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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robo3D Cable Chain Quick Install No Rewire or Carriage Replacement

by Herby Nov 25, 2015
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This was great link design not having to stuff wires through 35 links . I printed the links with the flat cross beam side down and 15% support from the plate only. I had minimal cleanup using PETG on the top links and ABS on the bottom links. I can only print to 190mm height but that is because of the rod stabilizers not the links. The case mount link is positioned so that the end link is about 38mm above the plane of case opening so that the chain is held a bit higher to clear at the top of the Z. I have not experienced any binding or snagging of the links, It works and looks good. Before(while printing the top links) and after pics below. Thank you for this I really disliked the stock Robo setup and what I had was just a poor bandaid on that.

I made one and works good but I could not go to 200mm high. It was jamming between the motor cover and the case.
It would work not perfect at 190mm. So I made a cut in the casing to let the chain link out and now I can go 200+ mm without a problem.
You can look at my made. One picture shows how it sticks out at 200mm

In case anyone has the chain links from In3Designs, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:696183 I uploaded a remixed version to include that chain link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1953363

ROBO 3D R1 Cable Chain
Robo3D Cable Chain Servo Cover using In3Designs Chain Link

I'm getting a lot of sagging midway in the cable chain prevents it from going the full height and starts getting caught around 110 mm

Hey Tramadog, I did experience minor snagging on across the top, minor sanding to round the corners of the stepper cover solves it, along with use.

Comments deleted.

I took off all supports but now when printing the arch that connects the two, the arches start bending up at about slice 47 from the heat of the extruder passing by. What can I do about that? I'm using a layer height of .2mm and first layer height of .3mm or %. Infill density is at 25%. The skirt is at 10mm and no raft. Bed is 70C and Extruder is 200C.

How are you guys removing the support for the top links?

I know this is late, work has been hectic. You don't need any supports for anything if you print them as orientated and have adequate cooling.

I has been through three stepper cables for my extruder over this month. They are failing because of strain. Would this correct my strain problem? I am using a stock extruder

It probably would. I have 300 hours on the printer (I don't use it all the time due to work) and my wires are fine. I don't know how much printing you are doing. I can't guarantee anything but give it a try, you have nothing to lose since your stock system is already no good. If you use it post up a make and let us know how the high usage affects it.

Thx works great no problems

Glad it works for you!

I have had trouble with the chain staying on the motor mount any suggestions

Make sure the holes in the motor mount are letting the chain pins all the way in, try a different chain link, or you may have a deformity in your motor mount. The link on the motor mount is a chain link embedded into the mount. It shouldnt act differently than any of the other links. The chain links I have printed takes a very high force to make them come unlinked.

Looks great, nice job. One question will the stepper motor mount work on the R1+


Yes, mine is an r1+

Thanks for your quick reply. Well now I know what my next print will be. Can't wait.

Works absolutely perfect! One of my favorite custom mods to the printer yet! Still waiting on the right screws to come in the mail, but for now blue Velcro strap has held it tight for a multiple of prints without any issues. Thanks for sharing with the world!

Bolt size needed for the motor is M3 8 - 10mm. lowes carries these and i had to add a washer so it would be tight on the mount.

The only file I'm getting is the stepper motor mount. All the other files are 0 kilobytes for some reason

Is there a way you could post the 3D file for the shroud? I want to add a small support for the first chain link. There is too much pressure on it and it often breaks on my printout.

Could you upload the files again? The Things Files on here is broken, 4 of them are 0 KB with no content, and the other one cannot be sliced. Thank you very much! It looks like an awesome design and I really look forward to it!

Never mind, apparently download them in one compressed file would corrupt the actual file, and downloading the files individually worked out. Thank you! Getting them printed right now!

I love self-resolving problems! Post a make when you get it done. Thanks!

Will this work with your chain? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:954170

Robo 3d R1 X Axis Stepper Motor Mount For Cable Chain System
by Dazzer

That has a top exit chain, there is no clearance at the higher z levels so you will lose some z hight in your printer.

Oh, that could be true. Not sure if I'm ever going to print something that high but it does make sense now that you said that.

It might, I would print one link to check.

I guess you are printing these on your Robo right? What slicer did you used?

