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Lulzbot TAZ 5 Combo upgrade

by discojon Nov 22, 2015
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Have you made a mount that can work for the titan aero? I like the autobed leveling with the capacitive sensor, just want to try using the titan aero.

Any chance you could share a version of the firmware that doesn't require the capacitive sensor? I'm not ready to invest in one nor do I understand enough to feel confident in wiring it.

Alternatively if you provide the values that need to be changed in the firmware I should be able to find the resources I need to learn how to change those and compile the firmware myself.

Thanks for sharing all your work with us!

I don't have one compiled. All you'd need to do it disable autolevelling I believe.

Isn't auto leveling a call during your start gcode anyways? So long as I don't ask for it, it shouldn't attempt to auto level. Unless the firmware adds it at the start of each job.

Answered my own question, it doesn't auto level if you don't tell it to. For some reason it is going off center to the bed, leveling z again, then printing. It's odd and I'm not sure why it's doing it.

Safe homing is enabled. That tells the printer to only home z with the extruder in the center of the bed. There is also an offset defined in the fw for the probe. You should be able to use the stock FW if you aren't adding a probe FYI.

If you don't call for auto level it ignores everything for the probe. I did see a Z offset of -.5 which I removed. I'll look into disabling Safe Homing. Which Stock Firmware are you referring to? Stock 1.1 or Lulzbot stock 1.0?

:edit: Turns out it doesn't matter much, they're working on an official update for the Taz 5! I'll try it out. I do plan adding the probe later.

Just use the FW the Cura installs.

Finally got around to installing this and the extruder mount touches the gear so it's unusable.

Double check your assembly. Many people as using this with no issues. Could you be more specific as to where the gear is hitting the mount?

Here's a photo. The angle there contacts the gear. https://photos.app.goo.gl/58FmTNFaOBsotVS23

I just checked mine. While it is a tight fit there is no interference. If possible loosen the two screws and scoot the extruder body as far forward as possible. Be sure the aluminium spacer is installed in the proper orientation.

I just took the assembly apart again and set this up. After messing around with it for a while I can 100% guarantee this does not work with the Taz 5 gear, the gear is too big and is blocked by the mount.

I just looked at mine again and I can see where there would be interference. The tolerance is simply too tight. I've modified the file to add clearance for the large gear. I am uploading new files now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I'll check the files again tomorrow. I am using my original TAZ 5 gear and have been since the beginning without issue. This very setup is currently installed on my printer.

I ended up sanding it down with my rotary, cleaning that up a bit with some sandpaper, and then letting the gear slowly cut the tiny bit that was still touching. This will work for me now but I'm sure others will like the new file.

For those looking for a wiring diagram this forum post seems to give more information: https://forum.lulzbot.com/viewtopic.php?t=2123

What size inserts does this use? The holes are a bit larger than the 5mm inserts I already have.

The inserts are the ones that LulzBot uses. Check the BOM. None of those features were altered from the LulzBot files.

The BOM wasn't super helpful since they didn't list what each insert was used on. It looks like based on the BOM and the sizing, they use 5.5mm m3 inserts but I have 5mm inserts and Amazon doesn't sell the 5.5 mm inserts.

I'll just alter the files to match. Wish I would have measured beforehand. Thanks for your help and for the great work!

I have Taz 6, do I need to use this firmware too or not? Thank

For a taz 6 you just need to print the reinforced extruder body and reuse everything else from your stock toolhead. No firmware changes are needed

Printed the extruder assembly bracket and spacer for my Taz 6. Printed@0.25mm layer height on a .5mm nozzle in ABS. 85% hexagonal infill. Vapor smoothed after.

I'm just waiting on the longer screw and I'll take pics when it's assembled.


What sizes are the screws and screw inserts?
What percent fill do you recommend for these parts?

I tried 30% and two of the parts cracked during assembly.

The only new hardware you need is a M3 x 35mm screw. I'd recommend at least 55% infill and 2 shells.

can I print with 5 shells, 4 top and bottom layers?

Thats quite Overkill but feel free.

Thanks, It's just I forgot about that setting for my other parts I did for my kids, but I might redo with less shells and top bottom layer. Let's see how it goes.

Do you have more details on the wiring? Where does this all connect on the Rambo?

"capacitive sensor that you are using, if it is NPN or PNP"

What type is the one on eBay that you link to?

Aleph changed the Extruder Mount. The one you are showing is the older design where the left side Cooling Fan will touch the Hot End.

They widened the left side of the mount so that the left fan is further away from the Hot End.

They also changed the left and right Cooling Fan ducts. The top part of the outlet on both ducts is thicker so that the air blows more downward, away from the hot end. The Hot End still cools down when the fans come on, but not as badly.

One other change they made was to the Hot End fan duct. It is now divided in the middle. Not sure how much of a difference it makes. The one I'm using, like yours, works just fine.

One of us Luzbot users needs to design an all new cooling system so that the Hot End doesn't drop 5 or more degrees when those two fans first come on.

The toolhead has been updated to correct any of these issues you may have seen. The fan ducts are repaired and can be run at 100% with only a couple degree drop in indicated temp. It's always safe to assume your hotend is running a few degrees cooler that indicated and make the appropriate adjustments.

How hard would it be to use the upgrade for a TAZ 4?

How is the output of the optoisolator wired to the ramps? Is it supposed to be vcc to + (RAMPS) and OUT-1 to S?

is the mount correct? should the dimple be on the inside? mine doesnt mount right like that.

What material is being used to clean the nozzle?

No special filament needed. Just heat the nozzle and purge the old when changing filament

The attached firmware is already defined. And firmware after 1.1 should have the code it will just need customized.

What firmware do I need to add to make the probe work?