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FireFlo v3

by SirQuentin Nov 24, 2015
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I need to modify the bottom plate so that it takes my Eachine TX02 correctly. Having trouble with the STL as it has too many shapes for Tinkercad to load. Is it possible to export/render a lower res STL?

Is there another place we can get the gimbal dampers? The ebay link no longer works.

make it support phantom 3's gimbal damber

make it support phantom 3's gimbal damber

Will this fit a HubsonX4 board?

Hello there, the size shoudn't be bigger then 20 * 33.5 mm! So my old Hubsan X4 board fits :)

Fits a F3 brushed Board on this Frame ??

Hello there, depends on which one. The size shoudn't be bigger then 20 * 33.5 mm ... but as I can see, you already printed it :)

Yes all fits perfect :) This Frame Fly very good big thanks

I have a phantom 3 and I have noticed that it gets a lot of power when the motors are on a slight outward angle, just a thought for the next model

Thanks for that :) I will maybe consider this at v4!

wont fit the Quanum micro cam, just found out hahaha :P .. doh

Oh :D Sorry but good to know!

could you make a bottom plate to fit the quanum elite cam from hobby king?

Sorry I don't have a quanum cam to measure it. Have you tested it? Are there fitting problems? When yes, where?

its wider than the gap

i would like to request that the front arms on this little frame be pushed a bit out to allow more room for the v1000 antenna and so that the props stay out of the picture frame while fpving this little quad. Otherwise its a great little build thank you for making it. I love it loads more than the stock frame for the nano qx fpv

Thank you, I'll put this in the next version!

What print settings and material were used to print the frames?

Well we printed them in many different materials. Depending on the quality your printer can produce I would recommend PETG or ABS.
And I would also always print a few spare parts depending on your flying style :D

Nice Vid, thanks for that :)

sorry about asking another question, but do you know what the cheapest remote usable i can use with the nanoqx fpv board is? thanks

if you go to hobby king you can get them as cheap as around 25 bucks. not horrible for a begineer , but you wont grow with it

I'd recommend the spectrum dx6i, you can get them for ~60 € :)

Did you add a slight outward angle to each motor mount away from center line? Slight bow to the frame after printing

Hmm, I am not sure what you're exactly talking about, is there a pic of it ?

could you recommend a transmitter that's cheap? I'm using the nano qx fpv board aka blade 4in1. does the nano qx fpv board need the mofsets replaced when using 8.5mm motors

Hello there,
there is no need to replace the mosfets on the FPV Version of this board, just with the normal version.

I think you're talking about the video transmitter? Depending on the frequencies you need and in which country you're going to use it, here is something:

  • www.rangevideo.com /58-ghz/1013-25mw-tx-module.html
  • www.rangevideo.com /58-ghz/57-tx5200m-58ghz-200mw-5v-transmitter-module.html
  • www.rangevideo.com /58-ghz/10-tx5200m-58ghz-200mw-5v-transmitter-module.html
  • www.banggood.com /FPV-5_8G-200mW-Wireless-Audio-Video-Transmitter-Module-TX5823-p-84780.html

EDIT: Needed to add a "space" between the links to be able to post them here ...

Can you make a lower plate to accept http://shop.hovership.com/beefs-brushed-board/ Beefs-brushed-board?

I would also -super- appreciate this modification.

well you can use foam material, put into the lower deck and double tape the beef board onto this foam material. This will work and is also crashsafe :)

Understand but why not make additional options for FCU like Beefs? It will take a few minutes to expand the lower plate to fit this FCU. I cannot edit the file with Sketchup to enlarge due to complex structure of part.

I'll look into this next week

Great looking frame, btw!

@SirQuentin @Ace01
+1 for beef's board version... Did you ever end up making one of these? I also would love a Beef's board version!

Thanks in advance!

Was going to take a stab at stretching the lower deck for a Beef's board, but the 20MB STL is causing sketchup to hang. Not sure why, as all other programs are able to render it.

SirQuentin - can you take a look at the resulting file size next time you publish an update and maybe see why? 20MB seems excessive for this small part.

Well yes its a small part thats true, but I'd like high precision on this part because of the details. Thats why I converted it in high rectangle quality :) Do you still need a small version?

Yes please. Maybe drop the faces to 10% or something.. Won't affect the resulting print, at least for me.

Same thing happen to me

Uh oh better make sure its under 8 ounces or you will have to register that thing. Looks like you could use it to do harm or spy on someone! Oh nevermind your in Germany, you're safe from the USA regulations.