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Updated E3Dv6 Shroud and 40 mm Duct w/ Magnetic Coupler

by Neo_Usagi Dec 1, 2015
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Thank you for resolving my problem with poor print cooling. big like man

I want to order the magnets for the 5mm version.

are they 3mm thick? OR .8mm thick?


NVM I loaded it into sketchup and measured 3mm :)

looks like a nice design!!

Thanks! I was going to answer that the recommended size of the magnets is 3mm thick.

I hope it works well for you.

Just wanted to say thanx, this works beautifully!!!
I printed it in ABS
I did find that it over cooled my hotend but I solved that with a silicone sock.
I would suggest you add that to the thing details as a suggested addition.
I was getting thermal runaway on the hotend until I added it.


Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to hear that this works well for you.

I mentioned that this duct can overcool in the previous version of the duct (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:494430) and suggests 25% power. Thanks for mentioning this here because I forgot to indicate that in the instructions section. I'll update this soon.

E3D v6 40 mm Fan Duct and Extruder for MakerGear M2

i ordered this fan recently and it will arrive soon, i want you help to know whats the best way to hook it up. Also i only have this fan and the radial fan, my two e3d v6 mounts broke. Not sure which mount works best

Hi, I'd like to help but I'm not sure what you are asking me. Are you asking for guidance on how to wire the fans?

This is a fantastic mount system, I love it. Thank you. Have you thought about designing a version for a radial blower fan for the print cooler? I also have an issue with my current setup cooling the hot block too much.

Thanks for the kind comments. I have thought of this. There are a couple of printers that I use where X-axis travel is impeded by the current duct geometry. So I was thinking of a new variant that would address this and a radial blower fan would work. I don't have time now to implement this but it on the todo list.

I was just about to ask the same. A radial style blower fore 15x50 or 20x50 would be gr8 as it is superior for this aplication

That's great to hear, I look forward to printing that up. Awesome work.

Is there a version that supports a 40mm fan for the hot end cooling?

I have not made one. This is mostly because a 40mm fan is a bit overkill for the hot end and can lead to some jamming in the break between the block and the heatsink.

Interesting. I have been using 40mm fans on my E3D v6 hot ends for well over a year and have never had that problem. The reason I ask is because the 40mm fans tend to be quieter than the 30mm ones. I have recently made changes to the wiring of my printer so the hot end fan only comes on when the temperature is over a set point so the noise probably won't be an issue now.

I must admit that the 40mm fans are much quieter. Your experience is a bit different from mine. I didn't always encounter issues but with particular filaments, (higher temp) this was a problem. For most things like PLA and ABS (with exception of the higher melt temp ABS) this wasn't a problem. It may also be a function of the relative efficiency and voltages of our fans too. I know that there are 40mm to 30mm adapters but to my knowledge nobody has made a remix of this design to allow a 40mm fan.

Is there any way this could be modded to mount with screws? I dont want to wait for magnets lol

I am working on a 5mm magnet variant so a screw mount can be done too. I will likely post it separately though, as it will be a very different variation.

Any chance you could make a remix to suit 5mm diameter magnets? Also keen to know if anyone has a bltouch solution comparable with this setup. Awesome design by the way!

Hi, a 5mm magnet variant shouldn't be a problem. I will give it a shot in the next couple days (after Halloween - lots to do).

That'd be brilliant!

I've made some modifications to fit 5mm parts and posted these. Let me know if they work for you.

By request I've added also two versions to my remixes where the magnet mount is 7mm and 8mm lowered and that should work for the guys who are using "VOLCANO" J-Heads with E3D v6 body. ;)

E3Dv6 Shroud and 40 mm Duct w/ Magnetic Coupler for 6x3mm Magnets
by wnn

How thick should the magnets be? 1/8 inch or 1/16 inch?

If you have the magnets lying around, I've made a remix for 3mm thick magnets, the diameter is unchanged:

But it's right, it's a really tight fit and the small N50 magnets are so strong that one pair in the lower position is more than enough.
This are the magnets I use vor allmost everything:

Very nice design, I love how strong it is sitting on the E3Dv6!

E3Dv6 Shroud and 40 mm Duct w/ Magnetic Coupler for 6x3mm Magnets

Thanks for the feedback FZS1_Fazer. I went through quite a few iterations to get the fit right and the two magnets are overkill for most casual stuff. But the reason for this is that on one print the duct got snagged on a part of a print lifting from the bed and made a huge mess - the duct melted around the hot end and also fused with other plastic coming out the hot end so made a giant ball of plastic surrounded by a nest of plastic strands. I "simulated" this and it took two magnets to prevent the duct from dislodging from its perch. So most people won't need this degree of security but I wanted to give folks (like me) that added degree of confidence.

And thanks for the remix. It saves me a lot of work in rebuilding the design from scratch. I lost the original file in recent HD crash. Ironically, all the older files were properly backed up.

Of course, but I'm not sure if the power of the two N50's with doubled thickness will have not the same effect as your two pairs of thin N52's. From the mechanical point the lower position is the one where you need the magent power while the upper position is so close to the "nose" connection that the magnets there have less effect caused by lever Act.
The weight of both solutions will be the same anyway.

Btw. Remixing only two identical pairs of holes was really easy and ready withing a few minutes, my remix of the Y motormount from "Zonestar" to my Anet was a much harder to do. xD

I would like to know how people experience the airflow. I know that it's not blowing in one direction but it not a circular blow either. Does it cause any problems? Thinking of modifying this into a circular one.

Is there any way to get stp files, i need to change the magnets housing dimensions.
Thanks in advance

yes it would be great if we can customise the magnets

Had a hard drive crash so I may have lost the original design file. I'm looking for a backup, which I think I have. Once found, I'll post an STP file.