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Duplo compatible bricks - pick your own size

by pjotrx Jul 11, 2013
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TL;DR: These don't match the original DUPLO bricks!

Just downloaded and printed it yesterday: at least the 2x2 still does not work. I checked the drawing dimensions and compared it to an original brick: the bottom outer walls are 0.4mm too thin (on the inside), as well as the center round walls are missing 0.4mm - consequence: the top clips nicely and the bottom has 1mm gap and doesn't clip, neither for original nor for printed clones. Reading the comments I would have been more careful. It's a bad practice to modify a cloned sketch to accommodate oozing - which just implies a bad calibration on the creators side...

I made the files 5 years ago and have printed many bricks which work just fine, both with each other and with original bricks. I am sure both printers and best practices have evolved since that time. If the design does not meet your expectations, please feel invited to create an improved version and share it. That is what I have included the source files for. Your warning to other users may be legitimate and helpful, but your comment is neither constructive nor stimulating.

Hi, no offense, it was just a warning for other users who want to make it. It was long to say that I did my homework to not be shutdown like Kimbolt last year, where you blamed her settings for the fault, even though it was your sketch all along.

Actually, it was a suggestion to get it working rather than an interpretation of the cause of the issue. But you do have a point. I have included a note in the thing description.

Sad day, these don't click together. :-( (Printed two of the 2x2 bricks)

Many people seem to manage printing usable bricks. I guess it will take some tweaking of your settings. Good luck!

I've downloaded the STL and modified the top for my own purposes. However when I printed it, the bottom side (which I didn't modify) doesn't fit at all on the duplo bricks. It has like 1mm room and is far away to hold on anything. Tried the 2x2 stl file. Maybe it's not up to date?

The STL files are up to date. Even in the initial tweaking phase, I have never had the large discrepancy you are reporting. Many have downloaded and printed the bricks without this issue. My guess is that you are overlooking some (unintentional) scaling in your processing. Good luck in finding it!

I looked into it a bit closer and I've put the bricks in my modelling software on top of each other and sliced the critical part:


There's a very clear gap in between (0.65mm). And at least someone else appears to have a similar problem: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:90844

I had no problems with this model I printed: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:144002

Neither did I have issues when I measured the brick and created a model after I tried your object.

Duplo compatible bricks - pick your own size
Duplo compatible Brio bridge parts
by zet23t

Oh, I see, I think I understand what the problem is. I have created the design based on my exact measurements of original bricks but tweaked some dimensional parameters such that the bricks fit and stick to both originals and printed ones. This is to account for a slight flattening and sideways oozing of plastic as it exits the nozzle of my printer (may I should reduce the feed rate a bit; however this has never posed problems for me). I guess you own a more accurate (or better tuned) printer than I do :-)

The OpenSCAD (www.openscad.org) source file provided for download allows you to modify the dimensions, specifically the ridge width and stud radius. Even if you are not experienced with OpenSCAD, it is just a matter of tweaking some numbers in the header of the file (then press F6 to render and click Design-> Export STL) - have a look!

I have no access to my computer right now, but can make you some new STL files with slightly different numbers next week if you find OpenSCAD bothersome.

I would be interested to learn which numbers work for you. I will post an alternate version of the model with your numbers alongside the original.

Ah yes, I suspected something like that. My printer has also similar issues - in my case circles and holes are differently printed whereas regular outer dimensions match up to ~0.05mm, which is reasonably precise I think. I also only searched for a base to work from with and I think I will roll my own design to make sure it fits me. I just wanted to let you (and others) know that these STLs might not work out of the box. There's a strong lack of feedback in this community somehow.

Appreciated! The last couple of lines of the thing description were meant to convey this message, but other's experiences are much more valuable in this regard.

can you give us files for individual bricks?

I have added them to the Downloads section.

I was wondering if you might be willing to throw together a 3x2 piece.

Sure, I have added it to the downloads. Didn't test it in plastic, though.

I cant seem to print these solid ! Ive just got the one 2x4x2 brick exported as STL from openScad, then using ReplicatorG to gcode. I have it set to solid, but it doesn't fill it in. Tried 3 shells, still only getting the one shell. I looks like its printing 1 width walls. Its still pretty strong, printed in PLA.

Did you try modifying the wall thickness in the scad-file? That generally works for me when I encounter this kind of issue.

Nice! I really like your efforts to create smart support-less designs. Next challenge is to make it also compatible with Lego bricks like the original Duplo ;-)
If you find a solution to lift the middle tube from the bottom, so the printed Duplo bricks can stacked on Lego without using support, I'll call you " Support-less master" ;-)

Thanks! I'll give it some thought. My kids haven't reached the Lego
age yet, but I found some old pieces in the attic...

My daughter recently got the Duplo collection from my childhood. While playing with it I noticed that only the newer Duplos have the recessed middle tube - the older ones have a full length tube with notches matching the lego pieces nubs: https://i.imgur.com/gCs4dtv.jpg

I imagine a similar solution might be printable with a properly tuned printer.