigh

Unfortunately I no longer have the model. you can try asking the people you shared that they printed it already. under "made"

The painted version, is that one that you printed? I've been trying to get that level of detail out of this model, and it's been a struggle. Your photos of the printed version look much like mine do; if the painted version is what came out after a lot of post processing, maybe I need to just put in the effort?

Well like I said in my "Things Details" I didn't make the model. But I should have noted the Colored picture is from the site. I do apologize for not clarifying that information. But looking at the picture it seems it was painted. I have painted Board game Miniatures and if its a similar style you will need a very fine brush. If you have a store that sell miniatures they would have better supplies to apply details.

Is this X-Wing sized?

I think you're asking if this is sized for playing with the X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy flight, correct? It is sized to take a large sized base and peg.

I've been playing with the original model on and off for a year or more; this is hard to print in a way to get all the wonderful details of the model. But, it is a nice addition to the game, and is my wife's favorite ship from the SW universe. In play, it works very, very well.

From my understanding this is close to the size of the Millennium Falcon (YT-1300). Since it is a later model number.