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Ekobots - Beholder 3D Scanner.

by jsirgado Nov 29, 2015
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Nice project! I made one and it´s so easier and cheap to print than Ciclop.
Actualy I´m cutting the table but I have a have a doubt about where is to be used the "Scanner_Setup.dxf". Can you say to us it´s purpose?
Raphael Vinagre - Rio de Janeiro

Olá Vinagre!

It is a template(help) to align the lasers(direction and angle).
But you do not need it, the Horus software(Setup) do all the hard work to you.

Atenciosamente Juan.

Hi! I've made a zum shield board but I am afraid to connect the lasers direct to it. Another scanner I have made before had a laser driver and this one is only the transistors... Is it safe? Also, most of the line lasers found here in Brasil are 3,5v and the zum board send 5v.

Hi Waldooo!

I am in Brasil too, SP - Capital! ;-)

Please, do not connect the 3.5V laser, you will fry they.

You need:
2x red line laser module with 12mm x 35mm:
5V 5mw 650nm with (focus and industrial grade) recommended;
You can find it on "ebay" or "mercado livre".

Or you can use a resistor to down the voltage(not recommended):
Laser from 5v to laser 3.5v and 40ma = (5 - 3.5) / 0,04 = 37.5 ohms;
2x resistor of 39 ohms (orange/white/black/gold).

Kind regards: Juan.

Do you use telegram? We have a brazilian group for Ciclop. I am doing several tests with it and other people are too. I recently have lead a workshop for building the 3d scanner and even used some alternate parts like the plastic printed bearing (but the people attending preferred the metal one). I am quite interested in your design, although I did not quite understand how will the base turn without friction. The group: https://telegram.me/joinchat/B8S00kDTCG0DgT9TxUXZnQ

Hi Patola!

I joined to the group in telegram as Juan Sirgado.
You can find me in the Whatsapp as Juan Sirgado too!
See the photos in the make to understand the base movement.
I will send you more photos.

Thanks for the invite!
Kind regards Juan.


What the resolution and the infil that you print the parts?
All the parts are here, now just have to print and assemble it


Hi Mauricio!

To print my version of the scanner I used:
Layer height = 0.25 mm;
Extruder nose = 0.5 mm;
Infill = 0.5 (50%);
But you can change all, the pieces do not need great precision or resistence.
The software make all job of setup and adjusts.
And there are no stress in the parts, just need hold all together.

Regards, Juan.

I made it, but not one good scan.
Horus seems to find the 7x13 pattern as 6x12 in the settings.
Plataform extrisincs failed evertime.

Hi msmith1701!

The numbers for the pattern in the horus are always (-1) for the lines and (-1) for the columns.
The horus software count the number of cross not the number of boxes;

Before start please:

  • Verify if all is aligned, camera, table and lasers, all horizontal and vertical position.
  • Verify the laser focus(just a thin and strict vertical line);
  • Verify the camera focus(clear and sharp image);
    If the camera is is out of focus, You need to disassemble it (see in the youtube how to do it.);
  • Lots and lots of light(like summer day at midday in the Sahara rsrsrs).

A have made good scans, all of they need some handwork but the size and proportion are good.
Work very good for more cylindrical objects(Without corners and overlap parts like busts, heads, vases and simple parts);
Work good for others objects(With small corners and small overlap parts);
But I believe there is no way to scan complex objects( With lots of corners and overlap parts like motorclicle, trees, etc).

Kind regards: Juan.

Hi, Cant seem to slice the table base in slic3r, do you have any ideas? what did you slice it in?

Hi, I use the Cura 15.04.4 and no errors here, but Cura is a more friendly slicer software.
I tested all .stl files with Slic3r 1.2.9 and I found 4 .stl files with erros.
I used the Netfabb web site to fix all: http://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net.
I am keeping the old files, they are the OpenSCAD original ".stl".

The new fixed files are:

  • power_fix_fixed.stl;
  • table_base_fixed.stl;
  • Plate_Parts_fixed.stl;
  • Plate_Table_fixed.stl;

Please download all.

Now, I believe that is all right! ;-)
If you still have any problem, please let me know!

Regards Juan.

Hi Juan,
Thanks for the reply.
I have since used Cura and found that to work perfectly.
I will have another look at Slic3r with your fixed parts.
Nice model by the way.
Thanks again,