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Raspberry Pi Zero Case

by adafruit Dec 1, 2015
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Great design for the raspberry pi zero. Used it to replace a metal case that I got with the accessories inside. The zeros are on 24 hours a day as they control my fish tank lights.

Thanks a lot! Great design and perfect fit!

Great design. I was looking for a case for my Pi Zero. Now i has found the right one. :-)

My Pi Zero W fits snug but fine. If yours does not fit try snapping off the pcb posts in the corners, its snug enough they arent needed anyway.
The lid however does not stay on very well

It is perfect.. thank you!

Should have read the comments. This didn't fit my Pi Zero (no W) either. I have V1.3 with the camera connector. Also, it's almost impossible to snap on the lid. Printed on Prusa i3 MK3.

DO NOT PRINT FOR MODEL W! This case does not fit the new pi zero model W. The camera connector sticks out.

Didn't fit my current model Pi Zero, ended up breaking the camera connector trying. Printed this one instead, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2488316.

Raspberry Pi Zero W Case

Hey all! I almost broke my Pi Zero W trying to use this case before I realized it wouldn't fit, so I made a new one that would. Has all the same features and one or two more: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2488316 (will fit camera cable)

Raspberry Pi Zero W Case

Not "all" the same features - the version with screw holes is missing. But a nice case, thank you! :)

wont putting in case overheat the board?

it broke the camera port off of my brand new pi zero now it dose not work.

Did not fit to the new one..

Hi there

I have a wish for two new versions.

1 with only a hole for the power connector.
1 with only two holes, one for power, and one for the usb connector.

Would be great if you need a Raspberry Zero just for wireless data logging, and maybe connection to an external usb drive.

Thanks :)

Printed this and the stand offs are to wide. to fit nicely into the holes on the pi. I am using PLA on a Monoprice Maker Select

Same issue as others. Please update details to note that v1.3 with camera port will not fit in the case. Case works great with v1.0 though!

Comments deleted.

Had the same problem.
Case printed fine and then the Pi Zero v1.3 with camera port didn't fit :(
Case looks awesome though :)

Comments deleted.

I noticed some of you were still looking for this model with support for the RPi Zero Camera...So I REMIXED IT! Test printed on my MK2 and it worked like a dream. ENJOY!


REMIX Adafruit Raspberry Pi Zero Case

Printed this and my Pi didn't fit. It is not for the newer Pi's that have the camera connector port. Hopefully it gets updated because I really like this case.

any case for V1.3 with camera connector ?

Would it be possible to update the model to include the new camera port? It looks like it would fit perfectly otherwise.

I managed to cut a pretty decent hole with my dremel, but the insertion tab on the camera port sticks out 1mm. As it is, it is impossible to get the newer Pi Zeros into this case without damage. The side opposite the card slot needs to move outward by 1mm then a slot 18mm wide by 1.6mm high needs to be added, centered and at the same height as the other slots. A shallow recession on the inside and above the slot would I think help to get the Pi in place.

On an unrelated note, could you also add just a bit of a chamfer to the tops of the pegs? I think that would print better for those of us who don't have dead on calibrated printers.

OK, one more and then I will quit. An alternate lid with a square opening above the processor to allow for a heat sink would be spectacular! Or maybe just some recessed grooves on the underside of the lid that we can cut with an xacto knife. That would work too.

This design broke my raspberry pi, because the case is to tight

Nice case, but the pins inside are too large to hold the Zero.
Is it possible that they were changed since the very first release?

why do the stl files not reflect the photos? you've got an opening to make it easier to get to the microSD slot in the photos but not in the stl.

Could you modify your design to create a case that works with a PiZero that has the 90 degree female headers installed?

Printed in PLA at or local library - worked great. (Although it's a pretty tight fit, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get the Pi out without damaging something).

But users are never satisfied and I have one request... How about a small hole so that it's possible to see the activity LED?

I made mine and needed to do 2 things...
make the usb ports wider... like .5mm each side.. the connectors has small "wings" spread outward..

Take out the support posts... they are too wide for the holes in the pi zero... and didnt want to force it in...

Besides that, great case!!!! ill make them in colors!!!

Comments deleted.

Printed this a few times. Thanks for the new version because when I printed the original I couldn't get the Pi Zero to fit. My first print was PETG, so I thought maybe it was because I used a different material so I printed another in PLA. Same issue. After the new version was uploaded I printed that one and it fits now. Problem though I am having is that I have to be really carefully because it seems to be pretty easy to break the little pegs that hold the Pi Zero. I had broken them when I was trying to fiddle with connecting the cables which pushed the board around a bit. Not sure if its normal for them to be that delicate but I broke them with PLA and PETG.

It doesn't fit beause it is too tight. Printed it on an Ultimaker 2.

Thanks for your feedback, I have reduced the inner lip in the cover part, hopefully this helps.

I had to expand the size of the USB holes so the board could slide in before locating the pegs. I don't like the recessed holes as it complicates the print for no real benefit. The lid doesn't need a cut-out for the SD card either as there is plenty of room to insert and remove the card.

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I have updated the parts to reflect your notes.

Wow that was quick! I'll print the new one as soon as I get the chance. I might go for yellow filament this time. I've just written a blog post about this case which I can update with the new design.

I haven't received my zero yet (it arrives later today), but for me the lid was too tight as well. I reduced it to 98% but I think that was too much of a reduction (one side has friction but the side with the SD card doesn't). 99% probably fits better. I printed it on my Printrbot Play at 0.2mm layers.

i can see that is warped a little. i would try a glue stick

Yes, I printed this on blue painters tape. If I had set my bed to be heated, it would have also reduced the warping.

hey adafruit! i thought it would be amazing if you made a retropie pigrrl with the pie zero! it would be awesome for people like me who have a small cheap printer, and not a lot of $$$$. (btw if you make one i suggest using a usb gamepad for the controls (unhacked, just like clipped onto the device or somthin!)) i think it would be awesome, but i dont have the techncal skills on such limited cash.


Haha, yes this is a fantastic idea! I'd like to make it in the form factor of the Gameboy micro :-)

Thanks adafruit! you guys always have amazing stuff. Now i just need to wait until the pi zero is in stock so i can get a few.

Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! Please be sure to grab the updated STLs, they have been adjusted per the community feedback =]