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The Chirping Bird Whistle

by AdamStag Nov 25, 2015
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printed a couple of these for my Christmas tree they look great with some glitter thanks for the model


Wow, these look great! Thank you for printing my Chirping bird :)


oh 1 more thing will it also work if scaled to 0.800

Hey Joycon_Gadget,

Shouldn't be a problem, I have printed a ton of them at 0.75 scale with no issues

Does it matter the way you print it because i printed it sideways and did not work :(

Hey Joycon_Gadget,

It does matter because you will get a large overhanging surface when it's on its side. You should rotate the bird so the base is down on the printing bed. Please take a look at the notes section in the summary or see the images since it shows the orientation of the bird on a MakerBot printer. You should orient it in the same way and make sure to print without support so it is hollow. Good luck and enjoy!!


ok thanks i will definitely try that

Is it possible to do Chirping Bird Whistle
in an Injection moulo process??

Thanks for this awesome Bird whistle..so i printed one for every kid in my family and my friends! Everbody love it! Thanks so much and i keep printig birds for the next few weeks in every colour i have. :-) Still works perfectly by scale down to 80% with PLA!

Hello, could you please upload the files for the bigger version of the bird whistles? Or send a link to where to purchase them?

All the best from Denmark

hey ragnhildmay,

Sure! I messaged you directly for more information.

This is fantastic and print beautifully, thanks. More printing, everyone wants one :)

Thanks for printing my Chirping Bird! Print them for everyone :)

I liked this Bird whistle, because its so much like the clay souvenirs I got in Portugal and Peru. Unfortunately, 2 attempts at printing resulted in very jagged unsupported faces ( See photo). The first was printed at 203 Deg C with 0.25 layers and the second at 199 Deg C. Not sure if I should increase or decrease the layer height for the next attempt.

I got the same problem! Printed at 200°C with 0.2 layer height, 20% Infill and 48mm/s speed. Exactly the same result!! Don't know what to do.

Hello dolon12/CrimsonGhost69,

Did either of you ever get it working? I actually had a similar problem when I was figuring out the tail angle - I originally designed the tail at an angle closer to horizontal. I played with it until I found this stringing effect was no longer present, but it seems with your printer/filament combinations it still occurs.

I have printed a ton of these at this point, but only on Makerbot Replicators and Lulzbots on standard settings with PLA, ABS, and NGen. These printers have never had an issue even at different scaling factors, but I would be interested to see if you were able to fix it by adjusting the settings on your machines. Let me know! I hope you get one of these birds printed, they are a lot of fun to play :)

Great job! my grandson and i love this whistle. it sounds beautiful and if you tip it forward and back while blowing it changes the pitch of the bird call. fill it about 3/4 up with water and blow it is so kool! thanks for sharing. i used v14 stl. no touch up needed at all!

Great, I am happy you like it! If you print it scaled up or down you will get lower or higher pitches too. Enjoy :)

I can't believe how much this sounds like a real bird.

Thanks do whistle,and he sjirping :)

Did you add water? There is a good amount of description as well as a video of how to do it if you scroll through this thingiverse page, but if you can't get it let me know!

I Have bird printed,but ,it is not good,i have simplify3d en v14 printed,en stopped by pipe printing loose filament.
must i use support??
I use PrimaCreator P120 Printer en PLA filament

Hello vanschagen,

No support is needed as long as the bird is printed standing up. Take a look at the photos of Chirp printed on the Makerbot - go here for a time-lapse: https://www.chirpingbirdwhistle.com/faq

Take a look at the post below from arpruss, it looks like you might be printing the same way by mistake. Let me know if you get it!


Fantastic model. Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely wonderful! I am going to try an print this on my lab printer.. haha
Cheers mate.

I am new to 3D printing and am having trouble printing this without adding support material. When I printed v14.stl at full size, the tail ended up being a mess of loose filament before I stopped the print. What am I missing: how can the printer print an inch of overhanging tail?

I then printed at 75% and used Slic3r to add support material for half of the tail (the half closer to the body). That worked better, but the outer half still had a lot of loose filament on the underside.

I'm using PLA in a DaVinci 1.0a with Repetier, with an external fan.

Thank you for trying to print my Chirping Bird whistle. Did you print the bird standing up? Take a look at the later images in this post and make sure that the model in your pre-printing software is oriented in the same way. Go to this webpage to see a short video showing how the print looks on a Makerbot: www.chirpingbirdwhistle.com/faq

Sorry! I didn't read carefully enough, or else I didn't understand what you meant by "base". I printed it on its side, because that's how Repetier-Host placed it when I loaded the stl file. If I have to print it again, I may rotate it to do it correctly (or just use more support for the tail). By the way, somewhat surprisingly, the bridging for the upper side worked just fine when I printed it on the side, at least at 75%.

Okay great, then it is a simple fix! Sorry for the confusion.
At full scale printing on its side will likely cause stringing on the inside and might effect the Chirp. The small one takes approximately 30 minutes to print depending on the printer and settings. Make sure to post an image if you have time :)

Have fun Chirping!

Thank you! I am happy you like my design!

Great job, thank you!

I am happy you like it! You can also try different scaling to change the pitch.

I just got my 3d printer a few days ago. I'm still dialing it in but this whistle printed almost perfect. My kids thought it was very cool, great job!

Thank you, I am really happy you enjoy the whistle!

Very clever! Congrats!

Fantastic ! love the sound it makes . im sure you mind is working over drive on how , different shapes on can make unique sounds .

I am happy you like it! I already have some interesting ideas in mind, including how scale will effect the sound. In December I am planning on posting a slightly modified version for the holiday season. If you are interested you can check it out!

Cool. Maybe add a water level mark, and text, on the outside so recipients of the whistles will know what to do.

Great idea! I was thinking it would be really fun to print it in a semi-transparent filament, but didn't think to add a suggested fill line. Since this will work for any level above the bend in the tail, what I will do is add a "Fill Above" line. To take advantage of 3D printing capabilities I will add this detail on the INSIDE. This way the finish will still be smooth for solid color prints, but will visible when printing in semi-transparent material.

I'll post this version up later today. Maybe someone with access to semi-transparent filament can print it up to see if it works!