Yes, it's printed on the Robo. I used MatterSlice (The default slicer in MatterControl) it slices it with no problems. I just checked and Slic3r doesn't like the Motor Cover. I got cura to slice it after pressing "arrange" and save. See if that helps.

nice work. I started making a support bracket that fits into the decking hole. it's currently 7" high. you are currently at 12" before starting your chain. Since the Robo3D printer can only do 10", do you think I will have any binding issue with a 9-9 1/2" support structure?



Robo 3d R1 X Axis Stepper Motor Mount For Cable Chain System - Remixed Robo3d
by derez

The chain may not go around the support for the x-rod if it's lower. It took a lot of testing to find a spot that worked. The link attachment for the kit is open so you just disconnect the first link and you can remove the cover without taking the mounting tape off. Then throw the cover on and relink the cable chain. No need to remove anything just a quick disconnect.

The support may work or you may want to make a two peice if it binds.

Great job Herby!! It's great this chain link modification keeps evolving (I remixed a previous version - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1003520 which was a remix of a version before that - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:954170)

I like the redesigned chain links as they cover more area of the wires and tougher to break. I will admit mine weren't as rigid but easier to remove and replace (which makes them more susceptible to breaking unfortunately).

I actually been working on modifying the carriage mount on my design similar to your modification. As you correctly pointed out my design means you lose 40mm of print height and I have been thinking of ways to fix that. I love your solution but I worry I don't have enough slack on my wires to go over and around my stepper motor. Going to print out what you have done and see how it works for me.

Again great modification!!

Robo 3d R1 X Axis Stepper Motor Mount For Cable Chain System - Remixed Robo3d
by derez
Robo 3d R1 X Axis Stepper Motor Mount For Cable Chain System
by Dazzer

Hey Sonny, I've updated the motor cover for easier and shorter routing of the wires. This also has a cleaner look. Take a look at the new pics and STLs I've tested on my machine extensively and have not had any problems. The old mount had the wires too Tight! Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks SonnyDR. It was your design that gave me the idea of being able to do this without rewiring. You are right about the wires being a little too short. There is plenty of room to route them under the stepper motor and up into the stepper cover. I plan on re-routing my wires like that to give a little more slack soon. I had to move the position of the attaching point 5 times before I found one that gave full Z travel without binding. It was alot of work. I think it's great that total strangers are working together as teams to help make our products better instead of being at the mercy of large companies that move slowly. Soon we will think as a hive. Have a great ThanksGiving.

A slight variation of SonnyDR's design (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1091510). I like how you got the starting point on the motor mount lower. That will save some room on tall prints. Nice work. I like your part fans as well.

If you want to avoid attaching the chain to the printer lid, you could try my hole cover and accessory for dropping the chain right to the printer deck. That will keep from having to remove anything from the printer lid when you remove it. The use of 3M strip is better than drilling and bolting though. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1105170

ROBO3D Cable Chain (Install without removing wires) + Stepper Motor Mount Update
by SonnyDR
Robo3d deck hole cover accessories
by danzca6
Comments deleted.

The inspiration came from both InAppDesigns and SonnyDR. I usually look for an existing solution first such as the XXL screen case or your Deck Hole cover. The screen case and deck hole cover worked great so I left them as is. I printed and installed the SonnyDR kit first and it worked had drawbacks. The SonnyDR design took the links and cut out either the bottom or the top and this weakened them (I had several break) and also made them unlatch easily. If you look, I made these links from scratch specifically reinforced to work with only one side. They also do not come unlatched easily at all but they are slightly harder to assemble because of it. They use through holes and pins. The motor cover In the SonnyDR design had the link come straight out the top with stops and it caused chain binding and then the links would come unlinked when doing tall prints. Finally the system took about 40mm of Z travel away. The links in my kit will work with SonnyDR or InAppDesigns as I kept similar dimensions (I modeled them from scratch as I could not import them). You may be able to use my motor cover without having to reprint the links. The only part I imported was from InAppDesigns so I posted it as a remix of that. I will edit this part to also show it as a remix of SonnyDR as well since that is where the idea came from. I will print out your link adapter and see how it works as I have plenty of left over links from making 5 revisions of this part before I got it right! Thanks for your comment!

I did notice that your links were different. Designing those from scratch had to take some time. Great work. I haven't yet printed all of my chain links, so I might print a few of yours to see how they work. I really like the idea of not having to rewire. Nicely done.